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Spurs vs Burnley - will this be tougher than we expect?

5:00 pm

Tottenham will be looking to take another three points against Burnley at White Hart Lane on Sunday, one of only 11 Premier League game to go before the stadium is completely demolished to make way for the rest of the new stadium.

Burnley have won three of their last four games, conceding only two goals, however they have only scored one goal away from home all season. Even so, Mauricio Pochettino is expecting a tough game against a side we have struggled against in the past.

"It will be difficult because they have a very clear idea of how they play. They are strong physically and mentally, it's a very difficult team to play -- we can see the last game against West Ham was difficult for West Ham and a penalty decided it. 
"The Premier League always is tough, the most important thing is to arrive fresh with the ideas of how we need to play and what we need to do and then try to give our best."

Despite those words it is imperative we take three points and we should be dismissing Burnley in the same manner we have dismissed Swansea City and Hull City. We should be winning by a clear margin, but as ever, will have to be mentally at the races. Complacency or taking the opposition too lightly is where problems occur, which we have seen time and time again are difficult to rectify once a game has started.

It is why the mental preparation that Harry Kane talked about in his pre-game routine is so important. Professional football is mentally a world away from turning up on a Saturday or Sunday to play in a local league, I'm not sure some fans grasp that when you read their comments in forums.

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Spurs vs Burnley - will this be tougher than we expect? Spurs vs Burnley - will this be tougher than we expect? Reviewed by THBlogNews on 5:00 pm Rating: 5

VIDEO Highlights Watch Vertonghen's reaction

2:30 pm
Below are the video highlights from the BBC for the Tottenham Hotspur vs Burnley FA Cup Third Round replay that took place last night on the same day as double winning Ron Henry's funeral.

I have spoken often about the mental side of the game and how you should be internally and individually motivated at all times, an aspect we have seen Younes Kaboul have missing time and time again, he did the same against Newcastle United.

This time after only a couple of minutes he isn't concentrating and is way out of position for the first goal. Jan Vertonghen has to run across but can't do anything ti stop the goal, he then immediately turns to look at Kaboul, leaving no doubt as to where the blame lay.

The second goal went in off a jumping Roberto Soldado who turned his back as deflected it past Vorm, who won't be happy to have been beaten from so far out, even if the deflection gave him no chance.

Tottenham's first goal came from a poor hooked cross that Soldado could just get his head to and luckily Paulinho was in the right place at the right time. It owed a bit to fortune and anticipation by Paulinho who has recently been putting in the effort required.

Soldado misses a sitter and then once again shows he is one of our most creative players with a lovely ball across the six yard box timed perfectly for the run of Danny Rose.

It was certainly a game Tottenham had to improve in after another slow start but improve they did.

VIDEO Highlights Watch Vertonghen's reaction VIDEO Highlights Watch Vertonghen's reaction Reviewed by THBlogNews on 2:30 pm Rating: 5

GOAL VINES Burnley & Spurs 1st goals

9:06 pm
Just watch how far Younes Kaboul is out of position for Burnley's first goal, Vertonghen has to rush from the left because Davies is further forward. Quite what Kaboul was doing goodness knows but shows that mentally he isn't good enough.

The Vine below is Paulinho pulling the first one back for Spurs and thanks go to Daily Hotspur for these Vines, do check out his site if you haven't done so already.

GOAL VINES Burnley & Spurs 1st goals GOAL VINES Burnley & Spurs 1st goals Reviewed by THBlogNews on 9:06 pm Rating: 5

Spurs v Burnley First-half 2-2

8:49 pm
A starting eleven that shouted I don't care about this competition got off to an ignominious start. Once again a team with Younes Kaboul in the side is asleep at the start.

When are people going to realise football is a mental game first and a skill game second. Individual motivation is essential. When you are playing in a team like this one you have to totally think this is a big game and you'll then give it everything. If you are playing players you don't want or who aren't of the right mentality then you are going to get performances like we had at Turf Moor and the start we had yet again here.

A simple ball played over the top, bounces and is smashed home. Under 3 minutes 0-1.

Tottenham XI: Vorm; Chiriches, Kaboul, Vertonghen, Davies; Capoue, Stambouli; Townsend, Paulinho, Rose; Soldado
Tottenham Subs: Lloris, Dier, Naughton, Chadli, Dembele, Onomah, Kane

Townsend is more interested in twisting backwards and forwards than actually crossing a ball when he has the chance so poor Soldado hasn't a clue when a ball is likely to be played into the box and no striker can play that way. It's impossible for him to predict when the ball might come into a zone for him to attack.

10 minutes and it's 1-2 with Burnley going 3-0 up after a deflected free-kick and Paulinho pulls one back. Kaboul and Vertonghen have an argument in the penalty area and the crowd sing 'Super, super Jan' which once again playing players with the wrong attitude doesn't work. Spurs are having to carry Kaboul.

Half this side are not interested and not trying. Chiriches is passing to the opposition, started that inside 3 minutes. Tottenham haven't won an FA Cup game when conceding 2 or more goals since beating West Ham 3-2 in March 2001 and they will have to improve to get anything out of this game.

Soldado misses from 5 yards and hits the bar, an atrocious miss, truly awful and he stays on the floor and has to be encouraged to his feet by Paulinho. Fortunately Etienne Capoue rifles one home from the edge of the box inside the last minute of the half. 2-2

Spurs v Burnley First-half 2-2 Spurs v Burnley First-half 2-2 Reviewed by THBlogNews on 8:49 pm Rating: 5
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