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Sol Campbell, fans' favourite

Sol Campbell’s departure from Notts County was the most predictable football story of the season so far. The prospect of a recent Premier League regular plying his trade in League Two was an unlikely scenario, but the chances of the big fish sticking at it in a little pond for too long were particularly slim considering the individual involved.

County fans can join the growing list of supporters disgruntled by Campbell’s own inimitable transfer market conduct. The anger and disappointment felt by Spurs fans has obviously not been matched, but it is worth remembering that Campbell is not on Arsène Wenger’s Christmas card list.

The Arsenal boss allowed Campbell to leave on the understanding he would not join a rival Premier League club. Hardly a betrayal on the scale of his free transfer across North London, but still part of a notable pattern for a player adept at filling his pockets with signing-on fees.

Money was understandably touted as the reason for the move to Meadow Lane. Why else would a recent England player drop down three divisions when still capable of playing at a higher level? Sol informed us that it was nothing to do with the five-year, £40,000 a week deal, but the challenge and ‘where I am at the moment in my life’.

Campbell has now abandoned another club, this time without running down his contract. Maybe he felt League Two football was below him; or maybe the club and facilities were not up to scratch. Perhaps he wants to play for England. My money is on the fact he is on the hunt for another signing-on fee.
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