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Mabbutt heart surgery, Cheick Tiote dies in training

10:30 pm

I am sorry to have learned this morning about 55-year-old former Tottenham captain Gary Mabbutt MBE going into hospital and needing heart surgery. Chest pains and breathing problems are things I can relate to with a fibrillating heart myself on top of my eye scarring. My problem is minor, Gary's is a lot more serious and being from an era I was watching the lads every home game, players like Mabbutt and Perryman, another who has had problems, have a special place in my memories

Cheick Ismaël Tioté was an Ivorian international (he made 52 appearances and scored one goal for his country) who played as a defensive midfielder for Dutch teams Anderlecht, Roda JC (loan) and FC Twente before moving on to  Newcastle United before moving to China to represent Beijing Enterprises

It is with deep regret that we hear he has passed away after collapsing at training after only 11 games in China. This brings back memories of our own Ugo Ehiogu and his recent unexpected and sudden departure from us.

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Mabbutt - good forfuture captain Dier to play in two positions

12:30 pm

Former Spurs captain and centre-half Gary Mabbutt was a vocal player, he was always urging players on and demanding more of the. Off the field the public saw a calm collected figure.

He won 16 England caps and played for us between 1982 and 1998 collecting a UEFA Cup in 1984 and an FA Cup in 1991.

In the Spurs programme notes he tells fans that he feels Eric Dier should be more in that image if he wants to become a future Spurs captain, in fact possibly a future England captain.

"Absolutely [he has got leadership qualities]. I still think he could maybe, at times, be a little bit more vocal on the pitch and be a bit more demanding of the players around him, but he's still a youngster and he's still learning the game. 
"That said, if he can continue to progress as he has done in the last couple of seasons, then he's really got a fantastic future in front of him. If he can perhaps command the players around him a little bit more, I think Eric can be a future captain of the club. 
"I used to love playing in different positions because it gives you far more experience of the whole game in terms of knowing what's going on around you and knowing what different skills are required for different roles. 
"The more Eric can play in two positions, I think it's a good learning curve. When you're young like him, I don't think it's harmful at all to be moved around a bit. It will only increase his experience and his abilities."

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Mabbutt sees players wanting to play for shirt again

10:30 am

It is encouraging when former players begin to see what fans leap on quickly, improvements in a team. They have been there are done it, they know an improvement has to be sustained before it can seriously be classed as an improvement.

There will always be sceptics, those that refuse to see changes or look for the worst in everything, distorting facts to suit their opinion. Such negativity does nothing to breed an environment of success and you have to question whether some are actually Spurs fans at all or whether they are Arsenal fans laughing at gullible supporters.

Anyone who did their research would know Mauricio Pochettino's history and more importantly have answers to the 'why' question. It was clear, if that research was done, that this guy was here to stay, given the need for a manager to see us through the building of the stand. The only way Daniel Levy would have removed him was if he had made a complete horlicks of the situation. He hasn't, in fact quite the opposite and even the moaners must now be realising they were wrong, he has brought something to this club we needed, a winning mentality.

Former trophy lifting centre-back and captain Gary Mabbutt MBE is seeing a change from money mercenaries to players with hunger wanting to play for the club, the minimum fan expect.

“This squad has huge potential. With all these youngsters coming through I’m beginning to see more passion to want to play for the club, and players who want to be the best and have that drive and commitment. I’m seeing a lot more of that than I have seen in previous years, so that’s another really positive step that’s been taken.”

The key words he uses there are drive and commitment, it is those that improve players. I have written many times that we need more players with the mentality of Gareth Bale. He had a drive to achieve his goals and strived to improve himself as a footballer to make his dream happen. The more we have with that driven mentality the better side we will become and if they have come through our youth system and that drive is to win trophies with Spurs, even better.

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We can't just decide where to play says Mabbutt

6:30 pm
As part of the club statement denying any takeover discussions they briefed everyone once again over the stadium situation. There was nothing we hadn't heard before.

We can't just decide where to play says Mabbutt

However that starts up all the speculation about ground again and I see some sites are now talking about Wembley again, which is of course out of the question but for a few big games. The earlier suggestions were that one tier could be shut reducing the capacity. There are only a set number of events Wembley is allowed to host so the option looks a total non-starter.

Stadium MK is being expanded for the Rugby World Cup so will be a 32,000 seat stadium and is the very form favourite to accommodate us for a season. They are very keen to do so and are one of very few options really.

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Former England international and Tottenham captain Gary Mabbutt MBE, who won the FA Cup and UEFA Cup with us, spoke to BBC Radio 5 Live on the issue.

"It’s not quite as easy as just deciding where we’d like to play. 
“There is a lot of due diligence on the schedule of Wembley. They have concerts, they have other sporting events taking place. 
“You’re looking at other stadiums. Will it be big enough? Will it be acceptable for our fans? Is the pitch going to be the right size? Every team decides on the size due to the way they play. All these things will have to be taken into consideration.”

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Mabbutt & Ardiles echo Spurs fans thoughts

8:32 pm
Mauricio Pochettino comes with a solid reputation, in Spain he is very highly thought of, which when you dig into his time at Espanyol and understand the constraints he was working under, is not surprising.

Mabbutt & Ardiles echo Spurs fans thoughts

Tottenham have been seeking a long-term Head Coach and at 42 the Argentinian has plenty of years ahead of him. Get the squad performing at it should be and staying for long enough to build something won't be the problem everyone seems to think it is.

Our other former Argentinian player and manager, Ossie Ardiles, feels the same way as most fans, that we have an under preforming squad that could and should do better.

“Spurs fans will have to be patient. He has a big reputation for building squads. This is what he did at Espanyol and of course at Southampton, where he developed young players and made players play to the maximum of their possibilities.

“For one reason or another, the players [bought into Tottenham last summer] did not perform. It will be a big, big job for Mauricio to make them perform. If he can do that, we can have a very, very good team indeed.

"He needs time. He will be very successful if he can put Tottenham into a Champions League place. That will be the aim, certainly.

"There are going to be a lot of very, very strong terms next season but realistically that has to be the aim for Tottenham.

"We do have a lot of players. The players we bought last season came with incredibly big reputations but didn't perform the way were expecting them to. If he can make them perform, we don’t need a lot [of new additions]."

Former Tottenham captain and centre-back Gary Mabbutt echoed those thoughts when speaking to Sky Sports.

“The two most successful teams are, in my opinion, based around consistency and continuity and they are Arsenal and Manchester United.

“They had Arsene Wenger and Sir Alex Ferguson for a long period of time and that is what every club wants to emulate.”

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