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7:38 pm
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So tell me, which player was the best bargain signed in the last transfer window?

Some may argue that Arsenal's Marouane Chamakh, who came in on a free, could be branded as the best bargain of the summer. I've not seen him play live and therefore can't comment too much on him, unless it's to tell him than no matter what he does to his hair, he doesn't look like Ronaldo.

Could Rafael Van der Vaart be that player? After all, he has been simply sensational thus far. The Dutch maestro has taken to our Spurs team astutely and calmly. I certainly didn't expect him to hit the ground running and thought that it could take a good few months before he came good. However, since his debut, he has been performing as though he has been playing for us for several seasons.

It's not just his goals either, which he's now scored three in the Premier League and one in the Champion's League. It's not even his passing and vision. No, for me, it's his tenacity and passion. Watching him live today at The Lane, you could see that he always wanted the ball, demanded it, needed it.

His willingness to tackle also hasn't gone amiss. On at least ten different occasions today, he won the ball back and set up another attack.

It looks as though the rest of the lads have taken to him to, with them warming to his every attempt. What about us? Well, we absolutely love the fella.

As regards my original question; at just £8 million from Real Madrid, Rafael van der Vaart is that bargain.

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