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Christian Gross 'I guess he deseves a chance'

8:30 am
Former Tottenham manager Christian Gross (1997-1998) was asked for his views on the appointment of Mauricio Pochettino at Tottenham by Sky Sports.

Christian Gross 'I guess he deseves a chance'

"First of all I'm sad for Tim Sherwood because he has quite a good record when he managed Spurs last season, and I'm quite happy for Pochettino because he did extremely well with Southampton.

"I guess he deserves a chance to become manager with a huge club like Spurs.

"I remember two years ago the former chairman at Southampton wanted to absolutely change the philosophy of coaching and training, so he put in Pochettino from Spain. And he made a big impact with this team.

"First of all they had no problems to get safe in the Premier League, and this year was an extremely good year. I know Cortese wanted to be in the top 10, and they got eighth, so that's a tremendous result.

"So I guess Pochettino has the capacity to repeat this performance, and to better because (Tottenham) want to finish in the top four."

Not exactly the most ringing endorsement I have ever heard even accounting for the different meaning his words may have had if spoken in his mother tongue.

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