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"Gareth Bale is too good for Tottenham"

6:40 pm
Mr. Wise
talkSPORT employs quite a few buffoons, but none can beat the amazing Adrian Durham. This is the guy that said England had a better team than Spain and Argentina put together, prior to the 2010 World Cup. He also gave us some other golden nuggets such as "England will still win the World Cup" (that was after the draw against Algeria, and "Liverpool will win the league under Roy Hodgson this season".

So you understand this guy's levels of wisdom. Well, here is another one of his ultimate treasures; "It's a shame Gareth Bale isn't English and it's a shame that he's playing for Spurs, for a player of his skill should be at a big club".

What more can one say about Durham?

Firstly, let's flog Wales for producing such a player, and secondly, let's make sure he leaves Spurs and joins a club "that wins things".

Adrian Durham, you are a prat.

Also, congratulations to Gareth on winning the Wales Player of the Year award. If only he were English, eh Durham?

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"Gareth Bale is too good for Tottenham" "Gareth Bale is too good for Tottenham" Reviewed by Jaymes on 6:40 pm Rating: 5
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