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Yedlin o another daft suggestion

10:30 am

After stupidity from HITC suggesting 33-year-old before next season Fernando Llorente would be 'ideal' for Tottenham when his game is totally unsuited to ours, they come up with another stupid suggestion.

Because of Kyle Walker's situation, will we regret selling DeAndre Yedlin to Newcastle United. Well the short answer is NO.

We play a technical game where passing and movement are essential, where the players need to be technically gifted. Yedlin isn't, he was light years away on the technical side of the game when he was at Tottenham, neither did he know what he was doing when defending.

Basically he was so far away from being Premier League standard that it wasn't worth keeping him and training him. Newcastle United are returning to the Premier League, that doesn't automatically make Yedlin a top four player or a player of a standard to challenge for a Premier League title.

If you are suggesting it was a mistake to sell Yedlin the you are setting your standards low, hardly what we want to be doing, we want to be raising quality not reducing it.

The future is in the opposite direction to the past, looking over your should and saying what if isn't going to march you forward, so you simply don't waste time doing it, if you want to be a success that is.

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Newcastle to pay £5m for Yedlin

11:00 pm


The local Shields Gazette report that right-back DeAndre Yedlin is expected on Tyneside for a medical to complete a move to relegated  Newcastle United. Injuries have meant they Rafa Benitez has had to look for another full-back.

The Chronicle have a picture of his arriving at Newcastle airport and suggest we are going to receive £5-million for him.. Hull City and Derby County had submitted bids of no more than £3.5-million and Sunderland wanted him for £3.25-million.

Summer Departures:
Grant Ward
Alex Pritchard
Dominic Ball
Emmanuel Sonupe
Federico Fazio

Expected Departures:
DeAndre Yedlin
Clinton Njie

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Yunus Malli & more interest in DeAndre Yedlin

11:00 pm


Football Insider bring us an old story rehashed telling us that 24-year-old (25 next February) Turkish international Yunus Malli is a Spurs target  before informing us he will only stay in Germany. They tell us he has an £8.4-million release clause, but that ran out in July. Malli would now cost market value, which is greater. It is safe to assume therefore that we have decided against signing him. At the very beginning of the summer he said he would stay in German so nothing has actually changed.

Relegated Aston Villa are the latest club to emerge for 23-year-old (24 next July) DeAndre Yedlin with reports they are preparing a £3-million offer. One has to ask why if two clubs have already bid more for him and Spurs want as close to £6-million as we can get. The difference is no different than we buy players, we bid what we think they are worth (after lower bids of course), not what the selling club are asking for. fans call it a Levy thing, but you see with Yedlin and indeed many of our sales, what rubbish that is. Every club thus far has been around the £3-3.5-million mark.

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Turks want Yedlin, Celtic could still sign Vorm

2:30 pm


Sunderland, Hull City and Derby County would all like to sign 23-tear-old (24 next July) DeAndre Yedlin if the price is right, they have now been joined Turkish side Tranzonspor. There is no formal offer from them but they are reported as needing a right-back and are considering a move for Yedlin.

Brendan Rogers has spoken recently about taking Celtic back to where they belong and they won the first leg of their UEFA Champions League Play-off last night 5-2. The second leg is next week and Tottenham fans may well be wanting Celtic to make it through because the £20-million jackpot they would receive for qualifying could see them make a move for Michel Vorm. Their TV revenue is £2.5-million so qualification is a huge financial bonus for them.

Spurs are signing Pau Lopez on loan with a set price purchase option next summer which could move Vorm to number three at Tottenham. Brendan Rodgers had Vorm at Swansea City and feels he is an excellent keeper on the ground, one trait he likes them to have. We need to wait for the official announcement of Lopez and the Celtic result next week perhaps before we'll know his future.

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Hull and Mackenzie bound Derby want Yedlin

8:00 pm


We now see the transfer window at work with time ticking down. Earlier in the window Sunderland wanted right-back DeAndre Yedlin and let it be known they would be interested in the figure was around £3-million. It wasn't, Spurs wanted £6-million.

David Moyes has laid the groundwork by suggesting he will look for better quality players or better value players. A clear message to us that our price is too high and hoping the fear of us not being able to offload him as a negotiating tactic to bring down his price.

With 17 days to go two clubs have given the saga another twist by submitting bids in the region of £3.5-million. Derby County, where Rob Mackenzie is going and Hull City, who just love a Spurs player having Huddlestone, Dawson and Livermore in their ranks are the two in question.

Yedlin wants regular first team football and both would be able to supply it. Will Sunderland come back with an offer or will we be able to negotiate the fee a little higher?

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Yedlin for sale or loan + video vs Atletico Madrid

11:00 pm


Yedlin for sale or loan

DeAndre Yedlin improved at Sunderland under Sam Allardyce and new boss David Moyes has suggested he is going to look around for a better player or a better value player. He is for sale and Sunderland would love to sign him for around £3-million while Tottenham want double that.

He went to Australia and got game time, most of it at left-back. he is a player we will sell if the right offer comes in as opposed to players like Fazio and Pritchard who were told to find other clubs.

Yedlin wants first team football, he doesn't want to be a squad player, it is no good for his development and Yedlin is unsure about working with Moyes. His comments rather demonstrate that Moyes would be reluctant to pick the American so while Yedlin impressed everyone at Sunderland with his attitude, a move back there is nowhere near close.

He didn't make the trip to Oslo and Kieran Trippier is the number two to Kyle Walker. To replace him with Yedlin would be taking a step backwards. He may have speed but he is mediocre at the moment and doesn't improve the squad.

If we don't get the right price for him during the transfer window then he will be loaned out during the loan window that follows the transfer window. I suspect that his future will be sorted in the by the close of the summer transfer window though. The video below is his performance vs AtleticoMadrid.

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Moyes wants a better player than Yedlin

7:00 am


Moyes wants a better player than Yedlin

New Sunderland manager David Moyes has confirmed that he has talked about 23-year-old (24 next July) Tottenham defender DeAndre Yedlin. He has confirmed Sunderland need a right-back, but that he wants to look to see if there is a better player available or better value player available.

DeAndre Yedlin improved in the last half of last season with regular first team football when Sam Allardyce was forced to turn to him when his first choice right-back totally lost his form. Mauricio Pochettino has been having a look at him in training and on the recent tour to Melbourne, Australia for the International Champions Cup.

He was given game time at left-back, but his problem is that we have two right-backs and two left-backs. It is hard to see how he fits into the squad so unless he is sold perhaps another loan deal should be sought to a newly promoted club, if they need a right-back.

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How a coach would assess Pritchard, Chadli and Trippier/Yedlin situations

7:00 pm


How a coach would assess Pritchard

Swansea City are pondering an £8-million move for Alex Pritchard, who currently has over a dozen clubs to choose from.
Swansea City are also interested in Belgian international Nacer Chadli, as we hear are Stoke City under Mark Hughes.
Southampton are said to be preparing a £5-million move for right-back Kieran Trippier.

Plenty of interest in our players, but only one of that trio has a realistic chance of actually happening.

Alex Pritchard has been a victim of circumstance. While he had an injury and then chose to go on loan to WBA, Tottenham moved forward while he went backwards.

He isn't totally guaranteed to leave, we are listening to offers and if one meets our valuation it will be accepted. Then it will be up to Pritchard with the full knowledge that his game time will be limited. He does really want to make it at Tottenham and has the Australian tour and training to impress Pochettino enough. The pair will have a chat at the end of the tour and decide his future.

Nacer Chadli provides  proven Premier League ability and his sale would leave us with just Lamela, Eriksen and Son plus a bunch of unproven kids. That isn't a situation any coach wants to leave themselves in. Yes, Dele Alli could move out there but then you lose something from the middle so it's not an ideal scenario.

The Chadli stuff is just reporters guessing he must be surplus to requirements and while you could say I'm guessing, I'm doing so with logic, common sense and the experience of coaching myself (I have taken two levels of coaching qualifications). Thinking like a coach, you want to develop players, but you want to do so with minimum risk.

Leaving yourself exposed to failure in the wide areas (important in our system) is not a logical move, you would have to be supremely confident that a youngster could take over full-time in the event of an injury. Then you have another youngster as their understudy who you have to play to give the first youngster a rest. Thus you need two youngsters you think will be guaranteed successes to sell Chadli.

Logically, if Chadli were to be sold, from a coaches point of view, January at the earliest, but more probably next summer would be the time to look at it, if the youngsters have developed over the season.

A similar situation applies to Kieran Trippier. His immediate future will be determined by how much DeAndre Yedlin has improved at Sunderland under Sam Allardyce. He has improved considerably I understand, but has he improved enough for him to be the Tottenham Hotspur right-back. That is the question you have to answer, if not, then Kieran Trippier is required to rotate with Kyle Walker, who will surely play the Champions League games and be rested for the Premier League games, unless Pochettino decides to operate his rotation policy for full-backs the other way around.

You can see that Yedlin has to be good enough to play regularly in the Premier League at the top of the table rather than the bottom to oust Trippier. It is unlikely Trippier will be going anywhere, again I would expect another year of development for Yedlin, presumably with another loan spell, then reassess next summer.

With my coaching head on that's how I would assess the situation of all three.

How a coach would assess Pritchard, Chadli and Trippier/Yedlin situations How a coach would assess Pritchard, Chadli and Trippier/Yedlin situations Reviewed by THBlogNews on 7:00 pm Rating: 5

Trippier being perssed by Yedlin

2:30 pm


Trippier being perssed by Yedlin

Is the Australia tour a head-to-head for our two right-backs Kieran Trippier and DeAndre Yedlin?

The news on Sunday revealed hat Southampton may make a bid that currently has no chance of success, £5-million for Kieran Trippier. This is the same club who paid double that for a Chelsea reserve, Ryan Bertrand and a Liverpool reserve has just been sold for more than that too.

Of course, the Southampton bid would be an opening bid, thus it isn't their final offer, but would Spurs entertain such a bid anyway. We know that all the Tottenham players want to stay, unsurprisingly they see a club in progression with an exciting time ahead of us. We also know that any player Pochettino wants to keep will not be sold.

The sites trying to make a transfer story our of it or that Levy is looking to make a profit are premature, we haven't had pre-season to have a look at DeAndre Yedlin yet so don't know if we can rely on him to rotate with Walker.

Kieran Trippier is the backup to Kyle Walker and improved as he season went on. He and Walker were rotated, which with Champions League football may happen regularly early in the season and may mean Trippier playing a lot more Premier League games than European games as he did last year. It depends how Pochettino approaches the Champions League.

DeAndre Yedlin was bought from Seattle Sounders and loaned out to Sunderland for the season. The word from training is that he is a different player to the one we sent up North. His technical skills were way below standard when we bought him, but now they have improved substantially. It is something Jurgen Klinsmann has also commented on.

The Australia trip for the International Champions Cup in Melbourne to play Juventus and Atletico Madrid plus the trip to Norway to play Inter Milan affords Pochettino the chance to assess him in game situations as well as every day in training.

He is American and the American market is still in its infancy, Having an American on the books attracts interest. We have just seen Spurs sign a deal with Kumho Tire, a South Korean company because we have Son Heung-min, a South Korean playing for us.

We have American Football coming soon and it would be advantageous to our image to have an American playing for us. All the new people hearing about Tottenham and Association Football would immediately have someone to focus upon and it is little things like that that can help build new fans.

Pochettino will be aware of all those factors. Spurs will want Yedlin to succeed, but to do so he has to get to the level we need. has he made it to that level, does he need another loan spell, Pochettino will find out in Australia and Norway.

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£2m price difference

11:00 pm


As reported previously Sunderland want a fee of around £3-million (€3.57m - AUS$5.31m - US$3.98m) for 22-year-old Tottenham Hotspur right-back DeAndre Yedlin while Tottenham are thought to want in excess of £5-million (€5.96m - AUS$8.85m - US$6.63m) from a fee and performance related add-ons.

His uncle, Dylan Walton-Yedlin, told the Seattle Times before the Copa America quarter-final that the youngster had struggled in London and only realised what he had to do when he was dropped by Sunderland boss Sam Allardyce.

"I think he’ll even tell you that he got caught up in the bright lights of London a little bit. I think the move to Sunderland was good for him. For the first time in his life, he really knew that everything he was going to get out of soccer was the direct result of what he put into soccer."

Jurgen Klinsmann has noticed an improvement in Yedlin over the last two years, he now knows how to use his speed and has a greater grasp of how to defend.

“It’s pretty cool to see DeAndre’s path over the last two years. He’s becoming more mature, he’s become even stronger, more confident, and also on the tactical side of the game he’s learned a lot. 
“He now knows how to read the game better, especially behind him when he’s going forward. He reads forwards better in one-on-one situations, so his learning curve his huge. He’s played a tremendous Copa America.”

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£3m suggested for Yedlin

7:30 am


£3m suggested for Yedlin

Dipping into a firum I discover a chap who must have been smoking something he shouldn't because he used the reasoning of TV money and a season of Premier League experience to suggest we would price DeAndre Yedlin at £10-million (€12.31m - AUS$18.30m - US$13.68m).

That is seriously over estimating the impact of TV money of the game. Sunderland want to buy him if th price is right. He has speed but apparently his technical ability is a long way short of what we are after and now we are in the UEFA Champions League the distance to the first tram at White Hart lane hasn't got any closer.

The local paper, the Chronicle  talk about rebuilding plans and that Sunderland have contacted Tottenham to ask about a fee for the American. They then suggest that if it were around £3-million (€3.69m - AUS$5.49m - US$4.11m) Sunderland would be interested in a deal.

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Promoted Burnley want Spurs youngster

12:30 pm
With all the news of players Spurs are watching we ought to mention teams that want our players. Real Madrid are said to be watching the progress of Dele Alli and Harry Kane, but then that is nothing unusual, top teams watch top players all the time.

Further down the scale is a player we bought but then loaned out after he didn't impress in training. He has speed but his technical ability was said to be well short of the standard we are looking for. The player in question is American DeAndre Yedlin.


Burnley have just been promoted as champions from the Championship. The came into the Premier League previously and said they would not bankrupt the club to try and survive. If they went down they would use the parachute payment to build a side to take them back up where they would then hope to solidify Premier League status with a bit more financial means behind them.

I have been knocked in some quarters for suggesting that it was a sound strategy to adopt and thus I'm delighted Burnley have returned as champions at the first attempt.  I'm all for building a football club and planning for the future so I wish them well next season.

They would like to take DeAndre Yedlin on loan and that seems like a move we should be encouraging. The more top flight football he gets the better he will become, which, as he needs developing, can only benefit us in the long run. In most situations loans for first team squad players are not beneficial, only when they are developing is it of any long term use to us. Yedlin fits that bill.

Sam Allardyce has been a breath of fresh air for Yedlin, of his 20 appearances for Sunderland on his season-long loan, 19 have come under the former Bolton Wanderers and West Ham United manager. Allardyce may well want to keep him now he has secured Premier League status for Sunderland for another season at the expense of arch-rivals Newcastle United.

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VIDEO: DeAndre Yedlin vs Man City (midweek League Cup)

11:15 pm
On loan right-back DeAndre Yedlin played for Sunderland against Manchester City in the League Cup in midweek. Manchester City came out winners, but how did young American Yedlin fare? You can see for yourself with his individual highlight performance video.

Below the video are links to the individual highlights performances of Spurs pair Erik Lamela and Eric Dier against Manchester City yeaterday.

Related Videos
Erik Lamela Full Individual Performance vs Man City
Eric Dier Full Individual Performance vs Man City

VIDEO: DeAndre Yedlin vs Man City (midweek League Cup) VIDEO: DeAndre Yedlin vs Man City (midweek League Cup) Reviewed by THBlogNews on 11:15 pm Rating: 5

Yedlin to Midtjylland on loan?

11:00 pm
Rumours of a loan move for DeAndre Yedlin to Denmark of all places, a strange one that if it is the case. He has failed to impress on the training ground with his technical ability way below the required level if the rumours coming out of the training ground are to be believed.

Yedlin to Midtjylland on loan?

The more senior players haven't been impressed and if team mates are not impressed then they are not going to have the complete faith in him that they need. He needs a loan move and I am one to advocate loan moves abroad, but not on this occasion. Yedlin needs UK minutes, he needs immersing in the UK game and culture, having said that he needs guaranteed game time every week to develop him as quickly as possible.

Norwich City have been mentioned, it's either to a club of that ilk or a Championship side you would want to see him playing, the standard of football in Denmark, not disrespect to Denmark intended, is not great even though Midtjylland did dump Southampton out of the UEFA Europa League 2-1 on aggregate in the play-off round to get into the competition proper.

Thier reward is Group C with Napoli, Club Brugge and Legia Warsaw so they have European football. I mention all this because Midtjylland are one of the clubs mentioned as a possible loan destination for Yedlin. The impression is that he spends more time with the USA team than he does at the Spurs training ground, obviously not true but t doesn't half seem like it.

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Yedlin, Kurzawa & Spurs youth

11:00 pm
DeAndre Yedlin is a bit of a forgotten man at Tottenham with Kyle Walker returning to form and Kieran Trippier as his backup.

It seems the sensible thing to do is send him out on loan to get a years playing experience under his belt and that may well happen. It doesn't have to happen yet though as loans can still be made after the window shuts.

Yahoo have a tale on the situation with a pros and cons article aimed at their American readers; As Tottenham's defense flounders, what does it mean for DeAndre Yedlin?
Yahoo Sports

The Daily Mirror, inventors of the £100,00-a-week for Berahino rubbish, believe we are going to miss out on a left-back we don't actually need. To be fair to the Mirror they are just reporting the news in the Sunday People, however they are under the same media company.

Layvin Kurzawa is 22-years-old and plays for Monaco currently with the Mirror and other outlets believing he will be signing for PSG, whose fans incidentally booed Benjamin Stambouli on his home debut. We could possibly need another if we believe Danny Rose wants to jump ship for Chelsea or Manchester City, both who have shown an interest in him this window. Click the link for the story.
Daily Mirror

Over to ESPN and another report on our Under-15 side winning the Lion City Cup in Singapore by thrashing Liverpool 4-0 in a game our youngsters apparently controlled. The four team tournament was another opportunity for our youngsters to travel and play in heat,.

These little tournaments abroad allow youngsters the opportunity to play against players taught id different ways and with different basic approaches as well as expanding their experience of handling new situations.

Many many factors go into making a footballer and it's not all about simply playing football, you have to be handle everything that goes with the profession and ideally retain a burning desire to be the best you can be, relatively few do though as we see from some of the players we buy at senior level. That makes it more and more important that we breed our own with the right mental approach.

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A test for Yedlin

11:00 pm
American DeAndre Yedlin has had a career where he has had to adjust to a higher level of football and improve to make the grade each time.

He has gone from College to Major League Soccer to the USA national side to Tottenham Hotspur. His career has been an upward curve, but he perhaps didn't appreciate quite what a step up it is from the MLS to the Premier League.

"It's tough. With Seattle, I had to prove myself as well. It's no different. This process has taken a little bit longer and I expected that. It's another level up. I'm working hard every day and just trying to improve and hopefully prove that I deserve a spot.
"(The speed of play) is a little bit faster. It's obviously in a different country, so culture-wise it has been a little bit different. I'm living on my own, no family there or anything. I've had to adjust."
He joined Spurs in January, had an injury in February, has reportedly not impressed in training but impressed in friendly games. He is very much a raw talent, his technical skills are behind the squad, but he has other qualities, not least speed and an ability to pick a pass.
"The competition is tough over here. Kyle Walker is one of the best fullbacks in the league, so it's obviously going to be tough competing with him, but we all know the qualities that DeAndre's got."
Pochettino seemed to indicate that he is likely to go out on loan when he indicated that he is young. It would probably be best in the long run as he needs to be playing regularly to improve and adjust to the football over here.
"I think that DeAndre is very young. He has a very good potential for the future. I think joining us in the middle of the season last season, he had an opportunity to show his value and try to convince me to stay next season...It's like any other player. He has the same opportunity to show his quality."
The MLS game gave Yedlin an opportunity to talk to former Spurs player Clint Dempsey and he has also spoken to another former Spurs player, USA manager Jurgen Klinsmann. Both have told him he will need to be patient, not something he has really had to be thus far in his career.
"You can't rush into things. I'm still young and it will take time. That's the main thing, just to be patient and my chance will come."
Yedlin was pleased to get some minutes under his belt he told reporters after the game and is now looking forward to perhaps gaining some more minutes in Germany at the Audi Cup.

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Links to Tottenham News

8:00 am
We begin this morning with a round-up of a few stories with angles you may have missed such as the American perspective of the DeAndre Yedlin situation or Harry Redknapp getting involved with coaching again.

It seems the MLS All-Stars are dropping like flies at the moment. Following the news that Frank Lampard (New York City) was out the game, Robbie Keane (LA Galaxy), Steven Gerrard (LA Galaxy), Chris Tierney (New England) and Michael Bradley (Toronto) have also all pulled out.
Fox Sports

Harry Redknapp has had enough of retirement apparently and plans to get involved in coaching at newly-promoted Bournemouth. At least he won't have too far to travel from home.
The Daily Telegraph

The Official Tottenham website gives us a guide to the 20th MLS All-Star game.
Tottenham Hotspur

An article asking a question that will receive some support, are Spurs' commercial interests undermining Pochettino's preparation and a video of Harry Kane speaking at the press conference.

Let's not remember that it was Bayern Munich president, Karl-Heinz Rummenigge, who said they had to go on pre-season tours to try and keep up with the Premier League clubs financially. It's a decent length article with plenty of discussion points in it.

The US perspective of the DeAndre Yedlin situation is always going to worth a read as he is one of theirs and SBI provide it. Sites over here say Pochettino is indicating he may go out on loan while this article indicates the opposite. We have known for a while that training and pre-season games will determine what happens to him this season.

I suspect it may be a loan, we could do with him playing regularly in the Premier League to speed along his development. Kyle Walker and Kieran Trippier should be able to handle the role between them, especially as we have Eric Dier and Toby Alderweireld who can also play there.

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Fans help pick the MLS All-Star squad

5:00 pm
An update on the new away kit for sale in America, it has been removed from the sales floor and will not be on sale until 25 July, just before Tottenham go to America to play the MLS All-Stars who will feature Frank Lampard, Steven Gerrard, Kaka and former Spurs target David Villa.

Update: The Away jersey has been removed from the floor and will be available for sale on 25 July.

The first group of players have been named for the 2015 AT&T MLS All-Star Game against Tottenham Hotspur on Wednesday, July 29 at 9 pm ET, live on FOX Sports 1, UniMás, TSN and RDS in America. It's a game I'm looking forward to seeing and hopefully Dele Alli will make an appearance given the rave reviews he is receiving in training. We can expect to see American DeAndre Yedlin and Cameron Carter-Vickers as well.

Prior to the squad being announced the Fan XI has been unveiled before the full MLS squad is named later this week. Will it include former Tottenham player Clint Dempsey or Robbie Keane currently playing for LA Galaxy.

2015 MLS All-Star Fan XI:
GK Nick Rimando (Real Salt Lake)
DEF Matt Besler (Sporting Kansas City)
DEF Omar Gonzalez (LA Galaxy)
DEF DaMarcus Beasley (Houston Dynamo)
MID Kaká (Orlando City SC)
MID Michael Bradley (Toronto FC)
MID Benny Feilhaber (Sporting Kansas City)
MID Graham Zusi (Sporting Kansas City)
FWD David Villa (New York City FC)
FWD Clint Dempsey (Seattle Sounders FC)
FWD Obafemi Martins (Seattle Sounders FC)

A fan XI is a good idea and good publicity, it gets the league fans involved, why is the Premier League not doing something similar, why do we have them choosing or reporters choosing a team of the season. It is important to market the game and never rest on your laurels. Engaging with fans is or should be a key element to marketing, the fan base is the most important asset a club has, the league has.

The 22 man squad for the game will be announced on 18 July and will include Commissioner Don Garber’s two picks of Frank Lampard and Steven Gerrard. Colorado Rapids and MLS All-Star head coach Pablo Mastroeni will pick the other 20 players and will include some Fan XI players as their votes are taken into account when selecting the squad.

It all helps to make the fans feel a part of the game, add interest and create awareness in the lead up to the televised game.

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Yedlin future uncertain

12:30 pm
The immediate future of DeAndre Yedlin is now uncertain after his arrival from Seattle Sounders in late December.

Our American has speed, of that there is no doubt, but not only does he have to adjust to a whole new culture but he has taken a leap up in ability levels. He is now at a club where he can't hide, not that he wants to, you stand and fall by what you do on a training ground and in matches.

Yedlin has failed to impress on the training field, his technical ability is not up to scratch basically, that affects everything you do with a ball. The technically ability of English players is on the increase but it has taken donkeys years to get there, it's not going to happen for Yedlin over night.

Newly promoted Norwich City want to take him on loan for a season, but a season-long loan is really too long for Tottenham. Ideally he would be loaned out until January and then reassessed, that is the preferred Tottenham option at the moment.

However things are not cut and dried. We are watching him play in the USA internationals and will be assessing him again during pre-season. We don't have to make a decision on his future at this early stage, it can wait until August. Spurs fans in forums have been suggesting he could be used further forward and this will certainly be looked at on the training ground but he has a lot of developing to do, it might be another year before we see much of him.

There is also still the uncertainty over Kyle Walker though, will he recover his best form, will he stay free of injury, we can't be sure so a bit of guesswork is needed.

Kieran Trippier has passed his medical so you may find that he becomes the first choice right-back, Walker may be relegated to the UEFA Europa League, Walker may get a chance to prove himself worthy of a place in the Premier League first.

We had years of problems at left-back and now the troubles seem to have switched over to the right. It's only just over 7 weeks until the season starts again, 51 days and counting.

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Trippier arrival signals concerns over Walker fitness

10:30 am
Tottenham Hotspur have been negotiating with Kieran Trippier to join us this summer and by all accounts terms have been agreed and he'll be becoming a Spurs player soon.

The question I posed before when this story first broke was why are we signing him, are we concerned by Kyle Walker's fitness or because DeAndre Yedlin is not up to scratch yet.

DeAndre Yedlin had not impressed Pochettino in training but then produced two performances of promise in the games against Malaysia and Sydney. We have then sent a scout to watch and report back on his subsequent performances for USA.

From what I understand we have reservations over Walker, not his ability, but his fitness. He had an injury that can end a career. He recovered and played and played 22 games, 15 Premier League, 3 UEFA Europa League, 3 League Cup ties and an Under-21 game.

He then suffered a Malleolar injury (ankle) which kept him out for the rest of the season and he didn't make the AIA Cup squad for the two end of season games. When he returned he was rusty and that may well be the case next season. When you have a serious injury you tend to protect it, subconsciously or not, and that puts pressure on other joints and muscles that can then give way.

It took Younès Kaboul and extra season to recover having niggling little injuries and he hadn't returned to his best. To go into a season where Walker may have niggling injuries with only Yedlin as cover is asking for trouble. A third right-back will mean one playing in the UEFA Europa League and give us the option of loaning Yedlin out initially until January.

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Trippier arrival signals concerns over Walker fitness Trippier arrival signals concerns over Walker fitness Reviewed by THBlogNews on 10:30 am Rating: 5
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