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Money - Man City, Spurs and Arsenal

2:24 pm


An interesting point made on Twitter by Just Tottenham News - If or when Manchester City sign 28-year-old (29 in December) striker Alexis Sanchez from Arsenal, they will have spent almost £500 million (€543.37m - AUS$815.62m - US$643.70m)  in 14 months, which is more than Tottenham Hotspur have earned as a club in the last 2 years!

For those of you who follow the transfer deadline day all evening, it closes at midnight, however, if a club have submitted a 'deal sheet' to the Premier League an hour earlier, by 11:00pm, then they have an extra hour until 1:00am to complete the transfer.

An excellent read - Impact of Rules on Arsenal

It is an Arsenal account of why a side can't just whack their wags up and helps to explain why Tottenham can't simply pay the wages the five clubs better off than us do. Arsenal have an income that is roughly £150 million more than ours and this article explains that you can't simply use TV money to increase wages. It is illegal, plus their are FFP restrictions.

I have written many time that we must first increase our commercial income before we can pay high wages and had many a discussion, to be polite, on Twitter. If you understand these things you get accused of not knowing anything about football by people who clearly know a lot less.


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