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The Brown's hit the fan

11:37 am
I watched the Celtic vs. Arsenal game last night because I wanted to see what was so special about the Celtic player we are apparently so interested in.

So I watched and I watched. I was sure that his name was on the team sheet, but he was nowhere to be seen.

"Oh, there he is!", I found myself saying out loud in the 19th minute. You see, it took that long to realise that Scott Brown was actually on the pitch. He appeared every now and then, passing sideways and backwards. If Harry was at the match, surely someone would have told Brown to perform on a higher par?

A few Celtic fans have been on here recently and they likened him to Jermaine Jenas for his extraordinary skill of disappearing during matches. I was under the impression that he was a Sgt. Wilson type player, yet I've been informed that he's a box to box player. The Celtic fans also couldn't believe that we would be prepared to pay the reported £8-10 million for him. I can see why.

I know that we shouldn't judge players on one appearance, but come on, he was useless. If there's anyone out there that believes he would be a good signing, please come on here and explain why, because so far, even his supporters have said that he's not good enough, and going on yesterday's charade, I can see why.

Harry, we really could do without another hot and cold player.

Other news that that won't go away is that Aston Villa are interested in signing David Bentley and Jermaine Jenas. Villa need to replace Barry, but I can't see why they would be interested in Bentley?
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Redknapp: "I like Brown"

8:26 am
So then, Harry likes Celtic's combative midfielder, Scott Brown.

Has anyone seen this guy in action? I've been told that he's a Sgt. Wilson type player; the type that wears his heart on his sleeve and takes no prisoners.

I thought Tom Huddlestone had a great game and with a few more games under his belt, could build a great understanding with Wilson Palacios.

If Jenas is to be sold to Villa and by the looks of things, they need him, then bringing in a midfielder in the Palacios mold wouldn't be a bad bit of business.

Brown's definitely on Harry's radar. Could be one to watch?

On another note, wasn't it a shock to see both Keano and Defoe starting the match yesterday?
Redknapp: "I like Brown" Redknapp: "I like Brown" Reviewed by PoshSpur on 8:26 am Rating: 5
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