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Kevin Prince-Boateng admits he was at fault at Spurs

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Kevin Prince-Boateng didn't have the right mentality at Spurs

Tottenham have had their share of talented players who simply didn't have the mentality at the time to hack it at the club. Giovanni dos Santos springs to mind and who can forget Harry Redknapp saying of him that 'If he could pass a nightclub like he passes a ball he'd be a superstar'.

Mentally he didn't have it off the field and that affects on the field performance. You can't pick a player like that as you will unsettle the dressing room and simply annoy your players. The end result of that is a manager gets sacked.

David Bentley was another who simply wanted to party, he even bought a bar in Spain and was more interested in a fun time than actually working at his game. When he eventually decided he did want to play he had lost it.

Kevin Prince-Boateng was another. He signed a four-year with us in 2007, joining from Hertha Berlin for £5.4 million when he was just 20. Now he is 29 and playing in Spain for Las Palmas.

He made 13 league appearances, 21 in total in 2007/08 and just 1 league appearance, 3 in all competitions the following season before we loaned him to German side Borussia Dortmund. Now he realises his mistakes, realises the problem was himself and wishes to advise other young players who might have the same attitude he had back then.

The 29-year-old (30 in March) Ghanaian international spoke to the Daily Mail about his time at Spurs.

"[Spurs manager Martin] Jol told me after a month that he didn’t want me. So it felt like me against the world; you know that feeling when you shut-off?’

"I had a lot of money for a 20-year-old. I thought: Okay so you don’t want me, I will enjoy my life. I went out night-clubbing. And then of course you can’t perform. 
"You end up trying to buy happiness. I bought a Lamborghini. Wow! I was happy for a week. After that I didn’t even use the car. Who drives around Loughton in a Lamborghini?’"

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