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The Vlad Chiriches effect downs Stoke

9:00 pm

The Vlad Chiriches effect downs Stoke

The Vlad Chiriches effect downs Stoke

The Manchester United and Stoke City defeats, 3-0 and 4-0 respectively show the importance of patience and the tactics Spurs employ of tiring out an opposition.

Tiredness cause mistakes, both physical and mental. You can not always see mental tiredness but if you are constantly asking opposition players to make decisions you are mentally putting them on the spot. Some of the decisions they make will be wrong, giving you a chance to take advantage. Equally, the more decisions a player has to make the more mentally tiring it becomes.

I have told the story before of coaching a group of whose suffering mental challenges that affected their lives every day and that those responsible for bringing them to the coaching session told me and my assistant coach that we had to be permanently hyper happy with them. It was certainly the hardest two hours mental work we had ever done and I was exhausted at the end of it.

It is a similar scenario our off the ball movement puts the opposition into. Constant vision, constant thinking what will my opponent do next, where will he move. Playing a reactive game leaves you a step behind the opposition, s a defender has to anticipate. mentally he not only has to be constantly alert but constantly making decisions.

The physical and mental effort tire players and we are seeing the results in the second half of games. if one team is strong and one team is weakening then the gap becomes wider, quicker. It is no surprise that passing Arsenal teams used to nick goals late in games when the fatigue element is at its widest.

A tired mind turns off for a moment, it makes a wrong decision when under pressure, sometimes when not under pressure, just ask Vlad 'Calamity' Chiriches! Who can forget him needlessly giving away an 89th-minute penalty against Besiktas to cap a disastrous personal performance.

In all top level sport the mentally strong will beat the mentally weak. We are in the ascendency at the moment. Can Leicester City respond without Jamie Vardy? We'll see next weekend.

In the meantime, it's another good week to be a Spurs fan. Smile and be happy folks, you'll have a better life.

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6 Mark Hughes words sum it up

8:30 am
Mark Hughes came out with some very telling comments after former title winner Csc Fabregas had earlier spoken about the impressive mentality at Spurs.

"We are disappointed with what we have produced, but Spurs were very impressive. Stronger, faster and they had more power that we were able to put out there. 
"We conceded an early goal and in the second half were trying to force the issue and that played into Spurs' hands. They have got good quality and plenty of pace and we found it very difficult to cope with that. 
"We had too many players apprehensive about the pace Tottenham have and some are dropping off to compensate and that makes the game stretched. They made the right decisions and that's the sign of a good team. On the night we were very much second best."

Fear of another player and fear of another team can inhibit performance. We have seen it at Spurs in the past when we have bottled it season after season while our neighbours Arsenal went on a winning spree.

If you look at this season that appears to have turned around. Harry Kane spoke about not being able to wait to get onto the field since the Leicester City result demonstrating the all important positive approach. No inhibiting apprehension.

On Monday Night Football Cesc Fabregas was asked about the new Chelsea manager and he spoke about a no excuses approach, he wants success from the start, not excuses why it hasn't happened. That is the exact approach a lot of Spurs fans have had to learn this season. It can't happen with negativity and constantly berating players, you are wearing away at then mentally and helping to prevent what they claim to want.

How can you claim to want success when all you do promotes failure? Once again our away fans showed the way with singing that suggested at times that they were, in fact, the home fans. Once again each and every one deserves praise and our appreciation.

Jamie Carragher has at last come on board and realised this is not a one-season wonder team, that the mentality has totally changed at Tottenham and that something is being built. We should remember Spurs are not the finished article, we are still in the building stage, having torn apart what was there before. The difference and the improvement is stark.

Quite how some were suggesting we hadn't improved and were calling for Pochettino's head was a mystery at the time and is an even bigger mystery now. I am at one with Carragher when he says why would Pochettino want to leave. He has everything he wants at Tottenham and the next step is to strengthen further and add trophies to the cabinet.

The new stadium is around the corner with a new income and new opportunities. Everything is rosy in the garden, a blue rose of course.

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Where to watch Stoke v Spurs on TV

6:28 pm
Stoke City take us on tonight at their ground that has been a poisonous place for us in the last couple of in the UK or Ireland the game is being shown on Sky Sports 1 and on BBC Radio 5 Live.

If you are in the USA then NBC is the home of the Premier League so check the timings where you are. Kick off if the UK is 8pm. You can use the time zone converter to find your local time here:
Time Zone Converter

In Australia Fox Sports are showing the game so check their timetables.

In Africa beIN Sports and SuperSports 3 or Canal+ Sport 2

In Asia the game is on Star Sports

In Canada the game is on RDS 2, TSN4, TSN5

In South America the game is on ESPN

In the Carribean the game is on the Flow Football App

Belgium - Be Sport, Play Sports
Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia, Sloveni - SportKlub
Brazil - FOX Sports
Bulgaria - Diema Sport
Cambodia, Laos, Thailand - CTH
China - Ssports Live Streaming, LeTV
Cyprus - Cytavision Sports
Czech Republic - DIGI Sport
Denmark - TV3 Sport
Dominican Republic, Guatemala, Honduras, Panama - SKY Planeta Fútbol, Sky HD
Finland - MTV Sport
France - Canal+ Sport
Germany - TeleClub Sport Live
Hong Kong - LeTV
Hungary - Digi Sport
Italy-  Fox Sports HD
Japan - J Sports 2
Kosovo - SuperSport
Mexico - ESPN & Sky
Mongolia - SPS
New Zealand, Philippine, Taiwan - PremierLeaguePass
Norway - TV2
Poland - Canal+ Sport
Russia Match - TV Football
Slovakia - DIGI Sport
Spain - Canal+, beIN Sport
Sweden - Viasat Fotboll, Viaplay
Switzerland - Sky Sports
Turkey - Digiturk Play, Lig TV 3

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