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Klopp is right about the challenge facing Spurs, Liverpool and Manchester City

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Klopp is right about the challenge facing Spurs, Liverpool and Manchester City


Jürgen Klopp gets abuse from Tottenham fans, yet he talks a lot of sense and explains to them how successful people think, although that is lost on the vast majority.

Many people fear the unknown.

They want to stay in their comfort zone.

Toittenham spend no money and thinking anything other than spend, spend, spend is alien to them, they are not coaches, they don't know what is possible.

The media are no better as they are the same as fans, talking and writing about their hobby, but without any coaching knowledge or knowledge of what it takes to achieve success.

Ask an entrepreneur.

They will tell you, you have to overcome your fears. Now I could go into a Neuro-linguistic Programming speal here so I'll try and explain it simply.

Your brain tries to help you avoid pain. There is a Judge in your head that assesses everything.

If a situation occurs that is new, it triggers thoughts about difficulty, about looking silly, about being ridiculed, about failing, it triggers emotions of anxiety, stress etc.

Any guy who has ever thought of asking a girl out will know exactly what I'm talking about.

It wants to help you avoid the situation.

You become the victim.

Successful people simply say, OK, I must tackle this and regardless of the end result, go for it.

Success or failure at that point doesn't really matter, the act of challenging your brain, challenging your anxiety is the important action.

Slowly they learn to enjoy the challenge of overcoming the unknown, while others stress about it and don't even take up the challenge.

This is what Jurgen Klopp is talking about. This is how you behave. He and Mauricio Pochettino both know this, BUT, and this is the crucial point here, have the players bought into that?

How the players react individually will determine the end result, will determine who wins the title. That is why it is easier to win a title when you have won one before, thus Manchester City mentally have an advantage, Kyle Walker doesn't though.

This is just one example of why I maintain we should be using psychologists and sports psychologists as part of every player's training.

Sport is played in the mind, the body reacts to the mind, it is the mind that makes all the decisions for the body to carry out. Train the mind and you train the body.

We have seen Tottenham fail again and again at the semi-final stage. We have fallen short against big sides and had some successes. We are getting better and overcoming these situations, at handling pressure, but we still have mental weaknesses. We see that in player mistakes in crucial games.

The fans answer to that is sell a player and buy another, but how do you know he is any better at Spurs in these situations? Other leagues are not the pressure cooker the Premier League is, they are one team leagues or two in Spain generally.

My solution is to mentally improve the players or you'll just stay on the buying players hamster wheel.

Mentally work with players and you provide something to them that no other club is providing, mental training, not optional mental training when a player feels he needs it because he very rarely ever will.

Telling someone to enjoy a challenge isn't the same. the individual must totally feel that and a psychologist will be able to help that process much better than a coach can.

It's all a part of that winning mentality, doing what it takes to improve.

It could make the difference, it could make a huge difference.

Now, who is afraid to try?


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Pochettino vs The Cry Babies

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Pochettino vs The Cry Babies

Pochettino: "In football, you have two options. To cry, or to see a possibility for another player to step up or to play in a different way. I choose the second option."

Our Argentinian coach has a winning mentality, cry babies don't.

That message he has given there is the message I have been explaining. People don't like to hear they don't understand, but I'm afraid those without a winning mentality simply don't.

They have never experienced it, it is more than just trying to win a football game, it is a whole approach. 99% of you turn up, try your best and hope to win. That is NOT a winning mentality. You are trying to win, you may expect to win if you are in a good team, you may keep winning, but that is NOT a winning mentality.

I'll say it again, winning is a by-product of having a winning mentality.

A winning mentality is how you mentally approach your sport. You never miss a training session.

I once walked 10 miles to a coaching course as I felt it would improve my game, I once walked 24 miles to take a coaching session with equipment.

You do whatever it takes.

You never miss a training session, you are never late for a training session, training is too important, it's where you improve. If there is something you specifically want to work on, you do extra by yourself. You turn up early or stay late.

I would turn up 30 minutes before anyone else before a game to do my own practice so I wasn't starting cold, I was already tuned in and yes, while on the field I wanted to win, intensely. You avoided me after the game if we lost. I was a bear with a sore head working out why we lost.

That is a winning mentality.

Not having a laugh and a joke, forgotten almost instantly. That is someone trying to win, but don't confuse that with a winning mentality because it simply isn't one and 99% have that.

Crying that the club are not doing things the way clubs with more money are doing things isn't a winning mentality, don't confuse it with one.

Crying because we are not changing our long-term plan to panic buy for a few weeks or ignoring the fact we have midfielders returning, isn't a winning mentality, don't confuse it with one.

We are embarked on a path, if you are a supporter then you should be supporting that path, understanding it and looking beyond your tired and outdated agendas.

For one fan yesterday to try and tell me we haven't improved on the pitch is quite unbelievable.


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Two Faced Pochettino

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Two Faced Pochettino

Younis Kaboul accuses Pochettino of being two faced

Former Tottenham captain Younis Kaboul led a revolt at Tottenham against Mauricio Pochettino and lost. For the rest of the season, he was taken away from media duties and left to rot until he could be sold the following summer.

Now at Watford, it comes as no surprise that he doesn't have kind words to say about the Argentinian, who incidentally has been proven right with the transformation in Tottenham's fortunes.

He spoke to French Football and but do the ITK stories that were floating about at the time demonstrate something else?.

“The one where things didn’t go well was Pochettino. On the field, nothing to say, very good manager, with a philosophy and a style of play that works.
“Personally, it’s the opposite. He’s two faced. He would say things to you and did the complete opposite behind your back. I didn’t like that, and I told him. That’s all”.
What was said at the time, back on 9 November 2014 after a 2-1 loss to Stoke City at home?

Well, there was an argument in the dressing room and the youngsters, led by Harry Kane, accused the older players, Younis Kaboul, Emmanuel Adebayor of not putting the effort in.

Three senior players sided with Kaboul, Aaron Lennon, Etienne Capoue and Emmanuel Adebayor.

It is said Younis Kaboul went to Pochettino with the player's concerns and apparently told Pochettino ALL the players didn't like his training methods. The youngsters did, they had bought into the Pochettino way.

However, another version is that the dressing room argument got heated and Pochettino had to step in to break it up, taking the side of the younger players.

Now whichever version you want to believe, from that moment Younis Kaboul was frozen out. He wasn't picked and as club captain, he was relieved of his media duties.

Adebayor was frozen out too, Lennon apologised but hardly played and Capoue later revealed his mentality was the problem and he thought he had a divine right to a starting spot basically, as that is what he was used to in France.

Tottenham had to change the mentality within the club and players who were not 100% behind what Pochettino was trying to do simply had to go. It was the start of our rise.

This mentality issue is something I have spoken at length about and is where a psychologist, performance psychologist or sports psychologist come in.

If the players had to work with one as part of their training these issues would be known about. Aaron Lennon may not have had the mental health issues that he had, Danny Rose may not have had his mental health issues.

Players don't go to psychologists generally, most wouldn't go of their own accord I'm sure, yet from a club point of view, these players are assets and an asset should be protected and provided for.

Erik Lamela had mental health issues when he joined us, again, working with a psychologist may have prevented that.

Three instances in 4 years is too much. I repeat again, we should become world leaders in mentally assessing players BEFORE they join us and continue that work while they are with us.

It is part of developing a footballer, don't just develop his feet or footballing brain, develop the area which drives success and happiness as part and parcel of their training.

The brain controls everything, the feet do what the head tells it to do. If the head is confident the feet will talk. If the head is having issues a players performance suffers.

I wrote Danny Rose was not mentally right last season before he gave an interview to discuss his mental health problems, it was obvious from his body language on the field and how he conducted his game.

If a player isn't showing the right mental qualities on the field, then you have to resolve that and it isn't always resolved by picking them. You have to know what the player is thinking.

Josh Onomah went through the motions the last time he played for us. Did he mentally think he wasn't going to get a regular spot? That would affect his performance, it would hold him back.

Tradition dictates you just let the player handle the challenge and get rid of those who can't. But, if you have bought someone with ability, why not help him with the mental side of being part of a squad? Wouldn't we create more successful players that way?

If we achieved that, then we would be reducing the risk when we sign a player, thus we would have to buy fewer players (fewer flops) and thus be able to spend more on those we do buy.

We would surely attract all the players who want to be the next Bale, the next Ronaldo and were prepared to work for it.

It is the next step in sports science so why not lead the way?


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Supporters Mentality Needs To Catch Up With The Clubs

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Supporters Mentality Needs To Catch Up With The Clubs

The club mentlity and supporter mentality is not in tune

I can tell you the club were well aware of the unwarranted abuse Micky Hazard received and I was the recipient of vile, disgusting and grossly Tweets from the scum element of our support on his timeline.

Quite why this element should turn on former players and club ambassadors like Micky and Graham Roberts, simply because they support the football club and how it's trying to achieve it's aims and have a greater working knowledge of Daniel Levy than supporters do, you'd have to ask those responsible, if they are the type of people you choose to associate with.

I don't, I block them. They are set in their ways, leave them to it.

I wrote when AVB took over that the club mentality had to change, from top to bottom, both on and off the playing field. It had to change within the club but that supporters mentality had to change with it.

All it has changed to is one of expectation and demand, it hasn't changed to one of excitement and support, that seems to have gone out of the window. Fans know better, well, sorry, but they don't.

To be fair to Daniel Levy, he has always shown a winning mentality. He demands the best, he demands things done to his standards and if you don't achieve, you go.

We had someone dismissed after a year on the commercial side if my memory serves me right. The masses will disagree, but who cares, quite frankly they don't know what they are talking about.

Football today is first won off the field, then it is won on the field. He has that vision and has developed a strategy to create something to rival Barcelona. Of course he wants to win every game, of course, he wants to win every trophy, but his job is to build us to compete on a financial even playing field to win the trophies regularly that the fans want, that he wants.

He knows how to do it, fans generally don't.

We have not yet won the game off the field. Let me use this analogy, our total income is still a Europa League size compared to our rivals Champions League size income. That balance MUST be addressed before we spend Champions League size income.

And before I get people yelping we are in the Champions League, we are talking metaphorically, not literally, we are talking clubs total income and thus what they have to spend.

We are building a new stadium, it will take time for that revenue to kick-in and for commercial and sponsorship income to arrive as a result and in the meantime, we need to keep qualifying for the UEFA Champions League on the playing field.

Then we have a chance of winning things regularly, then we will be in the position some of you think we are in now, we aren't, we are working towards it.

Christian Eriksen said at the beginning of the window, it is only the English who think you have to spend huge amounts to improve. That was borne out by our fans response to this transfer window, very few of us stood up and said being brave does not mean spend spend spend, it does not mean throwing cash to support a manager.

Pochettino was supported by the board doing exactly what he wanted, only going for top targets and if we couldn't get them then don't waste money on signings for the sake of it.

Going back, Pochettino was supported in freezing out Adebayor and Kaboul, the club captain at the time. Levy continually supports Pochettino, just that as it doesn't their pre-conceived perception of spend spend spend they can't see it.

Those of us without that encumbrance can.

It is a great time to be a Spurs supporter and everyone should be enjoying it, not being bitter and twisted because Mauricio Pochettino and Daniel Levy wish to pursue growing this club their way and not your way.

Give me true supporters any day of the week, not fair weather supporters or football season supporters, support is a year-round thing,12 months of the year.

And don't think moaning and whinging is support, it isn't, it's just moaning and whinging. Constructive criticism taking factors into account, not just criticism is support.

I have asked many times what the anti-Levy crowd want as a replacement for Daniel Levy and not one in 5 years has given has been able to give an answer, let alone a well thought out one with a vision of how we rival Barcelona, Real Madrid and Manchester United. Indeed they laugh and say that isn't possible, well that's a failure mindset!

Sugar Daddies can no longer buy players and pay for wages, Financial Fair Play stopped all that, clubs have to be self-sufficient, they have to break even over a three year period.

That is the real world, your support should be based around that real world, not a fantasy world where an owner can spend how they like and money appears to be no object.

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Pressure took it's toll last night

8:20 am

The pressure took it's toll last night

Germany-didn't-handle-the pressure-very-well
Germany buckled under a different type of pressure last night

Last night we had an example of pressure and once again the so-called experts read the situation all wrong, not one of them mention the type of pressure there was on Germany.

Before the game I Tweeted about it, I said Germany have not faced this type of pressure before, at least not these players. This was not a knockout stages game, this was a Group stage game where defeat meant going home in disgrace.

That is an entirely different pressure and one the Germans didn't handle very well, indeed without the referee's help (clear penalty in the first-half to Sweden) they would have been out. I was amazed this different pressure wasn't discussed before the game, instead, the pundits trotted out the usual time filling rubbish.

Watching the German bench when the ball hit a players knee and went in was instructive, the outpouring of relief was palpable, that shot alone showed the pressure was getting to them, the nerves were evident.

It was left to one man to produce a moment of magic with virtually the last kick of the game after a Swedish substitute gave away a needless free-kick. He succumbed to the pressure and made a stupid tackle when all he had to do was usher the attacker to the line.

I'll say it again, mentality is sport is everything. How you handle pressure determines your success, we haven't handled it well enough at Tottenham yet, we are getting better but we still have hurdles to cross.

You can be taught how to handle it, quite frankly you should be and it should be compulsory, part of training, not a personal choice option as it is now.

For some 5 years now I have advocated the use of performance specialists, sports psychologists I have called them, to help overcome the mental barriers a player faces and to maximise his performance.

At the same time, I have been suggesting that we embrace the science and become world leaders in football in mentally assessing players we are scouting and to use that in the decision-making process when finalising who to buy.

For me, it is a no-brainer. It gives us an edge others don't have and it's these tiny things that can make the difference between success and failure, a fine line we have been on the wrong side of.

Improving the success of our purchases has multiple effects, it means we have to buy fewer players, thus immediately saving money and we can scout targets even more extensively. Players themselves will improve and be focussed on achieving, thus making them better players than they might otherwise be. We would create more players with the mentality of Gareth Bale, Ronaldo or Harry Kane.

The Football Association appointed Dr. Pippa Grange full-time in January and is out in Russia with the England team. She is tasked with changing the culture and mindset of the England set-up. Much has been made of how happy this group is and people were impressed with the opening 30 minutes of our World Cup campaign, until Tunisia scored and we went back into our non-creative, just keep the ball, shell.

It is at this crucial stage that our mentality has to change when we are under pressure. Mauricio Pochettino talks about no fear football, he talks about being brave enough to take chances. That is difficult to embrace at a national level when the players don't play together regularly enough and friendlies are treated as a distraction.

Harry Kane has immense personal pride at representing his country and in a previous article I questioned whether others had the same drive, specifically mentioning Raheem Sterling as one who has consistently shown he doesn't.

Again, this is where mental assessment must come in, a player without that passion for his country isn't worth picking, they will produce a mediocre performance, once in a blue moon producing the goods. Inconsistency is down to mentality.

I will take you back to my cricket days, where I played at a higher level than my natural ability would have suggested, a bit like Kevin Keegan, who won European Footballer of the Year. I defined my role, I arrived before everyone else and went out to train on my own to get myself feeling in the best shape for the game. Mentally I was a winner, I had a burning desire to win and thus I would do more than others to hone my skills to maxmise my performance.

It is that mentality you have to possess, I'll do whatever it takes to be the best I can be. Do you see that in Marcus Edwards or Josh Onomah for instance? I would suggest you do in Harry Kane and Harry Winks.

It would improve Spurs, it would improve England is every player had that same burning desire. If this direction change has come from Gareth Southgate then maybe I have underestimated him, maybe he hasn't been given the tools to succeed in club management before.

A few months of work with Dr Pippa Grange isn't going to instantly turn us into world beaters, that will take time, but it tells you why we have a young squad. The old guard will be set in their ways, they won't embrace new technology.

Youngsters are being selected who will embrace new methods with a positive attitude and work with them over time. England it seems are now starting to take the mentality of football more seriously, where in the past they have tried to use outside organisations without much success.

If you want to change a culture though, you have to change the culture of the whole organisation, you have to change the culture of the environment you operate in and this is why Gareth Southgate and Kyle Walker have told the press, you either want to help your country or you don't.

Guess what the response of reporters is, protect ourselves, we have done nothing wrong, it's our job to hinder you, it's our job to tear you apart, but heh, we want you to be successful. It's double standards, it's hypocrisy.

I bet England would perform better if no British press were allowed anywhere near them and if they were hidden away from them all, just allowed to concentrate on football and the foreign press.

Dr Pippa Grange has her work cut out, she has to change the culture of the FA, the culture of the team and the culture of the media. Good luck, you'll need it, but what a challenge to undertake.


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Mexico coach shows Pochettino the way

3:00 pm

Mexico coach shows Pochettino the way

Mexico coach shows Pochettino the way

Mexico coach Juan Carlos Osorio, showed Mauricio Pochettino the way forward for Tottenham yesterday.

Mexico put it an excellent display against Germany and were giving them all sorts of problems on the counter-attack. The fully deserved their 1-0 victory.

Their manager believes in Sports Science and particularly in sports psychology and positive thinking. He is interested in what goes on in a players brain and has his players playing without fear. he uses it as part of his training and has his players watch documentaries.

It will have played a significant part in Mexico's first ever win over the Germans. Let's not forget the tactic though that limited Toni Kroos to only 13 completed passes in the attacking half of the field.

It for me is another example of why we at Spurs MUST embrace psychologists and there are specialist sports psychologists. It is an up-tapped sphere when it comes to football, it's used by other sports and top athletes and is an edge we should gain, particularly as we develop youngsters.

Being the leading exponents any youngster with the ambition to be the next Ronaldo or Bale (that is what a winning mentality is, not just winning football games) would want to come to Spurs then.

That would mean cheaper deals for the club, we wouldn't have to throw money at players as we'd be giving them something far more valuable and a supply of the very best talent. It would be cheap to set up, but the benefits absolutely enormous. It's a no-brainer quite frankly.

Mexico showed how to play when you have won the ball back, they went straight for goal and quickly, too often we will win the ball back and look around wondering what to do with it. We end up playing sideways and basically starting from scratch, slowly, allowing the opposition to get back.

What a threat we would be if we attacked with the pace they attack, but with a better choice of pass we would get from Christian Eriksen. Our system is about evolving and this is an element that could make us deadly and feared.

Will we see it next season?


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Rose highlights greater use of Sports Psychologists needed again

10:00 am

Danny Rose highlights a greater use of Sports Psychologists is needed again

Could a Sports Psychologist have prevented Danny Rose's depression?

The recent Danny Rose interview where he revealed mental health issues, once again demonstrates the importance of mentality in top-level sport.

Seeing a psychologist seemed like a last resort, by then it is too late. You have to first admit you have an issue before you can get help with it, but prevention is better than cure. As a coach, you are taught to look for the root cause and treat that, not the symptom. Don't always tackle a players mistake, tackle why the mistake was made so it doesn't reoccur. You can coach a player how to deal with a mistake, but if the root cause remains they will keep making the mistake or it will manifest itself in a different form.

Regular readers know I have spoken about this for years now and we continue to miss a trick. The margins in top-level sport are very fine and thus every angle should be explored to get that edge over your competition.

Sports psychology isn't tapped into as it should be. Spurs could gain an advantage by using them with all players as part of their weekly training and to assess potential transfer targets mentality.

Sports science rules the games, so let's lead the way in mental science, make ourselves a magnet for every player that wants to be the best they can be.

Marcus Edwards wants to leave because he thinks he should be playing now, yet as the Norwich City boss said, he has mentality issues, his attitude isn't right. Like Sterling he arrives late which demonstrates a lack of commitment. How many of you are late for your holiday flights?

None I suspect because it is too important to you, arriving late for training demonstrates the same and that is unprofessional. More than that it suggests a selfish streak and a streak where the individual doesn't listen to or respect those in authority.

How many people regularly turn up late for a job they love? It's the people who are unhappy in their job who turn up late regularly because they don't care.

Why let things get to that stage, why not have weekly session with a sports psychologist to improve the mentality of all players. Of course, mentally strong players like Ronaldo, Gareth Bale, Harry Kane strive to be the best they can be without their use, but those players are not the norm. They get to the top of the tree by wanting to improve every day.

I can improve, I can learn, I can get better is a far better mentality than I should be playing, it's not fair, it's not my fault.

In his interview, Danny Rose looks to blame everyone else, it comes across strongly that he blames the club. Perhaps, had he been having weekly sessions with a sports psychologist things might have turned out differently, they certainly would not have been any worse.


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Spurs Focusing On The Process, Not The Outcome

8:00 pm

Spurs Focusing On The Process, Not The Outcome


Spurs are focusing on the process, not the outcome. What does that mean, well let's look at people's lives.

People feel anxiety because they are focusing on a specific outcome, if you focus on a process you take the anxiety away, which enables you to perform better or lead a happier, more successful life.

You feel anxiety about asking out a guy or a girl because you focus on the outcome of the question. That creates tension, you aren't relaxed and you are not seen at your best. People who complaining a lot are projecting the problems in their own lives onto other people, it's a defensive deflection action. These people don't get anywhere, all talk but no action, at least no successful action, action is often in the wrong areas for these people.

Tottenham are in a process, fans want specific outcomes and are unhappy when they don't get them. They complain, which is a problem they have in their lives that they are projecting onto Spurs. The fans who see the improvement at Spurs as a process are happy,

We appreciate that trophies will come, but we have to go through the process of learning how to win them. The Spurs aim is to compete at the very top, to compete for Champions League titles as well as Premier League titles and Cups.

To get there is a process, it takes money, thus the club has to be built financially. That process is well under way and the opening of the new stadium will take us a step closer, but it is an ongoing process, there is no end, just a continuum.

To win many trophies is a process, we have to build and put ourselves in a position to compete, which we are doing, so we are getting closer. Trophies will arrive as a matter of course, a matter of the process. If the players grasp that, then fear is dissipated and trophies become much easier to lift.

Both Daniel Levy and Mauricio Pochettino understand the process concept, the calmness comes from understanding that and thus frantic supporters aren't an issue because both understand those people are looking at the wrong picture.

Getting behind the side in that process are what the true supporter should be doing, as that relieves pressure, that helps in a small way, the team to continue to progress. The less external pressure the better thus the greater the support the better the team will perform.


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Spurs Don't Act Like Winners

9:03 am

Spurs Don't Act Like Winners And Can Learn From Cricketers

Spurs don't act like winners and could learn from cricketers

Our team could learn a lot from cricketers. The prime thing they can learn is body language.

In top level sport mentality separates the good from the great. Do you think Ronaldo, Messi, Bale or any number of others became as good as they are by settling for second best? No, they did everything possible to improve, they dedicated themselves to it. Ronaldo poses and he does it for a reason, not just his ego.

But let's go back to cricket for a moment. Australia had a period of dominance where they acted in the field as if they were on top, even when they weren't, they were on their toes all the time and the opposition batsmen were alone in the middle mentally wondering when these guys take a rest.

The object is not to allow the batsman to turn on and off his concentration, you keep him mentally in a state of high energy and his reserves deplete, thus he makes more mistakes and you are more likely to get him out. The mentality is that if a chance comes our way we have to take it so every batsman knows he can't give  chances, pushing him mentally into his shell.

England then adopted the same approach, fielders were always on the move, there was no slouching or day dreaming, the attitude was one of ensuring the batsmen felt isolated, that there was a whole team against them, which of course there were.

Tottenham play at the moment at a slow pace with no urgency,we do not make the opposition think they are in for a hard game. They can relax and concentrate on keeping their shape to frustrate our slow passing, at time we walk.

If our passing was faster and by that I mean the speed at which we kick the ball to each other, you start to unconsciously tell the opposition that they are not going to have time to think, that they are going to have to play reaction football. Our movement off the ball is often ponderous, again a calming influence for the opposition.

If they feel they are rushed, then they have to rush decisions and the more you do that to an opposition the more you tire them out and that's when more mistakes are made. We don't mentally push the opposition into mistakes, we wait for them to happen.

Small differences make the difference at the top level and as I have said for 5 years, to much ridicule, we have to train ourselves to be clinical,we have to concentrate on scoring those last minute chances when we are 2-0 or 3-0 up. It does matter because you can not simply turn on and off clinical finishing, as and when you need it, as we are finding out.

There isn't a lot wrong with us, as some are claiming, but there are small problems that need rectifying. We need to impose ourselves on the field, the opposition need to know they can not give us one chance, let alone the several we often need to score a goal. The opposition need to know, by the way we handle our body language and play on the field, that there will be no rest bite, that they do not have time to turnoff concentration, vital to conserve energy.

Ronaldo's whole air is look at me I'm great, you can't give me a chance and that plays on defenders minds, he backs it up with goals. You can not say that our demeanour imposes our personality on the opposition. It needs to, they need to know we are winners and to be winners you first have to act like winners. We don't.

Mentally, we need to dominate the opposition far more than we do. Mentally Spurs have a long way to go still and that will only improve with the use of sports psychologists more. We need to innovate and become world leaders in it's use, not simply follow the traditional set path.

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Mentality Issue Still A Problem

5:48 pm

Mentality Issue Still A Problem

Matthijs de Ligt may replace Toby Alderweireldin the summer

Well the might of Toby Alderweireld and Danny Rose made a huge difference didn't they, no perhaps the great unwashed will shut up for a bit and look at things objectively and not with their anti-Levy anti-ENIC agenda.

Once again we have shown that while our mentality is improving, it is still not at the level it needs to be. We were hopeless for 7 minutes against Juventus and conceded 2 goals, we went to sleep for a few minutes at Wembley against Juventus and conceded 2 goals, we were in control of the game against Manchester United until a daft move from Dembele cost us and we again went to sleep to hand them victory.

Now we play against WBA with no urgency, as if we thought we were better than them therefore it as only a matter of time. The old adage, you have to earn the right to play may not be true anymore in the old sense, as teams let you play now, but you still have to earn the right by passing the ball quickly and maximising the time the receiver has with the ball in space.

Vertonghen, Wanyama, Dembele when he plays all roll the ball across the field at a snails pace. Barcelona in their pomp, and they are not bad now, pass the ball at pace. We need to learn to do that from the back. It's a mentality thing and it demonstrates we have a way to go yet. Eric Dier doesn't pass the ball in that lazy fashion, Ryan Mason didn't used to, he injected urgency in our play. That urgency should be standard, especially while we are at 0-0 or drawing a game.

If you are urgent you pass the ball fast,if you are lazy you roll it between players. We roll it. We give the opposition time to reform their defence, to shuffle across the field, we are not doing anything about it it seems.

I feel we should be using sports psychologists more, as I have been writing for around 5 years now. It should be mandatory, a part of a players weekly training and not something players can undertake if they feel the need. We should be using them to a greater extent in the assessment of transfer targets too and lead the world in their use.

Mauricio Pochettino is improving our mentality, but, crucially, he is not a professional in the field. He has a brilliant mentality himself, but it is about imparting that on the players and having them embrace it, that, as we can clearly see, isn't working as fast as we would like. The art of management is not to be an expert at everything yourself, but know where you can get expertise, bring it in and manage it.

I have written much of Erik Lamela, he has a weak mentality in my view and offers a far too infrequent end product. We don't yet know what Lucas Moura can offer over a season against Premier League standard sides.

The side needs to evolve again over the summer with fresh minds and I'm looking forward to seeing if Matthijs de Ligt, Ryan Sessegnon or Ryan Bertrand and Anthony Martial do arrive.

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Mawson cites a sports psychologist for mentality impact

12:30 pm

Tottenham target Alfie Mawson has spoken about the work of Sports Psychologist Rebecca Symes for the England Under-21 side.

Not good news for all those who don't understand top level sport and the role sports psychologists have in instilling a winning mentality within players and clubs. A player can never reach his full potential if his mind isn't totally switched on to improving himself all the time and negativity is the food of failure. Too many fans like feeding that food.

Symes has previously worked for Surrey County Cricket Club (9 years) and with the athletes at the Paralympics in London and Rio de Janeiro. If the England Under-21 team continue to do well it is thought the FA might take her to the World Cup in Russia to aid the players.

A win against the host side Poland tomorrow  will see England into the semi-finals.

UEFA EURO U-21 Group stage
Tomorrow, 19:45
Kielce City Stadium, Kielce
England U-21 v Poland U-21

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Soldado tweets Mind The Gap

9:35 am

SPURS 2 Arsenal 0

A tweet by a Roberto Soldado, not the Roberto Soldado reminded me of his time at Spurs and how a negative mentality got the better of him.

He may not have scored the goals we would have liked, but he took to us and we took to him. Clearly he had quality and his crosses were pinpoint but when your confidence is shot then it is a devil of a job to get it back again, unless you change your environment.

It's that mentality thing again, mentally positive and positive things happen, you start to achieve the things you want to achieve, negative thoughts, a negative mindset and negative things happen, everything seems harder and you enter a downward spiral.

If you don't believe you are going to score then you'll look for a way out, like the pass Roberto Soldado made sideways against Fiorentina in the UEFA Europa League. Wth just the goalkeeper he fluffed a sideways pass for an open goal tap-in.

A golfer gets the yips, and while I only played darts for fun, I got the hips. Literally, and I do mean literally, I could let go of the dart. I'd go through the throwing action but I'd still have the dart in my hand at the end. I knew the dart wasn't going to go where I wanted it to and a mental block meant I simply couldn't let go of it, I'd have several attempts and still be holding it.

In the end I had to tell myself it didn't matter where the dart went just to get myself to release it and over the weeks I had to build from there. That shows the power of the mind, it can physically stop you doing something if you have a negative mindset.

To think that doesn't apply to football and individual footballers is simply stupid, it does. Bernard Langer, a famous German golfer, a former member of the Ryder Cup team and major winner got the yips. He couldn't put, he couldn't hit the ball, he knew it wasn't going to go in the hole. Eric Bristow a multiple world champion darts player in the 70's and 80's, mentor of the best player the sport has ever seen, Phil Taylor got dartitus (same as yips) in 1986.

It happens in top level sport.

Last season we simply gave up, before that we were losing heavily because players didn't want to play, we were awful. A game against a top team was a game to dread, now it's a game to look forward to.

Our mentality is improving all the time and I have to say so is the fans generally. Fans help an environment and I'll go on record once again in praising our away fans because they help create that environment when we are away from home. It is important for the players that there is a loyal group there that they can go to and thank for their very vocal support. They know they are not alone and that helps a positive mental attitude so tremendous credit to all you travellers.

Even the home games are becoming noisier, that will be important at Wembley next season, the players are going to need that support with the opposition raising their game.

Spaniard Roberto Soldado always enjoyed our support throughout his torrid time and he has spoken many times how he appreciated that. His bond with us is still there and he still tweets his support for the club. Top man.

Yes COYS! Vamos!

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Spurs don't do what 95% do so we won't get their results

12:30 pm

The Search For Success

We have, I assume they still exist, our own chequebook fans, our plastic brigade who believe Daniel levy has to constantly be splashing the cash because that is the only way to bring success. It is of course a wrong mindset.

Success is built on setting goals and training the mind to act in a way to achieve your goals, in other words to be persistent and constantly improve oneself.

Pochettino on Chelsea: “It is not about putting in money and build an artificial team. Tottenham is genuine, a natural process, and it is unique"

Without the financial incomes of others, you can either destroy a club by throwing money around you don't have, and we have to remember the wages, or devise an alternative strategy. Improve oneself.

That is the principle Daniel Levy undertook at Spurs. We have to build, grow, increase step by step, bring people in who can improve what we have, give the youth the right mindset. If the youth have the right mindset then you can give them a chance and they are more likely to take it, they are less likely to have the negativity that the stage is too big, less chance of nerves taking over.

We have seen with Kane, Alli and Winks, how the right mindset has the thinking this is where they belong and thus perform almost immediately.

There are statistics that show if you follow 100 people throughout their working lives, at retirement age 1 will be wealthy, 4 will be financially secure, 5 will continue working because they have to, 36 will be dead, 54 will be broke, living with benefit handouts (5% successful, 95% not successful).

If you do what the 95% do or what they tell you to do, you'll have the same results as them, you'll have nothing. Why would you listen to and take the advice of people who don't know how to succeed themselves? 

Statistics show that lottery winners lose their money in 2/3 years because they don't know how to keep it, or multiply it.

In a football sense that means that you won't retain success unless you have the right mindset in the first place. We undertook a different approach to the 95%, we invested in youth and in a coach who actually improves players instead of just building a team. 

There is a huge difference, not all coaches are equal. Premier League clubs were not giving youth much of a chance, it was too risky, we have thrown that theory out the window. We decided not to do what the 95% do.

Yes we need to win trophies, but we do not need to win a trophy and then disappear back to where we were before, we do not need to be a lottery winner. The foundations of long lasting success are of primary importance and we can see they are being built, yes it takes time but persist and success is inevitable. That is the road we are on, it is only a matter of time before trophies arrive, if we don't deviate from our strategy.

We have a quality coach with the right approach and where mentality is everything. Have the mentality and everything else falls into place because you are prepared to do what it takes. We are where we are because we only retain the players who are prepared to do what it takes, we don't carry passengers.

Summer will see some passengers go with new recruits we believe will have the right mindset, however, we won't actually know until they are here, unless we invest in professional mental assessment to a far greater degree than we are now. There are still too many purchases who are not prepared to do what it takes at Tottenham.
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Gareth Bale tells Spurs youngsters what they need to do

12:30 pm

Gareth Bale in an exclusive interview with the Telegraph spoke about what it takes to become a youngster footballer and not just someone who gets to a certain level and plateaus.

“You’ve just got to listen to what experienced people are telling you. You’ve obviously got to listen to what they want you to do in training and in matches and commit to improving every aspect of your game. Now that sports science is more advanced we know that there are so many off-pitch factors that can affect how good you can become. If people are telling you to sleep a certain number of hours, eat specific foods and drink a certain volume of fluids then you have to be prepared to listen and learn.”

The key there is 'commit to improving every aspect of your game'. It sounds simple but it isn't. The average player, the player who can still earn a Premier League career but never take the jump to the next level, maintains his skill level.

A player with a true winning mentality never settles for what they have, they are always looking at any way they can improve their game, both on and off the pitch. For them it is a 24 hour a day profession, everything off the field is considered in res[ect of one the field performance and will it affect it.

It takes a certain type of dedication and Mauricio Pochettino is endeavouring to get the Tottenham squad to see that. It has helped us take our game to the next level without the expense of buying the finished article. Some youngsters are not going to come up to the mark, they don't commit fully to improving and thus they get sold to develop elsewhere.

We don't need to carry passengers. Clinton N'Jie didn't make it, Georges-Kevin N'Koudou is struggling, Moussa Sissoko is another one. We can pick and choose, sample and discard while retaining the creme de la creme, players like Dele Alli, Harry Winks and Harry Kane.

A player with the improving mentality of Gareth Bale or a player with the mentality of Moussa Sissoko who has had ample time to show what he can do. There will be fans who make excuses for players who don't perform but there is no excuse if you are a winner.
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Gary Neville describes what it takes to succeed

10:30 am


Well I have spoken a lot about that and what it is, it isn't just about winning games, over the last few years and people are now cottoning on that mentality does play a party in Sport. Whether they understand it is the be all and end all is another matter.

Jan Vertonghen feels Mauricio Pochettino has installed a winning mentality at Tottenham Hotspur.

Mauricio Pochettino talks about it, Hugo Lloris talks about it, Mousa Dembele talks about it, Jan Vertonghen, Federico Fazio before him. Go back though a few years and nobody at Tottenham was talking about it, not even the coaches.

We have come a long way because we were always striving for something better than mediocrity from our coaches and after a lot of trying have found the Argentinian on whom we did more homework than on any other coach probably. We went greatly into depth before appointing him over Frank de Boer.

Gary Neville listed five qualities that make up a winning mindset at an event for Vauxhall, the England sponsor, in which he said a winning mentality is built up over time. You have to work at it was his first point. You have to surround yourself with people who take responsibility for themselves and their actions and who have the right attitude every day, not just game day.

Point two was about the environment. A manager has to create the right environment for players to develop in and that means a happy atmosphere. He sets the standards that encourage hard work and meticulous preparation. In that environment you'll bring out the best in your players, you certainly won't do so in an unhappy environment as demonstrated at Leicester City this season and Chelsea last season.

The next point is about belief. It is about having faith in your ability, in your manager, in your tactics and having the confidence to keep going. Not every game can be won so it is about maintaining a level, when you have conceded or scored. A few years ago we fell to pieces as soon as we let in a goal, we were panicking and vulnerable, now we handle that pressure better mentally. It is the same when we score, you can not get carried away, lose concentration and let the opposition equalise immediately.

His fourth point is having certain players who are the managers lieutenants. They set the standards of behaviour, how they act, how they train. You can see this with Hugo Lloris all the time, he isn't the most vocal but is a total professional who commands respect. They can help maintain a managers philosophy when he is not with the group, such as a social setting.

His final point to creating a winning mentality was to recruit players with the right traits, something I keep banging on about when I suggest the use of Sports Psychologists in the player identification and evaluation process. If you are surrounded by players who give everything every minute you have no choice but to do the same or you have to leave.

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