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Use their love of Spurs to help your child

8:30 pm
Discipline is very important, not only in sport but in life. It is the parents responsibility to give their child the right guidance from an early age. For some parents of a football fan, a system of incentives may be the answer, but obviously not for all. 

Boys especially are reluctant to tidy their bedroom, to put dishes in a dishwasher, to use a laundry basket, to wipe their feet before they charge through the house, to get up for school, to do their homework and a myriad other things.

The coming year might be the time to set up a reward scheme for the football nut you have spawned. A list of chores that must be done, on time without any complaint, to elicit a small reward each month. There are plenty of items to kit out a bedroom that could be used from pictures, posters, alarm clocks, coasters, rugs, curtains, bedding even before they have come down to breakfast in their club bowl with a drink in their club glass. All before travelling to school with pen set and stationary in a club bag.

Christmas is an ideal time to start because they could be encouraged to write thank-you letters to people for their presents, not a task too many children are keen on. As long as everything is explained to them so they can see the bigger picture, the end result and not just that months reward, then they have an incentive to achieve. that is arguably one of the most valuable skills they can acquire. It also teaches that you have to work for things and you don't get everything now, again a valuable skill for later life when you hope your children are good with money.

Head across to with a pen and paper and start to note down all the little items that could kit them out around the main bedding and curtain purchases. Using small items they all add up and month by month build their football bedroom without breaking the bank.

Once at click on 'Shop by Team' and select your desired club from the alphabetical list. Tottenham is on the left near the bottom. You'll find some foreign teams and teams from other sports if you prefer.

Once at the page, you'll find category listings below the team name. I'd advise you to work your way through these and note down any appropriate gifts. You'll probably come across more than you expect.
Have a happy Christmas and give the football fan in your life a happy next year.

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