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Daniel Levy vs. Karren Brady

11:53 am
In her diary, which can be found in the Sun, poor Mrs. Brady says that Daniel Levy has been a very mean man indeed.

"Oh well, it's amazing how friends can surprise you. Spurs have slipped into the AEG bid for residency at the Olympic Stadium.

"Their chairman Daniel Levy recently called me 'one of his closest friends'. But he hasn't mentioned the counter-bid. However, he wasn't at our Saturday match and hasn't been answering the phone to me. So perhaps that's why. If Daniel fancies going into the Irons' Den - Newham borough - that's up to him.

"No argument with competition but most importantly, he's forgotten the unwritten Premier League rule preventing clubs moving from one borough to another. But that, I guess, is in the detail."

Is that the same "unwritten rule" which allowed Woolwich Wanderers to move to North London, be it before the inception of the Premier League?

Also in the diary, we find an excerpt which says, "Prior to the game Harry Redknapp, probably after my comments about his public interest in Scott Parker, complains we tried to poach Jamie O'Hara in the summer. I wouldn't know Jamie O'Hara if I stood next to him at the bus stop."

And you're supposed to be a Premier League club Managing Director, yet you don't know who Jamie O'Hara is? First off, that's a tad disrespectful, and secondly, let's face it, you're lying. With Jamie's acquired taste in fashion, you would know it if he say next to you.

Going back to the Olympic Stadium bid; even if this is bid relates to us forcing Boris' and the Secretary of States' hand, so what! As Levy said, we've got to keep our options open.

When are the members of the West Ham board going to learn to keep their mouths shut?

PS. Karren, it's not always wise to discuss your own players personal information. We'll see how well Cole performs in his next game for you.

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Why The Sun is advertising Spurs players

9:40 pm
Alex Ferguson, Tottenham Hotspur Blog NewsIn this last week, The Sun has touted Gareth Bale and Luka Modric, linking them both with Manchester United.

This is the same paper that reported Manchester United had no cash whatsoever not so long ago. So far, we've been told that Fergie is on the verge of splashing out a total of £45 million on the two players.

So then, how can Manchester United afford to sign two players that are clearly out of their price-range?

The only reason I can think of, is that Fergie, knowing he can in no way afford the above stated amount, thinks that if he can use his chums in the media to unsettle our players, he will successfully manage to get them at a considerably lower price. After all, Berbatov went on strike when Fergie's chums forced him out of White Hart Lane. Is it time we started to worry?

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Neil Custis Wants Modric

6:14 pm
The Sun's jouralist, Neil Custis, who I respected up until I read his article in today's Sun (Manchester United want to sign Luka Modric), really should learn to research his stories a little better, instead of pouring his masters words onto the canvas.

"Modric signed for Spurs from Dinamo Zagreb in 2008 after impressing for Croatia in the European Championships."

The keyword in that sentence is "after". Is that poor research or what? Maybe it's been a slow day in the press? Neil Custis obviously has been having one of those days. We all have them, so it's really not his fault that he forgot Daniel Levy brokered a deal with Dinamo Zagreb, BEFORE the 2008 Euro's.

Mr. Custis also forgot to mention that Manchester United are stone-broke. Well, I say he failed to mention it, but in fact, towards the end of his article, he alluded to as much by insinuating that Michael Carrick could be a part of the deal that takes The Modfather to Old Trafford.

Neil; maybe you should take some pointers off of your brother in future.

The thing that does worry me, is that Neil Custis is fairly close with his master, Sir Alex Ferguson. I also know that it's about this time of the year in which the top journo's get together with their favoured bosses, for an analysis of the season thus far. It's also the time of year in which Fergie labels his prime targets to Custis and other reporters; knowing all to well that the Geordie and others, will report on the players Fergie would like to sign. Both know what this kind of reporting will do, and both realise that it could be effective.

I personally think they're both forgetting that Tottenham Hotspur are run by a certain Daniel Levy. Custis mentions a possible £25 million fee for Luka Modric. Obviously, he wasn't around on the day Levy skinned United for just over £31 million for an ageing striker.

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You know where the door is sunshine

7:30 pm
I'm sure that you've all read or heard about the threats Darren Bent has made this week. If not, here's a snap of the comments he made;

"I've spoken to the manager a couple of times about my position but I can only hear the same thing so many times," Bent told The Sun. "I'm not one of those players who will just sit back and let his career pass him by.

"But I'm only 25 and there is so much more to come from me as a player. I'm not the finished article and I will get better.

"I'd like to think that improvement will be with Tottenham. But if nothing is happening for me by the end of the season then I will look to go elsewhere."

Darren....don't let the door hit you on your way out!
You know where the door is sunshine You know where the door is sunshine Reviewed by PoshSpur on 7:30 pm Rating: 5
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