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Janssen loan, Celtic very keen on Spurs watched Harper

7:56 am

Janssen loan, Celtic very keen on Spurs watched Harper


German news outlet Ruhr24 (offer news including Borussia Dortmund and Schalke) are confirming my report that Schalke still hold an interest in our Dutch striker Vincent Janssen.

What I don't see being reported is that Schalke do not want to buy Janssen, they want him on loan, Fenerbache have explored that option too.

Vincent Jansen turned down moves last summer, Brighton, for instance, wanted him on loan but he said no.

The very latest this morning is that there is another suitor for Vincent Janssen. Former Manchester City centre-back Vincent Kompany, the new man at the helm of Anderlecht want to sign him. The move is seen as a good opportunity for Janssen to reignite his career.


Tottenham have reportedly been watching 19-year-old (20 next March) West Bromwich Albion central midfielder Rakeem Harper.

He scored 1 goal and had 1 assist in 16 Championship games last season. The teenager has refused an extension to his contract which runs out at the end of the month. WBA then made him a second offer after Slavan Bilic had sat down with him and he turned that down too

Celtic are keen on signing him, Liverpool and Juventus have both been following his progress as well.


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Elif Elmas Offer As THBN Reported on 8 June

5:23 pm

Elif Elmas Offer As THBN Reported on 8 June

Well, everywhere is now reporting the story I brought to you on 8 June, 13 days ago of a Tottenham offer to Turkish side Fenerbahce for 19-year-old (20 in September) midfielder Elif Elmas and offering Vincent Janssen as part of the deal.

Elif Elmas Offer

As you'll see, I reported that we had offered £10.68 million (€12m - $13.61m) whereas Fenerbache wants Janssen plus £16.02 million (€18m - $20.41m).

Thus what is being reported today looks very suspect to me. I have seen one report claiming an exclusive, bit out of date for that!

My sources suggest the offer is an improved offer of £16.37 million (€15m - $16.99m)

This is the same Turkish side that Vincent Jansen went on loan to and broke his leg not long after joining them.

The media and the regurgitation website are behind on Elmas and have been wrong about Giovani Lo Celso and Bruno Fernandes. I despair for them at times.

For information, clubs in Belgium and China are taking an interest in Janssen, Schalke still hold an interest but nothing close.


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Real Betis: Inaccurate New Report and Vincent Janssen Offered

8:00 pm

Real Betis: Inaccurate New Report and Vincent Janssen Offered


You'll soon be reading some rubbish from El Confidential that will be regurgitated by our press over Giovani Lo Celso so I thought I'd better get straight in and explain the article.

First, what do they say?

Well, basically they say that Mauricio Pochettino has spoken to Giovani Lo Celso over the phone but that we can only spend €40m (£35.58m - $45.10m) because we have opened an expensive new stadium. That isn't true.

That is merely what we have made as an opening bid in a negotiation and increasing that figure is not dependent upon selling Christian Eriksen, as is claimed

Player purchases are not dependant upon sales. There is money there, but there are players we can upgrade so selling them before we buy is only natural.

Tottenham spoke to Real Betis in January when they looked at bringing in a striker. The names the club were talking about were unrealistic, they wouldn't have been able to afford their wages.

They did speak to Tottenham about taking Dutch striker Vincent Janssen. The clubs spoke several times and after Real Betis had played Espanyol, Daniel Levy personally phoned on 30 January to offer the striker for €12m (£10.71m - $13.44m) plus €1m (£0.89m - $1.12m) for every 10 goals.

The following day Levy sent Janssen to Seville (where Real Betis play) on a private plane but the Spanish rejected the offer feeling he didn't improve what they already had. Did they make the right decision?

Well, Betis finished 10th and didn't qualify for Europe, which reduces club income for the following season and means purse tightening. They were only 3 points adrift of getting into the qualification round of the Europa League.

They scored just 44 goals in 38 LaLiga games.

Coach Quique Setién was informed on 30th Jan that he could not sign a striker and he told the club that they would not qualify for Europe without one with Antonio Sanabria on loan at Italian side Genoa.

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What's the real Issue With Vincent Janssen

12:30 pm

What's The Real Issue With Vincent Janssen

Fotospor are suggesting that Vincent Janssen wants to join Turkish side Galatasaray, who are based in Istanbul.

This summer Janssen has been linked with three Turkish Super Lig sides, Fenerbache, Besiktas and now Galatasaray.

He has been relieved of the number 9 shirt.

He didn't go on the USA tour to play in the International Champions Cup, which we won.

There are no pictures of him training with Spurs even though he has been.

It seems rather strange. There must be a reason beyond that he is for sale I would have thought.

Why is he being frozen out?

It does beg the question, is he the one turning down offers made to him and not Tottenham or the clubs interested like Fenerbache being responsible?

Is he another who doesn't want to take a drop in wages like Emmanual Adebayor, whom we simply couldn't shift and ended up sending him to train with the Development Squad?

Has he had a row with Pochettino?

Has he become a disruptive influence, sulking and moaning at Hotspur Way?

Fans suggest he is being badly treated but fans do not know what has happened behind the scenes. There is a reason, it isn't just that he hasn't made the grade I am sure. If that were the case he would be openly training with us and there wouldn't be an issue seeing him in Tottenham kit or clothing.

I'd love to be able to give you the answers and an explanation of what is happening but I simply don't know.

But I'm convinced there is more to this than meets the eye.


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Fenerbache pay the price for not buying Janssen

10:00 am

Fenerbache pay the price for not buying Janssen

Should Fenerbache have bought Vincent Janssen?

Turkish side Fenerbache have paid the price for dithering and not paying the price Daniel Levy was asking for striker Vincent Janssen.

The Dutch 24-year-old (25 next June) seemed to be in talks of a permanent move or a loan move to Turkey all summer and with Fenerbache playing a UEFA Champions League Third Round Qualifier on 7th and 14th August, they needed a striker.

Former Spurs striker Roberto Soldado was injured and Janssen was there last season so knew their style of play. They wanted him to return but a deal could not be reached for whatever reason.

It could be we asked more than they were prepared to pay, but if we believe the majority of the media reports, the Turkish side wanted him on loan for another year, which, to be frank, isn't much use to Sours.

Media reports suggested we wanted a guaranteed buy option at the end of any loan deal, Fenerbache would only so far as to agree to an option to buy, which means they could simply return the player to us at the end of his loan spell.

Again, that isn't really much good to us as we need the income from his sale to help fund future purchases. It helps the instalment balance.

As explained in an earlier article the instalment income we get from player sales affects our transfer budget in future windows for up to 5 years. Getting the best prices is essential, especially when we have an expensive stadium to pay for.

Fenerbache played fellow Turkish side Benfica over two legs and lost on aggregate 2-1. They lost the away leg 1-0 and then could only draw the home leg 1-1 on Tuesday.

That has financial implications and I would think a sale of Janssen to them highly unlikely now.

Celtic went out but there are some interesting looking ties and Spurs could be drawn against one of these teams.

Plenty of European names from the past who would automatically have been in the knockout draw before the competition was renamed and reformated to guarantee big teams European competition to prevent them forming their own breakaway league.


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Besiktas to make a loan offer for Janssen

5:00 pm

Besiktas to make a loan offer for Janssen

Besiktas and Fenerbahce looking to take Vincent Janssen on loan

Transfer Talk - Vincent Janssen

The summer transfer window closing early puts us in a strong position when we are selling to another Premier League club. 

The theory is, if another club doesn't pay the transfer fee are asking for then we can talk to other foreign clubs once the Premier League window is shut.

However, the same applies for clubs we are trying to buy from too.

Fikret Orman is the President of Turkish club Besiktas and he is allegedly going to fly to London to meet with Tottenham executives to discuss a potential transfer for 24-year-old (25 next June) Dutch international striker Vincent Janssen suggests a reports in Turkey. I believe they are looking at a loan deal, whether that would include a buying option is unclear.

Fenerbache are looking at a loan deal for another season, not wanting to match our asking price. It isn't known whether that offer also has a buying option.


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Are Fenerbahçe key to Spurs transfer activity?

1:31 pm

Are Fenerbahçe key to Spurs transfer activity?

Are Fenerbahçe key to Spurs transfer activity?

Transfer Talk

Do Fenerbahçe hold the key to Tottenham transfer activity because of an upcomg UEFA Champions League tie?

Reports from Turkey suggest the move of Vincent Janssen from Tottenham to Fenerbahçe is imminent.

Former Spurs man Roberto Soldado is their only striker and he is out injured so the Turkish Super Lig side are desperate to add a striker and they know what they are getting with Janssen. They have a UEFA Champions League Third Qualifying Round to play on 7/8 Aug and 14 August.

They simply have to have a striker signed before then.

The deal will be a loan deal, not ideal for Spurs, but needs must and we need to free up non-homegrown places in our squad to be able to make signings. We have 17 non-homegrown players and we can only name 17 in a Premier League squad.

Dropping a non-homegrown player when we buy another isn't an option because of his wages, We can't afford to pay the wages of players who are not eligible to play football. That is simply stupidity and doesn't make any business sense. Clearly, that isn't going to happen.

The only option is to remove non-homegrown players from the wages budget to free up money to pay fresh wages to purchases.

Janssen looks like being the first out of the door, but Josh Onomah has not been named in the squad for the USA tour and I have heard that a move to Fenerbahçe might be the reason.


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Janssen speaking on his future

5:57 pm

Janssen speaking on his future

Vincent Janssen might return to Turkey

Vincent Janssen

Mauricio Pochettino is looking to offload 24-year-old (25 next June) Dutch international striker Vincent Janssen.

He was at Turkish Super Lig side Fenerbahçe last season, but broke a leg early on and missed most of the season. He showed enough though for them to want to keep him, preferably on their part on loan again.

He scored 5 goals and had 4 assists in 18 appearances covering 947 minutes, the equivalent of just 10.52 full games. That's a goal every 189.4 minutes and a direct hand in a goal every 105.2 minutes.

Damien Comolli has been in London and interviewing players, including Georges-Kevin N'Koudou at the Dorchester Hotel.

Janssen is curently in Holland and was asked about his future by news outlet Nederlandse Omroep Stichting.

"I want to play again, that's important. We are going to find the best solution for me and the club (Tottenham).

"I had a fantastic year despite the injury and I have the feeling that the chapter Fenerbahçe has not yet been closed.

"That does not mean that Fenerbahçe is my only option. I am open to everything, there is nothing at the moment and it is easy to wait."


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        Transfer Talk - Modrić, Janssen and Ömer Faruk Beyaz

        8:00 pm

        Transfer Talk - Modrić, Janssen and Ömer Faruk Beyaz

        Ömer Faruk Beyaz

        Tottenham are attempting to sign 15-year-old Fenerbahçe rising star Ömer Faruk Beyaz, who is also being tracked by Real Madrid, report Turkish news outlet Milliyet. He is wanted by Bayern Munich but Fenerbahçe Club President Aziz Yildirim is suggesting that he will sign a professional contract with the Turkish side.

        Luka Modrić

        Former Spurs midfielder, 32-year-old (33 in September) Croatian international Luka Modrić is considering leaving Real Madrid this summer and President Florentino Perez is moving to line up 28-year-old (29 next April) Bosnian international Miralem Pjanić as his replacement, reports Don Balon.

        Other reports in Italy (CalcioMercato, Tuttosport) suggest Bayern Munich, Manchester City, and Barcelona are also chasing the Juventus man. Under contract until 2021 and not yet having signed an extension, despite talks, it is suggested a £52.73 million (€60m) fee would be required to sign him.

        Vincent Janssen

        More news from Turkey and suggestions that Fenerbahçe's on-loan (loan officially ends 30 June) Tottenham forward Vincent Janssen is wanted by Spanish side Sevilla, German side Bayer Leverkusen, Italian side Lazio and Dutch side AZ Alkmaar.

        The 23-year-old (24 in June) is said, by the Turkish press, to have had a £25 million asking price slapped on him by Spurs. The Yellow Canaries were interested in signing him for another year after his broken leg interrupted season but the price tag is too high for the Turkish Super Lig team.

        They have asked to take him on loan for another season but Tottenham wants to sell him with transfers of their own to fund. Tottenham received £1.79 million (€2.25m) loan fee for last season and Janssen received the same figure.

        Fenerbahçe has turned their attention to Leicester City forward Islam Slimani, who has not been a success in the Premier League and who many fans wanted Spurs to sign for his overpriced fee.

        Too many fans simply assume what a player does in a lower level league is instantly transferable to a major league. That isn't the case, thus some transfers work and some don't. Yet another argument for studying a player mentally in a far more professional way than we do now before making a purchase.

        Sports science rules football now so I fail to understand why we have not embraced psychology to give us an advantage.


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        Friendly vs Napoli and Janssen news

        2:11 pm

        SpursTo Play Napoli And Sevilla Want Janssen

        Napoli to play pre-season friendly in Dublin vs Spurs

        Spurs To Play Napoli

        Italian newspaper Corriere dello Sport are reporting that Tottenham and Napoli are negotiating to play a pre-season friendly.

        At the moment the only official friendly scheduled for Napoli is in Dublin on August 4th against Liverpool, but the club is planning to stay a week in Ireland and on August 7th could also play against Tottenham.

        Sevilla Interested In Vincent Janssen

        Vincent Janssen of interest to Sevilla

        Spurs target Kasper Dolberg is interested in Sevilla. The Spaniards are looking for a new striker and two players are in the picture, of which Dolberg is one, Vincent Janssen is the other.

        The highly-rated 20-year-old (21 in October) Ajax striker has been watched by Spurs for a couple of seasons at least now and a former Ajax player, Andy Van Der Meyde, has recently confirmed Mauricio POchettino is interested in Dolberg.

        The young Danish international is under contract in Holland until 2021.


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        Spurs Squad Rotation and Loan Players

        5:15 pm

        Spurs Squad Rotation and Loan Players

        Cameron Carter-Vickers in action for Ipswich Town against Bolton

        A good article on squad rotation and how perhaps Zinedine Zidane got it right last season when Real Madrid not only win LaLiga but retained the UEFA Champions League, the first time this feat had been achieved in the tournament's history in it's current guise.

        Chance Analytics

        Looking at the Tottenham squad there were 16 players who were relied upon. Mauricio Pochettino has tended to work with a smaller set of players than previous managers in an attempt to keep the players feeling really involved and an important part of the squad, which in turn has the knock-on effect of keeping the players happy.

        We saw only one major first team squad member leave on a permanent deal, Kyle Walker, although having bought a replacement we also saw Vincent Janssen leave for a season-long loan deal.

        Tottenham Squad Minutes Played 2016/17

        Eric Dier 4,092
        Christian Eriksen 4,036
        Dele Alli 4,013
        Victor Wanyama 3,894
        Toby Alderweireld 3,325
        Kyle Walker 3,169
        Harry Kane 3,149
        Heung-min Son 2,973
        Ben Davies 2,683
        Mousa Dembele 2,504
        Danny Rose 1,803
        Kieran Trippier 1,457
        Vincent Janssen 1,355
        Moussa Sissoko 1,306
        Harry Winks 1,298
        Erik Lamela 943

        Cameron Carter-Vickers 360
        Georges-Kevin N'Koudou 324
        Josh Onomah 277
        Filip Lesniak 4

        This season we have seen the same squad management, the same rotation of the full-backs, when they are all fit. What this season has also shown with Ben Davies and Danny Rose, is that if you are in possession of a place, in other words you are generally the one picked for the bigger games, you don't automatically lose it when the perceived previous first choice becomes available after injury again.

        Ben Davies with 14 actually leads Danny Rose (13) on career assists. The Welshman has 5 assists this season, which is the 4th most of any defender in the Premier League. He has also chipped in with 2 goals. Only Christian Eriksen and Dele Alli have created more goals for Spurs this season.

        When Davies plays, Spurs have a higher win percentage than when he doesn't. He was bought as a player who had an attacking element in his game, yet was rather more defensive than Rose. We are seeing he has grown in confidence and developed his game to suit us, giving a greater attacking outlet than many might imagine.

        If you valued them you's have Rose as the more expensive player. Rose hasn't been the player he was last season, we are only seeing glimpses of it this season. I still wonder whether he is just biding his time until the summer.

        Pochettino rewards players, Wanyama hasn't yet claimed back the role that was his last season. Their was press talk of Dier leaving because reporters perceived he might not be happy not being first choice defensive midfielder. Now the show is on the other foot, Dier has the spot and Wanyama has to try and take it off him, the same as Rose has to try and remove Davies.

        Those that want to battle are the players you want at your club, they have the right mental approach, those that go into their shell or want out are fair weather players and not players for us long-term.

        It isn't possible to get every transfer right and it is only Pochettino who will know if a player is worth persevering with after one season. If their is improvement in them then yes, but someone like Janssen there were big question marks over. We loaned him out and didn't want him back when he was injured it seemed. Latest reports suggest Fenerbache want to keep him another season.

        They paid us a £2.25 million loan fee and if you take into account the add-ons on the deal that brought him to the club will not have been triggered with his performances last season, his fee isn't as reported in the press, as they add in add-on fees to a transfer fee.

        Do we sell him in the summer, do we loan him out for a similar fee and hope he grows as a player with another season of football?

        We are being linked with a centre-back or two in Germany, yet we have Cameron Carter-Vickers making his way at Sheffield United and now Ipswich Town. He has started most Championship games and has 2,110 minutes playing experience under his belt. He has also won his first full international cap for the USA in a friendly against Portugal where he came on as a substitute after 48 minutes.

        Carter-Vickers and others will need to assessed pre-season to see were they are at, but in all this development we mustn't lose sight of the fact that we must start winning things.

        That makes developing youngsters that much harder. Some supporters want to abandon this youth development, they want players bought, stunting youngsters opportunities. A fine balance has to be trod and that isn't easy.

        Right now it's Champions League qualification that matters and we could do with Llorente coming up with the goods again against Swansea in the FA Cup.

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        Unprofessional Rooney, Spurs target Aleñá and Janssen joins Soldado

        12:46 pm


        Ronal Koeman is not happy with new Everton signing Wayne Rooney. His drink driving charge shows why he should have been dumped by England years ago and why he has always failed at major tournaments. A professional sportsman should look after his body, it is the tool of his trade and drinking is not healthy for it. It is totally unprofessional and not an example to youngsters, yet he was the England captain! Says a lot about the appointment and management of Roy Hodgson.

        As Pochettino said in his press conference when discussing the Dele Alli finger gesture and Serge Aurier, players have a duty of

        Spanish newspaper AS are reporting that Tottenham Hotspur targeted 19-year-old (20 next January) central midfielder Carles Aleñá has now signed a new three-year contract with Barcelona. The Spaniards have inserted a £68.97 million (€75m - AUS$111.65m - US$90.63m) release clause in his contract that now runs until 2020 with a further 2-year extension option.

        He had to go somewhere as he simply wasn't going to play, being fourth choice striker. It seems 23-year-old (24 next June) Vincent Janssen is on his way to Turkish side Fenerbahçe on a season-long loan. He'll join former Spurs striker Roberto Soldado, who also struggled while with us.


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        Should Janssen be looking for a Championship loan spell?

        12:30 pm


        It seems Vincent Janssen only wants to play for a big club according to the Dutch media, which is why he turned down all advances for him, no big clubs wanted him, including ourselves it seems. his next move will be abroad I expect but his £25 million (€27.19m - AUS$40.54m - US$32.31m) asking price may prove a sticking point. Presumably they will all ant a bargain.

        If Fernando Llorente produces, and there looks to be no reason why he won't with his experience, then Janssen simply won't get a look in. He won't get on the bench and he won't get the two minutes at the end of a game he has been relying upon.

        it's a shame, he has always tried hard, like Roberto Soldado before him. Unfortunately though, he couldn't adapt his game to suit our style amid suggestions that Pochettino doesn't think he is fit enough still.

        If we go back to Emmanuel Adebayor, he was left out of the squad and left to rot in a last ditch effort to force him out of the club. It seems we are now going to have the same issue with Janssen. He may get outings in the League Cup to simply give Harry Kane and Fernando Llorente a rest.

        It would make sense because if Kane were injured Llorente would be playing a lot of games and he is no spring chicken. As a precaution, Janssen could perhaps play in the Third and Fourth rounds of the competition depending upon who we are drawn against. That is possibly his only hope of game time. We'll have to wait and see.

        According to the Stoke Sentinal, their sources at the club say Stoke City did not make a deadline day move for him and were not interested in taking him to the Potteries.

        It isn't a nice situation and we are now paying a wage to a player we don't want and perhaps aren't going to use. Would it be a good idea for him to now go on loan to a Championship side until January simply to get some playing time and score a few goals?


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        Where does Vincent Janssen go from here?

        10:30 am

        Mauricio Pochettino likes his players to be supremely fit and Vincent janssen has been publicly told it is up tio him to improve his game and force his way into the team. Our Argentinian manager told the press last season as the Dutch striker struggled to adjust his game and make an impact.

        The ITK rumours are that Pochettino does not think he is fit enough and that suggests that Jansen is not putting everything in on the training ground, a place where you have to push yourself, not save it for a game. There will be those who misinterpret that, but the training ground is where you first have to develop your show the manager you are ready in all aspects to be picked in the team. If any one aspect is missing, such as fitness, then there are other players who deserve a place by what they are showing.

        Janssen quite simply is not showing enough in training to warrant a place and he has now been left out of the UEFA Champions League squad in favour of new signing Fernando Llorente who hasn't played for us and has only just started training. That is a kick in the teeth, he can not now play in the competition in th group stages, not even if we have an injury crisis.

        The Premier League and domestic cups are only available to him and if he isn't considered good enough to play in the UEFA Champions League, then will he considered good enough to play in the Premier League, the route we must use to qualify again?

        Quite possibly, Janssen is just looking at thee FA Cup, which doesn't start until next year, when he might not even be here and the League Cup, which as a UEFA Champions League side, we enter in the Third Round.

        Before January, he could be looking at just the Third, Fourth and Fifth Rounds of the League Cup as his only full games. The two-legged semi-final is in January.

        There was interest in him during the transfer window, but we couldn't let him go without securing another striker to take his place. On the last day we bought Fernando Llorente.

        Janssen couldn't go on loan to Brighton as they couldn't take any more loan players, they filled their quota so that possibility disappeared, although it is thought he turned the chance down. Any deal would have had to be a permanent deal and Brighton wouldn't be interested in paying the kind of transfer fee we would want.

        He turned down a move to WBA for which it is suggested a fee of £25 million (€27.19m - AUS$40.54m - US$32.31m) was asked for.

        In addition I'm not sure Brighton would be the Dutchman's choice of club, considering he had several offers from several countries, including back home in Holland, Germany and France on top of those clubs who enquired about him from the Premier League. Presu,mably none were prepared to pay th asking price.

        He has a lot of work to do before Christmas if he is to rescue a career at Tottenham that looks as if it is in it's dying throws.


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        Wimmer and Janssen

        10:30 am


        Picture courtesy of Kevin Wimmer Twitter account

        Austrian international (he has 8 full international caps)Kevin Wimmer it seems will not be joining WBA which puts Crystal Palace in the driving seat. Tony Pulis wanted the 24-year-old (25 in November) to cover left-back and Wimmer naturally wants to play as a centre-back in World Cup year.

        Pulis also wants to take Vincent Jansen to the Hawthorns and is looking at a similar priced deal which wouldn't be enough for our valuation, which has increased since his arrival.

        The Sun seem to think a double deal is imminent, I think they are wide of the mark myself and as I said in a previous article this morning, I don't see Lazio winger Keita Baldé Diao joining us either.

        The Ajax fans on Twitter want former Arsenal player Marc Overmars, who is Director of Football at the club, to buy Janssen and cash in on Kasper Dolberg, a player Spurs have watched but one who doesn't want to leave.

        toke City are interested, Marseille, Lyon, plenty of sides are interested in a goalscorer, although I doubt they will be interested in around £25 million (€27.27m - AUS$40.61m - US$32.08m).


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        Wimmer and Janssen Wimmer and Janssen Reviewed by THBlogNews on 10:30 am Rating: 5

        Janssen improvement needed

        5:00 pm


        There have been plenty of reports that French Ligue 1 side Marseille have been interested in signing 23-year-old (24 next June) Dutch striker Vincent Janssen, after confirming the signing of 23-year-old (24 later this month) Clinton N'jie.

        We have heard recently that Mauricio Pochettino does not want to sell Janssen. He is a player who has looked good in a lower league and scores on the international arena, so must have some ability, even if many feel he doesn't or is't quick enough. Kane isn't quick and he is regarded as one of the best strikers in Europe.

        To being in another striker they would have to play second fiddle to Kane, few are going to want to do that so a secondary striker who can play in the three behind a lone striker seems a more logical purchase at the moment.

        Both Roberto Soldado and Vincent Jansen have struggled with the lone role. Soldado was excellent out wide and was probably the best crosser of a ball at the club at the time. Janssen is excellent at holding up the ball with his back to goal and bringing others into play, but it is goals a striker is judged upon. can he adapt his game to face th goal and get strikes away, can he create the space for teammates to pick him out.

        Do his teammates have enough confidence in him to play him the ball more often and look for him in the box? Soldado, to a degree suffered from a lack of service and Janssen has the same problem. His teammates will only have the confidence in him in he starts scoring regularly but he needs teammates to create him the chances. It is rather a double edged sword.

        Spurs fans were behind Soldado and were willing him to score. By and large they are behind Janssen too. Let's hope the investment in him starts t pay off, it is unlikely to if all he gets is 5 or 10 minutes at the end of a game.

        If Diego Simeone arrived then Janssen might be allowed to leave I would suggest, but I'm not sure we would have all three at the club, so if we have turned down the advances of Marseille, they could be back for him later.

        harry Kane can't play every game, so how do you plan your season. Does Kane play in the Premier League while we target making the UEFA Champions League again next season or do we play stronger sides in the competition and weaken our Premier League side?

        If Janssen were firing then their wouldn't be such a dilemma so his improvement is imperative and Pochettino will know if we can expect more.

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        Janssen improvement needed Janssen improvement needed Reviewed by THBlogNews on 5:00 pm Rating: 5

        Gazzaniga and the Janssen vs King question

        8:00 pm


        With a deal not being able to be reached with Espanyol for third-choice goalkeeper Pau Lopes, Pochettino has turned his attention to a player he has formerly managed, 25-year-old (26 next January) Paulo Gazzaniga, who it is believed could be snapped up for £2 million (€2.21m - AUS$3.31m - US$2.63m).

        The Argentinian stopper, who could also play for Italy, has 2 years left on his current contract and gained further playing time last season when he was loaned out to Madrid-based Rayo Vallecano in LaLiga 2. He also has 21 Premier League games under his belt, 20 League 2 games, Copa del rRy and others totalling 127 games in all.

        Question: Would you keep Janssen and don't get Josh king or would you sell and get King?

        Now that is a very interesting question. Janssen is the first choice Holland striker and clearly has ability but hasn't found his scoring boots at Tottenham, where his hold up play is excellent but where he hasn't managed to carve out his own chances in the way that Harry Kane does.

        Josh King has scored goals in the Premier Lague in a different system to ours and would have to learn to adapt his game to our needs. Can he, would he still create chances for himself, would he need a season to adapt?

        Nobody knows the answers and none of us know how Janssen is going to improve this season. A tough call, but I'd side at this stage with keeping Janssen by a smidgen perhaps.

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        Gazzaniga and the Janssen vs King question Gazzaniga and the Janssen vs King question Reviewed by THBlogNews on 8:00 pm Rating: 5

        Unaware of any Tottenham interst

        7:57 am


        So many websites suggesting Tottenham are trying to sign 25-year-old (26 next January) Ajax right-back Joel Veltman simply because of a Vincent Janssen joke and our scouting of him for a year.

        Tottenhan have in fact had no contact with Veltman and his disciplinary record isn't good. He picked 12 yellow cards and 2 red cards this season which is a rather troubling statistic.

        The fact that he is only £8 million (€9.11m - AUS$13.55m - US$10.2m)  it seems does fit in with our transfer strategy. We are not interested in paying big money for older players and we will not pay silly money for players either.

        "I have spoken with my agent, but he is unaware of any interest from Tottenham, An offer from Ajax to renew is a nice gesture, they want me to stay but this could be the moment to look at other options, The right club will have to come along. There is nothing concrete for now, but I am not in a rush."

        Daft figures are being thrown about for some average players at the moment so we will continue to look for sensibly priced young players who can grow in value, but who can add to the first team squad.

        Whenever a transfer story appears, the first question is age, then price. If those two criteria aren't met then you know the story has no legs. Very little information comes out of the club now and the press do tend to jump to incorrect conclusions rather frequently.

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        Unaware of any Tottenham interst Unaware of any Tottenham interst Reviewed by THBlogNews on 7:57 am Rating: 5

        Jansen feels he is learning and getting better

        9:30 pm

        Janssen remains positive

        Vincent Janssen spoke with reporters after the Bournemouth game at the weekend where he came on for the final three minutes plus injury time and scored his first goal from open play in the Premier League. That adds to the goal from open play against Millwall in the FA Cup.

        Mauricio Pochettino celebrated the important goal with some gusto, as if Janssen had scored a last minute winner. Would he have done that if he had already made the decision to sell him in the summer?

        He hauled him off against Aston Villa in a previous round and criticised his training suggesting he must do more. Nobody gives you success, you have to work for it, you have to do what it takes. Clearly, in training he wasn't doing what it takes, he has had to make a decision to make an even greater effort and perhaps that effort is now starting to pay off. 

        Pochettino doesn't tolerate shirkers, if you won't do what it takes to improve then he doesn't waste his time on you. It is up to the individual to make that decision and motivate themselves to do it. His criticism of Janssen was simply a wake-up call, a question, do you want this enough or not?

        It would seem Janssen does want it and Moussa Sissoko doesn't, does Georges-Kevin N'Koudou? Clinton N'Jie didn't. Some ant it on a plate but life isn't like that.

        “Of course I feel like I’m getting better. There is a big difference from the Dutch league where I came from and the Premier League is a huge test. But I think I am learning. I work hard in training and then if the chances come you have to show yourself.  
        “Every game you play, every minute you get you can learn from how they play [Premier League players]. Of course it’s a different league but if you get some minutes you learn. Every time you play more you will improve. 
        “[There is] less space of course [than the Dutch League]. The center-backs of course are much bigger [in the Premier League], there is a lot more quality in the league.”

        The signs are that he might stay, although clearly if he does he will have added competition as we do seem to be in the market for a striker, but then aren't we always, isn't everyone, they are vital.


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        Stats show Spurs players don't trust Janssen

        2:30 pm


        I had a look at the game time of Vincent Janssen for a previous article which showed he had only played 40 minutes of Premier League football in 4 months between November and March.

        Article: Vincent Janssen: 40 Premier League minutes in 4 months - he may still have a future

        I wrote he has only played 789 minutes of Premier League football, 3 minutes, 61 minutes, 29 minutes (1 assist), 73 minutes, 4 minutes, 1 minute, 8 minutes, 1 minute, 5 minutes, 3 games not in the squad, 13 minutes, 1 minute, 4 games out injured, 7 minutes, that takes us all the way back to West Ham on 19 November.

        In another article, I quoted 19-year-old Belgian talent and Tottenham target Youri Tielemans (Anderlecht captain) who was asked why his game had improved so dramatically this season, to which he replied that his teammates trusted him more and therefore passed him the ball more often, which gave him more opportunity to impact the game.

        I argued that that may be a contributing factor into why Vincent Janssen is struggling at Tottenham, perhaps his teammates don't yet have the trust in him and are not passing him the ball as much. He has had a few minutes in recent games, 60 against Watford and 72 against Burnley so I though analysing his number of touches might reveal something.

        Against Watford he played 60 minutes and touched the ball 18 times, Harry Kane came on as a substitute and played 30 minutes, he to touched the ball 18 times. So if Janssen had played 90 minutes he would have touched the ball 27 times and if Kane had played the 90 minutes he would have touched the ball 54 times. That is a huge difference.

        Against Burnley, Janssen played 72 minutes and touched the ball 38 times, Son Heung-min came on as his replacement, playing 18 minutes and touching the ball 12 times. If Janssen had played 90 minutes he would have touched the ball 47 times and if Son Hueng-min had played 90 minutes he would have touched the ball 60 times.

        That rather backs up the theory his teammates don't pass him the ball as much, thus he has less opportunity than others, which simply compounds the problem.

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        Stats show Spurs players don't trust Janssen Stats show Spurs players don't trust Janssen Reviewed by THBlogNews on 2:30 pm Rating: 5
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