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Daniel Levy is angry

11:14 am
And rightly so! Tottenham Hotspur released a statement yesterday relaying that "no bid for the Olympic Stadium had been made". That's right, "no bid" has been made, but Levy and co. have started to make early enquiries as to the availability of the magnificent 80,000 capacity arena. And why shouldn't they?

Haringey council is singlehandedly shooting itself in the foot with all this bureaucratic nonsense.

The Tottenham area is in need of massive funding, that's clear to see. Along comes the star attraction of the area and actually offers to assist in the regeneration. Instead of biting Levy's hand off, the Haringey big-wigs continue to knock back the hand that feeds them.

Fair enough, we'll just look elsewhere.

If Haringey council would like the Tottenham area to continue as a going concern, they will assist the club further in relation to all the objections that seem to be stemming from heritage groups, the police farce and issues over parking.

Pull your finger out Haringey!

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