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Ashley Young at Spurs Lodge - Let's be realistic!

6:05 pm
Okay, before reading too much into the stories that have been doing the rounds about Ashley Young signing for us by noon tomorrow, let's lay down some facts.

Fact 1. Ashley Young couldn't have been at Spurs Lodge undergoing his medical for a couple of reasons. Firstly, he was at Villa's training complex this morning & afternoon (see images of him training on various Villa blogs, fan sites, etc.). Secondly, players don't have medicals at Spurs Lodge.

Fact 2. O'Neill has gone on record saying that Young is worth well over £30 million. Even if Bentley, Bent and Hudd were thrown in, we would still have to pay a kings ransom for him. Why on earth would O'Neill sanction the sale of his best player, and to us of all teams? We're in direct competition with them.

So then, if anyone has any real evidence that Young is about to sign, please let us have it.

I am sorry to be sounding so negative, but ffs let's be a bit realistic!

PS. By commenting "It's a done deal" doesn't mean it's so.

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