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Why Everton need to sell Lescott

7:07 pm
For those of you that watched the Everton vs. Arsenal match this evening, you would have seen an Everton side that looked a complete shambles. The same squad finished last season in 5th. So what went wrong today?

Let's go back twelve months and take a look at the goings on at the side I support, Tottenham Hotspur.

A certain Mr. Berbatov had made it clear that it was his dream to play for Manchester United, even though he was under contract. Sir Alex Ferguson openly declared how interested he was in signing the Spurs forward.

Daniel Levy, the Spurs chairman, dug his heels in and refused to do business with Manchester United unless they paid a premium for Dimitar Berbatov. The result? The entire squad was in turmoil. Reports at the time were doing the rounds that Jonathan Woodgate wanted to teach Mr. Berbatov a lesson or two and on one occasions, let his feelings known to the Bulgarian international during a half-time team talk.

Tottenham's then manager, Juande Ramos, had to send Berbatov home as the tensions within the Spurs camp had come to breaking point.

Lescott and Berbatov are clearly different characters. But I suspect that the results of their actions had and are having the same results.

Everton looked a shell of themselves today and for the good of the club and fans, it would be best for Moyes to sell Lescott to Manchester City. If Moyes continues to play hardball, I can see a ruined season for the Evertonians and to be honest, they don't deserve that.
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