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Burley disappointed with Spurs

7:00 pm
Craig Burley gave his assessment of Tottenham Hotspurs' Premier League performance against WBA last weekend and didn't seem to recognise there was a Champions League game coming up. It isn't something he ever had to deal with as a manager I suppose so has no experience of the fatigue poroblems involved.

"I thought disappointment from Tottenham's perspective. This is a side who pre-international break were absolutely flying, that was rolling over teams, 4 wins on the bounce including the best performance of the season against most people's favourites, Manchester City. 
"No Harry Kane is the side recently but Son Heung-min has done a great job up front and his movement has been key to Tottenham's good play, or one of the components. he didn't start and he wasn't the only change Tottenham made for this game and if it is injuries I understand. But I don't get changing a team for the sake of changing it. Yes players have been away on international duty, yes players have travelled, but I just want to get that continuity back on the field. 
"I want to get these players who have played so well for me back on the field and if it was just club rotation or team rotation then Pochettino has got it wrong. It's bugbear of mine with managers, however, going away from home in the Premier League and picking up a point is not a disaster, but I was disappointed that Tottenham just couldn't keep up the great form and I suppose Pochettino might say the international break came at a bad time, but he had to deal with it, he had to make the changes and it didn't quite work out."

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Pulis - Spurs one of the best teams in Europe

12:44 pm
Tony Pulis was full of praise for Tottenham and all our opposing managers seem to be. They seem to rate us higher than some of our own fans do. And talking of fans wasn't it great to hear our away support again who the commentator mentioned.

"Tottenham are an absolutely fantastic team. They're one of the best teams in Europe, never mind England. 
"It's wonderful that you can watch teams like that, manage against them as well as watching them, their array of talent and the players they've got. That's because we're in the Premier League and I don't think anyone can take the Premier League for granted. 
"We're outside the top six or seven in this country and it's a wonderful league to be in. If you take your eye off the ball and think you're better than what you are then you start to become complacent and the bottom drops out. 
"There's a lot of clubs in the Championship who have done that and this club has to keep its feet firmly on the ground and try to improve every window. 
"We're very, very pleased with the point because they are a really top team. The quality they've got they can in the last minute or injury time because of the pace and quality they've got. We showed real resilience. 
"If you look at it as a whole, first half we've got Ben (Foster) to thank. I thought we still looked as though half a dozen of the players were away on international duty. 
"We never got up to the ball, we allowed Tottenham to play. They changed it as well, they were very clever in the way they did it, they stretched us and then got (Christian) Eriksen and Alli in the little pockets, so that caused us a few more problems. 
"We were getting caught in midfield, we were not marking people. We were filling spaces and they were playing outside the spaces we were filling. 
"So what we needed to do was sort that out and we got that done. We were much better and we got closer to them. Second half was more of an even contest."

It doesn't happen enough that a manager explains the little intricacies of a game and outline why clubs like Newcastle United and Aston Villa have ended up in the second tier of football. You look at Villa now and they are struggling, it will be harder to get up next season than this one.

The same applies to the top six really, look at Manchester United. They had probably the best manager the Premier League has seen, taking a mid-table club that won nothing and turning them into the countries top side while sending the commercial side through the roof. Once he departs they have struggled to finish in Europe, let alone the top four, despite spending fortunes.

If the focus isn't there, it falls apart. The is a mental difference between a top side and a nearly side, fortunately we are learning the mental difference and the players are improving as a result.

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Carter-Vickers, Wimmer or Dier?

6:19 pm

Mauricio Pochettino told the press it was far too early to know what the problem is with Toby Alderweireld. He seemed to take a knock from Jan Vertonghen and couldn't walk after that, having to be stretchered off.

"It's very difficult [for him to go to play in Germany], for a holiday yes. Now it's very painful. We don't know. We need to assess tomorrow and give it some time, 24 hours, 48. Do a scan, do what the doctor needs to do to know what happened. 
"He got a heavy knock in his leg. We don't know the problem. It was difficult for me to see from the bench. All I said was 'how are you?' and he said 'I have a lot of pain'. It's a big area - knee, leg, all."

This gives a chance to Cameron Carter-Vickers or Kevin Wimmer unless Eric Dier slots in back there having looked accomplished when he did today.

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Far too ponderous

5:32 pm


Far too ponderous

Once again against WBA it was a frustrating performance that seemed to be played at half pace. Playing slowly means you don't pull the opposition out of position and they can retain their shape, thus their defensive stability.

We maintained our unbeaten record thanks to a clever Dele Alli finish after a pass from Eriksen and clever work from Son, who looked lively when he came on. Wanyama was back to rolling the ball to a player so he has to wait for it to arrive, far, far too lazy for what we needed today.

Mousa Sissoko resembled a bull in a china shop today, little technical skill, all power and effort. He is the type of player we need to give others a rest but this wasn't his finest day at the office.

The 'hammer blow' headline of losing Mousa Dembele that Football Insider were telling us about was shown up for what it was when he came on in the second half. Eric Dier slotted in easily at centre-back when Toby Alderweireld was stretchered off and we'll have to wait 48 hours before he can be scanned and the injury assessed.

Vincent Janssen was superb with his hold up play and laid on chances for teammates who couldn't tuck them away, however, he had no real chances himself and didn't look a goal threat today. It'll come.

Hugo Lloris was incredibly casual with the ball at his feet and we were very confident passing around at the back even when we were put under pressure. We seemed to have taken the confidence in our passing game up a notch.

Our third draw on th trot against WBA sees us drop to third, maybe fourth after the Monday night game between Liverpool and Manchester United at Anfield. We have set a new Premier League record for the most amount of time gone without conceding a goal from open play, we passed the previous record held by Liverpool since 2007 at half time.

If we were to win this game we had to move the ball quicker than we were, having said that we created perhaps 3 chances where we should have scored, two of them one-on-one with the goalkeeper and came off second best. We have talked about being clinical before and this aspect of our game being an achilles heel. We really do have a very poor one-on-one record.

On to the UEFA Champions League and Bayer Leverkusen away. It'll be a tougher game than some are expecting I think.

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Lawrensen, owen, Merson Spurs result predictions

12:30 pm


Lawrensen, owen, Merson Spurs result predictions

As we know pundits only state the blindingly obvious and two former Liverpool men, centre-back Mark Lawrenson and striker Michal Owen, are getting paid for doing just that. Former Arsenal man Paul Merson is bold and goes for a 3-0 Spurs away win at what is normally a tough ground for us.

Mark Lawrenson
“For most of last season, people were asking how Spurs would do if Harry Kane got injured but now we know, and they can definitely cope without him. West Brom have made a solid start to the season but this Tottenham team look very convincing at the moment, and they are going to be hard to stop.”

Michael Owen
“The last time Tottenham made a better start to the season in top-flight English football was back in the 1960/61 season when they won the title!

“Former Spurs player Nacer Chadli has made a good start to his Albion career and he could be the main threat to a Spurs side who continue to impress.”

Paul Merson
"Tottenham are playing very well at the moment and while the Man City result was brilliant, these are the types of games that win you Premier League titles.

"If Harry Kane got injured last season you couldn't see Spurs winning a game for toffee. Now it seems like nothing has changed despite his absence, which is a massive compliment to the other players.

"West Brom have turned the corner but I have been majorly impressed by Tottenham."

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Rebuilt Spurs reunited with rejected Chadli

6:00 am

Tomorrow sees a reunion with 27-year-old (28 next August) Nacer Chadli and a reminder of the reshaping taking place under Mauricio Pochettino.

While some are happy to settle for mediocrity, Pochettino aims for the top and only keeps hold of players who continue to develop and exhibit the right mentality, whether they are playing as much as they would like or not.

There has been quite a turnaround and the emphasis I suggested we place in assessing a players mentality and character before we signed him is an area we have certainly improved upon. We now look for hungry young players who want to improve and want to achieve things. A player whop wants guaranteed game time is effectively saying he doesn't trust his ability to hold down a place, which is a mental defect.

Players at Tottenham know they must perform, if they do they will stay in the team, if they don't they will be dropped and another squad player hungry to succeed will be given a chance. This season Son Heung-min has grasped his opportunity with both hands. Few Spurs fans would have had him as a first choice starter this season, but he is one of the first names on the teamsheet at the moment. It is up to him to maintain his level of performance and retain that position.

One of the players Pochettino let go, Nacer Chadli, signed a four-year deal at The Hawthorns in the summer after a £13-million move from Tottenham after Mauricio Pochettino had made it clear where he stood in his plans. Chadli was advised he would not be a regular in the team and that he would spend a lot of time on the bench.

We bought the Belgian for £6.93-million so have made a nice profit on him and now he has started well at his new club, scoring 3 goals in 4 games under Tony Pulis. We'll have to watch him at the weekend as he'll no doubt be keen to do well.

Continuing where you left off after a break is not easy so Pochettino has some work to do before tomorrow to have his charges in the right frame of mind.

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We must avoid an England hangover

8:30 am

The England performance highlighted the problem that occurs when everyone hasn't learnt how to play a system.

The Tottenham and Liverpool pressing game works because everyone knows their role and the role of the teammates. They know where players are going to be, they can anticipate where they are going to run. The off-the-ball game is more important than the on-the-ball game. The movement allows the team to play.

If one or two cogs of that machine are not functioning then it falls to pieces and that was the case with England. Nobody knew what anyone else was going to do. Some players were pressing and others weren't. Some were moving into space to receive a pass and some weren't.

The system requires a centre-forward who can also hold up play and bring others into the game, particularly the wide men cutting in. Daniel Sturridge can't play that role, his first touch is poor, he is totally left-footed and all he is concerned with is himself. He was a total liability last night, England were carrying him. Jamie Vardy would have been a far better choice, but then we do have an interim manager whose only managerial achievement is to get what was then a mid-table club in Middlesbrough relegated.

Playing with players who don't know what they are doing drags everyone down and affects the whole team. England are a mess and that mess was created by Roy 'Clueless' Hodgson appointed by a clueless RA who rate Southgate because England Under-21's beat nobodies to qualify for major finals, where we flop against any decent opposition. How is that a CV for a national manager?

Fortunately, the Spurs players can return to their clubs and not be dragged down by the national side. They will have to get the feeling back, the mentality back in the next few days before the WBA game so we do not have a hangover.

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This has an 81.8% chance of happening on Saturday

2:30 pm


Next up for us is West Bromwich Albion at The Hawthorns on Saturday 15 October at 3pm if the afternoon UK time.

It is one of our banana skin games.

We have only won 4 out of 12 there and we often come away with a score draw. In the Premier League era 72.7% of games with WBA at home have been draws at half-time and we have won 45.5% of second half games with WBA winning 19.2% and the remaining 36.4% being draws.

The statistics would suggest we will be level at half-time with a good chance of getting a win in the xecond period. The first goal of the match is heavily weighted to the first half, which indicates we often concede as well as scoring.

36.4% of games are drawing at half-time and full-time, while 27.3% of games are a draw at half-time with Tottenham winning at full-time with WBA playing at home. In 90.9% of the games there are 2 goals or more and in 36.4% of games 3 goals or more.

In 81.8% of home games against Tottenham WBA score, in 36.4% they score 2 or more and in 9.1% they score 3 or more. We also score in 81.8% of away games at The Hawthorns, in 38.4% we score 2 or more and in 36.4% we score 3 or more.

Both teams score in 63.6& of Premier League games with the same percentage of games having 2 or 3 goals. In 72.7% of games there is an even number of goals.

In all the Premier League games away to WBA we have only been leading at half-time in 9.1% of them, yet 45.5% we end up winning.

There is an 81.8% chance of Tottenham drawing or winning on Saturday.

I trust a few of these statistics might help you make a profit out of the game as well as hopefully watching us notch up another victory away from home.

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