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Wan-Bissake v Trippier - the figures

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Wan-Bissake v Trippier - The Figures

Aaron Wan-Bissake is a 21-year-old right-back born in London and playing for Crystal Palace.

As there has been a lot of talk about him and people only looking at what he does defensively, I thought I'd have a look from the important angle a coach looks at, what he creates going forward.

In the modern game and particularly in our systems, what a full-back does in attack comes before what he does in defence. The centre-back and the defensive midfielder are your primary defenders, who are assisted by what are wing-backs rather than traditional full-backs these days.

Their changing role, they are the crossers of the ball rather than the wingers in football worldwide today, makes it an important factor in any purchase.

In the Premier League he scored no goals and had 3 assists.
He had 0.3 shots per game, made 0.4 key passes per game, made 1.7 dribbles per game, was fouled 0.5 times per game, was offside 0.1 times per game, dispossessed 1.1 times per games and made 1.2 bad controls per game.

In the same competition, Kieran Trippier scored 1 goal and had 3 assists.
He had 0.3 shots per game, made 1.8 key passes per game, made 0.3 dribbles per game, was fouled 0.9 times per game, was offside 0.2 times per game, dispossessed 0.5 times per games and made 0.7 bad controls per game.

Those stats would signify that trippier is more of an attacking threat than Wan-Bissaka, which isn't surprising considering he is one of the best crossers of a ball at the club. His volleyed crosses can be the difference between a chance created and no chance, something Wan-Bissake doesn't have in his locker.

Tottenham play a possession-based game so passing and retaining the ball is an important factor.

Wan-Bissaka makes an average of 33.3 passes per game, Kieran Trippier makes 57.1
Wan-Bissake has a pass success rate of 73%, Kieran Trippier has a pass success rate of 78.9%
Wan-Bissake makes 0/3 crosses per game, Kieran Trippier makes 2 crosses per game
Wan-Bissake plays 1 long ball per games, Kieran Trippier plays 2.6 long balls per game
Wan-Bissake plays 0 through ball per games, Kieran Trippier plays 0.1 through balls per game

Quite clearly the statistics show Trippier to be a better player going forward, so let's look at it defensively.5
Wan-Bissake makes 3.7 tackles per games, Kieran Trippier makes 2.7 tackles per game
Wan-Bissake makes 2.4 interceptions per games, Kieran Trippier makes 0.9 interceptions per game
Both commit 0.7 fouls per game
Wan-Bissake wins 0.3 offsides per games, Kieran Trippier wins 0.6 offsides per game
Wan-Bissake makes 3.7 clearances per games, Kieran Trippier makes 2.3 clearances per game
Wan-Bissake is dribbled past 0.3 times per games, Kieran Trippier is dribbled past 0.9 times per game
Wan-Bissake blocks 0.5times per games, Kieran Trippier blocks 0.2 times per game

Defensively Wan-Bissake comes out on top, but you lose an attacking threat and it is goals that win matches. A full-back is an essential ingredient of any attack and Wan-Bissaka on these figures would reduce our attacking capability.

Personally, I think with a summer's rest, Trippier will return to form next season so I wouldn't have any problem retaining him, but of course, we do need to look for a younger long term replacement and 22-year-old (23 in August) Kyle Walker-Peters is not that player. KWP is a backup Kyle Naughton type homegrown squad player on low wages.

He serves a purpose but if we are building a team to challenge for the title and to challenge in the Champions League then he isn't good enough, simple as that.

Aaron Wan-Bissaka is a 21-year-old (22 in November) while Kieran Trippier is a 28-year-old (29 in September).

Trent Alexander Arnold demonstrated for England that the attacking threat of a full-back in the modern games comes first and defensive sides come second, a side he has still to improve greatly.

All I hear about Wan-Bissaka is defensive, nobody is shouting about his attacking prowess and that is what we need to be looking for. Until he improves that area of his game he isn't the star that loads of fans seem to think he is.


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Malcom, Ünder, Aurier, Trippier

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Transfer Talk: Malcom, Ünder, Aurier, Trippier

The Liverpool Echo are being rather silly linking Everton with Malcom. They tell us Malcom is holding crunch talks with Barcelona, bit late considering the president has already put him on the transfer list.

Malcom will want UEFA Champions League football, which Everton don't have, indeed they don't have any European football next season and he isn't going to entertain any side not in the premier European competition. In addition, his wages would be too much for Everton as well.

That is just common sense and it is amazing that so many journalists don't possess any it seems.

Gazetta dello Sport suggests Tottenham and Arsenal want to sign 21-year-old (22 in July) Turkish international Cengiz Ünder.

His agent has been negotiating, according to Il Romanista, with caretaking Director of Football Frederic Massara about whether he stays or leaves. Roma failed to qualify for the UEFA Champions League, they are in the 2nd Qualifying Round of the Europa League, as did Arsenal, also in the Europa League and he wants to play in the competition.

That suggests he might leave which will alert Spurs, Bayern Munich, Borussia Dortmund and Chelsea, all of whom have been following his progress in Italy. Lyon, qualified for Champions League and Marseille, don't have European football.

Ünder is currently under contract until 2022 and Roma are considering Marseille winger Florian Thauvin as his replacement.

Various different reports around Europe suggest Manchester United, Manchester City, and Barcelona are also tracking him and that Roma will listen to offers over £26.49 million (€30m).

AS Monaco are very interested in 26-year-old (27 in December) former PSG right-back Serge Aurier who is under contract until 2022. Monaco failed to qualify for Europe so it is unlikely the Ivorian international would entertain a move. They are suggesting a figure of £15 million (€17m) which certainly won't be enough.

Napoli have reportedly pulled out of a move for Kieran Trippier with the suggestion that the hierarchy there think he is too old. More likely is that they do not want to pay our valuation of him, which is almost double what they have offered.

Other reports suggest they haven't pulled out of a potential deal.

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Trippier, Lloris, Bale, Shaquiri, Clarke

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Transfer Talk: Trippier, Lloris, Bale, Shaquiri, Clarke


Napoli are trying to sell right-back Elseid Hysaj to make way for Kieran Trippier according to Italian news outlet Calciomercato.

PSG are in the market for a new goalkeeper and it is suggested they are interested in Hugo Lloris once again. He has just won a World Cup and is now in the UEFA Champions League Final, there is no reason for him to leave, especially with French football being a one-team league.

Lloris gave his World Cup trophy to Mauricio Pochettino as a thank you and shows the bond between the two. In Pochettino, Lloris found a soulmate at Tottenham which is why he has never had the intention of leaving.

Spanish sports newspaper AS reports that Real Madrid does not want to loan any players out this window, they want the money from sales of unwanted players like Gareth Bale and Dani Ceballos to help fund all the purchases they want as they look to rebuild the squad for Zinidine Zidane.

The Sat suggest Liverpool would sell Xherdan Shaquiri if the right offer came in. He has a history of not lasting at his clubs. Bayern Munich got rid of him and so did Inter Miln after a season.

According to the Sunday Mirror, Tottenham has been told to pay £20 million for 18-year-old (19 in November) Leeds United winger Jack Clarke. You will have seen in many places suggestions that Tottenham has bid £10 million.

What happens is, one club unofficially sounds out an agent who has a rough figure in mind of what his client is worth and another figure that might secure his services after discussing it with the club selling the player. Now when a club has no wish to sell that is a guesswork figure, as it hasn't been discussed.

A buying club has their own valuation of the player and what they want to pay. Transfer fees are not paid in one lump sum, but over the term of a contract, so if a player signs for 5 years, you pay 5 annual installments, the first being an agreed upfront figure.

The selling club wants the whole amount to be guaranteed, in other words without bonuses/performance-related add-ons, whereas the buying club would prefer as much as possible to be add-ons.

What can happen is, that some of the add-ons can be ones that are certain to be achieved. If you included an add-on that he turned up for work for a week, for instance, that would be guaranteed to happen, thus the selling club would be guaranteed that element of any add-ons fees.

Why do things that complicated way? Because of accountancy and tax implications for the financial year.

The figures you see quoted in the press can be with or without add-ins, usually, our press includes add-ons when they give a fee, which is not a true reflection of what is actually paid.

For instance, there might be a clause that a certain amount is paid if the club wins the UEFA Champions League, so until a club does while that player is at the club and within the years of the initial contract agreed, then that add-on is not payable.

Usually, the foreign press state transfer fees without add-ons so a discrepancy, especially for selling players from a Premier League club.


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Trippier off to Napoli

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Kieran Trippier Looks To Be On His Way To Napoli This Summer

It will be a busy summer for Spurs with players joining and leaving.

Two rumoured to be available for the right price are 28-year-old (29 in September) Kieran Trippier and 26-year-old (27 in December) Serge Aurier.

Sources suggest Spurs are interested in 27-year-old (28 in September) PSG right-back Thomas Meunier although he is rather old for our project. He would need replacing in a couple of years perhaps and we are looking for continuity.

Manchester United, Chelsea, Everton and Arsenal are all thrown at the story and Trippier is in talks with Napoli. His wife Charlotte, has been seen in Napoli house hunting. That has forced the hand of Juventus and Inter Milan who have approached his agent to discuss possibilities of a move.

Serie A side Napoli remains in pole position to sign the right-back having told his agent they are willing to match his £3.42 million (€4m) annual salary.

Tottenham are also said to be interested in former French Under-21 international Léo Dubois. The 24-year-old (25 in September) Lyon right-back scored a scorching left-foot volley this weelend. He has had an excellent second half of the season.

With his wife house hunting, it would suggest he is definately being sold which will please a section of our fickle fans after what has been a poor season for him. Carlo Ancelotti has confirmed the club are interested in signing Trippier and Mexican winger Lozano for £34.21 million (€40m).


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Six of the best, new stadium, coaching, Trippier, NFL...

7:40 am

Six of the best, New Stadium, Coaching, Trippier, NFL...


Six excellent articles well worth a read covering the life of a coach, English players now developing in the Bundesliga, a couple of articles on the new Spurs stadium and one on our tie-up with the NFL, with an article about Kieran Trippier to finish.

Good Reading

A couple of articles to start on coaching, Germany used to develop players who would then come to England, but now there seems to be a trend developing where English players are going abroad to develop their game. It is a welcome trend.

English Players Now Developing in Germany

Inside The Life Of A Coach

For those who read everything on our new stadium, and ahead of our Juventus game, an article from last summer about an Italian company helping the new Spurs stadium build.

Redaelli - Roof, Skywalk and Hanging Restaurant

Another article on the stadium worth a read, especially to those concerned we don't pay the same basic wage as the other top clubs.

Matchday revenue rises from £11m to £50m in the first year

Again on the new Spurs stadium an article about the tie-up with the NFL.

Made for Sharing

An excellent article which is essentially a chat with Kieran Trippier about his poor game against Manchester City, working on the mistakes he made that day and rebuilding his confidence.

ESPN Article: Kieran Trippier


Further Reading

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EPL Beckons for Bale, Aurier or Trippier

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Bale Unwanted At Real Madrid and Aurier Still A Concern


Gareth Bale

Marca say Real Madrid are set to offload Gareth Bale this summer after too many injuries have left him sat on the bench once more. Zinidine Zidane no longer seems to have any trust in him and President Florentino Pérez is thought to be looking at a major overhaul after a disastrous season that sees them 14 points behind Barcelona, 7 points behind Atlético Madrid and just 2 points ahead of Valencia. They are also out of the Spanish Cup.

While we have the option to match any offer, his wages are £13.28 million annually (that's just over £250,000-a-week).

I do believe a sponsor might be interested, it would be great publicity for Nike if Bale returned home to Spurs and he would make a difference to commercial income.

However, other players would all then want a wage increase, which at the present time we wouldn't be able to afford, have to generate the income first. Speculate to accumulate isn't a viable option for the majority of football clubs. Without the income you can't continue to afford the wages and you have to sell. Now you are on a downward spiral that it's difficult to get out of, now your club is going backwards, not forwards and it is difficult to attract players again when there are other options.

Real Madrid Set To Dispense With Bale

MARCA is a Spanish national daily sport newspaper owned by Unidad Editorial. The newspaper focuses primarily on football, in particular the day-to-day activities of Real Madrid, Atlético Madrid and Rayo Vallecano - Wikipedia.

Serge Aurier


After watching him give away a needless penalty against Real Madrid, a needless penalty against Juventus and getting himself sent-off, the fears over Aurier haven't gone away.

Kieran Trippier is arguably the best crosser of a ball, as a full-back, in the Premier League, no other crosses it so accurately on the volley so often. It is a killer ball if you get it right as the defence don't have time to set themselves.

For the UEFA Champions League second leg against Juventus Aurier is suspended so Trippier will be starting. He isn't as quick as Aurier and Douglas Costa is lightening as we saw from the first leg and tricky too. We will have to very careful there.


Further Reading

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Aubameyang, Trippier and Walker, Microsoft move into sports training

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Chelsea have been trying to buy 28-year-old (28 next June) Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang from Borussia Dortmund but he is heading back to AC Milan I hear, although there are other reports suggesting he is staying in Germany, which may just be Dortmund trying to maximise his transfer fee.

In 2017 Spurs right-back Kieran Trippier registered more assists (he had 5) than any other Premier League defender. His crossing is a major plus and some of his first time volleys are simply world class. In the game today full-backs are attackers first and defenders second and have to be able to operate as wing-backs. Bot he and Danny Rose were former wingers converted to full-backs. Pochettino has turned both of them into England internationals.

Premier League Games
Kyle Walker 198 - 5 goals, 28 assists (an assist every 7.07 games) 
17.162 minutes (an assist every 612.93 minutes)
Kieran Trippier 56 games - 1 goal, 10 assists (an assist every 5.6 games)
4,438 minutes (an assist every 443.8 minutes)

2016/17 Premier League Games
Kyle Walker 6 assists in 33 games - 2,704 minutes (assist every 450.67 minutes)
Kieran Trippier 5 assists in 12 games - 564 minutes (assist every 112.8 minutes)

2016/17 All Games
Kyle Walker 6 assists in 39 games - 3,176 minutes (assist every 529.33 minutes)
Kieran Trippier 7 assists in 22 games - 1,464 minutes (assist every 209.14 minutes)

Sport is now a data driven business and Tottenham embrace sports science to try and eke out every minute advantage. MICROSOFT have now launched a new Sports Performance Platform which it says could enable teams to predict injuries and prolong players’ careers.

Take a read at the full article and digest how this might impact on training: Machine Learning

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Why the issue with selling one player? Trippier crates more chances than Walker.

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Successful people see opportunity everywhere, failures don't, their scotomas only allow them to see failure.

Looking forward, I don't see an issue with the sale of Walker.

There is no doubt that Kieran Trippier is a better crosser of a ball than Kyle Walker, some of his first time balls on the volley are world class. His first time ball for England was right out of the top drawer and something Walker struggles with.

Kyle Walker 27-year-old (28 next May) 6 assists in 3,107 minutes
Kieran Trippier 26-year-old (27 in September) 7 assists in 1,464 minutes

Kyle Walker creates a Premier League chance every 69.49 minutes
Kieran Trippier creates a Premier League chance every 48.83 minutes

There is no comparison is there, if we look just at the Premier League, Walker had 6 assists in 2,704 minutes and Trippier had 5 in 564 minutes. Again no comparison. With Trippier playing, now an England international of course, we have a greater threat from the right, the statistics prove it.

Trippier has developed under Pochettino and is a ready made replacement for Walker who will fetch around £50 million (€56.99m - AUS$84.68m - US$65.12m), which is then available for player acquisitions. We will, naturally, bring in an understudy for Trippier with Kyle Walker-Peters getting game time in the League Cup.

The full-back today is primarily an attacker and secondly a defender, some are still stuck in the past though and haven't moved their perceptions with the times and the changing face of football.

The team is being kept together, just one player of note leaving with a replacement already having signed a contract extension.

A stadium has to be paid to, everyone is aware of that, or at least they should be and we finished second in the table cutting our cloth to match our situation.

Sevilla won the UEFA Europa League three times on the trot and they don't buy superstars, they re-invent their team each season, buying players effectively in the transfer market, not throwing money at a problem.

Monaco have a buy low, improve and sell business model, they made the UEFA Champions League semi-final lass season and won the French league title. Did both these sides achieve what they have with a negative doom and gloom outlook?

No, they were open minded enough to see opportunity and to stick to a business model they thought could work for them, the same as we are doing at Tottenham. Both sides sell players, why is it so distressing to some we may sell the odd player we can replace?

Did people seriously believe we would never sell a player? Is there any proof we would be a lesser team without Kyle Walker? No. We have seen Pochettino improve all our full-backs so why can't he improve another? We have seen him convert Dier to a defensive midfielder, a right-back and centre-back.

The anti-Spurs writers should have a little more faith in Pochettino, I make no apologies for backing him and believe you all should be too.

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Maguire medical, Seri, Trippier and Walker news

10:13 pm


In the news today, Kyle Walker is not pushing for a move away from Spurs although he will be sold if Manchester City fork out a minimum of £40 million with £60 million being our starting negotiation price.

Kieran Trippier made his England debut against France, a game in which Harry Kane scored twice against Hugo Lloris. A slow England performance against 10 men saw France win 3-2. Kane's second was his 30th goal in 2017 from 26 games for club and country.  14 of the last 26 England debutants have now been coached by Mauricio Pochettino at either Southampton or Tottenham.

Spurs have made a formal request about the availability of Nice midfielder for Jean Michaël Seri for whom his club have turned down an offer from Roma.

It is thought that 24-year-old (25 next March) Harry Maguire, the Hull City centre-back, is having a medical at Leicester City tonight so if true another we can cross off the list.

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Southgate - Trippier is one of the top 3 right-backs in the country

3:28 pm

Spurs boss Pochettino turns yet another player into an England international


Kieran Trippier is probably the best crosser of a ball we have at full-back for Tottenham, followed by Eric Dier. While Dier is an England regular, Kieran Trippier has won a call up to the senior squad for the 2018 World Cup against Scotland in Glasgow on 10 June and the friendly international against France on 13 June at the Stade de France, Paris.

It is recognition of his form towards the end of the season when Kyle Walker was dropped and lost form due to hius head being elsewhere it seems.

England manager gareth Southgate spoke about leaving Wayne Rooney out, stressing than Dele Alli has been in fine form, that Defoe scored in his last game for England and that Herry Kane is coming back. Then moving on to Kieran Trippier he said that he liked his mentality and that he was onr of the three best right-backs in the country.

“He’s a player that I’ve watched a lot, from when he was at Burnley. He has had limited game time at Spurs but he fits the profile of a full-back that we like – he’s very good with the ball and I like his mentality. 
“He’s a player we wanted to bring in so he gets a feel for how we work, and it’s a good opportunity for us to look at him. 
“He and Kyle [Walker] will have been pushing each other every day and, in my opinion, they along with Nathaniel Clyne are the three best right-backs in the country.”

Mauricio Pochettino has turned another Spurs player into an international, he told Danny Rose he would play for England if he stayed at Spurs, now he has done the same thing with Trippier. Young English players must be looking at his record and saying to themselves, perhaps he could do that for me.
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Pochettino and Trippier

2:30 pm

Phil Neville, just like everyone else it seems, think we have a superb manager in Argentinian Mauricio Pochettino and feels he is essential to our future success.

"I absolutely love him, they are the best coached team in the league, I think they're a young team who are getting better and better.

"People keep saying about Kane leaving, Alli leaving, but they have got to keep hold of that manager because I think he is one of the best. 
"Trippier's made five chances today and he's had no opportunities at Spurs, this was only his third start.

'For someone that's only made three starts that was an unbelievable performance today."

He seems to be forgetting that there is life outside the Premier League, the 25-year-old (26 in September) right-back has played 1.103 minutes. He has 3 UEFA Champions League games, not exactly a nothing competition, 4 FA Cup ties and 2 Football league Cup ties as well as having a baby and being unable to get enough sleep.

Yes he has had to be patient and the press therefore start transfer rumours but Trippier is quite happy at Tottenham and has never been to the manager to ask to move or kicked up a fuss. 

I wrote a while back that we need to use the Kaizen approach to improving not just players, but every aspect of the club, that every staff member should be looking to see how they can improve how they do their job, be it changing supplier or something they can do themselves. It was interesting to hear Mauricio Pochettino say the same thing in a post-game press conference.

We clearly think the same, the small things make a difference and lots of small things add up to something significant. The next few years are an exciting time for our club after many years in the doldrums.

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Over on Twitter the Basketball Naps are 100% successful with 4 from 4, both selections won yesterday, 3 posted today.

In the £10 to £1,000 Challenge I have set myself stands at £52.50

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Trippier not going anywhere

10:30 am

Football Insider have tried to suggest Kieran Trippier might leave Spurs in the summer and offered three sides he might like to join.

Let's be clear they offer no evidence that the 26-year-old (27 in September) has any intention of leaving. He has had a child which prevented him from sleeping, thus making playing football at the top level difficult. Your concentration needs to be sharp in the Premier League and tiredness has a clear effect on that and thus performance.

He has played UEFA Champions League football which he wouldn't get at West Ham United, Newcastle United or Burnley, the three clubs the article suggests he could go to. Clearly the author doesn't believe wages are a factor for a player. Consider his earnings at Spurs and what he would earn at Burnley, they are in a different league. Would you take such a drastic wage cut? No, nor would he.

There is far more to being happy playing football than how many games you play. Without his child being born he would no doubt have played more, it was just that it affected him more than it affects others.

Every indication coming out of Spurs is that he is very happy, he hasn't once complained, which suggests he fully understands the situation and is comfortable with it, knowing long-term he has a future at a top football club.

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Pochettino was right not to sell Trippier and Wimmer

5:00 am

Mauricio Pochettino was right not to consider selling Trippier and Wimmer

The inhabitants of the Transfer tavern have come up with two players Mauricio Pochettino should have sold during the January transfer window, Kieran Trippier and Kevin Wimmer.

I'm numb with such daft suggestions. Kieran Trippier is our reserve full-back, he alternates when we have two games a week. The former England Under-21 international has played 10 games so far this season, a total of 731 minutes.

He played 3 times in the UEFA Champions League, has played in both rounds of the FA Cup and both rounds we played in the League Cup. Without him we would be left with Eric Dier who is covering for Toby Alderweireld, and Victor Wanyama as well as playing in a back three.

Without Trippier we would be stretching our resources thin, so why sell a player you need and who has been performing well? A replacement would have to be bought and trained in our system. What is the point? There is nothing wrong with Trippier, he has more assists than most full-backs in the league.

The second crazy suggestion was Kevin Wimmer, a player we need as cover for Jan Vertonghen. He has played 9 games so far this season and is in line for a few more. Perhaps the author was unaware that the Belgian is a long-term injury, perhaps again they feel an untried and untested in our system, new centre-back would be the answer.

That is simply gambling with the rest of the season. A new player needs to get fit and learn how to play a high line and be capable of changing systems. Kevin Wimmer has been trained by Pochettino to do just that, a new centre-half wouldn't be.

There simply aren't positives to selling either of them mid-season.

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Kieran Trippier

1:30 pm


Fortunately the knee in the hip that Kieran Trippier received against Wycombe Wanderers in the FA Cup tie at the weekend hasn't cracked a rib as feared. He was very saw and needs a few days rest before he will be available again Pochettino has revealed.

"Kieran Trippier got a knock to his hip during the FA Cup game and he needs a few days more but it's not a big problem, it was only a knock and in a few days he will be available again."

That means he will be able to resume his duties as understudy to Kyle Walker and take his place in the next round of the FA Cup. There is a bit of a fixture congestion.

Thursday 16 February KAA Gent v Tottenham Hotspur - Europa League Round of 32
Saturday 18 February Fulham v Tottenham Hotspur - FA Cup Fifth Round
Thursday 23 February Tottenham Hotspur v KAA Gent - Europa League Round of 32
Sunday 26 February Stoke City v Tottenham Hotspur - Premier League

Kyle Walker will be required for the Stoke City game so you would expect Kieran Trippier to play against Gent on the Thursday. Will Walker therefore play in the first leg of the Europa League tie with Trippier playing against Fulham?

The same situation exists with Danny Rose and Ben Davies on the left hand side.

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West Ham have no chance of signing Trippier

5:00 pm


West Ham are reported to want right-back Kieran Trippier, but given their behaviour towards us, there is no chance of that happening and Trippier is happy at Tottenham anyway.

The birth of his baby has been giving him sleepless nights and prior to that he was concerned with his wife's pregnancy. A lack of sleep doesn't put you in the right physical or mental state to play an important game of football so he has had to be patient for his chance. he certainly took it with two great deliveries for Harry Kane, the first the type of ball we have not seen him playing before. He will get another opportunity in the FA Cup tie against Aston Villa on Sunday.

The 26-year-old (27 in September) is wanted by West Ham manager Slaven Bilic as he has a problem at right-back at the moment. While it would give Trippier game time, that is all they have to offer. He does not want to leave Spurs, has never complained about not playing as much as he would have liked and feels his game is improving under Pochettino.

He is wanted by a number of clubs and will be needed when the UEFA Europa League games start on 16th February with the first leg of a tie against Belgian side Gent in the Round of 32. A sale would leave us stretched in that area so given the club don't want to sell and the player does not want to move, West Ham will be disappointed.

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Trippier following the path of Danny Rose

5:00 pm

Danny Rose was a left-winger who we converted to a left-back and what a success that has been. He has had to learn the role, going out on loan to Sunderland for a season and then playing with little assistance in front of him, making him look worse than he was.

Since Mauricio Pochetino has got hold of him and since the player in front of him, often Eriksen, now does their defensive duty in our system, he has become arguably the best left-back in the Premier League.

Kieran Trippier is following a similar path. He started out as a central midfielder, was moved to become a right winger at Manchester City who then decided he was a right-back. That led to a move to Burnley and playing time and then after his initial Premier League season, a move to Tottenham.

Now he is working with Mauricio Pochettino and, not for the first time this season, has provided goals for our strikers. His pass and his cross showed good awareness, vision, thought processes and technical ability to first play Harry Kane in and then to play the ball into a very dangerous area that resulted in Kane's second goal.

Back-up players often come in for stick from our fickle fans, but by and large he is a dependable understudy to Kyle Walker and his game is clearly improving. Trippier himself isn't interested in moving from White Hart Lane, he feels he is learning from the coaching staff and developing his game.

"Well I've practised since I was a young boy, practising crossing and set plays and stuff, so when I play I like to get as high up as I can and try to support the forwards. Luckily I've got two assists and I try to help whenever I'm called upon."

Mentally it can be very difficult if you are not playing, we saw Andros Townsend throw a strop because he wasn't, which was the end for him. Trippier has just got on with his work and done what every good professional with the right mindset does, he ensures he is ready when he gets a chance and does his best to take it. Play your role and try to make an impact at the same time, he certainly did that against Watford.

"I've had to wait and that's because Walks has been doing really well. That's why in training I keep myself match-fit and whenever you're called upon you need to be ready. 
"I've not played for a couple of weeks, so I thought it was important that I did well for the team and tried to set up a few, or just did my best. I thought I helped the team and it was a good three points. 
"I like playing in a 3-5-2 so I can get forward and get those early balls into the strikers. If it's a 3-5-2 or 4-4-2 or whatever formation it is, if I'm playing I'll make sure I try to do my best."

Kieran Trippier has given an interview to the Hertfordshire Mercury. Follow the link to read the full interview.

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Trippier and Villa noinsense

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Trippier and Villa noinsense

Silly story of the day goes to the Kieran Trippier to Aston Villa on loan, the story is about as daft as you can get. He is a proven Premier League performer. He had a season at Burnley in the Premier League before we bought him and he alternates with Kyle walker in our system so gets plenty of game time.

Why on earth would he even consider dropping down to the Championship when he could walk into half a dozen Premier League teams. Liverpool wanted to sign him and Southampton have enquired about him this window.

The crazy suggestion is a loan deal, which doesn't benefit Tottenham in any way as Yedlin isn't up to the level of a Top 4 club. In addition, it runs down a year of his contract and does nothing for his valuation, given he would be playing at a lower level.

I suppose if you don't ask you don't get so fair play to Roberto Di Matteo for asking the question. He received the answer he must have been expecting, something along the lines of, you are joking aren't you.

Some websites are trying to give the story legs suggesting his game time might be limited with DeAndre Yedlin also in our ranks, but we are actively trying to sell Yedlin, we are not trying to sell Trippier and any player Pochettini wants is not going to be sold. trippier is not for sale and won't be sold, he is apart of the squad we regularly use and he is fully aware of his role in the squad. he knows he is going to get regular game time at a club hoping to challenge for trophies.

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How a coach would assess Pritchard, Chadli and Trippier/Yedlin situations

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How a coach would assess Pritchard

Swansea City are pondering an £8-million move for Alex Pritchard, who currently has over a dozen clubs to choose from.
Swansea City are also interested in Belgian international Nacer Chadli, as we hear are Stoke City under Mark Hughes.
Southampton are said to be preparing a £5-million move for right-back Kieran Trippier.

Plenty of interest in our players, but only one of that trio has a realistic chance of actually happening.

Alex Pritchard has been a victim of circumstance. While he had an injury and then chose to go on loan to WBA, Tottenham moved forward while he went backwards.

He isn't totally guaranteed to leave, we are listening to offers and if one meets our valuation it will be accepted. Then it will be up to Pritchard with the full knowledge that his game time will be limited. He does really want to make it at Tottenham and has the Australian tour and training to impress Pochettino enough. The pair will have a chat at the end of the tour and decide his future.

Nacer Chadli provides  proven Premier League ability and his sale would leave us with just Lamela, Eriksen and Son plus a bunch of unproven kids. That isn't a situation any coach wants to leave themselves in. Yes, Dele Alli could move out there but then you lose something from the middle so it's not an ideal scenario.

The Chadli stuff is just reporters guessing he must be surplus to requirements and while you could say I'm guessing, I'm doing so with logic, common sense and the experience of coaching myself (I have taken two levels of coaching qualifications). Thinking like a coach, you want to develop players, but you want to do so with minimum risk.

Leaving yourself exposed to failure in the wide areas (important in our system) is not a logical move, you would have to be supremely confident that a youngster could take over full-time in the event of an injury. Then you have another youngster as their understudy who you have to play to give the first youngster a rest. Thus you need two youngsters you think will be guaranteed successes to sell Chadli.

Logically, if Chadli were to be sold, from a coaches point of view, January at the earliest, but more probably next summer would be the time to look at it, if the youngsters have developed over the season.

A similar situation applies to Kieran Trippier. His immediate future will be determined by how much DeAndre Yedlin has improved at Sunderland under Sam Allardyce. He has improved considerably I understand, but has he improved enough for him to be the Tottenham Hotspur right-back. That is the question you have to answer, if not, then Kieran Trippier is required to rotate with Kyle Walker, who will surely play the Champions League games and be rested for the Premier League games, unless Pochettino decides to operate his rotation policy for full-backs the other way around.

You can see that Yedlin has to be good enough to play regularly in the Premier League at the top of the table rather than the bottom to oust Trippier. It is unlikely Trippier will be going anywhere, again I would expect another year of development for Yedlin, presumably with another loan spell, then reassess next summer.

With my coaching head on that's how I would assess the situation of all three.

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Trippier being perssed by Yedlin

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Trippier being perssed by Yedlin

Is the Australia tour a head-to-head for our two right-backs Kieran Trippier and DeAndre Yedlin?

The news on Sunday revealed hat Southampton may make a bid that currently has no chance of success, £5-million for Kieran Trippier. This is the same club who paid double that for a Chelsea reserve, Ryan Bertrand and a Liverpool reserve has just been sold for more than that too.

Of course, the Southampton bid would be an opening bid, thus it isn't their final offer, but would Spurs entertain such a bid anyway. We know that all the Tottenham players want to stay, unsurprisingly they see a club in progression with an exciting time ahead of us. We also know that any player Pochettino wants to keep will not be sold.

The sites trying to make a transfer story our of it or that Levy is looking to make a profit are premature, we haven't had pre-season to have a look at DeAndre Yedlin yet so don't know if we can rely on him to rotate with Walker.

Kieran Trippier is the backup to Kyle Walker and improved as he season went on. He and Walker were rotated, which with Champions League football may happen regularly early in the season and may mean Trippier playing a lot more Premier League games than European games as he did last year. It depends how Pochettino approaches the Champions League.

DeAndre Yedlin was bought from Seattle Sounders and loaned out to Sunderland for the season. The word from training is that he is a different player to the one we sent up North. His technical skills were way below standard when we bought him, but now they have improved substantially. It is something Jurgen Klinsmann has also commented on.

The Australia trip for the International Champions Cup in Melbourne to play Juventus and Atletico Madrid plus the trip to Norway to play Inter Milan affords Pochettino the chance to assess him in game situations as well as every day in training.

He is American and the American market is still in its infancy, Having an American on the books attracts interest. We have just seen Spurs sign a deal with Kumho Tire, a South Korean company because we have Son Heung-min, a South Korean playing for us.

We have American Football coming soon and it would be advantageous to our image to have an American playing for us. All the new people hearing about Tottenham and Association Football would immediately have someone to focus upon and it is little things like that that can help build new fans.

Pochettino will be aware of all those factors. Spurs will want Yedlin to succeed, but to do so he has to get to the level we need. has he made it to that level, does he need another loan spell, Pochettino will find out in Australia and Norway.

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Trippier and Carroll interviews were revealing

8:30 am
Listening to Kieran Trippier's post match interview with Son Heung-min and comparing that with Tom Carroll's interview after the previous game, highlights the difference between the two mentally.

Trippier talks about the mentality of the squad being massive, a young squad who believe they can go all the way.

Carroll, after his goal against Norwich was entirely different. He admitted he normally passes, which is abdicating responsibility, and when asked about the title, as Trippier was, talked about hoping for 4th place.

You could argue he is just playing down expectation, which is that was the case then Trippier would have been advised to do the same. More likely it is the thought processes of the individuals. To win something you have to be aiming for it, does Tom Carroll actually believe we can win the title? 

If that is a target and you fail, you are likely to end up in the top four and Champions League football, but if the sum of your ambition is top four or fourth, then failure means you are likely to end up in the UEFA Europa League.

Passing backwards when there is no need, wanting to pass instead of shoot, not aiming high enough. They are all little signs that suggest a mental weakness. Harry Kane is the epitome of someone who takes responsibility, hardly any wonder he was made a vice-captain at such a young age. We have seen with other players that a mentality can be changed or enhanced. If Carroll can add that to his game we would have a player who could really blossom and boss games despite his size.

We haven't seen anywhere near the best of him because he doesn't know how good he could be.

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