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Tweets speak for themselves

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Tweets can tell their own story, legend Ledley is just like any other football fan wanting the real stuff to start after we had to endure Roy 'Bungle' Hodgson and his trusted ancient coaching manual with a few pages missing and coffee stains obscuring vital notes. He reminds me of Michael Portillo doing his railway journeys with a 100-year-old guide book.

back to the modern game and the players are having to enjoy, endure the training sessions Pochettino and his coaching staff put them through. Another former player  is remembered and our goalscorers have both got off the mark for the season. Looking rosy.

Can't wait for the new season to start, this must be the most anticipated prem season ever

Doble turno de entrenamiento hoy! ⚽⚽💪🏻 Double training session today! ⚽⚽💪🏻

Thanks for the memories, it was an awesome day!

Good to be back out on the pitch! Always nice to score a couple as well! Thank you Norway 👍⚽️

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Klinsmann, Lacazette, Man City

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The Sunday People report the United States Soccer Federation will not prevent former Tottenham striker Jurgen Klinsmann from taking over the vacant England post. The 51-year-old German has the level of experience the job really requires and has more tactical nous than the inept Roy Hodgson. Germany general manager, Oliver Bierhoff, has suggested Klinsmann is already in discussions with the FA, although you would expect they are just sounding him out at the moment.
Arsenal have informed Italian champions Juventus that 27-year-old (28 in December) Alexis Sanchez is not for sale and have turned down a £37.55-million (€44m - AUS$64.23m - US$48.62m) bid for the Chilean international. Currently he is undergoing treatment for a swollen ankle after helping his country beat Argentina in the Copa America final to retain the trophy.

Lyon President Lyon president Jean-Michel Aulas has suggested Arsenal have not made a bid for 25-year-old Alexandre Lacazette and said he isn't for sale. Quite how believable that is is anyone's guess, it may simply be a ploy to try and push up his price, which is rather steep for a player who couldn't make the French squad for the European Championships. We are back to the definition of a bid and a verbal discussion.

Manchester City have been in the news for a while now with their interest in 26-year-old Brazilian right-back Bruno Peres from Torino .It is being reported that City have now made an bid of £19.63-million (€23m - AUS$33.57m - US$25.42m) according to the Spanish press who have been speculating over his future for a while. The British press put the figure lower figure.

Watford bid for him last month, Roma are very keen on him but are cash strapped. They have an ongoing problem at full-back and they are continually having to spend money to resolve it instead of developing their own. That puts a strain on finances and makes the bigger signings more difficult. They won't be able to compete with Manchester City and working with Pep Guardiola must be a big pull.

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VIDEO: Klinsmann backheels 2 balls at once last night

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Class is permanent the saying goes, well if Jurgen Klinsmann is anything to go by it certainly is. The former World Cup winning Tottenham striker, now managing the USA, backheels 2 balls at once during last night's friendly against Chile.

The US lost 3-2 but Spurs signing DeAndre Yedlin got 90 minutes under his belt. He only started training with Spurs on 7th January so is still at the pre-season fitness stage. Having only has an hour with the Development Squad, another game will help bring him to the level he needs to be at.

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Klinsmann revealed why Spurs had to change

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Back in November, while he was over here for the USA game against Columbia in November, Jurgen Klinsmann spoke of the lessons he learnt in the countries he played in and under the managers he played.

Klinsmann shows why Spurs have to change

The approach Arsene Wenger adopted is a lesson to Tottenham fans. He looked at a player long-term and when Monaco made the semi-finals of the UEFA Champions League he left out Youri Djorkaeff saying 'he has to learn to live the right life off the field.'

Immediately my mind swings to Saido Berahino witnessed inhaling nitrous oxide last season and this season being arrested on a drink driving charge when stopped doing 110mph (177 km hour).

Wenger told Klinsmann, ‘You’ve got to guide these guys,’ Klinsmann was at the time almost 30. The senior players in any club play a very important role, the young learn from their approach, both on and off the field.

Let me immediately throw in the name of Emmanuel Adebayor, he had a bust up with Harry Kane, then cites voodoo. Is that the sort of example a senior professional should be showing youngsters? He doesn't even display the right attitude on the field, can you see Adebayor trying to score a fourth goal against Chelsea because I can't, he'd have been in midfield passing the ball around to play keep ball.

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Pochettino has told Daniel Levy that Adebayor is a negative influence on the young players and Tottenham are a young player club, the senior players have to be carefully selected to be of the right mental character. There has been talk of Rafael van der Vaart once again whose hamstrings may not be able to survive Pochettino training sessions but his mental approach would certainly be better than that of Adebayor.

Having the right environment to learn and continually improve is something I've spoken a lot about because the culture at Tottenham, both within the club and fans, has to change, and is changing. We have a head coach who believes the same, Tim Sherwood believed the same, he just used a different method to try and achieve it.

The clear out that will take place at Spurs will be as much to do with getting rid of the wrong mental characters as it will be getting rid of the players not performing. Each club has a way of doing things, a culture and at Tottenham it is not a winning culture so that has to be cultivated.

If you want to change results, in terms of trophies, then you have to change what you are doing now, which has been unsuccessful, to achieve different results. That means embracing the right mentality, the mentality of winners, then you can bred that throughout the club for sustained long-term success. It's not luck that Arsenal go on end of season runs to continually grab a Champions League slot from us, it's a club culture, a mentality of success.

You can't breed that with bad apples, players who can't be bothered or players who are happy as they are, regardless of their ability. Pochettino has embarked on changing Tottenham in the manner Daniel Levy wants him to, he is taking stick from fans who, to be frank, don't understand the change that is required off the field for on the field success.

I make no secret of the fact that having done my own research into Pochettino and the situations at his former clubs to draw my own conclusions, rather than borrow them from a newspaper, that I then nailed my colours to his mask.

Turbulent times were expected as re-educating a club and it's fan base is no easy task, it can't be achieved overnight. The players must jive their lives as supreme elite athletes and appreciate that their body is the tool of their trade, but more than that they and fans have to appreciate that their brain is the ultimate, it controls the tool.

We are on the right track, we have the right man at the helm to take us forward.

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Klinsmann - Pochettino is tremendously talented

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Jurgen Klinsmann was in the UK in November when he spoke to the British media about Tottenham, Klinsmann is one of the games legends, he has won a World Cup and European Championships, he has won titles, cups and European competitions, has coached Germany and is now developing football in the USA while managing the national team.

Klinsmann - Pochettino is tremendously talented

He had two spells at Spurs, was named Player of the Year and saved us from relegation. In football he knows what is what so it's safe to say he knows what he is talking about when he says Mauricio Pochettino is a tremendously talented coach.

“It was just a nice feeling to be back at Tottenham. I watch the games in the US. Last week, I watched Harry Kane’s celebration [after scoring against Aston Villa]. I almost tweeted it out! 
“The team means so much to them [the fans]. No matter where you go you always find Spurs fans. If a game doesn't go well then it’s normal that the crowd has every right to be a bit pessimistic. I actually thought the crowd tried to give positive energy to give them a push. The 2-1 [Stoke City game] came and I had the feel that the equaliser would be right there. 
“I wish Mauricio only the best. He’s a tremendous, talented coach. He’s shown that already. He’s got a smart brain. In order for Mauricio to put his stamp on Spurs he needs time. He also needs a couple of transfer windows to build the team he has in mind, to put the puzzle together that he envisions. 
“Unfortunately, professional football is driven by short-term results and high media expectations and high fan expectations and that often drives clubs to make very quick decisions because they’ve lost five games in a row.”

Two months later and his Spurs side have just put five past Chelsea, unheard of under Jose Mourinho. He has given Spurs fans and the players a glimpse of what is possible if players of the right mentality are assembled.

Simply buying a player for buyings sake is not good enough, that player has to be able to develop himself into a high class player, to be professional both on and off the field at all times. The assessment of the squad has taken place, now over the next two windows at least the team will be shaped to challenge for trophies. These windows become important because if Tottenham get the recruitment right then it will attract other talented players.

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Where success breeds success so it breeds the desire of players to be a part of something. If Tottenham are challenging for honours because of the system, because the team is the important component as opposed to the usual Northern Europe way of individual skill, then the club becomes attractive for a wider range of players who will be playing to win, not playing for money.

We will try to shift Adebayor, Kaboul, Capoue, Lennon, Naughton, Chiriches because of attitude or ability this month, how many we are able to shift will depend upon who is willing to buy and at what price. Baldini will have his work cut out shifting them but we have to free up squad places before we can bring anyone in.

The recruitment at the moment is out of Pochettino's hands, he has made his recommendations of the order in which to approach targets and understands players have a value that you don't greatly exceed when buying them.

For now he works with what he has, it will be interesting to see who is brought in and how they develop once they understand the requirements he places upon them.

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