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It just wasn't our day

4:27 pm
It's days like this that allow me to reminisce over the simple fact that I had a choice to make when I was 7; Support Tottenham Hotspur, and dwell in the joy that bubbled up on dad's face, because "at least one of his sons followed in his stead", or support Manchester United, and allow my older brothers to put one over on the old man.

As you know, I took up option 1.

I wrote out that last sentence with a weighted glumness, not because I envy every glouting trophy my brothers have thrashed before me over the years, whilst we have had to contend with a cup here and there. I'm not even that miserable over all the false dawns that have been put before us. I am livid, because of what it meant for me and my son to get to yesterdays game, and witness that dross.

I won't go into details as all that will do is depress me, and possibly you even more. "If", "buts’" and "maybe's" is all I can think about at the moment; like, for example, "if only the Spurs players out on display in last night’s freezathon, put in as much effort as I did, in order to get to see them, to support them?" "Maybe, if they had done, we would have won 0-5".

You see, getting up to away games in midweek is not as easy as one thinks. I am sure the several thousand disjointed, angry and exhausted Spurs fans that were with me last night, can attest to that.

Apart from getting into a massive argument with the missus, having to explain to my boss why I had to leave at 11am, even though I had put in a holiday request, and also having to deal with a broken fan-belt, which led to me calling out for help on a freezing M1, everything was just fine and dandy.

Oh, did I mention that it was freezing? Damn, it was cold. At least the AA man put some effort in, and he was a Gooner!

When are we going to learn? You gain points by putting in effort!

I was comforted today though. My boss (a Matt Harding Season-Ticket Holder), explained to me that "all this is due to the inexperience of the players, as they push for a Champions League finish". I suppose he's right.

Maybe next year, we can live the dream, until our inexperienced players moon us in the freezing cold...
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