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Naming Rights

A lot has been said in relation to renaming the new stadium that will be built near our home, White Hart Lane, as well as handing out other naming rights to other stadia around the country such as the future New Anfield and Stamford Bridge.

Many of us just want the naming rights to be left alone. Abandoned. I was one of them. I, like many others, sentimentally ignored the fact that naming our new stadium XYZ Arena (or whatever), could in fact be the major deciding factor in getting it built.

For those that can, cast your minds back to 24th January 1976. Kettering Town lined up against Bath City in the Southern League. The only difference was that they had "Kettering Tyres" printed across their shirts. This, of course, caused an uproar amongst many Kettering Town supporters, as well as a major stir in the F.A.

Why? For starters, what were the words "Kettering Tyres" doing, plastered on the Northamptonshire clubs strip? Comments like; "Kettering Tyres have violated our team by daring to put their logo across our clubs' shirt!" were heard echoing around the ground on that wintery, wet Saturday; for an occurrence like this one had never happened before!

How times have changed? We eagerly anticipate the announcement from our respective clubs in relation to which major conglomerate will plow its millions into sponsoring our sides shirt (please make sure we don't get another red sponsor!).

I fully understand the Geordie's frustration with the attempted re-branding of St. James' Park. I am firmly against traditional grounds having their name changed, which is why I also feel Chelsea may be wasting their time. James' Park Stadium sounds more like an email address than a stadium. Is Mike Ashley attempting to hit new lows each month? Hasn't that man done enough up in Newcastle? And he's a Spurs fan, which proves my point that we're not all perfect.

When it comes to new stadia, I'd prefer to keep the name of the traditional arena, but I am not so opposed to a new name, as long as it's something respectable.

For example, Ashburton Grove is the original name of the Woolwich Wanderers stadium, most commonly called The Emirates.

As long as we can get the right investment and brand through the door, I'll be happy. I'm delighted with the current planning and designs of our new stadium. It does look similar to some of the newer stadiums that are being built at the moment, but with the added difference of the Kop-styled stand and the 'nearer to the pitch' design; much nearer than our Southern rivals.

It was pleasing to hear that our club is in good hands (see our Financial Highlights for the year ended 30th June 2009). With the current financial climate, I strongly believe that Mr. Wenger had a point when he said large footballing institutions could collapse if they weren't careful.

Daniel Levy, under the shrewd stewardship of Joe Lewis, are working wonders, especially when you think Tottenham Hotspur are the richest club to have never played in the Champion's League. Our attendances of a shade over 36,000 haven't helped either, but Levy & Lewis continually steady the ship.

Bear in mind that behind Mansheikh City, Spurs have been the biggest spenders on players. With a new state-of-the-art training complex already underway and the New Lane's planning permission submitted, the future does look a lot brighter.
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