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Let's Thump Them!

3:22 pm
Fair enough, that was a bit arrogant, but then again, I do remember those special midweek cup games against London opposition, eh Ar5ena1?

Asking for another 5-1 drubbing would be too much, especially as Fulham are a pretty decent side in my opinion. I do find it a bit hypocritical of the media, calling for Hodgson to be the next England manager. It's not that he's not England material, but I do remember them slating him when he was at Blackburn. There's no doubting that he's really got Fulham organised and very hard to beat, even though City turned them over, which was expected, given the amazing turnaround against the once great Juventus.

I expect them to be fully up for tonight's game, seeing as they've only got the Europa Cup to play for now and of course, the F.A. Cup. Could be an all nighter.

Prediction: Spurs 0 - 0 Fulham (Spurs win on penalties, 8-7).

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