Results for Bolton vs Tottenham Hotspur - Post-Match Preview

Jekyll and Hyde Spurs

7:17 pm
How pathetic are we? There, I've said it. I have called Tottenham Hotspur "pathetic". Am I wrong in my assumption? If so, please let me know, although I think the majority will agree with me.

First off, why did Harry Redknapp decide to rest a lot of the players that played so well against Inter on Tuesday? Did Harry forget that we haven't beaten Bolton away since 1996? If he wanted to rest players, why not rest them on Tuesday when Sunderland come to White Hart Lane? I can understand having to rest Van der Vaart and Lennon, but why rest Huddlestone and why start with a striker that hasn't scored a goal in the Premier League for 10 matches? Yes, I am talking about Peter Crouch. We all know that Bolton are a hard lot, therefore, why decide to start with a player that has zero upper body strength?

Adding to the team selection policy on Saturday, why oh why did Harry decide to start with Niko Kranjčar on the right wing, when David Bentley was sat comfortably on the bench?

Secondly, what happened to the players? I can't blame just Redknapp for Saturday's debacle. There's no point naming which players didn't turn up, as they were all naff. You would have thought that after beating the European Champions, the players psyche would have shifted a bit?

Who am I trying to fool? We are Tottenham Hotspur. This thing has happened right from the off. Here's for hoping that it doesn't continue, for we need to make matters right against Sunderland on Tuesday, or else we can forget about Champions League football next season.

Talking about Champions League football, if you were Gareth Bale and Rafa van der Vaart, would you want to be at a club that wasn't in the competition? I think not. Harry needs to get his priorities in order and fast if we are to start climbing the Premier League table once again.

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