Results for World Cup Bid

Our Board is Confident

It was good to hear that our board have submitted our proposed new stadium within London's host application of stadia for the 2018 World Cup bid.

Some may see this as a good sign in relation to our new stadium submission plans being accepted by Haringey Council.

Let's face it; the Tottenham area is in need of some sort of regeneration project. The area around the ground is crying out for it and so the rumours of the plans being fast-tracked through the system, don't seem far off the mark.

As regards the World Cup bid, do you think we stand a chance of winning? When I look back at the successful Olympic bid, I remember Seb Coe being brought in as the knight in shining armour. Who do we have? David Maxim Triesman.

He's not exactly the most marketable character around. Fair enough, he's a Spurs fan, but that won't win us the bid.

Who will be the bid's knight in shining armour? David Beckham? Gary Lineker? Whoever it will be, they'll have a lot of responsibility cast on their shoulders. From what I hear, the board that have been put in charge of the 2018 bid are already at each others necks.

For the sake of English football; from grass-roots to Premier League, let's hope they can get it right.

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