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When you write an article you know it is going to grate on some people and find favour with others. I don't try to please all the people, there are some I wouldn't want to give the time of day to.

To every anti-Levy reader, I have several times asked them to put forward a coherent strategy for the way forward. What exactly is it they want, apart from Levy out. You have to know what you want to replace something with, especially one who is bringing a new stadium and new wealth to the club. As yet not one has managed to come up with a strategy, they have no argument because they don't actually know what they want.

My recent article asking these fans if they knew more than Pochettino drew support, which is always welcome. It centered around some vile tweets because a shiny new striker wasn't purchased.

Tony comments:
"I do trust him and those tweets are vile - but I think that for the first time in about 15 years we are in with a shout at the title and having a squad with just one centre forward is just not enough. If Kane gets injured tonight and is ruled out for the rest of the season then what ?. Our under 21 striker has just been sold, Son and Chadli are wide players who can play up front and will score goals - but they are not a centre forward like Kane who can hold the ball up and who you can put croses in the box for. I know money is tight because of the new stadium but surely someone like Charlie Austin could have been bought in for less than 5 million or bring someone in on loan for 6 months like Chelski did with Pato. It just doesn't make any sense to me."

Fair play to Tony, he puts the case for buying and uses Charlie Adams as an example. However finding a striker that is right for us, not just any striker, is a little more difficult than it at first appears. Charlie Adam is not a high energy centre-forward, I just don't see him lasting many Mauricio Pochettino sessions with his dodgy knee, quite apart from the fact that there is no long-term value is signing him. 

Loic Remy will not want to swap one bench for another and Pato has been hawked around Europe with very little genuine interest. There has to be a season for that. He was accused by Corinthians supports of not trying, not caring and they attacked him getting onto a bus. That does question whether he would fit in the dressing room.

The players we have identified as wanting were primarily Berahino, who WBA wanted stupid money for and wouldn't sell anyway and Dembele, who had to stay at Fulham after they pulled the plug on the deal late on. You Dad makes a point about purchases and reminds us that manchester United have spent a fortune, where are they?

"I think Levy is doing a great job compared to Ed Edwoord right now Man United have bought a world class players to compete for the title but they are struggling behind they sit 6th in the table with bad performance and lack of goals we don't want to buy a good player and then he fail to fit into the system nobody want that. That is a waste generally we don't know what is going on behind the scenes at Tottenham but for sure the players are happy so why we ruin it by hiring people who could not fit in the squad."

Clinton Njie was a striker in France, he started one game out wide and has come on as a substitute as a striker. He isn't ideal perhaps, but he has experience of playing there in a top European league. quite frankly I think Dele Alli could easily play there and Nacer Chadli receives a lot of unjust criticism. Yes, he has had periods where he has looked lazy, but his father died last season and I know from personal experience the effect that can have on you over an extended period. Football was hardly going to be the most important part of his life. He needed to adjust to it. 

If you wanted a more physical presence he is your man, if you wanted an Aguero type then Son can do the job. that's the beauty of versatile players, that's why Pochettino wants them. It is the system that is the most important element, the players merely play the system. Our players know what moves we are making, they know what runs to make, a new striker doesn't. He has to learn our plays as well as getting Pochettino fit.

David McGlennon reminds us that the striker role is changing from it's traditional English battering ram. Perhaps fans need to let go of the winger crossing to a centre-forward style.

"Recognised Strikers aren't so prevalent in today's game and if we bought a striker there's nothing to say he'd do a better job than chadli, son, njie. 
"Linking the play is everything to the way we go about our business and new personelle wouldnt necessarily do any good. It certainly won't guarantee we get the title or CL. 
"Poch seems calm as a cucumber and he's been right so far so who are we to say he's wrong? If he said he wanted a player do you really think levy would refuse him? Not with his record of leaving soton for abandoning the 'project' and Man U and Chelsea waiting in the wings."

A new signing could make a difference, but it could have a negative affect on the team. It's a risk either way. We have to trust that Pochettino knows what he is doing, rather than keep telling him he is wrong.

Charles Crawford takes the risk management mantle.

"It's all about risk management. Most of us think we need a CF and CB, yet we end the window having sold a CB and an international-level attacker while bringing in no-one. Looks odd?  
"That said, the impressive thing about this season is the completely new sense of fluidity and energy and patient discipline. Goals can and will come from Lamela, Chadli, Alli, Eriksen, Son, Dembele and N'Jie even without Harry K. It makes no sense to buy someone who won't be able to fit into all that for many weeks to come, let alone be fit enough to make a meaningful impact immediately.  
"So, we press on. In pretty good shape by most standards, above all our own."

The point about fluidity and energy is continued by Jambo_Star whose comments I don't just repeat because he praises the blog. We have a team ethic now, exactly as Basel had when they played us off the park at White Hart Lane a couple of years back. We had to, and we have emulated them. A system everyone knows, constant movement to wear the opposition down so gaps appear. Within that, we seem to have got the balance between attack and defence right.

"Sure he is a moron, but there are loads out there and they are not going away. This article makes sense and should be a new motto for Tottenham fans around the globe. Why? Because we have for the first time since the 80's, a team. A real team, one that works for itself and it's individual components. We are not watching a bunch of lads hoping the lad who is clearly the best is going to bail them out and win the match. We are where we are because we are a team and a team playing well, much like Leicester. Lets have a little faith, its not like we are not scoring goals from many different players. It's not like we haven't got a quality defensive record and its not like our team is injury prone or unfit. Pochettino likes what he sees and so do we. We were never going to buy a player who was going to be a first team starter, so lets be happy with what we have, because our Coach is as the article above says. We are finally on the verge of good things because we are doing it right for once."

Opinions are formed by the media. Like it or not people read something and then take that as their opinion to the point where they will maintain that it was their idea. Ray makes the point about the media.

"The idiots who continue to bad mouth Levy at the drop of a hat with their foul language fall into two catagories in my opinion. A: Easily led by the media, therefore more likely to be un-educated. and B: Non Spurs supporters masquerading as such who are looking at every turn to belittle Daniel Levy and THFC in order to cause as much unrest as they can amongst the fans. I swear that there are one or two blogs under the Spurs banner who fall into the latter catagory. Harry Hotspur anyone?  
"We have all at some point and there's no use denying it, wished that Daniel Levy would pull his finger out a little quicker over some reported possible deals however thats falling for the old one two from the media and none of us know under what circumstances Levy's negotiating and the obstacles that are placed in his way. We are not board members just fans who truly love our club and dearly want it to succeed. Our current manager is doing a fine job and is a breath of fresh air. Long may that continue. I along with many other Spurs supporters, have gradually gained faith in his decisions. Due to the dross we've had previously, that decision took quite a while to get to but he has convinced me that we should give him our full support and get behind him, Daniel Levy and the Club we love."

I'll leave the last word to Jamie B who felt so good he said it twice!

"A fantastic article and I completely agree! The arrogance from the Levy out brigade is a joke, particularly as they have been proved so wrong this season! In Poch we trust!



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