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Much maligned but Harry Redknapp talks sense

8:30 am
Heurelho Gomes, in a nutshell, recently said it is not up to a player to improve his game it is up to the football club to pamper to the players and guarantee them a place.

He went on to say that he wouldn't recommend anybody to join Spurs, yet he was quite happy to not play football and continue to take £50,000-a-week wages. Gomes, who will be back in the Premier League with newly promoted Watford, only backtracked after a backlash from Spurs fans but his thinking was clear.

Étienne Capoue has similar thoughts saying the English don't understand foreigners, he has always been guaranteed a place. Any player that wants a guaranteed place doesn't have a winning mentality, they want protection. If they had faith in their own ability they wouldn't have a problem having competition for a place.

Harry Redknapp had it spot on when he was asked about his former club Tottenham and what he thought about the under performing stars there.

"It’s up to them [big-money signings] to come and perform and Paulinho hasn’t. If they’re going to come over here they have got to produce the goods and Paulinho at the moment, like so many other lads at Tottenham who were bought for big money, hasn’t produced."

This is exactly what I have been saying since the Summer Seven failed to impress. We are starting to see something from some of them but throw Adebayor, Kaboul into the mix and you have a whole raft of players failing to perform.

Go back further and you have the like of Giovanni Dos Santos, a talented footballer who produced nothing. Too much money too young may have been the problem. Redkapp was his manager and commented that 'If Giovanni could pass a bar, like he can pass a football, he would be an incredible player'.

That just demonstrates how a player having talent simply isn't enough, the wrong mentality stops him becoming top class, remember Barcelona let Dos Santos go because of his mentality. I read a forum where someone said he wasn't allowed to show his best football. Wasn't allowed!

The player determines to show his best football, he produces on the training field and shows the rich attitude, a winning mentality, then he'll get a chance and then he has to take it. Boozing is not a winning mentality for a professional sportsman, they are not you ad me, they lad a different life in a different world and it is there responsibility to be professional at all times, it's what they get massive wages for.

Fans make excuses. Excuses never won a thing.

Erik Lamela is the latest, he's not a Giovanni but does he have the 'I'll do whatever it takes to be a success in the Premier League' attitude? He shows it sometimes. The first season was all about excuses, arrived injured, if so then our medical staff must be incompetent and I don't believe they are. He didn't adapt quickly and has public pressure taken off him then when he did get injured that was the end of the first year.

Year two and it's bee underwhelming again. I saw a statistic a site put up showing how good his tacking statistics were, he is an attacker, his job is to score goals and create goals. That's the bottom line, not looking good, not looking like quality, it's actually producing that matters, it's all that matters. Two goals and seven assists, that's his season, you could throw in chances created there as well.

Year three has to be about production. There has to be a finish product, there has to be goals and assists, look as fancy as you like,but with goals and assists. Nothing less is acceptable. Does he have the bottle to do that, does he have the mentality, does he have a winning mentality, after two years you'd say no, year three he has to change that to a yes.

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Archer released, Friedel retired, McGee No.3?

4:30 pm
Tottenham will have a new number three next season after veteran American stopper Brad Friedel retired to take up a media career.

Heurelho Gomes was happy to sit and collect his wages rather than actually leave the club to play football. Then lately he has been complaining about Spurs because they won't guarantee his countryman Paulinho a place regardless of form.

Then we had a model professional in Brad Fiedel who I don't think any supporter would have a bad word to say about him. He took his coaching badge and decided coaching was not for him, after some exposure at the World Cup on TV he has decided that is the life for him from now on. He came across well and I wish him every success in his field.

He is still of course a US Ambassador for the club and with young Americans at Spurs he will be sought after for his views of Tottenham games, especially if Yedlin is likely to play.

In addition to Friedel leaving us this summer new now that 22-year-old former Scottish Under-21 keeper Jordan Archer has been released by the club. Last season from August to January he was on loan at Northampton Town and from February until the end of the season at Millwall. His manager there, Neil Harris has told the South London Press that he would like to keep him at Millwall, despite him not being able to shift incumbent David Forde.

"Jordan is a super young keeper with great potential - a top character. Spurs gave him a long contract because they saw that.  
"They sent him to us to get first-team experience, but it didn't quite happen, because David Forde was on good form.  
"Jordan was really patient, but pushed hard for the shirt. If we could get that calibre of keeper, at that age and with that potential, it would be a key signing."

Archer and Millwall are in advanced talks so the release of him is timely and probably signifies a deal is close, although there are plenty of clubs after his signature.

With speculation over Lloris there could be problems for Tottenham looming. Michel Vorm signed, I'm sure, knowing Friedel would be retiring and that Lloris may not remain at Tottenham forever. I wrote at the time he would be hoping he would take over as the number one eventually.

But it is the number three position that needs filling now. On the pre-season tour to the USA and Canada last summer the club took young Luke McGee along but illness prevented him getting much game time. The club also took the 19-year-old (20 in September) along on the recent AIA Cup trip to Malaysia and then Sydney, Australia.

Next is another flying visit to the USA which you assume he will go on again, it will be interesting to see who actually does go. Is McGee going to be our number three next season? He played 18 games in the Under-21 Premier League, was on the bench for the away game against Greek side Asteras Tripoli.

Here he is with Michel Vorm discussing the 'Psychology of Penalties' in a Spurs TV video, reproduced with permission.

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Mistake ridden Gomes does it again

5:59 pm
A former goalkeeper more interested in picking up his wages than playing football hardly has the winning mentality to tell the club they have failed Erik Lamela, Paulinho and Roberto Soldado.

The outburst of 34-year-old Heurelho Gomes to ESPN Brazil upon his return to the Premier League with Watford, demonstrates my point about a winning mentality exactly. This is the keeper who refused to move, happy to not be in the squad and collect his wages. A winning mentality is to work every day to be the best you can be, clearly Gomes doesn't want to do that.

"It is the club. I would not recommend anyone [to join Tottenham]. 
"They paid £28m for Soldado, and they don't play him. Or look at Lamela, who was great in Europe, but today you watch Tottenham games and he looks like he can't play football at all."

Paulinho has publicly stated he can't be bothered to learn English, 'can't be bothered' is that the attitude of a winning mentality? Roberto Soldado had a long run in the team and flopped, he has continued to flop. Harry Kane grasps a chance and forces the coach to pick him, Soldado hasn't. Which has the winning mentality, which mentality do you want playing?

Erik Lamela is an expensive Andros Townsend, but with added effort. It is up to him to improve his game and adapt, the club can't do it, he has to do it himself, he has to want to do it himself. If it is a burning desire he will achieve it, if it is just a desire he won't.

Gomes bottled it at Tottenham, after one good season he made mistake after mistake after mistake. Quite clearly his mental approach was wrong because he had the ability but his outburst shows how footballers blame everyone else instead of looking in the mirror.

An individual makes his or her own choices, nobody makes decisions for them, your lot in life is down to you, nobody else. The players themselves are to blame for flopping, mentally they have been found wanting.

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The first player departs

8:28 am
The clear out at Tottenham began with the departure of former PSV and Brazil goalkeeper Heurelho Gomes.

The first player departsGomes has been sitting collecting £50,000 a week (£2.6 million a year) for the past 2 years for doing nothing except train. He did go out on loan once.

His contract expires at the end of June as is usual with Tottenham contracts but as Sandro reveals he has now left, time for  holiday!

"I would like to thank this amazing professional, @hdgomes but most important, this amazing man for everything he has done for me during these 4 years! Today it was his last day, but I've gained a brother for the rest of my life! I will truly miss you... Obrigado IRMÃO."

He was last seen on the bench for Spurs against Newcastle United on 10th November 2013, the only time he has been in a match day squad.

The previous season 2012/13 he went out on loan in January to Hoffenheim in Germany. The loan deal led to nothing and his talks with various clubs about loans or permanent moves all came to nothing, one can only assume because of his wages and a desire not to reduce them.

Leeds United were the last club to talk about taking him on loan in 

Before he left he paid his tribute to Ledley King (photo from last night's testimonial).

"The King ! Thank you very much for everything you have done, was great to play with you. God bless you , great person with a big heart!" 

We will remember him for moments of brilliance and mistakes in equal measure, a keeper that took us to the Champions League.

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Leeds United talking to Spurs keeper

10:30 am

Leeds United talking to Spurs keeper

Heurelho Gomes was on the crest of a wave when he joined Tottenham and in the beginning all started well. He had problems with crosses but his shot stopping was second to none.

Heurelho Gomes
Heurelho Gomes surplus to requirements at Spurs

The opportunity was there to become the Spurs keeper for years but his errors unfortunately prayed on him and eventually Harry Redknapp had to drop him. Since then there seems to have been no way back for Gomes who was hoping to be in the Brazil squad for the World Cup.

He has been trying to find a club for a few years but his wages have been a stumbling block and as with most players he has not been prepared to take a pay cut to get first team football.

He had a brief loan spell at Hoffenheim but then returned to Spurs again. News has now emerged that he is in talks with Leeds United about a loan move until the end of the season. This is probably the 33 year-old Brazilians last chance to secure the World Cup spot he wants.

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Heurelho Gomes joins PSV Eindhoven

8:57 am
Heurelho Gomes has agreed to join Dutch side PSV Eindhoven. Having fallen out of favour at Spurs through a series of errors and arguably being a better keeper than Hugo Lloris, Gomes has not even been in match day squads.

His wages meant no club would sign him and he clearly was more interested in collecting his wages than playing football. Now with a few months left to the World Cup he has at last agreed a deal.

He has spoken to many clubs in England and back home in Brazil but every time wages were an issue.

Gomes himself confirmed on Istagram that he had agreed a deal to leave.

Earlier this month his agent, Alex Soares, had said:

"At the moment I have received interest from three clubs in relation to Heurelho," Soares told Sky Sports. "There is no formal offer made, it will depend on Tottenham's position.

"In my view he must leave Tottenham this month. There is no sense to keep him at Spurs if he is not playing or not even being given the opportunity to play.

"The club is paying high wages and are not using the player. They have other very good goalkeepers as well.

"I trust Tottenham will release him for free now as his contract is running out.

"Or, if they want him to stay, they must offer an extension and also give him an opportunity to fight for the No.1 position."

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Gomes Rehabilitation Complete

3:06 pm
Tottenham's outstanding player in the victory over Arsenal was Heurelho Gomes. The Spurs 'keeper made a series of superb saves as a hard-earned lead was protected, but his calm presence and capability under crosses was equally eye catching.

It is no exaggeration to say the Brazilian is the now the best 'keeper in the Premier League. Petr Cech is becoming increasingly error an injury prone, Edwin van der Sar's body is creaking with age and Manuel Almunia would not even be in Arsenal's team if their fans had their way.

Shay Given makes more errors than Gomes and loses points for a cautious approach in commanding his penalty area, and although Joe Hart is in excellent form he lacks the physical presence needed in a top-class goalkeeper. Pepe Reina is the closest challenger to Gomes, but it's doubtful the Liverpool stopper would have kept out the three Arsenal efforts Gomes did.

Gomes' transformation has been remarkable and there is a neat symmetry about his progress. What was perhaps his lowest point came in the 4-4 draw at the Emirates last season, when his indecisiveness with crosses was cruelly exposed. 18 months later and he is almost unrecognisable as a 'keeper, something that was confirmed by his latest performance against our bitter rivals.

Gomes has been helped by the solid defence built in front of him and with this back four likely to be more settled next season, things should only improve for the popular Brazilian, who is rapidly achieving cult status at White Hart Lane.

Spurs' Premier League betting odds narrowed dramatically after the win and if the side does make the top four their goalkeeper will take a lot of the credit.

For his part, Gomes will be hoping his performances are enough to secure him a spot in Brazil's World Cup squad.

Brazil are second favourites in the World Cup betting and will fancy their chances of winning the tournament.

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Foster vs. Gomes

7:48 pm
The everlasting debate of us signing a keeper to replace Gomes, raged through the office once again.

I do thank my lucky stars that most of my prestigious colleagues claimed that Gomes is a better keeper than Ben Foster.

I didn't want to name and shame the under writer of yet another pointless office rant, but Pat, who also happens to be my boss, started the "Gomes Out" campaign at the beginning of last season.

It sometimes got to the point, especially after that away day at Fulham, that we dare not mention the Brazilian's name.

Either way, Pat, once again, commenced his field of dreaming aspirations as regards Foster.

I didn't want to get dragged into this debate (for the millionth time) as you get nowhere. No matter what Gomes does, Foster can do no wrong.

I really do hate it when a fellow blogger asks the question "Foster vs. Gomes?" (Note to self: slap yourself silly). You see, when Pat reads the said heading on NewsNow (oh yes, it's not just us lowly minions that click the refresh button countless times during an off-day), you can bet your hairy touche that he'll pop his head up from behind his cubicle and rant on about the mistakes that have cost us due to not having a class keeper, namely, Foster.

I won't discuss the pointless discussion that Pat sparked off, but I will add that it was a Man U fan that finished it. "I wish we had Gomes, Pat. Fancy a swap?" That swift comment put an end to today's office rant.

Henry, I thank you, but no, we don't want to swap Gomes for what I can only call the most overrated keeper in the Prem.

Oh and God bless Tomas Raszkin.............
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