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Pochettino consults Ferguson on Spurs Champions League challenge

8:00 am

Pochettino Consults Ferguson On Spurs Champions League Challenge

Pochettino consults Ferguson on Spurs Champions League challenge

One took a floundering club and turned them into a lasting world force, the other is undertaking the same task with encouraging initial results.

Sir Alex Ferguson was a better manager than many realised, despite all his trophies. he not only changed the culture at a club, he not only developed a winning mentality, but he built several sides and even won the Premier League title with what many considered to be an ordinary side. David Moyes couldn't handle it and Louis van Gaal is having to rebuild a side, we'll see next season how successful that is or whether he has gone by the wayside also.

Mauricio Pochettino has arrived at Tottenham like with a club in a similar position, one in a position consistently lower than it should be. Ferguson knew for United to be successful the club had to be run as a successful business, fortunately for Pochettino that was already in place at Spurs. All the club was waiting for was a manager with that something extra, that special touch.

It isn't enough to build a side for now, to have sustained success you have to build a conveyor belt of talent for the future. Relying on always spending money to build is fraught with danger. There are far too many players out there with talent, who simply don't have the burning desire to be the best they can be. There are far too many that almost go through the motions, our own Mousa Dembele is a prime example. He always had talent, but he was never the player he could become, now a change of mentality and he has just been rated as the best box-to-box midfielder in Europe by one organisation.

If you are building something long-term at a club then why not consult someone who has been there and done it. Mauricio Pochettino, his assistant Jesus Perez and Sir Alex Ferguson had lunch together at Scott’s Restaurant in London’s Mayfair on Tuesday.

With years of experience at the top and years of UEFA Champions League experience, it makes sense for Pochettino and Perez tap into that knowledge ahead of their first Champions League campaign. Pochettino had to learn how to handle the UEFA Europa League and the Premier League, the Champions League is a different matter. To pick the brains of Sir Alx to assist preparing for that and for building something that lasts makes perfect sense.

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Why The Sun is advertising Spurs players

9:40 pm
Alex Ferguson, Tottenham Hotspur Blog NewsIn this last week, The Sun has touted Gareth Bale and Luka Modric, linking them both with Manchester United.

This is the same paper that reported Manchester United had no cash whatsoever not so long ago. So far, we've been told that Fergie is on the verge of splashing out a total of £45 million on the two players.

So then, how can Manchester United afford to sign two players that are clearly out of their price-range?

The only reason I can think of, is that Fergie, knowing he can in no way afford the above stated amount, thinks that if he can use his chums in the media to unsettle our players, he will successfully manage to get them at a considerably lower price. After all, Berbatov went on strike when Fergie's chums forced him out of White Hart Lane. Is it time we started to worry?

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Unsettling Tottenham Players

2:34 pm
sir alex ferguson, tottenham hotspur blog news
We published an article yesterday that was based on Sir Alex Ferguson being interested in signing Gareth Bale.

Now, I won't go into the semantics of why someone like Fergie would be interested in a player like Bale. I won't even go down the path of having to explain to you why Manchester United simply don’t have the funds to buy someone like Gareth Bale.

I want to talk about what so many Spurs fans fear; Bale's head being turned.

Personally, I can't see that happening. Footballers read the papers, sports sites and blogs. They also hire (and pay handsomely) a little devil of an individual called an agent. If anyone is going to turn the head of a professional footballer, you can bet their own agent has something to do with it. Most of the time, it's the players agent that lurks in the shadows of any leaked stories.

I don't know who Gareth Bale's agent is and frankly, I don't care. If however, Bale has been remotely unsettled by the news that one of the two northern skint clubs is after him, then I wish him the best of luck in thinking that the grass is greener.

To be honest, these lads are paid what we can only ever dream of earning. They are well looked after and pampered to the hilt. I can't, not for a second, see this silly nonsense getting to him to the point where he turns in a dull performance tomorrow.

Let's forget about it.

I suppose you could read a little more into it. Matt Law from the Daily Express told me this morning that the story is 100% genuine. Straight from the reindeers mouth. I trust Matt. Therefore, I see fear swelling in Fergie's eyes. Scared are we Alexander?

Is Ferguson worried about tomorrow’s game? You bet he is; hence, the circulating rumours, that are no more than a managers plot to mess with agent fodder.

If things go as I expect them to up in Manchester in the close season, the tide will run blue, awash from the red reaches of a nether year.

Let the talking be done tomorrow, but on the pitch of course.

If Manchester United are to actually play with 11 men tomorrow, instead of their usual 12 (thanks has to be paid to the refs society), then my prediction is that we'll win.

Manchester United 0-3 Tottenham Hotspur


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Gareth Bale to Manchester United

7:29 pm
Oh, don't be stupid!

Now, I have met Matt Law (Daily Express journo who published the story linking Bale to United) on a few occasions and he seems like a fairly decent guy. He's also normally on the money. Not today sunshine.

Sir Alex Ferguson may want to sign Gareth Bale. I also wouldn't mind being in bed with Cheryl Cole and Beyonce Knowles. It isn't going to happen people; well, the part about Bale going to United definitely won't.

Let me introduce you to the Guardian's David Conn. He is the most respected Sports Finance journalist around. If Conn says something, you'd better listen up.

"Manchester United do not have any money left from the Ronaldo transfer. No matter what Alex Ferguson says to the press, they do not have the funds they once had".

David Conn made the above comment whilst on the Guardian's Football Weekly Podcast in January. He was discussing the bonds deal the Glazer's were trying to put through.

"But that was in January. Man U must have the money to spend on players now?"

I'm afraid not. They've recently balked at the £40 million transfer tag that's been put on David Villa's head. Let's make something clear; Villa is worth every penny, and then some.

I can see them making a few signings and I am not saying that the Red Devils haven't got a pot to pee in. They may even make one £20 million signing (just like they did when they brought in Valencia from Wigan). But to go out full guns on Gareth Bale? No chance!

Let's put this into some sort of perspective. Daniel Levy got over £31 million for Dimitar Berbatov. Levy is the sort of person you really don't want to be seeing around the negotiating table. Hardball; understatement. Do you really think our Chairman's going to let one of the best left-sided players in the Premier League (anyone who says otherwise is a tool), leave for anything less than what he thinks he's worth?

Don't be stupid.

If you're interested in some football financial journalism at its best, you wouldn't go far wrong with David Conn.

Matty Law is also an Aston Villa fan, which could, if you read between the lines, explain a few things.

PS. Anyone got Cheryl's and/or Beyonce's number?

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The gameplan for Sunday

11:58 am
We are all familiar with Harry Redknapp’s prioritisation policy, but our manager knows the importance of Sunday’s Carling Cup final clash with Manchester United. He had a taste of Wembley glory last season with Portsmouth and more silverware, gained through upsetting the best team in Europe will be another notable feather in his managerial cap.

Victory would also be a boost to a team that has faced the ignominy of a relegation battle all season, securing European qualification at a time when our UEFA Cup fixtures are viewed as little more than a hindrance. It is hoped they would not be next season.

However, retention of the trophy and qualification for the first season of the Europa League somehow seems as far away as it did when we embarked on the campaign in the dark days of early season.

Manchester United have an aura of invincibility that makes their target of winning the five tournaments they entered this season eminently achievable. 10 straight Premier League wins and one goal conceded in their last 15 league matches shows the size of Spurs’ task. How will we defeat the Red Devils and repeat last year’s success?

That victory over Chelsea is the first place to look. Players intimidated by our opponents only need look at those who constructed that famous win – as the cliché goes, anything is possible in football and we must not lack self-belief.

Tactically Harry might well use our recent FA Cup defeat at Old Trafford as a blueprint. Although a 2-1 reverse was the final outcome, the manager was pleased with the way our five-man midfield stifled United’s threat, with the doubling up on Cristiano Ronaldo particularly successful.

Spurs played that match under-strength and with a clear counter-attacking mentality, and whilst we will not start the final in the same defensive frame of mind, the absence of Robbie Keane, Jermain Defoe and Fraizer Campbell might force Harry to again play Luka Modric behind Roman Pavlyuchenko.

Darren Bent appears to be on borrowed time at the club and can expect a place on the bench – having no striking cover on the sidelines might be dangerous.

Wilson Palacios is also unavailable, so Didier Zokora will perform ball-winning duties alongside Jermaine Jenas, who will need to support the front man with his bursts from midfield that have been lacking this season. Tom Huddlestone had a good impact as a substitute last year and we might need him again to come on to pick passes as we search for goals.

The back four will pick itself (fitness permitting) with the containment of Ronaldo and Dimitar Berbatov a priority. Our former striker was allowed too much space in the FA Cup tie and Ledley King will be keen to prevent him dropping deep and enjoying time on the ball.

Heurelho Gomes will be back between the sticks, which should not alarm Spurs fans as much as they might fear – Carlo Cudicini was as unsure on set pieces against Hull City as the Brazilian has been at any point this season. United are as dangerous from corners and free kicks as anyone and it does not need saying that they are threatening enough without being gifted soft goals.

The final should be a tight, low-scoring affair and we should hope Spurs’ frustrating tactics can produce a 1-0 win, the scoreline that United have benefited from so much recently. They have conceded more than once just three times in 26 league matches, meaning a clean sheet is crucial to our hopes of victory.

Written by Philip Oliver, a Tottenham Hotspur supporter and professional sports writer who blogs about Carling Cup gambling and football in general.
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