Results for Spurs vs WBA

50% chance of a win

8:30 pm
Tomorrow we take on WBA at the Hawthorns at 3pm and after Arsenal, West Ham United and Chelsea we can not afford to take this game lightly. This game presents its own challenges, like the others though it is just 3 points that are at stake.

Motivation is everything for games like this, not tub-thumping American motivation, but personal player motivation, the motivation that comes from within. We have a squad that is competing for places, a squad where you can't afford to get injured or have a bad game. That in itself is a personal motivating factor.

Nabil Bentaleb and Ryan Mason were two of the first names on the teamsheet last season. Injuries to both has meant opportunities for others, Dier and Alli have produced performances that say you can't drop me. Mousa Dembele started the season out wide, an injury and you started to wonder where he would get a game. Eric Dier missed the Liverpool game and Dembele produced a performance that demanded he was picked again and has continued to play in that vein.

Compare that to Andros Townsend who was given a chance in the UEFA Europa League and didn't take it. If you are in the team at the moment you have to perform, if you get a chance you have to perform, there is no room for charity if we want to move to the next level. You improve and come with us or leave.

That motivation then has to be channeled into the game plan that Mauricio Pochettino decides to use, with the additional motivation of what it means to the teams goals for the season. Three points is a stepping stone, just another stair to climb to get to the top.

Tottenham have lost just one of their last 11 Premier League meetings with WBA (W5, D5, L1).

Friday fact. We have scored in 15 of our 18 PL games v WBA. The only 3 we failed to score in were WBA's only 3 PL victories against us.

WBA average 1 point per game at home and Tottenham average 1.5 points per game away from home.

WBA sit 13th in the table and have lost 4 of their last 6. Statistics suggest they have a 1% chance of finishing in 5th or 6th place and a 10% chance of relegation. They look to be secure in the top flight for another season, no surprise with Pulis at the helm, he does a good job wherever he goes.

59% Chance of a Top 4 Finish

61% of WBA points have been earned away from home and 72% of their goals conceded have been at home where they have lost 57% of their games.

Tottenham are undefeated in 13 and are attempting to equal the 14 game run of 1984/85 in the old First Division. That run was:

Nottingham Forest 1-2
Ipswich Town 0-3
Chelsea 1-1
Coventry City 1-1
Newcastle United 3-1
Watford 1-2
Norwich City 1-2
West Ham United 2-2
Sunderland 2-0
Arsenal 1-2
QPR 2-2
Luton Town 2-2
WBA 0-1
Stoke City 0-1
We then lost to Manchester United 1-2.

Tottenham scored at least one goal in 83% of our away games, we are undefeated in our last 5 away games and scored at least one goal in each of those games.

Last 4 matches (home)Last 4 matches (away)

WBA - Arsenal 2-11-1Arsenal - SPURS
WBA - Leicester City 2-31-5Bournemouth - SPURS
WBA - Sunderland 1-02-2Swansea City - SPURS
WBA - Everton 2-30-1Sunderland - SPURS

Chances of a WBA win 33%, chances of a Tottnham win 50%
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Pochettino has a lot of work to do

12:30 pm
Reading Mauricio Pochettino's comments it becomes clear that the players did indeed underestimate WBA, they thought it would be easy, especially the front four.

Pochettino has a lot of work to do

Our attacking game is based on interchanging and quite frankly we didn't. In previous games Chadli has been everywhere, yesterday he seemed to stay on the left. If you have an interchanging front four where one isn't interchanging, and I'm not suggesting this was down to Chadli, then the others can fully interchange, they can only do it amongst themselves on half the pitch.

In midfield Dembele, after being excellent against Sunderland, was poor today, losing the ball and back to his standing in front of a player waiting to dribble round him, totally slowing our game down. You can see why Pochettino has highlighted getting the ball from defence to attack quicker as a problem, he saw it first hand yesterday.

“At the beginning of the game we were really slow, moved the ball slow and had a really slow tempo. Our approach was wrong. 
“I was angry. Or disappointed. I don’t know the best word to describe my feeling but we had a very, very bad day. 
“I was surprised by the approach. We need to show more because in the Premier League, every game is difficult. 
“We were slow and had a lack of movement. Then it’s difficult to get into the game. You need to show you are the best team and the way we played didn't allow us to do this.”

Tottenham have to play at pace, but there is no pace in the team, it's full of ball players. That means you have to move the ball quickly and let the ball do all the work, the only times we did that was when we were crushed to the side line, which happened too often. We didn't make the ball work in areas where it mattered, around their box.

To play the system intelligent movement is essential. Against a packed defence this is not the first time these players have looked clueless. Even Eriksen's free-kicks were poor, which shows the mental state was negative. I suspect the players didn't truly believe they could create anything, they tried yes, but trying without belief is only going through the motions.

Without belief you won't perform at your optimum level, with belief everything is heightened, from desire to vision to the execution of a pass, it's all that little bit better and it's that little extra in your game that makes the difference. Where was the lob from Eriksen for instance, that we saw at Sunderland in the opening minutes, a one-two with Adebayor to create a scoring chance. Didn't see an attempt at anything different once. We just made the game easy for them all day.

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Today was a day for the non-believers, the fans who don't grasp the mental side of the game. The feet only do what the brain tells them to and if your brain isn't making the right decisions then your feet can't do the right things, your body can't move into the right areas of the pitch.

Decision after decision after decision was wrong. If I wrote performance reports on that lot then only Hugo Lloris and to a lesser degree Danny Rose would come out with much credit. I don't fancy writing that much negativity. The problems I have highlighted before were all in evidence.

We didn't play the full-back in when we should have done, our two centre-backs are the worst two at the club and Chiriches is simply not good enough, he should have cleared the ball into touch instead of trying to be clever and giving away the needless corner from which they scored, not the first he needlessly gave away.

Capoue did some good work but was slow, Lamela the main culprit at picking the wrong pass, he worries me and I have to keep reminding myself he has hardly played in the Premier League and needs time to adjust.

Adebayor was static, Chadli lacked movement and Eriksen didn't know what to do. They attackers all ran out of ideas and were playing balls with no conviction. It was back to reaction football, the front four just didn't seem to be on the same wavelength.

I glorious chance to go third and add belief, when the chance is there as Spurs so often do now, they bottled it, into their shell and put in a weak performance. Mentally we have to do better, Pochettino has a lot of work to do.

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Adebayor or Soldado

8:30 am
We are 5 games into a season and already some supporters are moaning that we didn't buy more players, as if all we have to do is decide we want a player and that's it, he's automatically our regardless of cost.

Adebayor or Soldado

Today was a bad result there is no denying that, a team that hadn't scored for 6 hours scored and we had 1 shot on target and to be honest I didn't see much of the interchanging of the front four that they are supposed to do.

Tottenham are evolving. Pochettino has had one window where he decided the defence was the top priority and has started to address that area, while trying to create four goalscorers instead of relying on one.

Emmanuel Adebayor is just one of the four tasked with scoring goals, Nacer Chadli, Christian Eriksen and Eric Lamela being the others from the first choice first XI. Thus we are not so reliant on having a 25 goal a season striker, although it helps if one fits the system.

Roberto Soldado for instance was bought as the goalscorer but hasn't fired, however other aspects of his game are absolutely top drawer. The cross he put in at Southampton last season for Emmanuel Adebayor to volley in was exceptional and he did it again against Partizan Belgrade for Harry Kane, who inexplicable didn't try to head the ball.

The wide attacking areas are a concern if Chadli or Lamela get injured. We were looking for a left side attacking midfielder during the summer which suggests that Aaron Lennon will again be shown the door. With inverted wingers Townsend starts on the right so presumably the club and Pochettino feel his end product can be improved upon.

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With inverted wingers the defending full-backs can tuck in to allow less space between them and the centre-backs so these passes become extremely difficult. We didn't have the talent to make them. If they are tucking in then overlapping full-backs should be playing decent balls in and a striker should be looking to attack the near post, the far post or a header. We like to play the ball on the deck, therefore the striker has to attack the near post in front of the defender or it has to be an exceptional ball to find him.

When Rose crossed in the first-half into the 6 yard box, Joleon Lescott was in front of Adebayor and it would have had to miss him for Adebayor to have a chance of scoring, that's the wrong place to be. In the second half when Younes Kaboul put a cross over Roberto Soldado got in front and had a first time shot, our only shot on target the whole game. There is the different between the two strikers on the floor.

One wants it on a plate and one has the movement to create a chance. Now he is fit the club need Soldado to start scoring regularly in the Europa League or this week in the League Cup. Then he can put pressure on Adebayor who is hit and miss at the moment. Until he does we'll continue with Adebayor who did nothing today, not even a shot on target in 90 minutes at home, that is simply not good enough and almost inexcusable.

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As expected, tougher than many thought

5:35 pm
Sometimes it's not nice to be right. In my preview I said WBA are likely to score in the second half and we will probably need to score 2 goals to win, unfortunately we only had 1 shot on target, Roberto Soldado after 71 minutes.

As expected, tougher than many thought

The statistics showed us we struggle against WBA every season and find it difficult to score goals against them. Today showed the flaw yet again in the inverted winger system when it isn't played right.

If the full-backs are overlapping and passing the ball back into the area for shots or putting in a cross like the Danny Rose one in the early stages of the first half then excellent, it's a great system. However if you don't pick out the advancing full-backs at the right time then it's an easy system to defend against.

It's the system we are playing so it's a system we need to make work, today we didn't. Too often we played the ball too early to Rose in particular where he didn't have anywhere to go, we should be dragging the defence one side and then switching play fast, but we switch play slowly with two passes that look great on individual passing stats but do nothing for our game.

An incident in the second half summed up our problem today for me, when Erik Lamela, for the umpteenth time cut inside and tried to threat a pass through a massed defence, he should have been playing Danny Rose in, who had  acres of room. He would have been in behind the defence and Pochettino went spare, ranting and waving his arms. It took the commentators about 30 seconds to realise what should have happened when the cameras went back to Pochettino for the second time.

I'm afraid Lamela was trying to make those passes all day without success, but he wasn't the only culprit, Eriksen was equally as guilty. When Aaron Lennon was brought on, rather late, we didn't create any space for him to run at his defender, simply gave him the ball slowly with two men on him.

By this time Dembele, who slowed out play all day, was off the field. Capoue and Paulinho were like complete strangers, when WBA had the ball on the right they both went across and the middle was wide open for them to attack, fortunately they didn't see but there was no communication or organisation between the two. Bringing Lennon on for Capoue left Paulinho playing the defensive role but his passing was atrocious. Does he actually want to be at the club? What role is he here to do?

As I've been saying for a year, simply play the ball to Chiriches's left and he is hopeless. WBA exploited it all game and found him easy pickings. If their player had gone over his out stretched leg in the second half when he cut back inside him, they would have had a certain penalty. And what was he doing when, for the second home game in a row, instead of clearing the ball when being pressed on the edge his own penalty box, he tries to turn and dribble out of defence. Ludicrous defending.

He should not have been playing and he shouldn't play in the Premier League unless their is nobody else. He is a liability that can not inspire confidence in his defence or the rest of the team and that is essential for a centre-back. Still at least he has learnt to head a ball!!! He does Kyle Naughton impersonations at Christmas parties obviously.

Quite frankly that showed a muddled brain, under any sort of stress he make poor decisions consistently and a player who can't remain mentally calm under pressure is a disaster waiting to happen.

John Lacey was commentating today and is a former centre-back so he knows all about defending. He had the same views, simply play the ball to Chiriches's left and have a field day. He was poor against Sunderland in what should have been an easy game for him and was even worse today.

A poor centre-back, a poor central midfield performance and a poor performance from Emmanuel Adebayor. The spine of a team should be it's strength, today it was our weakness.

The team selection was wrong I'm afraid, our two best centre-backs weren't even playing and they are not injured, we have consigned them to the Europa League. That suggest to me we took the opposition too lightly.

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An imortant three points today will trigger belief

10:31 am

The game today has taken on added importance after yesterday's results. The second defeat for Liverpool in a row, the first time that has happened since December 2013, will have people questioning them and heap pressure on them after what happened to us last year. Seeds of doubt can be damaging things.

Manchester United face a tricky tie at Leicester City where a win would see them move to 8 points, we currently have 7. Manchester City face Chelsea at home, the teams have 7 points and 12 points respectively so there is an opportunity to boost not only our standing but our confidence today.

A win and 3 points could take us up to third place and put 4 points between ourselves and Liverpool, one of our challengers for a top 4 slot. The psychological boost that would give the team and the supporters can not be underestimated. Everyone performs better when they are happy and nothing makes people happy like winning, it vindicates everything you are doing.

We have a new boss, nobody knows if he is the right man, h seems to be from everything I see and hear. He is working on the defence and wants the side to be more clinical, specifically the front four to be more clinical. Unlucky doesn't win you points, the ball in the back of the net does so finding the consistency to score more than 2 goals makes us an added threat.

If you are playing a side who score 3 or 4 goals regularly there is added worry, there is that little negative thought that you don't want to receive a hammering. Just think of the Games against Manchester City and Liverpool last season, who both scored over 100 goals to our 50 odd, there was apprehension and negativity that what did happen, could happen. We need sides feeling that way about us, we need the shoe on the other foot, being clinical does that.

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Fans are a fickle bunch and a weekend win makes a huge difference to their mood for the following week. It's a sunny day, a day to be happy, a happy result would round that off nicely. Three points to keep us above Manchester United, above Liverpool and take us above Arsenal. For fans that's a great feeling, for players it's like a silent pat on the back. To the rest of the Premier League it just says Tottenham are better than we thought. Look at Southampton, who is talking about them as relegation candidates now? That mood has changed after 5 games and the belief is back.

Belief is everything in sport, games are won and lost in the head, a player with belief will out perform a player with doubt. There were many positives to take from the Sunderland game but we only secured one point that felt was like a loss, getting three points today and sitting third in the table will give the club a lift.

There is nothing like being in the top four to believe you can finish in the top four. That belief feeds itself, so with a new head coach, to be sat in third after 5 games will just say to everyone, yes we can do this, we can finish in the top four if we work at this.

When the players lose belief in a manager their performances drop, when they have belief they improve, today is a day to add to that belief, give it a boost.


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Spurs v WBA Preview

8:30 pm

Spurs v WBA Preview

Date: Sunday 21st September 2014
Venue: White Hart Lane, London
Kick-off: 13:30 GMT

Spurs v WBA Preview

We have gone 2 games without a win and this is a game where we need to make superiority count, although we don't always find WBA easy opponents. Their defence may well be boosted by former England international and Manchester City defender Joleon Lescott, which you would think would make them tighter at the back.

If past results are anything to go by it then a draw or a one goal victory is on the cards, obviously hoping it's the latter.


  • Andros Townsend suffered a dead leg in the Europa League 0-0 draw with Partizan Belgrade.
  • Spurs made 10 changes for that tie so the Premier League side will return.
  • West Brom boss Alan Irvine has a fully fit squad, with Joleon Lescott and Silvestre Varela available for their debuts.
  • Youssouf Mulumbu has recovered from his hamstring injury
  • Victor Anichebe has recovered from his hernia injury.

Current Form 

Green = Win, Pink = Loss, Yellow = Draw


Sun. 21 Sep 2014
KO: 13.30

West Bromwich

Last 8 matches

13 SepSunderland - SPURS2-20-2WBA - Everton13 Sep
31 AugSPURS - Liverpool0-33-0Swansea City - WBA30 Aug
24 AugSPURS - QPR4-00-0Southampton - WBA23 Aug
16 AugWest Ham Utd - SPURS0-12-2WBA - Sunderland16 Aug

Premier League Table - Home Form v Away Form

Home Table Away Table

The form table and the league table are one and the same at this time of the season with only 4 games gone, Tottenham sit 6th, WBA 19th. They have a manager inexperienced in the Premier League so this is a fixture we need to be taking advantage of, something we couldn't do last season, both games finished as draws.

Form Table (last 4)

2Aston Villa410
3Swansea City49
5Manchester C.47
9Manchester U.45
10Hull City45
12Leicester City45
13West Ham Utd44
14Stoke City44
17Crystal Palace42
19West Bromwich42
20Newcastle Utd42

There is not usually a great number of goals in this tie, we often struggle against WBA and haven't beaten them at home since January 2012.


12 Apr 14WBA - Tottenham3-3
26 Dec 13Tottenham - WBA1-1
3 Feb 13WBA - Tottenham0-1
25 Aug 12Tottenham - WBA1-1
3 Jan 12Tottenham - WBA1-0
26 Nov 11WBA - Tottenham1-3
23 Apr 11Tottenham - WBA2-2
11 Sep 10WBA - Tottenham1-1
2 May 09Tottenham - WBA1-0
28 Dec 08WBA - Tottenham2-0
27 Mar 06Tottenham - WBA2-1
28 Dec 05WBA - Tottenham2-0
20 Apr 05Tottenham - WBA1-1
25 Aug 04WBA - Tottenham1-1
21 Apr 03WBA - Tottenham2-3
8 Dec 02Tottenham - WBA3-1

Stretching back to 2002/03 season the record stands at played 16 W 7 D7 L2 F24 A19
A total of 28 points secured out of a possible 48.

At home the record is P8 W4 D4 L0 F12 A7
A total of 16 points out of a possible 24.

We haven't scored more than 1 goal against WBA at White Hart Lane since April 2011 and then we conceded as many as we scored. We have to go right back to Dec 2002 for the last time we scored 3 goals against them in this fixture.

Our attacking form this time around has us sitting 7th in the scoring table.

Attacking Table

4Swansea City48
6Manchester C.47
9Manchester U.46
10West Ham Utd46
11Crystal Palace45
12Hull City45
14Aston Villa44
15Leicester City44
16Newcastle Utd43
17Stoke City42
18West Bromwich42

In the defence table we also sit 7th thanks to the Liverpool game otherwise it would be second. WBA we see are having trouble scoring goals and are conceding. Given the history of this fixture and current form, you'd expect Spurs to score 1 or 2 goals and WBA to score 1, they have only failed to do so once in the last 8 games at WHL.

Defence Table

1Aston Villa41
2Stoke City43
4Manchester U.43
5Manchester C.44
8Swansea City45
10Leicester City45
11Hull City45
15West Ham Utd47
16West Bromwich47
17Crystal Palace48
19Newcastle Utd49

Tottenham have spent 39 minutes per game winning so far this season at home and 41 minutes losing while WBA have not been in front away from home all season and have spent 44 minutes per game losing.

Tottenham have been leading 50% of home games at half-time, WBA leading none away so it may well be that Spurs are in front at half-time yet WBA manage a goal in the second half.

This season 75% of the time we have scored the first goal in a game and WBA have conceded the first goal 75% of the time. At home the figure is 50% and for WBA away it's 50%. WBA have not managed to score the first goal in a game at all this season.

It has taken us an average of 36 minutes to score a goal at home and WBA 32 minutes to concede a goal away, which again suggest being 1-0 up at half-time.

THBN Verdict

To win the game we may well have to score twice and after the Sunderland game we need to return to the sort of clinical finishing we saw against a terrible QPR, who have since also conceded 4 away to Manchester United. A goal in the first half and a half-time lead looks on the cards but it's possible it may be a wait for a second. To win the statistics perhaps suggest we may need to score in both halves.

Both Emmanuel Adebayor and Mauricio Pochettino felt we should have been more clinical at Sunderland, both revealing their disappointment to the press. We can't win every game 4-0 and this is a potential banana skin for us where being clinical may well be important to secure the three points.

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