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Tom Carroll demonstrates why Pochettino sold him

5:00 pm

Watching the Match of the Day highlights it was former Tottenham midfielder Tom Carroll who made the mistake for the first goal.

After some good hold up play by Fernando Llorente he laid the ball off to the diminutive Carroll who tried a piece of trickery that didn't work. He ended up on the floor and instead of racing back, he simply jogged back and was always behind the ball. Had he ran back he could have prevented Fabregas scoring but the desire and commitment were simply not there.

It is a prime example of a player having the skill but not the mental ability to go with it. He can play at Premier League level but is never going to be a regular part of a winning team with his go through the motions attitude.

The game is just as much about what you do off the ball as it is on it, indeed even more so.

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Another academy product sold

7:00 pm


Tom Carroll sold to Swansea City

Youth product Tom Carroll has moved on to Swansea City where I as many do with him all the best. He can only improve playing regularly and will have no doubt learnt plenty under Mauricio Pochettino.

It is quite remarkable that we have basically sold Carroll for the same amount we paid for Dele Alli and as footballers they are worlds apart. It is just another example of Daniel Levy working the transfer market to our favour.

Tom Huddlestone £4.33m +£1.6m add-ons, Jake Livermore £5.95m +£2m add-ons, Ryan Mason £13.09m and Tom Carroll £4.5m +add-ons for a basic combined total of £27.87m, although if add-on criteria are met then even more. That of course, is not the complete list of academy players sold in recent years.

It is what our academy is for, not just to product the cream like Harry Winks for ourselves, but to create Premier League players and sell them at a healthy profit so the academy pays for itself. Carroll was never quite up to standard but he never complained knowing his role in the squad and is by all accounts a very nice lad. 

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Could Yaya Toure join Spurs?
Mauricio Pochettino

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Carroll fee £5m +add-ons?

12:30 pm


£8m for Carroll would be a good bit of business

WellI wrote a couple of days ago that Tom Carroll was on the verge of leaving Tottenham for Swansea City and now the Telegraph are running a similar story. Spurs are said to want £10 million, Swansea City have offered £5 million so the Telegraph have suggested an £8 million deal.

As with these deal,s it is how it is reported. From what I have heard a deal will be struck at £5 million plus £3 million of add-ons, some easily obtainable and some that hinge on staying in the Premier League. So the actual fee, like so many, will not be known to the general public as we never know what the add-on clauses are.

Swansea City are not the only side interested in him but everyone is put off by his price tag at the moment, which does seem a little excessive, however, he is home grown and thus carries a premium price. Eric Dier cost half what it looks like we might get for Carroll, I know which is better value.


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Tom Carroll and Dele Alli

2:30 pm

The asking price for Tom Carroll is said to be £10 million (€11.95m - AUS$16.93m - US$12.68m), no wonder we can't get rid of him. You'd need to be nuts to pay that kind of fee for a 24-year-old (25 next May) who never plays now and is like a 20-year-old trying to break through.

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Good news, someone might buy Tom Carroll!

6:00 am


Wonderful news came to our yes on Sunday, Swansea City are considering a £10 million move for squad member Tom Carroll.

By all accounts he is a nice guy, one you are happy to have around the place, but he simply doesn't have the mental make up to be a top player, at least not at a top club. He may fare better in a smaller pond. Presumably that is what Swansea City are hoping because he is error prone while looking the part.

The story comes from The Sun, every paper you not had to have a Tottenham story yesterday as we were playing so how many of them are actually true and how many are simply a reporters imagination is another matter.

The Sun report a familiar tune from the Swansea City chairman - “Swansea supremo Huw Jenkins will make money available in January and has an eye on young talent whose value can rise."

I'd be amazed if we got £10 million for a player who never plays now. We signed him to a new contract in the summer simply so that he has a transfer value, of that I'm sure. Hopefully that will come to fruition, he needs to move to further his game and further his career as at the moment both are stagnating.

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Harry Winks taking over from Carroll - The stats

9:00 pm
Harry Winks is surely Tom Carroll's successor in the Tottenham squad, he has to be above him in the pecking order already anyway.

He is 4 years younger than Carroll with development potential while at 24 Caroll has simply stagnated or even gone backward, certainly his passing doesn't seem to go forward anymore.

Their statistics from last night's game are below the graphic, take a look

Harry Winks vs Tom Carroll
The Summary

Harry Winks: 1 shot, 2 key passes, 71 touches, 57 passes, 91.2% passing accuracy, 0 crosses, 0 accurate crosses, 3 long balls, 3 accurate long balls, 3 dribbles, 2 dispossessed, 2 unsuccessful touches, 2 tackles, 1 interception, 0 clearances.

Tom Carroll: 0 shots, 1 key pass, 48 touches, 35 passes, 85.7% passing accuracy, 2 crosses, 0 accurate crosses, 3 long balls, 2 accurate long balls, 0 dribbles, 2 dispossessed, 3 unsuccessful touches, 2 tackles, 2 interceptions, 1 clearance.

Harry Winks was first class tonight. A million miles better than Carroll.
Thought Spurs were in for a hiding after the second goal. The youngsters showed good character, particularly Harry Winks.

On the plus side I think has been very good again. Retains the ball so well. He'll get some Premier League starts this season.

Harry Winks has been fantastic so far

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At 24, is Tom Carroll closing in on a Spurs exit?

7:00 pm

Michel Vorm 33, Kieran Trippier 26, Tom Carroll 24, Ben Davies 23, Kevin Wimmer 23, Vincent Janssen 22, Eric Dier 22, Georges-Kevin N'Koudou 21, Harry Winks 20, Josh Onomah 19, Cameron Carter-Vickers 18.

Tom Carroll was the third most experienced player in the team last night and surely he should be beyond the player he is by now, late developer or not. I wrote he didn't have the mentality to be a top four Premier League player when he turned down a loan move to Ajax at the time we bought Christian Eriksen. For his development that would have been a fantastic move, instead his game went backwards at QPR in the Championship and hasn't moved forward since.

He can pass, he is competent, although he does give the ball away in our own half too much and does nothing with the ball when further forward. I ask you, when was the last time you actually saw Tom Carroll create anything? When was the last pass from him that got you excited?

As i write last night after the game, there was an incident in the first half where he had 15 yards in front of him and instead of driving into it and forcing Liverpool to adjust their defensive shape, he simply abdicated responsibility to send it wide to N'Koudou. Carroll alleviated any threat Liverpool may have been put under in a game where to be honest we created little.

He might be a nice guy, but without a winning mentality, nice guys come last. You have to have the ability to switch between the two characters like Scott Parker. Nice guys often lack the determination and if that trait isn't in your character you won't get to the level required. Carroll seems to lack it, otherwise his game should have evolved with all the training he does.

I fail to see how he can be kept on after next summer, especially with the emergence and development of Harry Winks. We don't need both in the squad, there are better quality midfield players who could strengthen the squad and give us more options.

Spare a thought for our brave boys & girls who have travelled all the way to Liverpool to watch Tom Carroll pass sideways

The only thing I'm not happy about apart from the result last night obviously, was persisting with Tom Carroll

Tom Carroll is 24 FFS. Four years older than Alli, but still looks about 14. Might be time to accept that he's just not very good!!!

Tom Carroll needs to be gone in January

Digging out Janssen when Tom 'sideways pass' Carroll is playing behind him. Carroll is a hopeless, hopeless footballer

Will Tom Carroll play for Spurs again? Or Kevin Wimmer? Poch's mistrust of the latter looks amply justified based on tonight.

At 24, is Tom Carroll closing in on a Spurs exit? At 24, is Tom Carroll closing in on a Spurs exit? Reviewed by THBlogNews on 7:00 pm Rating: 5

Dier highlights Carroll mistake

8:30 am
Dier highlights Carroll mistake

Eric Dier transferred from Portuguese side Sporting for just 5m euros on 2 August 2014. The 22-year-old (23 next January) has developed into a consistent player winning praise for his performances for both Tottenham Hotspur and England.

Leonardo Jardim was coach at Sporting from 30 May 2013 until 10 June 2014. His record was 37 games, 25 victories, 8 draws and 4 defeats. His side scored 77 goals and let in 28. Under Jardim, Dier played 13 games in the league and 3 cup games. In all but one game he played him as a centre-back, the other game as a defensive midfielder.

Jardim was asked about Dier at his pre-game press conference and reminded the assembled reporters he knew him at Sporting.

"I knew him at Sporting -- he's a tremendous athlete, a real top class player and he spent the developmental part of his career at Sporting. I always knew he was going to have a good career but I hope he's not at his best tomorrow evening. 
"He evolved his style of play when he was with me. He played two different positions: holding midfield and centre-back. It's no surprise to me that he's showing later in his career that he can play in two different positions and be as good in either. 
"I think it's always very important -- whether it's English lads going abroad, or French or Portuguese young players -- to get experience in foreign leagues. It's really positives. It teaches them to cope with adversity and gives them different experience. 
"When they go back, they benefit in their own leagues. It's important for their benefit and growth as they become older."

This is exactly the reason why Tom Carroll should have accepted Ajax over of a loan when Christian Eriksen came to Spurs, he would have developed his game but it has merely stagnated since and all he gets now is scraps. He'll play with the kids in the League Cup tie against Gillingham next week. So far he hasn't figured.

It isn't simply talent that separates players, Carroll has excellent technique, but an individual's character as well. Carroll is a nice guy but lacks the mental cutting edge. Pochettino said in his pre-game press conference that in his view you should improve everyday. That is part of having a winning mentality, part of having mental strength. How exactly has Tom Carroll improved over the last couple of years?

You still get the same Tom Carroll, happy to be a third choice. He simply lacks the mental strength to be a top player, unlike Eric Dier.

Dier highlights Carroll mistake Dier highlights Carroll mistake Reviewed by THBlogNews on 8:30 am Rating: 5

Tom Carroll to Derby County

9:30 am


Rob Mackenzie is announced to be leaving Spurs for a new post at Derby County and they were immediately linked with a move for Alex Pritchard. He went to Norwich City for the same fee we have agreed Ryan Mason can go to Sunderland, or Hull City if that falls through.

Tom Carroll is the next to be linked with strong rumours that he is to move to the Championship side. Again Pochettino feels he is a good character to have around the club at Tottenham but he won't get that much game time and would be spending most of it on the bench, if he gets that far.

For the sake of his own career he needs to move and get himself regular football. In my view he should have gone to Ajaz on loan when Christian Eriksen came to White Hart Lane, they wanted him and he turned them down. His career hasn't moved forward since, it can't, he simply doesn't play enough.

A move to Derby County may well be a good fit for him.

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No exit for Carroll on the horizon yet

6:00 am


No exit for Carroll on the horizon yet

All has been fairly quiet on the exit front. Their are daft stories about players who are not leaving while those we are happy to let go are said to be too expansive, the same situation we find when we try to buy players.

It is all a negotiation to see is a mutually beneficial deal can be agreed, if it can great, if it can't move on. There are sides interested in DeAndre Yedlin who will likely depart. Of those that have been told to find new clubs Federico Fazio has joined Roma on loan with a buy option and Alex Pritchard has joined Norwich City for £8-million.

Nabil Bentaleb is the subject of loan offers but nothing else and then we have a group of players who have been told their game time will be limited and they can leave if they wish. They all know where they stand in the squad and will have to accept that if the choose to stay. it seems all of them do want to stay but offers still come in.

Swansea City have  been linked with a move for Nacer Chadli, who turned down a loan move there last summer. Again though he was deemed too expensive. Tom Carroll is another in the same situation, a third choice at best who is happy to stay. Such is the paucity of interest that wales Online are using bookmaker odds to try and suggest a link to Swansea and follow that up by saying he isn't wanted!

A further story suggests Sunderland will have to battle WBA and Swansea, where we already know there isn't a place in the squad for him. West Ham plus Championship sides QPR and Brentford are also both linked, both having taken Spurs players on loan or as purchases before.

Speculation surrounding him, but little concrete. As the window closes and clubs can't get their first options we may see that interest turn into offers, although they may just be loan deals, which doesn't benefit us given his contractual situation.

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Tom Carroll, the new Tom Huddlestone

5:00 pm
Tom Carroll, the new Tom Huddlestone

Tom Carroll signed a new contract at Tottenham in 2011 at the same time as Jake Livermore. Midfielder Livermore departed for Hull City at the beginning of 2013–14 on a season-long loan, along with Tom Huddlestone. He signed permanently at the end of that season.

Tom Huddlestone seems like a player with no motivation, talented, but happy to plod along, not rock the boat and not improve his game. Mousa Dembele was the same until Pochettino forced him to either get his mentality right or leave. Dembele has improved as a result and was ranked one of the best midfielders in Europe, Huddlestone was playing in the Championship. He should be a better player than that.

Tom Carroll is similar. He has ability, he has strengthened up so physicality doesn't look the issue it once did, but would you say he is motivated or drifting along like Huddlestone? Where is the player who can stamp his mark on a game, the player who can take control of it. That is what he has to do, at the moment all he does is look pretty.

Every time I see him I think the aesthetic of his pass is more important than the pass itself. Presumably, he has taken on board the technical aspect of passing a  ball and honed the body positioning to make telling passes. What does he do though? Does he do any more than Huddlestone used to, he probably does less, he probably does less than Livermore used to as well. He is a player who needs a kick up the backside.

His contract ran out in 2016 (all contracts run from 1 July to 30 June each season) but Tottenham had a one-year extension option which has been activated. He will be a free agent next summer if a suitable offer doesn't come in for him this summer. He adds to the home-grown in the squad and provides cover.

It is almost as if he doesn't believe in himself, as if he knows his place and is not motivated enough to change it. Everyone is not Dele Alli, but he showed what you must do, make an impact when you get an opportunity. What impact has Tom Carroll made whenever he has played?

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Can Carroll do anything worthwhile this time

9:00 am
Tom Carroll once again put on a one-man show to get himself sold. The lad is a 24-year-old, he is no longer a prospect, he should be performing, he should be taking control, but he plays like one of the kids learning his trade. I thought he should have left 2 years ago and I have seen nothing to change my mind.

Nabil Bentaleb has clearly fallen out with Pochettino because he is twice the player Carroll is and they play in the same area of the pitch. Carroll was tried for 45 minutes as a central attacking midfielder, that didn't work, he was making the wrong choices on the ball and not executing the options he chose well enough His cross he should have bent beyond the defender, the ball he played from a promising position didn't have a hope of reaching its target and that is what makes the difference in the final third, you have to have that bit of quality, he hasn't.

Harry Winks took his chance, he looked a far better player and is one to give more game time to in the next game. Josh Onomah looked a far better player, Yedlin looked comfortable

Harry Winks is a far better prospect than Tom Carroll.....using the word 'prospect' for Carroll is also embarrassing, he's 24....time to go.

We are delighted to announce we have reached an agreement with for the transfer of Tom Carroll

The next game is tomorrow morning (UK time) against Atletico de Madrid where the youngsters will get another chance to shine. If Carroll is at the base of midfield I want to see him move us forward, not sideways in pretty fashion. Substance, what substance will he produce? There are a hundred players who can play the simple sideways pass, there is no need to hang on to a player if that is all his game is.

I suspect he is happy to be in the squad as a third choice, getting a bit here and there. He doesn't seem to have the drive to improve himself or stamp his mark on a game. His main assets seem to be he keeps the wages down helps with the home grown quota and is happy to be third choice. On the field he offers nothing someone else couldn't do.

Can Carroll do anything worthwhile this time Can Carroll do anything worthwhile this time Reviewed by THBlogNews on 9:00 am Rating: 5

Winks outshines Carroll

7:00 pm
The game was certainly a training exercise and gave a few of the youngsters a reality check when it comes to playing men's football.

Marcus Edwards had protracted negotiations before he signed a two-year contract and he had to be given guarantees of cup football and a first team squad number. He got a taste of how far away he is, probably a lot further than he thought. He is only young, has growing and development to do. It will be interesting to see how far he comes in the next year.

Josh Onomah on the other hand, looked at home, he looks ready to play more cameo roles this season with full games in the cups. Harry Winks looked a better player than Tom Carroll who simply continues to look ordinary. He is more interested it seems in looking the part when he plays a pass rather than being effective at it.

There was one incident in our own half yet again, where under no pressure he played almost a reverse ball with his left foot to the player on his right. However, the pass was woefully inaccurate, nowhere near the player and the opposition simply collected the ball. That is Tom Carroll all over. Ir seems as if he has been over coached and looking the part is more important than playing the part. He failed once again to show ant reason he should be kept on the books with others coming through.

Harry Winks came on and was twice the player Carroll was, he was busy, he got stuck into the game , he was looking for passes. There were too many out there simply happy to pass sideways. I was thinking that throughout the game and had just watched Cameron carter-Vickers get himself out of a tight situation in the second half when I was saying, don't pass sideways, don't pass sideways.

He took his time and passes sideways. Tony Gale then piped up to tell us he has taken the wrong option, the initial work was good but the sideways pass was poor, he should have played the ball forwards.

If you have beaten a man, effectively taking him out of the game because he is in front of the ball (behind you) than you let him get back behind the ball between your team and the goal and back in the game. It nullifies beating him in the first place, in effect a waste of time.

Until substitutes came on in the second half our passing was often passing for passing sake, an abdication of responsibility. We have to keep the ball moving, but if it is sideways and backwards it isn't much use and certainly isn't going to hurt any decent opposition. When Harrison, Onomah came on we looked to try and create things and did create openings.

There was plenty for Pochettino to analyse and give individual videos to the youngster to learn from. Of course to pass forward you need movement off the ball and we were a little static at times, but then we were playing in unfamiliar conditions and are trying to gain fitness. However, weren't Juventus in the same situation?

Winks outshines Carroll Winks outshines Carroll Reviewed by THBlogNews on 7:00 pm Rating: 5

Who do you keep Carroll or Mason?

5:00 pm


Who do you keep Carroll or Mason?

If you were picking the Spurs squad you would have to cover eventualities. You have to keep some lesser squad players, make room for others and make the decisions who to keep and who to let go, often between two players.

With Eric Dier and Mousa Dembele forming a formidable partnership and the probable imminent arrival of Victor Wanyama, who plays the Dier role at Southampton, attention turns to the Dembele role. Who covers for him? Ryan Mason or Tom Carroll? From the outset I have been sure that Mason will be retained as cover for Dembele, something that recent comments from Mason seem to confirm.

That is the current option, would you keep both or do squad numbers dictate you have to let one go? Is Carroll out of contract at the end of the month, has he been offered a new one or is there a one-year extension option written into it? I suspect the latter.

Who do you keep Carroll or Mason?

Assuming there is a one-year extension, what would you do? Are both better further forward or does the Dembele role suit them? Mason has played well in it before, he moves the ball from side to side faster than most, which is often all it takes to get us playing at a higher tempo and thus be more effective. He bagged the winner against Sunderland, he gets into the area and into scoring positions.

What does Carroll offer us? Defensively he is the weaker of the two, hardly a game goes by where he doesn't pass the ball to the opposition inside our own half. Is he not better around the opposition box?

I'd much prefer to see him utilised there where his passing might have a greater effect. There are loads of players who can pass from deep, those that can do it around the box are fewer and I have always thought he has the ability to play that role rather than the one he does.

It's a tough call to make and for me, it would all depend on upon what position I wanted to cover. If it were to cover the Dembele position I'd choose to keep Mason, if it were further forward I was looking, I'd take a chance on Carroll.

How about you?

Who do you keep Carroll or Mason? Who do you keep Carroll or Mason? Reviewed by THBlogNews on 5:00 pm Rating: 5

Kane and Carroll coaching required

5:00 pm

Well in the picture above Harry Kane's head position is a bit of a problem. He is having to lean over too far and his head isn't going to be in harmony with bat and ball. Raising the bat off the floor and standing taller will improve his vision. Your eyes need to be as level as possible, you'll see his are angled. Improving vision speeds up amalysing the trajectory and speed of the ball, it allows more time fr decision making and he will have more time to play his shots making him a better player instantly as a result.

He looks better in the video with his stance but the bowling was a bit easy. Get your head nearer the line of the ball Harry. Appaling bowling from Stuart Broad though, an England opening bowler.

I don't think Tom Carroll has played too many times, the bat looked very awkward for him. His top hand is all wrong on the bat, twisted far too round the handle restricting his stroke play and his power. A coaching session needed Tom. he plays nice and straight so there is something to work with and his eye line isn't bad.

It's good to see an England supporting club suppoorting England in other sports, unlike other London clubs.

To support England grab your 2016 European Championship gifts by clicking the link below.

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Diawara, Carroll, and loans

5:00 pm

Diawara, Carroll, And Loans

Diawara, Carroll and loans

We have been linked with a move for 18-year-old (19 in July) Amadou Diawara, the Guinean defensive midfielder who plays for Bologna.

Stories in Italy suggest that the Italian former football player turned director of football, currently working for Italian Serie A club Roma, Walter Sabatini, has been busy already. It is thought he has had negotiations with two clubs, Bologna, and Fiorentina, that could affect three players and bring Amadou Diawara to Roma. The other two moves to make that move happen are Leandro Paredes on loan to Bologna, Adem Ljajic returning to Fiorentina.

Ljajic is a 24-year-old Serbian who has been playing for Inter as an attacking midfielder on loan from Roma. Paredes is a 21-year-old Argentine midfielder who has been playing for Empoli on loan from Roma.

There are also reports in Italy that say his agent Daniel Piraino and Jesus Garcia Pitarch, sporting director of Valencia have met with the Spanish club wanting to take him to La Liga after he surprised everyone with the maturity of his performances.

You do get the impression from the outside that clubs help each other out more in Italy. They can, of course, part own players with third parties or even co-own a player with another Italian club, just as Juventus co-own Tottenham-linked Domenico Berardi with Sassuolo. Roma wants a player and finds a solution that is acceptable to a club with less money. I certainly think that with promoted teams or teams who struggle financially that youngsters could not be loaned out more.

Diawara, Carroll and loans

We have kept Carroll just in case it seems and he'll be out of contract at the end of June, would a loan deal to January with a small option to buy fee not been a better use of him? I don't see him staying at Spurs, he can't handle the defensive side yet, either at Swansea or ourselves so unless he is moved into the central attacking midfield role, which I have previously expressed as thinking he would be best in, then he simply isn't good enough. 

We could get into a great discussion on development and how he might improve when playing the Dembele role, but how long do you wait, that should have been done before now. His failure to go on loan to Ajax when Eriksen arrived demonstrated to me he doesn't have the mentality to be the player his technical ability suggests he should be by now.

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Diarra or Carroll?

12:30 pm
French outlet L'Equipe have revealed that Manchester United are now interested in Tottenham target Lassana Diarra, the Marseille midfielder wanted by Inter Milan.

Diarra or Carroll?

The Frenchman is 31 (32 next March) and wants to join a club with Champions League football. The Sun reveal that he will turn down Louis van Gaal as Manchester United will only be in the Europa League next season.

The defensive midfielder has a contract with he French side until 2017 but is believed to be available for free this summer. despite signing a 4-year contract there is apparently a clause in it allowing him to leave for free after 12 months.

He has impressed so much to the extent he has made the French squad for the upcoming European Championships in the country this summer.

He has one Premier League title to his name, plus two FA Cups, one League Cup, one La Liga title and one Spanish cup to his mane. The experience he has gained at Chelsea, Arsenal and Real Madrid may be of benefit to Eric Dier as he develops his own game as a defensive midfielder.

he is on £31,480-a-week (40,000 EUR) at Marseilles after arriving and pocketing a £3.23 million (4.1m EUR) signing on bonus after a contract dispute with his former club Lokomotiv Moscow. Clearly he looks after himself financially, but as opposed to a player like Emmanuel Adebayor, he produces the goods on the pitch on a consistent basis. He has the right mentality, he has what Adebayor lacks.

" Yes, I said goodbye to the fans, it's the end of the season. But you never know what will happen in football. After, I will not hide it, there are great chances that I leave OM."

I'm not one for signing players over 30 but if he is free he could be a useful addition. I'd rather have Diarra coming on or playing instead of Tom Carroll, wouldn't you?

Carroll may have more miles than Diarra left, but is he ever going to get to Diarra's level, not in my book. For a defensive midfielder he is defensively weak . Give me Diarra any day.

Diarra or Carroll? Diarra or Carroll? Reviewed by THBlogNews on 12:30 pm Rating: 5

Confirmation, if confirmation were needed

8:30 am

Borussia Dortmund 3 Tottenham Hotspur 0

Confirmation, if confirmation were needed

Well, Borussia Dortmund gave us a lesson on a night when two away sides grabbed draws, the rest lost. There were a few things we already knew that were reinforced, which helps to clear heads and confirm the way forward.

Borussia Dortmund are regularly in the Champions League and the gap in class between that and UEFA Europa League regulars was clear. We knew we were not the finished article and this game confirmed it. We didn't have out strongest side out, but this is a squad sport now and the players who come in have to be up to the mark.

Mauricio Pochettino threw a few surprises. Now I don't know the fitness of the squad, but I do know that we are virtually certain to be in the Champions league next season without having to win the Europa League, a route many suggested we would have to take to qualify. Did that have a bearing on selection? Was the game used for the coaching staff to see the reaction of Onomah and Carroll?

With the side selected I assume that Pochettino was hoping for a draw or would have settled for a 1-0 loss, although the side arguably didn't have the qualities required for that. The first goal was from the right where Josh Onomah was receiving an education. It will do his development a power of good, playing against quality opposition, but there can be no doubt it was a gamble. 

Did it fail, well yes on the night it did, but there is a bigger picture with him. The club are looking to prepare him for next season and a larger role so we perhaps won't see any results until then. If we do then the night will have been a success, it depends on what terms you are using to judge, for him and, therefore the club, it has to be through the eyes of development.

Concentration comes with experience and switching off when defending or deciding the right things to do is arrived at by trial and error. The coaching staff can now sit down with a video of the game, pull the good points and those that require working on. He has had a feel of 81,000 and quality opposition.

It was in defensive midfield where the major shock for me occurred. Ryan Mason and Tom Carroll. I would have had no qualms about using Ryan Mason in midfield, it gives others a rest. You know from him you'll get tireless work and he made crucial blocks at times.

I have questioned Tom Carroll mentally before. Anyone can play when everything is going right, when it is going wrong you see how a player reacts, that tells you more about him that at any other time. Carroll was out of his depth, he went to pieces and he couldn't shield the back four. Can he improve, yes of course, but the mental weakness he has displayed before came back to haunt us.

He is not a good enough defensive midfielder at the top level. Early in the season, Dele Alli took his chance, he didn't need a run of games to shine. Last season Harry Kane and Ryan Mason took their chances immediately. Tom Carroll didn't have that mental strength and it rang alarm bells with me.

Wanting a player to achieve, having a favourite is one thing, but if you have the mental strength and the motivation you have to find a way to make your mark. That doesn't mean you have to do something brilliant, it may mean just doing your job is a most efficient manner with no fuss.

To me Carroll is a showboater when he passes, he has to have a body shape that makes the pass look great. It is an exaggeration but the outcome of the pass seems a secondary consideration to the aesthetic of playing it.

Now I'm not pinning the blame for defeat on Tom Carroll, but for me, the game confirmed what I though last summer, he isn't good enough for where we want to be. There is always that weakness and we know in pressure situations the mind unless trained, slips into default mode. For Carroll, that is a ruffled state, uncertain and thus prone to mistakes. Everybody makes mistakes, but Carroll made far too many to be acceptable. Mentally he couldn't make the right decisions.

During the summer, we will need an upgrade.

If you do not have much of a shield in front of the back four then you are placing them under severe pressure and then instead of playing a system, you are fire fighting. Defenders have no choice but to be pulled out of position. Having Onomah and Carroll gave Dortmund an opportunity they exploited. Defenders were dropping back to keep players onside. That is a sign of worry, a lack of confidence in those in front of you.

What we have to do with that game is analyse it and determine where we need to improve the quality of the squad. For me the game confirmed Tom Carroll tops the list of players to let go, he has the skill but he doesn't have the mental makeup to play at the top. That confirmation and the development for Onomah were the two main positives to take from the game.


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Confirmation, if confirmation were needed Confirmation, if confirmation were needed Reviewed by THBlogNews on 8:30 am Rating: 5

Trippier and Carroll interviews were revealing

8:30 am
Listening to Kieran Trippier's post match interview with Son Heung-min and comparing that with Tom Carroll's interview after the previous game, highlights the difference between the two mentally.

Trippier talks about the mentality of the squad being massive, a young squad who believe they can go all the way.

Carroll, after his goal against Norwich was entirely different. He admitted he normally passes, which is abdicating responsibility, and when asked about the title, as Trippier was, talked about hoping for 4th place.

You could argue he is just playing down expectation, which is that was the case then Trippier would have been advised to do the same. More likely it is the thought processes of the individuals. To win something you have to be aiming for it, does Tom Carroll actually believe we can win the title? 

If that is a target and you fail, you are likely to end up in the top four and Champions League football, but if the sum of your ambition is top four or fourth, then failure means you are likely to end up in the UEFA Europa League.

Passing backwards when there is no need, wanting to pass instead of shoot, not aiming high enough. They are all little signs that suggest a mental weakness. Harry Kane is the epitome of someone who takes responsibility, hardly any wonder he was made a vice-captain at such a young age. We have seen with other players that a mentality can be changed or enhanced. If Carroll can add that to his game we would have a player who could really blossom and boss games despite his size.

We haven't seen anywhere near the best of him because he doesn't know how good he could be.

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    Trippier and Carroll interviews were revealing Trippier and Carroll interviews were revealing Reviewed by THBlogNews on 8:30 am Rating: 5
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