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Aaron Lennon Has Found His Form

8:50 am
For those that were at the ground on Saturday, how many of you actually kept your eyes on Aaron Lennon? I know I did and for the first time in what has seemed absolutely ages, the lad looks like he's getting back to his best.

Harry made the change in the second half against Villa, replacing Roman Pavlyuchenko with Aaron Lennon, and asking Rafa to slot in just behind Crouch. What may have looked obvious to a lot of us, proved to be the Redknapp masterstroke.

In the end, it all seemed too much for poor old Villa. With Lennon bombing up and down on the right, Bale on the opposite flank and Van der Vaart playing just off Crouch, Harry has shown us all that the 4-5-1 formation can work wonders.

I know everyone is ranting and raving about Rafa at the moment, but let's face it, the lad is world class and therefore performances like the one he put out on Saturday should be expected. I am more interested in the resurgence of Lennon. We have all craved to see Bale and Lennon on fire in the same game. On Saturday, we got a glimpse of things to come.

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Aaron Lennon Has Found His Form Aaron Lennon Has Found His Form Reviewed by Jaymes on 8:50 am Rating: 5

Would you swap Super Pavlyuchenko?

12:20 pm

Would you get rid of Roman Pavlyuchenko? Some media outlets are convinced Harry is attempting to swap Pav for Benayoun.

I personally wouldn't.

Now, I'm not saying that we shouldn't get rid of Pav, but to swap him with Yossi Benayoun makes no sense to me. If you're going to move on a striker, then it's normally wise to bring in a replacement. I can't see Keano staying on, therefore, if we do sell on Pavlyuchenko, Robbie Keane and don't make Gudjohnsen's transfer permanent, we'll be left with just Defoe and Crouch. Now that's definitely something I can't see happening.

I have always had a gut feeling that Roman wouldn't last the pace here. Even when he started scoring, you could see that there was something still wrong; something not entirely right with the lad.

We've been linked with a few strikers already and the close-season's only 6 days old. Most Spurs fans can image just how many strikers we're going to be linked with prior to the season kicking off.

Dzeko is the lad that has caught my eye. Since asking the question of who Edin Dzeko was, I have seen a fair few YouTube clips of him in action. Now I know YouTube doesn't paint a fair and accurate picture of any footballer, but it sure does look like Dzeko knows where the onion bag is.

If we are to ship Pav off, let's bring in a player that is determined and talented. Dzeko could just be that player. Benayoun clearly isn't.

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Would you swap Super Pavlyuchenko? Would you swap Super Pavlyuchenko? Reviewed by PoshSpur on 12:20 pm Rating: 5

Pav paves the way for Spurs rebirth

11:24 am
Roman Pavlyuchenko has always been a popular man with Tottenham fans, he is a player with a touch of class.

The languid style, good first touch and, let's admit it, occasional lack of focus and commitment, make him a Spurs man in every sense.

This is why his supposed sulk and stand-off with the manager - himself a popular figure - has been excused. His schoolboy mope has been indulged. Few other vocally want-away players on the fringes of the team are supported to the same extent. Just ask Darren Bent.

Pavlyuchenko might now have a future at the club, an inconceivable thought only a matter of weeks ago. He has taken his recent goals well, giving Harry Redknapp food for thought. He deserves his chance and everyone, including his fellow players who so evidently enjoyed his return to goalscoring form, hopes he takes it.

Redknapp has said he has trained well, in much the same way David Bentley's improved attitude coincided with his return to the team. However, it is other players' poor form that is the main reason the pair have got another chance.

Peter Crouch has been short of goals, as have the whole team. Aaron Lennon needed replacing and with Niko Kranjcar in need of a rest, Bentley had to play.

Pavlyuchenko is a valid alternative to Crouch and Jermain Defoe, who needs a break to stay fresh in the run-in. Four goals in a week do not make a Spurs career, but for Pavlyuchenko, it might just be enough to save one.

For his part, Defoe will be hoping he is in England's plans for the Football World Cup 2010.

Meanwhile, in horse racing news Kauto Star continues to be a popular Cheltenham bet and his is the stand out favourite in the Gold Cup.

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Pav paves the way for Spurs rebirth Pav paves the way for Spurs rebirth Reviewed by PoshSpur on 11:24 am Rating: 5

What's up with Harry?

4:55 pm
Is it just me, or did Harry not look too impressed yesterday? When we've scored goals in the past, Harry's looked a bit more animated, yet, when Pav scored his brace yesterday, he looked like a lost Hush Puppy.

I've got a feeling that he didn't like the players surrounding Pav in the way they did either. After each goal, all the players celebrated with Roman in a way, that to me, looked as though all the comments he's be mumbling to the media recently, were justified. It was a bit of a slap in the face for Redknapp.

I personally didn't expect that kind of reception from the players, not when their boss is supposed to their mate. When goal number two went in, an even greater triumph on the players faces was evident.

Well done to the Spurs faithful that sang their hearts out, prior to, during and even after the game. We've found a soft-spot for our Russian.

Sky Sports picked up on the obvious too, following each and every player going up to congratulate Pav.

Sky continued their media coverage by interviewing Harry after the match. Even though Redknapp did answer some of the questions fired at him, he still managed to put his heel in, by adding that Pav doesn't really put in a proper shift, oh, but when he does, he's quality. And I thought you didn't hold any grudges Harry.....

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What's up with Harry? What's up with Harry? Reviewed by PoshSpur on 4:55 pm Rating: 5

The Groin of Lennon

3:09 pm
Even though Lennon's felt discomfort in his groin after returning to light training, let's not get carried away.

The little fella has gone for a scan after he felt it again. Having suffered a few groin issues myself, I am fairly confident that Azza could be back sooner, rather than later. I'm no doctor, but I know a media pot-shot when I see one.

It's not always easy coming back from a muscle injury, especially one as sensitive as a groin tear, or pull. The fact that Lennon felt "discomfort", didn't surprise me at all. Hopefully this setback is a minor one, God knows we miss the little guys pace.

I'd also like to congratulate Pav for his two goals, although I did think the pointing to the badge antics weren't too necessary, but there you go.

Here's to hoping Harry picks him in either the replay against Bolton, or Sunday's very important match, at home against Everton.


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The Groin of Lennon The Groin of Lennon Reviewed by PoshSpur on 3:09 pm Rating: 5

Let your skills do the talking

7:55 pm
"Sometimes I have a feeling that Redknapp jeers at me", "I told him that it cannot be this way any more, since I wouldn't help my team with sad thoughts in my mind", "I need to play football", "I think only about my move from Tottenham".

Listen up sunshine, here's a bit of free advice; stop the chatter and let your skills do the talking.

Does Roman have a point? Of course he does. Do I think Harry should give the lad a run in the side? Of course I do. Anyone who reads this blog knows what I think of our Russian's skills.

Do I think Pav needs to keep his thoughts to himself and stop spurting every two secs to the media? Too right!

I want to give Harry the benefit of the doubt on this one. Do I believe that Harry vetoed the deal to take Pavlyuchenko to Lokomotiv Moscow, just because he wanted to intimidate the lad? No, not entirely.

At the end of the day, maybe the Lokomotiv Moscow deal wasn't good enough, who knows? What we can be sure of, is that if Roman applied the same amount effort in training, as he does towards his media open days, Harry wouldn't have a choice but to pick him.

I'll try not to contradict myself, so here goes; Harry says that he doesn't hold grudges. If you believe that, I'll see you in Santa's quarters next Christmas. Harry's human, so of course it bothers him when one of his players goes ranting off to the media. But I can't see that being the main reason why Harry would not allow Roman to move away.

The fact is, we only have three and a half strikers in our squad. Eidur will take a bit of time to adjust, and let's face it, he's never been an out-and-out striker.

Pav is needed, end of. Whether Harry gives him a run in the side, is another question.

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Let your skills do the talking Let your skills do the talking Reviewed by PoshSpur on 7:55 pm Rating: 5

The Crouch Conundrum

4:01 pm
Peter Crouch, THBNWhen we first went in for Peter Crouch, I can honestly say that I did feel the pit of my stomach turn in on itself. After mulling over the deal, I thought I should at least give the player the benefit of the doubt.

The decision to like the lad came along when a large portion of my family (a fair few of them are Liverpool fans, true Kopites), told me that Crouchie would be an asset; a player we could count on.

Well, that was in August of 2009. We are in February of 2010 now and I am still waiting to see "the asset that we can count on". I know, I've got my Tottenham Hotspur head on and nothing is ever good enough, but let's be honest, can anyone truly tell me that the signing of Crouch has improved our squad?

Maybe that's a bit below the belt. Crouch has improved our squad, as he offers another dimension. But has the lad offered anything in terms of skill, graft and goals towards the starting eleven? If he has, please let me know, for I have watched him play home and away this season, yet, I have seen nothing that has made me think "wow, what a player!".

I get that feeling when I see Modric play, yet with Crouch, I feel nothing, nada, zilch. In fact, we've now been labelled "long-ball merchants". Fair enough, as Harry says, we play to our strengths, but if you remember just a while back, we were starting with Keano and Defoe up top, and we certainly weren't playing the long-ball system.

Therefore, if anyone can let me know what Peter Crouch has brought to the table, please do.

Some Yidites have said that this blip is down to us losing the pace of Lennon. "With Aaron in the side we really do come on leaps and bounds, and that includes Crouchie". But if we've come to the point wherein Crouch plays better only when Azza is around, then we need to rethink our tactics.

Roman Pavlyuchenko, THBNLet's be clear about something, I do think Peter Crouch could do a job for a Premier League side. God knows a large contingent of my family wish he was still up at Anfield, yet, I don't think he's a Spurs player. Trust me, I hate saying that; after all, what is a Spurs player? You tell me. It's just that whenever I see Crouchie play, I sort of know what's coming; a weak shot here, a tame header there, an 80 yard diagonal from either Dawson or Corluka, etc. Am I being too tough on the lad?

One player I have been tough on in the past, is Roman Pavlyuchenko. I am, though, one of the Pav faithful. Those of you who visit The Lane, can hear us singing Pavlyuchenko's name out when he warms up. Harry recently has given Bale (what a player!) and Bentley (very much improved) a run in the side, and look at how that's turned out! Why can't he give The Pavmeister a run in the side? Let's see what the lad can do. Like many of you who watch him play, you can sense that there's more to this player than meets the eye. If only he put a bit more into it. It's like you can sense that there's a zest of skill trapped in his Russian frame, dying to get out, yet, we wait.

The difference with Pav and Crouch is that both have given us ample proof of their tame shots and pointless headers, yet with Crouch, I sense that's all I'm going to see, while with Pav, I expect more from him. Is it because he's got a fanciful foreign name? Who knows?

With the transfer window closed, Pav is going to be a Lilywhite until the end of the season at the very least, and possibly even beyond that. So, come on Harry, give the lad a run in the team. We've all seen what Crouch can do, now let's be having some Pav!

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The Crouch Conundrum The Crouch Conundrum Reviewed by PoshSpur on 4:01 pm Rating: 5

Curtains for our Captain?

12:53 pm
So the news has flooded in that Harry has accepted an offer from Sunderland for our captain, Keano. The £9 million quoted, is a far cry from the £40 million Harry wanted for Robbie, but I suppose it will do for now.

Do I think there's any truth to the story? Yes, I do. The fact that no one has come out to quash the rumour, speaks volumes.

Isn't football a funny game? All this time, we thought Eidur Gudjohnsen was brought in to replace the outbound Pavlyuchenko. Maybe we should have taken stock in what Harry had been saying for ages; "He (Pav) can only go for the right price" and comments like; "He's (Pav) a great player and I don't want to sell him".

Saying that, football could come back and bite us in the unmentionables. Don't rule out Keane and Pavlyuchenko being sold before tomorrow's deadline.

If that happens, should we make a cheeky bid for Beckford?

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Curtains for our Captain? Curtains for our Captain? Reviewed by PoshSpur on 12:53 pm Rating: 5

Compare The

11:22 am
I had a chat with one of our Russian clients this morning. I've mentioned him on here before and thought it prudent to relate to you what Mr. X said to me today in relation to Roman Pavlyuchenko.

The last time we had an in depth chat about our sulky Russian, Mr. X stated that Pavlyuchenko was a class act and that he should have been at a better club, such as Arsenal, where they play the type of football that suits him (you can read the article here).

I've tried to document the conversation just as it happened. It would be better if you read his comments with the accent of Aleksandr the Meerkat.

Mr. X: "Some clubs in Russia are interested in taking him, but Tottenham Hotspur want at minimum of €12 million (£11 million)."

Carlos: "Fair enough. We paid nearer to €16 million (approximately £13.8 million) only a year and a half ago." He looked puzzled at this point, then smiled; then laughed out loud.

Mr. X: "Spartak did not want to sell him and so told you stupid figure. This, they thought, would put you off. Roman was worth around €7 million, €8 million at the most (£6.2 or £7 million). But your club continued in coming back and in the end, paid the silly amount of €16 million.

"Spartak and Rubin tried with offers of around €6 million in the summer. Oh, that was low, but they were testing the waters. We're Russian, remember?

"He is not worth more than €8 million and Gusev (owner of Rubin Kazan) told the newspapers this.

"Roman will stay a Tottenham Hotspur player until the price you want for him is changed, or he can leave with the new contract directive on players that are of his age. Either way, he is very depressed. His family are now back in Russia and he is alone in London. He still cannot speak English because it was clear to him that he made a mistake in coming to England."

So, there you have it. It looks like the sulk of Roman will continue to stain the Lilywhite.

Thanks a lot Comolli.

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Compare The Compare The Reviewed by PoshSpur on 11:22 am Rating: 5

It's probably our fault

9:40 pm
I've just heard the news that Russia have failed to qualify for the World Cup.

I suppose it's our fault for not giving Roman Pavlyuchenko enough playing time? I do wonder what 'the world's greatest manager', Hiddink, will do now (Chelsea anyone)?

Didn't it bug you the way the Dutchman went on last season, telling us all just how good Pavlyuchenko was? In fact, our sub was basically too good for us and we simply couldn't reach his level.

I personally think Roman's found his level; on our bench.

On another note; Come on Ireland!!

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It's probably our fault It's probably our fault Reviewed by PoshSpur on 9:40 pm Rating: 5

Pavlyuchenko's got a new agent

1:00 pm
I came across Brian Reade's article in the Mirror and couldn't help but ask why he wrote such a Pro-Pavlyuchenko piece?

It's as though Roman has made a new friend in Reade, or there's some other fascination not worth thinking about. Either way, Reade did make some valid points about our Russian striker. Unfortunately, he missed out the 'con's' section when pointing out all the 'pro's'.

Along with having "potential" (not sure a player that's a month away from his 28th birthday can still have potential), Reade failed to mention the players lazy attitude, distinct lack of pace and obvious homesickness.

I had wished that everything would have worked out great for Pavlova, but unfortunate circumstances turned his Spurs career on its head.

Good luck Roman.

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Pavlyuchenko's got a new agent Pavlyuchenko's got a new agent Reviewed by PoshSpur on 1:00 pm Rating: 5

Thanks, but no thanks

There was a time (last summer) when I would have welcomed Klaas-Jan Huntelaar to The Lane. Thankfully, those days are long now gone. It was only a few months ago when we were all talking up the lad and saying how good of a signing he would be for us. A.C. Milan fans were doing the same thing. You should hear them now.

Working in an international accounting firm means that we get to meet quite a few people from the continent. Today, I met an A.C. Milan fan who found the time to tell me all about his clubs' recent woes. Not all the blame was pointed at Huntelaar, but Milan just aren't themselves at the minute and the Dutch striker is getting an earful, because it's his job to stick the ball in the net but as yet, he's shown that he doesn't quite know where the goal is.

Today's warning from my Italian colleague was short and shrift; "Stay away from this player!"

The Eredivisie has a knack of producing players that simply cannot do it when they get taken away from the comfort of that league.

Mateja Kežman and Afonso Alves spring to mind. Kežman was quite prolific in the Dutch League, scoring 105 goals in 122 games for PSV. Alves to, was fruitful, notching up an astonishing 45 goals in 39 games for Heerenveen.

Unfortunately for Kežman, his luck in front of goal run out when Chelsea splashed the cash on him. The Serb scored a measly 4 goals from 25 games and hasn't hit the headlines since his move away from the Premier league. Alves also failed to live up to expectation, scoring just 10 goals for Boro in 42 games.

I wouldn't want to throw Huntelaar into the same basket as the above two mentioned players, but his record away from the comfort zone of the Eredivisie doesn't read well.

Since his big money move to Real Madrid in January 2009, he's scored 8 goals and that's including his spell in Milan.

If anything comes of this "swapping Pav for Huntelaar" story, I can see him starting life at The Lane just as Pavlyuchenko left it, on the bench. And yes, I really do think Pav will leave in the January sales and to be honest, I don't blame the lad.
Thanks, but no thanks Thanks, but no thanks Reviewed by Frank Spencer on 3:21 pm Rating: 5

What do we do with Pavlova?

4:47 pm
I feel for Pav, I really do. This is the year in which he's supposed to be banging in the goals so that he can get the worldwide recognition he feels he deserves, but he's also wanting to impress Hiddink. I'm pretty sure Hiddink, who never liked Pav wearing Lilywhite, wants all his players playing regularly.

Result? I can see us waving goodbye to Roman Pavlyuchenko, although not forever.

If we play our cards right, we could loan him out for a season. He'll get the playing time he deserves and we'll have a happy Russian, still on our books and hopefully banging them in for another side.

Remember that it's World Cup year. If he does well on loan, his price will soar. If he does well in the World Cup, he'll be worth a pretty dime or two. At moment, I really can see a side coming in for him and paying us back the £13.8 million we paid for him. If we can ship him out on loan, he may well become a £12-16 million player and who knows, Harry may want him back in the side.

Either way, I think it's sianara Pavlova.
What do we do with Pavlova? What do we do with Pavlova? Reviewed by PoshSpur on 4:47 pm Rating: 5

Pavlova & The Modfather

7:00 pm
I've recently had a chat with a client of ours about Roman Pavlyuchenko. Our client is Russian and also supports Spartak Moscow and Manchester United (don't they all?!). I told him that I support Spurs and immediately, his face lite up. Before I could say a word, he said "Roman Pavlyuchenko!".

So I asked for some info on our player. We spoke for ages about Roman, Modric, Manchester United, Hiddink, England and finally, Tottenham.

Our client (we'll call him Mr. X), said that the decent newspapers in Moscow are filled with direct quotes from players and their agents all the time. You'll never get "a source close to the player", or "a club insider said" type comments. Mr. X told me that he read that Pav has said that he's unhappy at the moment because he feels he's in great shape and form and wants to be given the chance to play.

"I completely agree with him. He would have been better off at a club like Arsenal where they play good football". I smiled and explained that we also try to play "good football".

"Yes, but Roman isn't in the team. You have such a good player, you know the one..." I asked if he was talking about Luka Modric.

"Yes. He is fantastic!" Again, his face sparked up. "He plays football as it should be played." I agreed with him and we spoke about the Liverpool game, which he had watched with my boss (who happens to be a Cypriot Liverpool fan).

"Roman needs players like him (Modric) to play around him. You know, you haven't even seen 10% of what Roman can do. He needs passes to be played to his feet, not high passes like a lot of the English teams do."

I again found myself agreeing, but the way Mr. X was going on about Pavlyuchenko, I had thought that he can't be talking about the same player? So I told him so.

He didn't agree with me one bit.

"Last season, he was without his family. he was in a new country, he had no friends and was lonely." Fair enough. I also added that he must have been pretty exhusted, but that didn't seem to bother Mr. X.

"He needs Modric to feed him the ball, then you will see what a player Roman is. He needs to be playing regularly and you will see that he will score goals for your team."

We said our good-byes and I'll be seeing Mr. X again in November when he comes over for his next visit. I hope that by the time he returns, Harry has started to use him. I completely agree that Pavlova (nicknamed that by the Spartak Moscow supporters, not because he likes the cake, but because he moves like the famous Russian ballerina; another golden wonder provided by Mr. X), especially last season, showed us glimpses that he is quality. Unfortunately, Harry only saw glimpses of that talent to.

Someone on here the other day called Modric, The Modfather. I quite like the ring of that. I also believe that he is our finest player and one that we need to hold onto.

Would Pavlova play better with The Modfather on the pitch? Of course he would. Any professional footballer playing alongside Luka would benefit greatly. Whether Harry sees this is another matter altogether.
Pavlova & The Modfather Pavlova & The Modfather Reviewed by PoshSpur on 7:00 pm Rating: 5

Harry's January panic buys cause problems

5:04 pm
The signing of Peter Crouch is an excellent one. He will provide goals, assists and good link-up play. He has the skill and finesse to flourish in Spurs’ passing game and his obvious physical attributes provide the team with something different. He will also form a good strike partnership with Jermain Defoe. And there lies the problem.

It is hard to envisage a regular starting place for Robbie Keane. It is well-known that Keane and Defoe cannot play together and it is obvious from their success at Portsmouth that Crouch and Defoe are natural partners. Keane appears to be little more than back-up to Defoe and that is without putting Roman Pavlyuchenko into the equation.

Crouch, like Defoe, Keane and Pascal Chimbonda is in his second spell at the club and it could well be that we have two ‘misses’ to go with two resigned ‘hits’. The return of Defoe and Crouch feels right; Chimbonda and Keane’s homecoming does not.

The decision to bring back Keane was questionable at the time, largely because of the massive fee. His £20.3m move to Liverpool felt like good business; giving £15m of it back did not. It makes even less sense now.

Harry must have foreseen a major role for such a big signing, but then he must have done in lavishing a similar amount on Defoe. He is the only man at the club who is not aware of the pair’s unsuccessful attempts to forge a partnership in their first spell at the club.

The signing of Keane was in a way understandable. We were in a relegation battle and the manager was concerned by the lack of leadership on the pitch; he cited this as Keane’s main attribute when bringing him back.

Harry might also have panicked slightly when buying Chimbonda. Vedran Corluka was having a decent season at right back and the manager would surely have overlooked the lack of cover if we were not in such a perilous position, especially as Alan Hutton was on the way back from injury.

Chimbonda can provide cover in other positions (he might well start the season as the first choice centre back) in much the same way Keane can. However, the captain is wasted on the left wing or in central midfield and he is unlikely to relish the prospect of filling in in alien positions.

Darren Bent is on his way out of the club to balance the books. Could it be that Keane will follow him in order to balance the squad? Football betting on that one may well be interesting...
Harry's January panic buys cause problems Harry's January panic buys cause problems Reviewed by PoshSpur on 5:04 pm Rating: 5

Pavlyuchenko to be shipped off?

11:37 am
Erwin Staudt, the Stuttgart President, last night said that his club are still very much interested in signing a striker after the deal to sign Klass-Jan Huntelaar feel through.

"We are interested in a few forwards and have made enquiries for Roman Pavlyuchenko and other players that we feel can lift the club".

I actually would like us to keep Pavlyuchenko. I think we should give him the benefit of the doubt and see what he's like this season.

The only problem I can foresee is his sell-on fee. If he doesn't get the games (and I can't see him starting that many), his value will drop. Stuttgart apparently bid around £10 million for him last month, only to be knocked back by Levy (who spent £13.8 million on bringing him to Spurs).

If he doesn't play that often, how much do you think he'll go for next season? Less than £10 million? I think so.

So from a financial point of view, maybe Harry and Levy do want to be shot of him now. If he does go, I think we should give Obika a go. Let's let our youth flourish!
Pavlyuchenko to be shipped off? Pavlyuchenko to be shipped off? Reviewed by PoshSpur on 11:37 am Rating: 5

Does Keane know that he'll be warming the bench?

11:12 am
I wonder what Robbie Keane must be thinking at the moment especially with Peter Crouch just having signed up?

It looks as though our captain could be warming the bench for quite a while as it's plain to see that Harry likes using his own tried and trusted players. With Defoe and Crouch, he'll get exactly what he wants.

Unless we're planning on using the 4-3-3 formation, I can't see how Keane is going to fit into Harry's plans. A few mates have said that Keane will play in the hole behind D & C; but where does that leave Modric?

Pavlyuchenko should also start worrying to, for if Defoe and Crouchie strike up a good partnership (and Harry thinks they will), both Robbie Keane and Roman Pavlyuchenko won't get a look in.

I understand that today's football is based on a squad game, but don't fool yourself into thinking that Harry will chop and change the front two every other game. Keane and Pavlyuchenko may get a look in only during our cup-ties.

I suppose Keane could ask for a move up north to his other boyhood team, Celtic?
Does Keane know that he'll be warming the bench? Does Keane know that he'll be warming the bench? Reviewed by PoshSpur on 11:12 am Rating: 5

Is Keane interested?

8:30 pm
Today's friendly showed me exactly what I had feared; Robbie Keane simply isn't interested anymore.

I know it's only a preseason friendly, but Keane's displaying the same attitude he showed before jumping ship to Liverpool and towards the final few games of last season.

He's not running, not shouting, not pointing and not interested.

Is it time we waved good-bye to him, or am I just being paranoid? I hope that I am wrong and that he can get some of his heart back before the start of the season.

I do fear that if he keeps up this attitude, the majority may turn on him and when that happens, I'd expect him to pack his bags.

On another note, all this talk about Pavlyuchenko needing rest could turn out to be a red herring. I even gave him the benefit of the doubt and said that we lay off him as I am sure he'd come good.

He did show some signs of the £13.8 million player we signed, but his lazy steak is still very much part of the Pav Package.
Is Keane interested? Is Keane interested? Reviewed by PoshSpur on 8:30 pm Rating: 5

Huntelaar is still plan A

9:41 am
"There's a lot of talk about who I may or may not be after but Huntelaar is the one I like", said Harry.

This is interesting. All the talk has been about Crouch joining us, but it looks likely that Klass-jan Huntelaar may be our first significant signing of the summer.

Harry Redknapp summed the player up by saying "The lad is a very good goalscorer". He sure is, or was in Holland.

Talk around the place at the moment is that Arsenal are interested in him to, so if we are to sign the lad, Harry's got to move fast.

If we do get him, we'll have 3 out-and-out strikers in Jermain Defoe, Darren Bent & Klass-jan Huntelaar.

Don't be surprised if we sign Huntelaar and Crouch. If that happens, I can't see Pavlyuchenko or Bent sticking around.

Huntelaar is still plan A Huntelaar is still plan A Reviewed by Jaymes Marsh on 9:41 am Rating: 5

Pav is part of the plan

1:41 pm
Our Russian strikers' agent says that he is confident his client will be part of the Redknapp plan this season.

Can anyone shed some light on what this plan entails? I only ask as it looks like we really are linked with every player. Today I read that Beckham will join us or City. Give me a break.

Does this plan state how Crouch (possibly), Defoe, Bent, Keane & Pavlyuchenko will all be vying for a place up front? What about a left winger? We haven't had one of those since Ginola.

A lot of you have said that there will be some definite action in the next two weeks. I'll believe that when I see it!
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