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Harry on Fab

3:03 pm
Luís Fabiano to sign for Tottenham Hotspur, THBN
Our 'Arry is at it yet again, this time stating that Tottenham Hotspur could be interested in signing the Brazil International striker, Luís Fabiano, from Sevilla.

"To be perfectly honest, I haven't sat down to discuss any transfer targets with our chairman Daniel Levy, apart from trying to do a deal with Joe Cole", said Harry Redknapp.

Come on Harry, we know that's not true. A lot of us heard you say that "Diego Forlan is interested in coming to Tottenham". Maybe Harry did that behind Levy's back? Who knows?

I personally can't stand Luís Fabiano. If he's not constantly falling over, he's telling everyone just how good he is. Thanks, but no thanks mate.

We all know Harry Redknapp would love Craig Bellamy, Diego Forlan and Micah Richards at the Lane. Thus far, Harry has told us (live on talkSPORT) that "Craig Bellamy is a player that could do a job for Tottenham", that "Joey Cole is a player that we are in talks with and are pretty close to signing" and that "Manchester City may allow us to speak with Micah Richards".

Diego Forlan, in my honest opinion, is the "special player" that Redknapp desires. Craig Bellamy isn't everyone's cup of tea, but he could do a job for us. I'm a bit baffled at the inclusion of Richards, but then again, I am sure Harry knows what he's doing.

I personally wouldn't mind the following transfer transactions to take place over this summer:

Diego Forlan
Craig Bellamy
Micah Richards
Joe Cole

Robbie Keane
Roman Pavlyuchenko
Alan Hutton
Adel Taarabt
Jermaine Jenas

I suppose we'll have to wait and see how the summer pans out. If only Levy would conduct his business promptly so that our squad could settle before the Champion's League Qualifiers....

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Harry Redknapp interview on his transfer targets

6:42 pm
scott parker to tottenham, thbn
Harry Redknapp was interviewed on talkSPORT earlier today and said that we are no closer to signing Joe Cole as the lad wants to review all his options.

Being totally against us signing Cole when all this fuss first kicked off, I have to say that I have started to take a liking to the idea. If it comes off and he doesn't mind being part of a squad, then great. If not, he can join another side. No one should be guaranteed a starting position and thank God, in Harry, we have a manager that isn't scared to shuffle the pack.

When asked about any other players that he may be interested in, Harry said: "Scotty Parker is a player that I've always admired. He is a massive Tottenham fan and could do a decent job for any club in the Premiership."

I have to agree with him. Parker was West Ham's best player last season. If Harry is to implement a new system, Parker could fit in nicely alongside Palacios or Huddlestone.

I suppose a deal hinges on the price West Ham place on his head. Either way, he's got my vote!

Craig Bellamy to Tottenham Hotspur, THBNHarry also commented on Craig Bellamy by adding "Craig is a fantastic professional. He's the type of player that is needed when things aren't going your way.

"I do like the lad, but he's a City player. If he [Bellamy] was to become available, I would definitely be interested."

Would you mind Parker and Bellamy signing up? I wouldn't. They would add a great deal of steel and depth to our squad in my opinion.

John Carew joining Tottenham Hotspur, THBNAlso, as per the article yesterday, a lot of you said that Defoe isn't the sort of player that can play up top on his own. I have to agree with you. I hate to say it, but Darren Bent is the sort of player that could be deployed in a 4-2-3-1 or 4-5-1 come 4-3-3 formation. He's proved that at Sunderland. Anyway, there's no point crying over spilt milk.

Maybe this is a long shot, but I wouldn't mind seeing big old John Carew at the Lane. Surely Harry could work his magic and do a deal which involved Robbie Keane going in the opposite direction?

We've finally reached that time of year me ole chums.....

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What would you do?

5:29 pm
Since publishing the "No to Bellamy" article, I got a few emails from Joe Public telling me that he's exactly the type of player we need.

Fair enough, everyone's entitled to their own opinion.

It also looks like Harry's using his media connections to see if Bellamy's side take the bait.

If they do and we read "I've always admired Harry Redknapp" type statements, expect him to wear Lilywhite.

Thing is, we would need to sell. Pav's on his way out and may be followed by a couple more, but would you sell Robbie Keane in a bid to bring in Craig Bellamy?

Harry's said he wouldn't, but we all know what Harry's like.

Merry Christmas to you & your loved ones.


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No to striker

6:26 pm
All this talk of us signing Bellamy has really got me banging my head against the wall. Do I think he's a quality striker? Yes. Can he fit into our team? Absolutely not!

First off, if Harry does end up signing him, can someone tell me where he's supposed to play? With Modric on the way back and Crouch & Defoe reforming their partnership, why risk it all on a player that has a dodgy knee and a temperamental personality?

I do think he's quality. You've got to be an idiot to say otherwise. He's proved for City this season that maybe we should have signed him when we had the chance, prior to us bringing back Keano, who seems to have left his form behind before joining Liverpool.

Some of my colleagues reckon that he would fit right in, even displacing Crouch. As I said above, I can't see him fitting in. What we don't need at the moment, is such a hot-headed personality in the dressing room.

Thing is, the papers won't let this one alone. It does look like he wants shot of Eastlands and maybe his agent has been doing the rounds? But then again, our Harry's also media savvy. We'll just have to sit tight and see how this one pans out.

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