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Spurs are improving their scouting network

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It has long been thought among fans that our scouting network is poor and that we rely on agencies to suggest players to us, rather than doing our own scouting in certain areas.

We would provide details of the type of player we want and back would come suggestions in due course, which we could then pursue. Under Franco Baldini the club have been restructuring the football operations to bring them more in line with successful clubs. We have extended our use of the loan system and are having an overhaul of our analysis, scouting and recruiting.

I have to admit I had missed the news we had appointed a senior scout for Southern Europe when writing my article about Tottenham needing to sign more Spanish youth because of the way they are taught football. Currently we are linked with three Barcelona players but whether anything comes of that we'll have to wait and see.

In February we appointed 24-year-old Spaniard Adrián Espárraga to the role upon the recommendation of Paul Mitchell. He is young and that may be a concern to some but also football has moved on and a different type of player is needed now at Spurs. In addition there have been technological advances that aid scouting so let's have a look at our new guy.

Formerly with Malaga as Technical Director, our Head of Recruitment and Analysis, Paul Mitchell, recommended bringing Espárraga to the club. He left Malaga earlier this year and has now joined Tottenham to add to the overhaul of the football operations at Tottenham.

The 24-year-old worked under sporting director Mario Husillos at Malaga for almost three years. Manchester City manager Manuel Pellegrini was coach there but left La Rosaleda last July for the Premier League.

His Twitter profile conforms he is with the club 'Professional Scout. UEFA Pro Coach. Working for Tottenham Hotspur. Ex-Málaga CF'.

We finish 5th and qualify for !!

Espárraga played football from a tender age as we all did but he suffered a serious knee injury so looked at other avenues to support his passion. He has subsequently been an Assistant Coach at Club Deportivo Alhaurinohas, spent 1 year working as a Technical Secretary, 5 years as Head Coach of Match Analysis and 6 years as a scout.

Head Coach of Match Analysis meant he used live and game tape analysis for both Malaga and their opponents. It also meant that in a scouting capacity he analysed Serie A, again both live and using tapes. As Technical Director at Malaga he was Head of the Recruitment and Scouting Department for the senior team and the reserve team, suggesting players to sign to the Director of Sports and the General Manager.

Paul Mitchell was employed partially because of his modern use of technology to analyse players. Tottenham have used statistics for a number of years but I can only assume our interpretation of them has not been great. Espárraga is another scout who also embraces technology to assist in his work and uses a rang of software to help him.

Any match that is recorded can be watched anywhere in the world with the right software and enables you to narrow down who to physically see, thus saving valuable time. It seems we are moving our scouting network into the 21st century but don't worry, the old eye won't be forgotten.

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