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Marseille activate £5.98m N'jie purchase

6:00 am


According to French daily newspaper L'Equipe, Ligue 1 side Marseille have activated their €7 million clause to permanently sign Clinton N'jie from Spurs. He officially joins them at the end of the season, July 1, his loan spell ends 30 June.

Tottenham loaned Clinton N'jie to Marseille for a season and Georges-Kevin M'Koudou cam the other way last summer. It would appear now that Marseille are signing him permanently for £5.98 million (€7m - AUS$9.85m - US$7.46m).

His coach at Marseille Rudi Garcia said after their game this week that N'jie was useful to the squad.

"He’s [N'jie] very useful. We’re using his speed, he holds the ball a little higher to bring out the midfield. He is more than interesting.”

The Cameroon international who won the 2017 African Cup of Nations although the 23-year-old (24 in August) didn't play in the final didn't sufficiently impress in training to get much time on the pitch. He has had 4 goals and 1 assist in 19 French league games covering 932 minutes, equivalent to just over 10 full games.

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N'Jie's attitude may mean he returns to Spurs

6:00 am


Andros Townsend had the wrong attitude, Emmanuel Adebayor had the wrong attitude, by his own admission Etienne Capoue had the wrong attitude, Giovanni dos Santos had the wrong attitude. It is common for talented players not to have the extra added ingredient that takes them to the next level, some players want it on a plate, they want to be the big fish in a small pond.

Mauricio Pochettino looked at Clinton N'jie for a season and he didn't impress. Now on loan at French side Marseille for a season, he isn't impressing their coach either. He isn't impressing Rudi Garcia with his attitude in training and if you don't produce on the training field you don't get selected.

Nationwide sports daily newspaper L'Equipe, suggest Marseille coach Garcia does not feel the forward is showing the right attitude. Garcia didn't purchase or agree to the loan move for N'Jie, he wasn't even at the club. He was appointed after the club were taken over by American businessman Frank McCourt in October, the transfer window shut at the end of August.

We might find he ends up back with us.

N'Jie's attitude may mean he returns to Spurs N'Jie's attitude may mean he returns to Spurs Reviewed by THBlogNews on 6:00 am Rating: 5

N'Koudou already looks better than Njie

10:30 am

Vincent Janssen was determined to join Tottenham, he turned down Wolfsburg and PSG, West Ham and others insisting he wanted to join Mauricio Pochettino. It seems he was not the only player with his heart set on a move to Spurs.

Flying winger Georges-Kevin N'Koudou spent weeks in a London hotel room to force through his move to Tottenham. There were a lot of red herrings around the transfer with the usual misplaced blame game by the anti-Spurs set with our own supporters.

The problem was always at the Marseille end as anyone who followed the local French press would know. Now N'Koudou's former teammates at Marseille have revealed that he told them he was leaving if the manager was staying. The manager stayed and M'Koudou's agent arranged the Spurs move which Marseille tried to stall to force him to stay. His answer to that it seems was to travel to London and stay there.

In his brief appearance in the League Cup victory against Gillingham, he arguably showed more in 30 minutes than Clinton Njie showed in his time at Spurs. Njie played one cross from the right to lay on a goal and N'Koudou played a very similar ball when we broke from a Gillingham corner.

To me he looks a better prospect with more about his game than simply speed. It will be good to see him against stronger opposition when he is more match fit, perhaps against Liverpool in the next round.

N'Koudou already looks better than Njie N'Koudou already looks better than Njie Reviewed by THBlogNews on 10:30 am Rating: 5

Stupid comments from ex Arsenal Diaby

11:00 pm


Former Arsenal midfielder Abou Diaby has come up with some stupid comments about teammate Georges-Kevin N'Koudou.

"It’s a matter of ownership. We would like to have him back with us because last year he showed tremendous things. It’s a bit unfortunate. 
‘I never saw this [at Arsenal]. It’s a shame he’s young but he needs to train. The sooner this is done, the better for him."

He is owned by Marseille, there is nothing stopping him training with Marseille, they are the ones who have prevented him training, not Tottenham. The latest reports suggest a deal has been agreed and Clinton Njie will be going in the other direction.

Get French Football have a nice article on the strengths and weaknesses of Georges-Kevin N'Koudou.
  1. Clinton N'Jie will join Marseille on loan with an obligatory €7m buy clause & a 50% sell-on fee from Tottenham Hotspur. (L'Équipe)

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Bentaleb and Njie

5:00 pm

Mauricio Pochettino has reiterated that Nabil Bentaleb is not in his plans and will leave before the transfer window shuts. He left France as a youngster because no French club would touch him such was the reputation of his attitude.

He touted himself around this country and Tim Sherwood took a chance on him. He developed and all was going well, then we had wage negotiations that took ages because he was asking for silly money. Then came an injury and he has clearly not endeared himself to Pochettino as he now is adamant he will be leaving the club.

You get the impression that he does not want him in the squad even if he stays. Presumably, his attitude has returned. His wage demands suggested he thinks he is better than he is. Perhaps he doesn't like the fact he is down the pecking order, who knows.

It should be remembered that it was Bentaleb who defied Pochettino and played for Algeria, when Pochettino said he wasn't fit and shouldn't join up with the squad. Bentaleb defied Pochettino and injured himself on international duty keeping him out until December. He has hardly been seen since.

is that the reason why he is no longer in Pochettino's thinking, he doesn't trust him. Pochettino gives loyalty but he demands it also.

Mauricio Pochettino on sales: "They are still our players. Bentaleb is not in my plans but Clinton is in the squad and is at the club."

They doesn't actually mean he is wanted, Tom Carroll is in the squad, he is still a Tottenham player and thus is in Pochettino's plans. However, we'll happily accept the right amount for him, just as it seems we were happy to do with Njie. recently Pochettino was reported as telling him that he would get little game time.

For that to change then something has to change within the squad, such as Nacer Chadli leaving. he hasn't suddenly leapt up the pecking order since Australia.

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N'Koudou - we all like a good farce

12:30 pm


As we know Georges-Kevin N'Koudou has only been doing gym work and with the season started he hasn't had a pre-season. he isn't going to be fit for a while. There is no point us paying £11.11-million for a player who isn't fit.

Franck Passi is the manager of Marseille and he has revealed that Marseille have budgeted for his sale this window.  The French club need outgoings before they can bring anyone in.

They thought they had a deal that would have netted them a £5.19-million profit, money they could then invest in the squad. Had Marseille had N'Koudou training then the deal may well have gone through by now. As it is he is in a London hotel, not training and getting more unfit as the weeks pass. He is not in the Marseille squad for the Toulouse game, where a player in this country would be playing, unless he were trying to force a move.

Lassana Diarra has been offered to clubs (including ourselves) to try and get him off the wage list despite being made captain. He isn't keen on staying. Everything about Marseille seems to be about saving money and raising money from transfers. If Diarra leaves a loan or free player is expected to come in, that's who their sporting director has been targeting.

They need to male or save money, thus us new terms don't suit them at all, they suit us, which the French press seem to be surprised by. The player isn't the player we tried to buy. It took the French so long to sort Njie out that they are now trying to sell us a player who has only done gym work and has had no pre-season. If he joined he'd have to have one which is going to take a month. You saw the game against Everton and how after 2 weeks the players aren't really ready.

I don't for a minute see a loan deal with purchase option unless it is at a drastically reduced fee, similar to the fee they want to pay for Njie, whose wages we would still have to partially cover. We must still be talking or N'Koudou wouldn't still be in a London hotel. The fact that Njie is training with us and thereby maintaining fitness simply puts us in a stronger position over price.

In effect, with N'Koudou not being fit, he is in effect faulty goods. Marseille can't do anything until they offload players and wages, we are thus in a strong bargaining position which puts more pressure on with each day that passes.

N'Koudou - we all like a good farce N'Koudou - we all like a good farce Reviewed by THBlogNews on 12:30 pm Rating: 5

Levy and Mitchell disagree over N'Koudou, Njie deals

12:43 pm


The morning after it would seem there is no great rift between Daniel Levy and Paul Mitchell. The former Saints man is simply a member of the backroom staff who more was expected of and both parties have mutually decided to go their separate ways.

Clearly there are differences of opinion. Mitchell will serve out his notice and then move on, one expects to Leicester City.

Vincent Labrune insisted Spurs must buy N'Koudou at a 'decent' price for Marseille to take Clinton Njie. Tottenham were allowing them to have him on loan, with a small £5.99-million (€7m  - AUS$10.12m - US$14.53m) fee, we would also have to contribute to his wages.

As part of the deal we agreed to buy N'Koudou for £11.11-million (€13m  - AUS$13.55m - US$18.80m) plus add-ons. With N'koudou not training, apart from gym work, and when Vincent Labrune officially resigned (everyone knew he was going at the end of the summer) we reduced the price we were willing to pay for N'Koudou to £5.13-million (€6m  - AUS$8.68m - US$6.71m) plus add-ons.

That, to me, smacks of two different people doing the negotiations. I'm beginning to suspect that Mitchell negotiated the first deal and took it to Daniel Levy who has then looked for a way out. N'Koudou is a Mitchell player, but the first deal doesn't sound at all like a Levy deal. When Mitchell arrived he was said to be the long term successor for Franco Baldini. Was this his trial negotiation?

I don't know that he was involved or whether it was Mitchell or our normal negotiators. I'm guessing, but it just doesn't add up. You don't suddenly cut a deal in half from being generous to, well, a typical Daniel Levy hard ball offer. In business initial negotiations are done by a team member and put before the chairman to be signed off or declined, the chairman doesn't do all the negotiations himself. I don't see Daniel Levy cutting his own deal in half, if he didn't want the deal he only has to cancel it.

The new Marseille president, Giovanni Ciccolungh, is incapable of negotiating a deal the French are suggesting and has had to hastily arrange a Sporting Director, Gunter Jacob, to take over, Marseille didn't have one before,they were running on bare bones staff. On the continent sporting director's (the old Franco Baldini role at Tottenham) do the negotiating.

It is suggested Paul Mitchell has resigned as a result of the new Spurs hard ball offer with Marseille insisting the initial deal must remain in place. Daniel Levy refuses to conduct business on those terms, so clearly it can't be his deal in the first place.

It would seem this deal is the reason for the resignations, perhaps what one party considers a good deal is not what another party considers a good deal and that difference is seeing two leave their posts. It should also be remembered these are not two 50 goal a season strikers who have resigned, just two backroom staff, of which there are plenty in the game.

Levy and Mitchell disagree over N'Koudou, Njie deals Levy and Mitchell disagree over N'Koudou, Njie deals Reviewed by THBlogNews on 12:43 pm Rating: 5

N'Koudou and Njie moves off, Mitchell and Mackenzie off, coincidence?

7:00 am


N'Koudou and Njie moves of

French local paper La Provence, the paper I have been advising everyone to follow during this saga, has an update on the transfers of Georges-Kevin N'Koudou and Clinton Njie, they are both off. The comes right before Paul Mitchell and Rob Mackenzie resign.

The deal had dragged on and on and yesterday Clinton Njie resumed training with Tottenham. There are suggestions that daniel levy has not been impressed with Paul Mitchell and that he expected more from him. This is Tottenham Hotspur and Levy sets everyone high standards. If they don't achieve them, they go, no excuses, the same as players.

The fact that both Mitchell and Mackenzie have resigned suggests Levy is not happy with our recruitment which suggests we have an even better manager than in Pochettino.

The British press have been reporting N'Koudou as a future star in the making, highly rated by us while La Provence say Marseille president Vincent Labrune insisted we take him for 'decent' money if they were to take Clinton Njie. It is reported that N'Koudou is a Paul Mitchell inspired transfer target.

With N'Koudou not training and the deal dragging on, it is believed we have sought adjustments to the transfer terms. In the light of current events, that now sounds like we were trying to pull out of the deal. If you look at it, we have bought Njie, were selling him at a loss and shelling out on a similar player. Financially it isn't a good deal. It smacks of throw enough muck at the wall and some of it will stick, not the way Daniel Levy would like business done.

If Mitchell has upset staff and agents, then he has been negotiating. His resignation, remember staff are given the option of resigning before they are sacked, it looks better on a CV, comes on the day this deal breaks down. A coincidence so much happens in one day? It seems hardly likely.

Tottenham have moved up a grade and are looking to cement that position. The recruitment of players must appreciate that step up and raise in standard to go with it. Federico Fazio, Benjamin Stambouli, Clinton Njie, arguably for some Kieran Trippier and Michel Vorm were and are not next level performer, although I also hear Fazio and Stambouli were not Mitchell choices.

We hear that Pau Lopez is being driven by Pochettino, not Mitchell or Mackenzie. What Mitchell has done well is build a scouting network, which the statement from Levy acknowledged.

There is clearly more here than meets the eye but Mitchell and Mackenzie appear to have fallen on their sword over N'Koudou ad Njie.

N'Koudou and Njie moves off, Mitchell and Mackenzie off, coincidence? N'Koudou and Njie moves off, Mitchell and Mackenzie off, coincidence? Reviewed by THBlogNews on 7:00 am Rating: 5

N'Koudou and Njie deals to be completed this week

7:00 am


The local French paper I have advised people tp read if they want to know about th goings on at Marseille, la Provence, are reporting that the Clinton Njie and Georges-Kevin N'Koudou deals will be completed this week.

Marseille have been up for sale for a while , as anyone who took my advice will know, even though it has only just been announced. You'll also know that Marseille had trimmed their staff to the bare bones and that president Vincent Labrune was leaving after he had built a side for the coming season.

It should be obvious to everyone, but doesn't ssem to be, that Marseille are not releasing N'Koudou until Njie is signed, sealed and delivered. There seem to be plenty of smokescreens being put forward to make the matter sound more complicated than it is. The local French press are confident the deals will be completed this week, I'm happy to follow their reading of the matter, they ought to know..

Marseille have completed 5 pre-season friendlies and N'Koudou hasn't featured in any of them.

N'Koudou and Njie deals to be completed this week N'Koudou and Njie deals to be completed this week Reviewed by THBlogNews on 7:00 am Rating: 5

N'Koudou unfit, deal at risk

10:30 am


N'Koudou unfit, deal at risk

It would appear that if Georges-Kevin N'Koudou does eventually arrive at Tottenham then he will not be fit to play as he isn't training with Marseille, who don't want him getting injured to ruin any deal.
French outlet Le Phoceen are reporting that although Njie has been granted a French visa he hasn't received it yet so Marseille are not signing him yet until it arrives.

Now this puts Tottenham in a predicament because N'Koudou was all agreed a month ago and had a deal gone through then, then he would be training with Spurs and getting his fitness levels to where we need them to be. He could have gone to Australia and got some minutes while learning his role within our system and how he needs to adapt his game to our demands.

Instead, because of hold-ups with Clinton Njie Marseille are refusing to release N'Koudou. The hold up is all at the Marseille end and Tottenham are getting very frustrated. Marseille are running on a skeleton staff so everything takes longer, even the President who negotiated the deal, Vincent Labrune, is leaving.

We are now into August and N'Koudou hasn't even started pre-season training, Marseille won't let him train so he doesn't get injured. All he is doing is gym work, they recently had a training camp in Germany and N'Koudou didn't get taken.

When he arrives he'll be unfit, certainly unfit to play and that has resulted in us going back to Marseille and asking for a reduction in his fee or we pay less towards the wages of Clinton Njie. The deal is being painted that for Marseille to buy Njie, Spurs MUST buy N'Koudou at a good price. This seems to confirm that, as reported here, the two deals ARE linked, it isn't simply a case of Marseille trying to sign a replacement. They have looked linked all along to me despite reports to the contrary.

The French press are now saying Daniel Levy wants better terms for Tottenham because Marseille has not allowed N'Koudou to train for so long, which is obviously to our detriment. With Son away at the Olympics, if we get an injury to one of our wide men, N'Koudou wouldn't be fit enough to provide cover or know his role in our system, especially defensively and pressing in a group.

Changing the terms of the deal may put it in jeopardy, not changing them means we are paying for a player who isn't training and thus isn't fit. There have been many cases of that affecting players all season.

Marseille has prevented us getting a full pre-season into him, that has a knock-on effect, as does not learning the system and bonding with the players. During the season training has to concentrate on the upcoming game, rather than learning the system we play. The delay may well affect how he performs hence we are asking for reduced terms.

Nothing is straightforward in the world of football.

N'Koudou unfit, deal at risk N'Koudou unfit, deal at risk Reviewed by THBlogNews on 10:30 am Rating: 5

Spurs nearly break even on Njie transfer

2:30 pm


Spurs nearly break even on  Njie transfer

Plenty of forum talk over a transfer fee for Clinton Njie when his move to Marseille is announced. The deal is thought to be a loan deal with a guaranteed purchase clause as soon as he has played a set number of games.

When we sold our young German midfielder Lewis Holtby in the same manner. His set number of games was four, so he was confirmed as leaving in September 2014 even though he didn't officially sign for Hamburg until the new 2015/16 football financial year had started.

Presumably, it will be the same with Njie. He'll have a season long loan, will play his set number of games and then Marseille have no option but to purchase him for £5.9-million (€7m -AUS$10.29m -  US$7.84m) his pre-agreed fee.

The Cameroon international was bought for £8.3-million (€12m -AUS$17.65m -  US$13.44m) which would have included our usual £2-million add-ons. Take that away from the original transfer fee and you are left with a fee of £6.3-million (€7.47m -AUS$10.98m -  US$8.37m).

The loss therefore on him is just £400,000 (€473,941 -AUS$696,484 -  US$530,861) and not the big hit some are suggesting.

Spurs nearly break even on Njie transfer Spurs nearly break even on  Njie transfer Reviewed by THBlogNews on 2:30 pm Rating: 5

N'Koudou should be announced in the next few days

10:00 am


N'Koudou should be announced in the next few days

Georges-Kevin N'Koudou is waiting of Marseille completing the loan of young Cameroon international Clinton Njie. As part of the deal, there is a guaranteed purchase option after Njie has played a set number of games. It is the same type deal that we set up for the sale of Lewis Holtby which was triggered after 4 games, although the purchase didn't take place until the end of the season.

The 22-year-old (23 in August) has failed to impress Mauricio Pochettino in training sufficiently in training and was informed he would get very few chances at Tottenham, thus it would be best for his career if he left and sought regular football elsewhere.

Franco Baldini recommended him to the Marseille president Vincent Labrune and he requested him while we were negotiating the purchase of Geprges-Kevin N'Koudou. While these are separate deals, Njie is a direct replacement for N'Koudou and thus Marseille are not releasing N'Koudou until the Njie deal is finalised.

He has been awaiting a French visa which has now been granted L'Equipe tell us. Both players have already passed medicals at their new clubs and while some have been speculating that N'Koudou has been training with Tottenham, that wouldn't be possible for insurance purposes. What would happen if he got injured before he had actually signed? We would be held responsible and subject to legal action from the French club.

He has had to wait patiently while Njie completes his move so we should hear in the next couple of days now that N'Koudou is officially a Spurs player, although there is a weekend to take into account.

N'Koudou should be announced in the next few days N'Koudou should be announced in the next few days Reviewed by THBlogNews on 10:00 am Rating: 5

Visa holding up Njie and M'Koudou moves

9:00 pm


Visa holding up Njie move

The Clinton Njie smokescreen may soon be lifted. When a player is due to be sold he oftem has a mystery injury that prevents him from playing or training with a squad. Gareth Bale had a mysterious injury for a long time and refused to come out of the changing room or be seen in a Tottenham shirt when we went to Hong Kong.

The situation with Clinton Njie is a little different, although it isn't as one website has tried to portray it, that he is going to tell Daniel Levy he wants to leave. Marseilles asked for him as part of the Georges-Kevin N'Koudou deal, although it is claimed they are separate. Funny how one can't be completed without the other though, given N'Koudou has already passed a medical, as has Njie at Marseille.

Mauricio Pochettino and Paul Mitchell spoke to Njie and told him he would be getting very little game time, He refused to leave saying he wanted to stay at Spurs. The Marseille President Vincent Labrune flew to London to try and talk him into a deal and convinced him to have a look around Marseille. That worked because if he wanted regular football he had to leave Spurs.

Rather than it being a blow to Spurs, as it is being portrayed by one website, it is a relief, it is what we want. He has had a year and not impressed enough on the training ground. If we want to be winners we have to be ruthless with players, deliver or go.

French Football News report that Njie has been waiting for a French visa and that has been the hold up over his transfer, which, as we can see, is holding up the N'Koudou transfer. Marseille are not releasing him until they have a replacement signed, sealed and delivered.

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N'Koudou & Njie deals imminent - Stats Comparison

10:30 am


Clinton Njie has undergone his medical at marseille and Georges-Kevin N'Koudou has undergone his medical at Tottenham. As much as anyone might want to say these are two separate deals hey are clearly linked. marseille wanted a replacement for the winger they are losing and we are supplying them with one, who can also play as a striker.

Njie didn't look up to Premier League standard on his brief appearances and his time at White Hart Lane will be remembered by me for nearly hitting the corner flag when having a wild shot at goal. Ther will be an announcement soon, in the meantime here is a look at how they statistically compare, although it should be noted that Njie started centrally when in France (started only 1 game on the left) and N'Koudou from wide.

Njie vs N'Koudou

Games Played: 30 vs 28
Minutes Played: 1.524 vs 2,078
Total Shots: 49 vs 46
Goals Scored: 7 vs 5
Assists: 7 vs 3
Chances Created: 25 vs 25
Successful Take-ons: 35.19% vs 49.22%
Total Passes: 429 vs 601
Forward Passes: 41% vs 45%
Successful Passes: 78% vs 82%
Key Passes: 18 vs 22
Tackles Won: 15 (60%) vs 34 (65%)
Interceptions: 4 vs 13
Yellow/Red Cards: 1/0 vs 0/0

N'Koudou & Njie deals imminent - Stats Comparison N'Koudou & Njie deals imminent - Stats Comparison Reviewed by THBlogNews on 10:30 am Rating: 5

Lyon want Njie back, Nice enquire

12:30 pm


Lyon want Njie back, Nice enquire

Other clubs are now realising ha Clinton Njie is available and are starting o throw their hat into the ring for the Cameroon international.

Marseille are struggling financially each season and let too many players go on free transfers to balance the books each year. They have done so this summer with the sale of Michy Batshuayi, but they still have to put a team together on the cheap. The club is running with bare bones staff, everyone else has seen their contracts terminated.

Franco Baldini recommended Njie to Labrune and he then asked us for him when we were negotiating a transfer for Georges-Kevin N'Koudou. That has slowed down that move, as while we were happy to discuss a loan deal, we wanted, and possibly have got, a guaranteed buy clause that is activated after he plays a certain number of games. At least that is one version being reported, the other version is that the deal is an option to buy with his fee increasing the more games he plays for them on loan.

The fee being reported is £5.84-million (€7m - AUS$10.32m - US$7.72m). Njie was bought for a reported £8.3-million (€12m) a year ago.

Mauricio Pochettino and Paul Mitchell have explained to Njie the limited game time he will get at Tottenham and Labrune has flown to see him before he agreed to travel to France for further talks. He is reluctantly leaving Spurs, he would rather stay and fight for a place.

With the news that he is available Arsenal have made an enquiry and they were immediately informed we would no sell him to hem. Now L'Equipe are reporting that his former club Lyon have asked about his availability and they have greater financial power than Marseilles. In addition Nice have made an enquiry, but they also lack he financial capacity of Lyon in French football..

Potential destinations -  Marseille, Arsenal, Lyon and Nice.

Lyon want Njie back, Nice enquire Lyon want Njie back, Nice enquire Reviewed by THBlogNews on 12:30 pm Rating: 5

Training, Njie, Chadli, Wimmer

10:00 pm


Tottenham have begun pre-season training!

Arsenal, it seems, have made an enquiry for Clinton Njie and Tottenham have said no they can't have him according to L'Equipe. How many more of our players do they want to make enquiries about, they must be frightened.

Swansea City are the team Nacer Chadl turned down a loan move to in 2014, now they want to sign him permanently, but they have no European football and he could easily join a club that has so why would he entertain such a move? Answer, he won't and nor will we no doubt.

Kevin Wimmer called his parents after signing a new contract and hopes he can stay at such a big club for a long time.

“I’m delighted that I was able to sign a new contract to stay five more years with the club. It’s a big pleasure for me, it makes me very happy and it’s a dream come true that I can stay so long with such a big club. I called my mum and dad and of course they are also very happy. 
"It’s special for them because they know we always work hard, we train every day and the season is very long. They are delighted and very happy for me that I could sign a new contract and they are also very proud. 
“People say we all have good mentalities here at the club – the people are very nice and we are like a big family. Everybody likes each other and I was welcomed very well by everyone when I joined last season so it’s a big pleasure for me to play for a big club like this.”

Read the full interview on the Spurs website.

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Njie agrees move to Marseille

9:49 pm


Njie agrees move to Marseille

It seems Vincent Labrune, the Marseille president, well president for the moment, has worked some magic and convinced Clinton Njie to join the French club.

Mauricio Pochettino both explained to him there was no future for him at Spurs and that there would be few opportunities for him to play. For his own development, it was better that he sought regular playing time elsewhere. That elsewhere was Marseille.

Franco Baldini has recommended him to Vincent Labrune, who then after negotiating a deal with Spurs flew to London to see Njie at his home. They both returned to France and Njie has looked around the facilities and listened to what MLabrune felt Marseille could do for his future.

That, according to French radio station RMC, has been a success. Clinton Njie has agreed to a move that will allow Georges-Kevin N'Koudou to join Tottenham and take his place in the squad.

Njie will be loaned to Marseille who will have an option to buy set at £5.84-million which will increase depending upon the number of games he plays

Njie agrees move to Marseille Njie agrees move to Marseille Reviewed by THBlogNews on 9:49 pm Rating: 5

Marseille still trying to convince Njie to join

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Marseille still trying to convince Njie to join

Marseille have been negotiating with Tottenham to take Clinton Njie on loan with an option to buy. Spurs are so keen to sell him that we have even been discussing such a deal. Normally we like to sell a player or loan them with a guarantee of the player being purchased at the end of the loan in the same manner in which we sold Lewis Holtby.

Mauricio Pochettino and Paul Mitchell have spoken to Clinton Njie to tell him he isn't going to get much chance next season with increased competition.and moving up to the Champions League stage. Paul Mitchell. The French press are also reporting that Marseille  club President Vincent Labrune flew to London to visit Clinton Njie's at home again to try and convince him to leave Spurs.

Marseille struggled last season, they have to survive on loan players and free transfers almost next season, so apart from regular football, they have little else to offer. He did convince him to fly to France and have a look around so they could hold further talks. He needs to reignite his career, it looks as if it is going to stagnate at Tottenham, who have chosen to replace him by giving his opportunity to Georges-Kevin N'Koudou.

It seems Pochettino has decided you have had your chance Clinton and you haven't taken it, time to try someone else. We'll have to wait and see what happens over the next few days as Pochettino will want this situation sorted.

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Clinton Njie refusing to leave

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Clinton Njie refusing to leave

Clinton Njie is currently refusing to leave Tottenham. He wants to stay and try for another season but Pochettino has already decided that he doesn't have what it takes. This rumour has been going for months and now L'Equipe seem to have added fuel to the fire.

L’Equipe write that Mauricio Pochettino and Paul Mitchell have both spoken with Clinton Njie yesterday and explained he is not going to get much chance next season. The competition for a place has increased and we are playing a higher level of football. He hasn't taken the few chances he has had, as you have to, as Ryan Mason did for instance against Nottingham Forest when he turned around the tie and scored as well.

He looks poor in front of goal and we are not here for his benefit. If you don't produce on the training ground you have to go. Franco Baldini recommended him to Marseille who tried to negotiate a loan move, but Njie will have none of it.
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Spurs, Arsenal and Man City

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Spurs, Arsenal and Man City

And so it comes to pass. I did warn when this story broke that Clinton Njie hadn't yet even spoken to Marseille yet, so even though Marseilles asked for him and we looked at helping them, there was an awful long way to go before a transfer might be possible. It didn't take him long to turn them down, he wants to stay at Tottenham and prove himself. He may not have done so yet but they are the right words, they just need to be backed up by conviction now.

Arsenal are said to be really keen on 19-year-old (20 next April) TSG 1899 Hoffenheim winger Philipp Ochs. He scored three times at the Under-19 European Championships and thus came to the attention of all the top European clubs.

Sport Bild reports that the Gunners are in pole position (why does every side have to be in order, it smacks of not understanding the transfer market) to sign the German talent. They have sent scouts to watch him and he is aware he is being watched, at the moment that is as far as the story goes.

Manchester City have started to make moves for Riyad Mahrez who is reportedly wanted by Arsenal and Chelsea. One paper says he is edging closer to an exit, another says Leicester are confident he will stay, in other words, nobody has a clue. They'll guess and take sides, then they'll change their mind when it looks to be going against them and pretend they never held any other view, much like plenty of Spurs fans over Harry Kane.

Have to admit I was on the fence about him, I never said we should sell him and made small noises to keep him, but until the goals I was still to be convinced, others I was certain of from before we signed him, Eric Dier and wrong about a third in DeAndre Yedlin, who simply doesn't have the technical skills yet.

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