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Sol Campbell To Stay At Spurs

7:36 pm

Oxford United turn down Sol Campbell - Remember How He Left Spurs?



🗣 "I can't believe some people, I'm one of the greatest minds in football and I'm being wasted because of a lack of experience." 🗣

Sol Campbell is not happy about being overlooked for the Oxford United managerial post report Sky Sports. That should of course say he is one of the greatest pricks in football. All he does is bleat racism, which is racist in itself. Oxford have shown great intelligence in overlooking him.

It either hasn't occurred to him that he could go to a non-league club and gain some valuable coaching and or managerial experience or he thinks it's beneath him.

If he can't be bothered to serve his apprenticeship, if he can't be bothered to do what it takes to get to where he wants to be then any chairman in his right mind isn't going to entertain employing him.

He knows nothing about management and is displaying totally the wrong attitude for success, an attitude no chairman would want his players to adopt,so he is hardly a role model for the. Do as I say, not as I do.

The manner in which he left Spurs will never be forgotten, he set this club back 10 years when we could have picked up £25m (a lot of money infor him and used the money to built a side.

Sol Campbell to stay at Spurs

Sol Campbell has given Tottenham Hotspur fans the New Year message they all wanted to hear. The Spurs skipper has ended speculation that he was leaving White Hart Lane at the end of the season on a free transfer by declaring - "I'm going nowhere."
Campbell was free to negotiate with clubs from Monday under the Bosman Ruling and Manchester United were said to be favourites to sign the England defender.

But the 26-year-old continued: "I want to play for Tottenham - that's it. I've been here for so long and there's no reason to think I would want to leave.

"For me to do well at this club would mean everything. I play for Spurs with a passion and desire, and it hurts me when we lose."

Source: Daily Mail

He gave the same assurances at the start of the season too.

The club were quite right not to invite him to the White Hart Lane farewell celebrations.

Crawl back under your rock.


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Sol Campbell Arsenal are better than Spurs

5:00 pm

Sol Campbell will never be a popular figure at White Hart Lane given the way he left the club, rather than who he left it for. He has his own views on many issues and has been speaking to 888sport about Arsenal being a bigger club that Tottenham ahead of the North London Derby.

"You have to look at it over the course of probably 10 years. It's not down to one or two seasons but how to find a consistency even when a new batch of players come in. 
"That's the difference with Arsene who has had various different teams and the philosophy has changed a bit but whoever he has brought in has been at the top. That's how you look at it or you can't make a proper judgement."

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More rantings from the weird mind of Sol Campbell

8:30 am
He famously lost the plot once and disappeared at half-time during a game against West Ham. Sol Campbell away leaving everyone trying to guess where he was and when or if he'd be coming back.

More rantings from the weird mind of Sol Campbell

That was 2006 and he has always appeared as if he has a chip on his shoulder since. No Spurs fan can trust a word he says after telling the club he'd sign a new contract, or so it was reported at the time, and instead leaving on a free transfer for Arsenal.

His ramblings since have suggested that people should have job interviews based on the colour of their skin, or active racism as I perceive that to be. Any job short-list should be based upon ability alone not skin colour.

Now he suggest he should replace Gary Neville with England having done no coaching himself. Not everyone can be a coach and whether he has the requisite people skills I wouldn't know but his ramblings alienate people which is not a good sign.

"Get rid of Gary Neville and get me in instead. I've done all the badges. I'm doing my coaching badges with the Welsh FA. I am on the last year of the pro licence. 
"Whether I'm going to use it straight away I'm not too sure. Whether I can use it here I don't know. The career I have had should warrant me getting a job."

That was his answer to a question put by a football fan who asked what he would do to stop England conceding goals, not the answer the fan was expecting no doubt. I certainly wouldn't want someone like that coaching England, he would be rather devise with an attitude like that.

"I had my colour to count against me,' he said. 'I should have captained my country more than three times. I was going toe-to-toe with Beckham and he got the captaincy. 
"But I was getting better and better. I became one of the best defenders in the world and then the best defender in the world and captain of my domestic side. But the better you get the further away you get (from the England captaincy). To me it's not right. You conduct yourself in a proper way, in a proper manner, not falling out of night clubs and things like that. 
"David was picked as captain and of course he ticked all the boxes. But what if every country adopted that kind of format? They don't. 
"Most teams don't go for a star player as captain. Germany don't do it, France don't do it, Italy don't do it and nor do Spain. It's not about the star name.

Sorry Sol but you don't come across very well, in fact you come across as very bitter.

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Sol Campbell, fans' favourite

Sol Campbell’s departure from Notts County was the most predictable football story of the season so far. The prospect of a recent Premier League regular plying his trade in League Two was an unlikely scenario, but the chances of the big fish sticking at it in a little pond for too long were particularly slim considering the individual involved.

County fans can join the growing list of supporters disgruntled by Campbell’s own inimitable transfer market conduct. The anger and disappointment felt by Spurs fans has obviously not been matched, but it is worth remembering that Campbell is not on Arsène Wenger’s Christmas card list.

The Arsenal boss allowed Campbell to leave on the understanding he would not join a rival Premier League club. Hardly a betrayal on the scale of his free transfer across North London, but still part of a notable pattern for a player adept at filling his pockets with signing-on fees.

Money was understandably touted as the reason for the move to Meadow Lane. Why else would a recent England player drop down three divisions when still capable of playing at a higher level? Sol informed us that it was nothing to do with the five-year, £40,000 a week deal, but the challenge and ‘where I am at the moment in my life’.

Campbell has now abandoned another club, this time without running down his contract. Maybe he felt League Two football was below him; or maybe the club and facilities were not up to scratch. Perhaps he wants to play for England. My money is on the fact he is on the hunt for another signing-on fee.
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