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Trippier, Lloris, Bale, Shaquiri, Clarke

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Transfer Talk: Trippier, Lloris, Bale, Shaquiri, Clarke


Napoli are trying to sell right-back Elseid Hysaj to make way for Kieran Trippier according to Italian news outlet Calciomercato.

PSG are in the market for a new goalkeeper and it is suggested they are interested in Hugo Lloris once again. He has just won a World Cup and is now in the UEFA Champions League Final, there is no reason for him to leave, especially with French football being a one-team league.

Lloris gave his World Cup trophy to Mauricio Pochettino as a thank you and shows the bond between the two. In Pochettino, Lloris found a soulmate at Tottenham which is why he has never had the intention of leaving.

Spanish sports newspaper AS reports that Real Madrid does not want to loan any players out this window, they want the money from sales of unwanted players like Gareth Bale and Dani Ceballos to help fund all the purchases they want as they look to rebuild the squad for Zinidine Zidane.

The Sat suggest Liverpool would sell Xherdan Shaquiri if the right offer came in. He has a history of not lasting at his clubs. Bayern Munich got rid of him and so did Inter Miln after a season.

According to the Sunday Mirror, Tottenham has been told to pay £20 million for 18-year-old (19 in November) Leeds United winger Jack Clarke. You will have seen in many places suggestions that Tottenham has bid £10 million.

What happens is, one club unofficially sounds out an agent who has a rough figure in mind of what his client is worth and another figure that might secure his services after discussing it with the club selling the player. Now when a club has no wish to sell that is a guesswork figure, as it hasn't been discussed.

A buying club has their own valuation of the player and what they want to pay. Transfer fees are not paid in one lump sum, but over the term of a contract, so if a player signs for 5 years, you pay 5 annual installments, the first being an agreed upfront figure.

The selling club wants the whole amount to be guaranteed, in other words without bonuses/performance-related add-ons, whereas the buying club would prefer as much as possible to be add-ons.

What can happen is, that some of the add-ons can be ones that are certain to be achieved. If you included an add-on that he turned up for work for a week, for instance, that would be guaranteed to happen, thus the selling club would be guaranteed that element of any add-ons fees.

Why do things that complicated way? Because of accountancy and tax implications for the financial year.

The figures you see quoted in the press can be with or without add-ins, usually, our press includes add-ons when they give a fee, which is not a true reflection of what is actually paid.

For instance, there might be a clause that a certain amount is paid if the club wins the UEFA Champions League, so until a club does while that player is at the club and within the years of the initial contract agreed, then that add-on is not payable.

Usually, the foreign press state transfer fees without add-ons so a discrepancy, especially for selling players from a Premier League club.


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13 of the 23 players on tour are 23 or under

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Club captain Hugo Lloris met with the press in the US together with Mauricio Pochettino and reminded everyone of the Tottenham Hotspur aim.

“Our ambition is to win the league, I believe in the project & Pochettino is one of the best managers in the world. I try to lead my team as a captain and a friend too. Step by step we’re building something strong, it’s exciting times to be a Spurs player.”

The key phrase their is building step-by-step. To create success you must have a strategy, not continually act on whim, as a faction on Twitter want us to do. It always amazes me that a guy who can only work for someone else and follow their rules seems to think they know more about running a multi-million pound business than Daniel Levy, the man actually doing it. I mean what have these people ever managed, breakfast?

The promotion of our academy players has been fantastic for us to see and the emergence of Harry Winks last season as the long-term successor to Mousa Dembele was a joy to behold. He looks to have a big future ahead of him and seems to have his feet firmly planted on the ground.

This season it is time for others to make their mark and show they are the stars of tomorrow. pre-season tours have given us glimpses of future players and this year we have sent a squad to the USA where 13 out of 26 players who have travelled are aged 23 and under. that bodes well for the future.

I'm looking forward to seeing some of the youngsters in action again.

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Still at Spurs and still remaining at Spurs

8:03 am

Lloris 99% certain to stay at Tottenham - that story I penned on 15 February 2015 stemmed from all the rubbish being written about him joining Manchester United and my knowledge that he had found his kindred spirit, his soulmate in Mauricio Pochettino.

It flew in the face of the mainstream press and time has shown it to be spot on. Sometimes there is more to football than money, sometimes there is happiness, sometimes there is a project and the realisation that you could be part of something special.

"My destiny is linked to Mauricio, it's a certainty. He matters a lot to me. Our relationship goes beyond football, it's a match, and one day he will be the best manager in the world. For me he is already. His presence and our relationship are the most important elements for me."

That is what he told Le Figaro in March 2017 and ESPN asked him what he meant by that, although it seems perfectly plain.

"The main reason [why I'm still at Tottenham] is Mauricio Pochettino. That's the truth and I cannot hide that. It's very clear. It just means I have a lot of respect for the man, a lot of respect for the manager. We have a great connection and when you get something strong like that, it's never easy to find it again in your life or in your career. It's very simple. 
"And then, in football, everything is impossible. The only thing that I know is that I enjoy my time at Tottenham and especially under Mauricio Pochettino. I believe that with him the club can reach the level we all want. 
"I still remember the first time I spoke to him by phone, just a few days after he signed here as manager. It was very simple. He tried to describe his philosophy of football, the way he wants to play, the way he wants the team to work. And his ambition. He's a winner and he has a lot of ambition, individually. 
"He has created something very special inside this building [Hotspur Way] because I can tell you that the club we are at the moment is not the same as it was before he signed. I could talk a lot about him but this is not the right place."

Since that 2015 article was penned the bond between them has grown even stronger, that hasn't stopped the press linking him with Manchester United again, they just ignore what gets in the way of their story.

To create success, you have to have a happy environment and Lloris has always been happy at Tottenham and happy with life off the field too, also very important. It is harder to leave a soulmate who has created the right environment for players to work and has shown himself capable of improving a club. Spurs are in the midst of something special, there is a long way to go but the turnaround of the club in such a short space of time is remarkable.

The players who were here for themselves have all gone, it's the team or nothing now and nobody wants to miss a game in case they can't get back in the side. That is the mentality that has been created, if you get a chance you must take it, no excuses. That drives each and every player to improve. If you can't handle that you get send packing.

Lloris is quiet, he isn't a tub-thumper, he doesn't need to give motivational speeches because each player motivates themselves. Perform or be dropped. That internal motivation is stronger than any external motivation and produces greater results.

Why would anyone want to leave Spurs right now? Hugo certainly doesn't.

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Hugo Lloris 2nd in Golden Glove race

6:30 am

Plenty of coverage is given to the Premier League Golden Boot but little coverage is given for goalkeepers and their own race, the Premier League Golden Glove in which our captain Hugo Lloris lies in second place behind the league leaders goalkeeper Thibaut Courtois.

Lloris has kept 12 clean sheets in 27 premier League games while Thibaut Courtois has kept 13 clean sheets but it has taken him 31 games to achieve it. In third place David de Gea at Manchester United has taken 29 games to keep 11 clean sheets and England international Fraser Forster at Southampton has taken 30 games to also keep 11 clean sheets.

the next round of matches see Chelsea take on Manchester United at Old Trafford on Sunday, I guess Jose Mourinho will have his side fired up for that one, Tottenham Hotspur take on Bournemouth at White Hart Lane on Saturday. Also on Saturday Southampton take on Manchester City at the St. Maty's Stadium.

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Lloris has no interest in backwards steps to Man U or PSG

5:00 pm


I see yet more garbage is being written about a summer tug-of-war for Hugo Lloris between PSG and Manchester United.

That, of course, is complete rubbish, just the sort of thing you would expect from our gutter press and the websites that simply repeat it. There is no tug-of-war because he isn't leaving Tottenham and hasn't the slightest intention of doing so.

His bond, as I have continually reported since these reports surfaced 2 years ago, with Mauricio Pochettino is strong. They see football in the same way and that means Lloris is very happy at White Hart Lane.

Manchester United is a step down currently in Premier League terms and French football is doesn't offer competitive football weekly. You don't see world class players electing to join French teams, unless it is for money. Typically that is what our gutter press base their story on, the fact he can earn more money elsewhere so he must want to leave.

Lloris has only very recently said he'll remain at Tottenham while Pochettinoi is here which shows the story up for what it is, fabrication.

Hugo Lloris will be the Tottenham captain and number one next season.

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Over on Twitter the Basketball Naps are 100% successful with 4 from 4, both selections won yesterday, 3 posted today.

In the £10 to £1,000 Challenge I have set myself stands at £52.50

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Lloris reiterates his Pochettino bond

3:47 pm


Regular readers will no doubt remember a post where I boldly stated that Hugo Lloris was 99% certain to stay at Tottenham amid intense transfer rumours to replace David de Gea at Manchester United who was supposed to be leaving for Real Madrid.

As mentioned at the time and since, Hugo Lloris has a special relationship with Mauricio Pochettino, in him he found his footballing soulmate.

It has taken a while, but now non-readers are catching up with the new now our French international captain has told Le Figaro.

"My destiny is linked to Mauricio, it's a certainty. He matters a lot to me. Our relationship goes beyond football, it's a match, and one day he will be the best manager in the world. For me he is already. His presence and our relationship are the most important elements for me."

Because Pochettino is doing well at Tottenham the British press start linking him with the big clubs. Manchester United approached the Argentinian and John McDermott, head of coaching and development to join them at Old Trafford but both turned them down.

Since then he has been linked with Barcelona, who he can't really manager after playing and managing fierce rivals Espanyol and PSG. The French side don't really have much to offer apart from money as the French league is so uncompetitive. The press get excited but I don't think anyone else does.

What Lloris has to say may be new news to some but to the rest of us it is old news. It does remind us that we have the goalkeeping position covered while Pau Lopez develops with an eye to becoming our future number one.

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The future of Hugo Lloris

8:30 am


There has been much speculation over the future of Hugo Lloris over the last couple of years and I stood alone suggesting he was 99% certain to stay at Spurs, which obviously he has. That was based on his footballing philosophy, his friendship with Mauricio Pochettino, who holds the same philosophy, his happiness at the club with a group of young players progressing and the knowledge that it is the project that motivates him, not money or immediate trophies.

Since then nothing has changed, the project has progressed, Spurs are a better side now and starting to challenge for trophies. The mentality Lloris sees as important, the winning mentality both on and off the pitch I stress so much, is the mentality Pochettino seeks and is slowly being instilled.

There will always be ups and downs, there will always be those who have doubts. I expressed my doubts about the mentality of Erik Lamela when he arrived while others made excuses for him. It certainly looks as if that has surfaced again, hip injuries don't keep you out for a season.

Real Madrid are reportedly looking for a new goalkeeper and Hugo Lloris has been mentioned but then David de Gea has apparently told friends that he is leaving Manchester United in the summer and that he is unhappy there. He wants a return to Spain and Real Madrid are known admirers.

That will leave Jose Mourinho looking for a new keeper and no doubt the press will latch onto our captain once again. We may well have a summer of transfer speculation, they do like a long running story afterall and I see one website today has already speculated on his possible replacements.

Lloris though, has made it clear that he will be staying at Tottenham as long as Mauricio Pochettino is here and as he is in for the long haul then so is Lloris. A trophy over the next couple of seasons will only cement that so an FA Cup win wouldn't go amiss this season.

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Lloris - Spurs fans were living in the past

11:00 pm

Spurs fans were living in the past, now they are living in the present and the future. Those were the sentiments of Hugo Lloris and he goes on to explain what has changed.

If you stop and think for a moment, he is right. We meandered through season after season with nothing to look forward to and then came the UEFA Europa League era where we were qualifying each season.

That though was still viewed as a disappointment, the aim of course being the main European tournament, the UEFA Champions League. When we did make it we made an impact, but again we had to live off the memory of that as we waited for another finish that would take us back into the competition.

There is real hope now, it took a while for some supporters to realise we do have a team that can not only compete for a top four finish but achieve it. But for the most extraordinary achievement in Premier League history with statistics that suggested a relegation team, we would be holding a trophy aloft. The end of season when the players simply gave up wouldn't have happened.

Despite a poor Champions League campaign spirits are not dampened as we look in good shape at the moment to achieve another crack at the tournament with young players who will be a year older and a year wiser.

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Lloris save 17% more shots than Bravo

10:00 am


The stats above would suggest Hugo Lloris is going to be busy and statistics show that the more shots you have the more goals you score, percentage wise. They also show that the closer you have those shots the more likelihood there is of a goal.

manchester City have scored 41 goals, we have scored 43 and yet we take a lot of shots from outside the box, more than most. The game against City may be an opportunity for a goal from distance for us because 14 of the last 22 shots that Bravo has faced have gone in.

If you were Pochettino, would you be telling Dele Alli, Harry Kane and Christian Eriksen to pepper him with shots on Saturday?

You only have to look at the statistic above to know there is a difference in ability between the two keepers on Saturday, in the Premier League arena at least.

Former Manchester United keeper Fabien Barhtez was unsure Lloris would be able to handle the Premier league, not being the type of keeper who has total command of his penalty area in the way Barthez did with total commitment. We see Lloris come for balls and not get there still.

Timing and anticipation are required to rise above the pack and Lloris has those skills in abundance. he may be a quiet man, but there is a steely determination about Lloris I find and he managed the mental side well. His concentration is excellent and that allied with his anticipation and reactions allows him to be in the right place at the right time.

That makes the actual saving a touch easier. It is those small elements that add up to make a diference in any player.

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Lloris repeats our mentality is vital

7:00 pm


The Tottenham players have been hailing the change in mentality that Mauricio Pochettino has at last brought to Spurs, it is something we have clearly been lacking for too long. Captain Hugo Lloris mentioned it to the official club website after the game against Chelsea.

“We showed tonight that we’ve got more maturity and that’s good for our future. We showed more maturity than in the past and that’s the process that we’re in. 
“We used to repeat that we needed to go step-by-step and I think we are in a good way. We need to keep working hard and as I used to repeat, we need to keep the same mentality every day at the training ground and carry on because we have the talent. 
“When we play at this level all together, it will be difficult to beat us.”

When he spoke about Dele Alli he again referred to the importance of his mentality and that he must maintain the right mentality. Without it he wouldn't be the player he is and he again demonstrates that you have to keep wanting to improve your game, not just play football. The two are not one and the same, there has to be a clear intent. The greater that intent then the greater chance you have of becoming a special player.

“I think he’s improving every day, he’s a huge talent and it’s the same – if he keeps working hard and if he’s still got the right mentality he’s going to be a big player. 
“It’s good because he knows the effort that he has to produce in every game and every training session and he’s very important in the team. If you look at all the players, they know how important the team is and we all know that the team is the star. 
“As long as we keep this mentality there is no problem – we will get better and better and stronger.”
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Tottenham are climbing the stairs to the upper floor

12:30 pm

He talks a lot of sense does our captain Hugo Lloris. If are more productive if you enjoy your work, you concentrate on it more, you do a better job with greater quality, you don't just do the minimum. If you want to be selected for the first team. You can't afford to take it easy in training, you can't go through the motions. You have to outshine your rivals for a starting berth.

As a player you don't change overnight, but with the right mental attitude, you can improve step by step, one little thing at a time. It may be the angle of your body, it may be the positioning of your foot or your transference of weight. Not every improvement has to be with a ball, most of the game is played by the individual without the ball.

Tottenham are climbing the stairs to the upper floor, step by step. The players believe it or they wouldn't all have signed new contracts.

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Lloris and Alderweireld

6:00 am


Mauricio Pochettino has confirmed that Toby Alderweireld will return to the match day squad for the UEFA Champions League tie against CSKA Moscow. We need to secure a point to take our place in the UEFA Europa League, another opportunity to get back into the Champions League that we should take seriously. A European victory would be a nice trophy to lift.

As you can see from the picture above Hugo Lloris is in great form at the moment, which doesn't happen if you are not totally focussed on your job. As we know he talks to Daniel Levy so during a busy period it is hardly surprising that both parties have had to wait for contract extension discussions to resume.

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£3,000 if we draw or lose, £7,000 if we win

9:00 pm

The Daily Star are still trying to make a drama out of Hugo Lloris and Tottenham being in no rush to finalise his new contract, which he will sign in due course. Mauricio Pochettino revealed there isn't any problem and that it would be signed in a few weeks time last week.

Words like desperate don't need to be used and are done so just to dramatise a situation that isn't in any way a drama.

Football Leaks reveal our kipper is paid a bonus if we draw or lose of £3,500 which a club spokesman has said is merely an appearance fee that is doubled to £7,000 if we win. It is just another element of a contract that shows why these things are so complicated and take time to finalise with existing players or potential transfer targets.

It isn't like a contract is discussed every day to agree, talks take place and then further talks are scheduled at a later date. To a reporter a standard way of working is somehow a near crisis.

£3,000 if we draw or lose, £7,000 if we win £3,000 if we draw or lose, £7,000 if we win Reviewed by THBlogNews on 9:00 pm Rating: 5

Guess work from the Sun

6:58 am


I see Football Insider are trying to con us that we have lined up a new defender, the BBC have confirmed not Tottenham then!

Hugo Lloris is very happy at Tottenham and isn't gping anywhere is what we can deduce from Mauricio Pochettino, but that doesn't stop the Sun trying to make waves and suggest we are lining up Joe Hart to take over.

It is all nonsense of course, we will follow his progress like any other club, despite his press he is a decent keeper when he concentrates. The newspaper are guessing that Lloris might leave and therefore suggesting Spurs are worried by it, when in fact. they are not.

Their reasoning is that he hasn't signed a new contract, as if there was any urgency. They used the same out of context reasoning to suggest Harry Kane might leave, of which there wasn't the slightest chance.

We have been watching Jordan Pickford for over a year. It is common practice to constantly watch player for every position. Michel Vorm may decide he wants to play more regularly and then we would be looking for a second keeper who can challenge Lloris, who of course, could suffer a major injury at any time.

Always best to be prepared.

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Pochettino confirms a mountain out of a mole hill

2:30 pm

Well, just as I wrote, a mountain out of a mole hill. Mauricio Pochettino has now confirmed there are no worries over Harry Kane and Hugo Lloris signing new cointracts, they want to remain at the club.

The press have tried to create sensationalist stories and transfer possibilities, throwing Manchester United and £150,000-a-week at the story, when in reality there was nothing to report.

“For us they are players that are very important, Harry and Hugo. They are very happy to be here and we are very happy that they are here. 
“Maybe there are a lot of rumours that can affect our fans but the fans need to be quiet and have no worries about this because the players show their commitment to the club, they want to be here for the long term. 
“I think the club and the players are talking about maybe improving or having extended contracts. In the future I think it’s not a big problem to do.”

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Lloris happy at Spurs

11:00 pm

Tottenham are negotiating with Hugo Lloris to extend his contract and daniel Levy will reportedly not break the £100,000 wage ceiling, at least not until guaranteed further income is coming in. Tottenham is an exciting place to be at the moment and the club wants players who want to be here. Hugo Lloris has often professed he likes it at Tottenham and I have reported many times that he found a kindred spirit in Pochettino.

“There are two important moments in my career. The first was when I signed at Lyon in 2008, where I spent four years with Joël Bats. He’s the one who taught me about the biggest expectations, reach the French team and stay there. 
“Then came the meeting with Mauricio Pochettino and Tony Jimenez, the goalkeeping coach. They’re the ones who helped me develop the skills of the modern goalkeeper and become more complete. At Tottenham, the keeper is the first to start attacks, and we take risks. I can’t hide it. I’m happy at the moment.”

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Lloris, who better to teach Lopez

5:00 pm

Hugo Lloris is playing at the absolute top of of his game at the moment. Some of the saves he is pulling off are tremendous, not least the goal line save in the UEFA Champions League tie against Bayer Leverkusen. His display earned us a point and he has been earning us points in the Premier League too.

Lloris has conceded 3 goals all season, De Gea conceded 4 goals yesterday. There's your answer lmao

He has been nominated for the Ballon d'Or, with the results announced in January. David de Gea is often talked about as the best keeper in the Premier League, but he has not been nominated for the award.

Eric Dier, unsurprisingly calls his captain the best goalkeeper in the league and Hugo Lloris, although a quiet figure commands the utmost respect from the players. Last season he was talking about improving our mentality, this season he has recently been talking about our finishing and being more clinical.

You don't see him in that many interviews, he isn't one to rant and rave, he just goes about his job with calm efficiency and professionalism. A role model or father figure to younger players who let's face it are still learning their craft.

He has been a brilliant signing and a cheap one. Who better to be teaching Pau Lopez his craft.

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Lloris we miss aggression and urgency

12:30 pm

Hugo Lloris seems to be of the same opinion as me in that we need to be more aggressive in the final third, instead of waiting until we go behind to look dangerous. being patient is one thing, but you can not always wait for a side to make a mistake before you punish them, you have to create those mistakes.

You do that by taking them out of their comfort zone. You get them hurrying to do everything and that means we have to move the ball quicker at times. You can't let side just stick to their game plan, you have to make them throw it out the window.

The main attribute Ryan Mason had was that he switched play quickly, it's an element of Wanyama's game he needs to work on and let's face it, it isn't difficult, it is just being mentally right. Without a sense of urgency, you don't play urgent football. We need to switch on at times and play with that urgency.

We did it against Manchester City and mentally we have to see games against WBA and Bournemouth as just as important, just as big. They are because a game only contains three points.

On the result 
"I always say when you cannot win, you must not lose, but it’s three draws in a row now and we needed to score. Perhaps we need to be more aggressive in the last 30 yards, in our runs, in our passes. Look, it’s football and there are ups and downs. We had good control of the game apart from the first 10 or 15 minutes when they had a lot of pressure and had a good chance. It’s not enough because we have ambition, so we’re not happy with a point."

On his early save 
"It was with my left leg. You just try to react and get the ball away and it worked today. It’s not the most important thing but okay, it helped the team stay in the game. Defensively, we need to be positive because it’s another clean sheet and it’s not an anomaly - we are consistent defensively. I used to always repeat that it has to be our basics, so defensively it’s good, we didn’t give them many chances but we need to improve offensively and that’s the responsibility of all the players, not just one, two or three."

Lloris we miss aggression and urgency Lloris we miss aggression and urgency Reviewed by THBlogNews on 12:30 pm Rating: 5

Lloris 22.22% success rate

7:00 pm

Captain and goalkeeper Hugo Lloris has faced 58 penalties in his career and saved 8 of them against Sergio Agüero (Manchester City), Mark Noble (West Ham United), Steve Sidwell (Fulham) and Jason Puncheon (Crystal Palace).

The 29-year-old (30 in December) French national captain has faced 18 penalties while playing for Spurs, saving 4 and letting in 14, a 22.22% success rate. His career success rate is 13.79%.

Our number two, 32-year-old (33 in 3 days) Dutch international Michel Vorm, has faced 2 penalties for Spurs and both have been scored from. James Milner scored for Liverpool earlier in the Premier League and Jerónimo Barrales scored for Asteras Tripolis in the Europa League.

Over his career Vorm has also saved 8 penalties and let in 27, a total of 35 faced and a career success rate of 22.86%.

Number three, 21-year-old (22 in December) Spanish Under-21 goalkeeper Pau López, has faced 10 penalties in his short career and has saved 1 of them, a 10% success rate.

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Hugo LLoris

6:00 am

Taking the emotion out of an occasion and being professional is not something we have always been good day. We didn't handle it in the first game at Wembley for instance, but against Manchester City we did.

Christian Eriksen talked about the opposition not mattering, we were still only playing for three points. I'm glad the message is getting through to the players as that will give more consistent performances. We have just seen two victories, one in the Champions League and one in the Premier League that bolsters the sides belief and confidence that we are on the right track.

Hugo Lloris

On importance of beating teams like City
“It’s a bit like last season. The game was in a similar period (to when we beat City at home in 2015-16) and was maybe the real start of the season. It’s true that we had a good result against Liverpool but this win means a lot. It rewards our effort from the start of the season and gives us a lot of energy and confidence for the following weeks.”
On seeing matches out while in front
“It was like in Moscow – we were very professional and that’s the difference between last season. I’ve said already that we will get more mature but it’s just the beginning of the season and we need to keep our feet on the floor.”
On the team being yet to concede from open play in the Premier League this term
“Yes, but that’s team work. We are all involved in the offensive work and the defensive side and I think we’re all enjoying clean sheets, all enjoying scoring goals and all enjoying wins like this.”

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