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Stop kicking up such a fuss

11:34 am
So Sgt. Wilson would like to play for Real Madrid some day; so would I. Wouldn't you? Who wouldn't want to play for one of the world's biggest football clubs?

Fair enough, it would have probably been a bit better for him to have kept his mouth closed, after all "Tottenham Hotspur pay his wages". Bla bla bla...

The guy grew up in Honduras. His mother tongue is Spanish. Hondurans follow La Liga like nobody’s business. Of course he's going to say that he would like to play for Real Madrid, Barcelona, etc.

At least his boyhood heroes don't consist of Liverpool and Celtic....

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The Imaginarium of Doctor Palacios

12:30 pm
Since Harry brought Sgt. Wilson to the club, nearly all of us have been singing his praises. I say 'nearly' as there are some that don't quite get why the rest of us think the world of Palacios.

Unfortunately, in recent weeks, I think we've seen the worst of our tough-tackling Honduran. There's no doubt that he's suffering from a lack of form. I don't think I'm the only one that's noticed a fair few of his passes going astray.

I don't want to write the lad off, after all, he's had a whirlwind year with all that's gone on both within football and in his private life.

I also think that the lack of another strong midfielder is cause for concern. Sgt. Wilson get's booked every other game. He should be up for a ban shortly if this trend continues and it's at times like this when one wishes that Harry had stepped into the Imaginarium and brought out another tough-tackling central midfielder. Palacios, no matter how good he is, can't do it all on his own.

If Harry is to go with The Modfather and Lennon on the flanks, then either Jenas or Huddlestone really do have to step up to the plate. But let's face it, Jenas runs as hot and cold as an Edmonton council flat's plumbing and Huddlestone, although a fantastic passer of the ball, will never have the commotion Palacios brings to the table.

We've all heard the Muntari tales, but much like the Brothers Grimm stories, I can't see that materialising into anything.

If there's money in the kitty, let's hope Harry can bring in a central midfielder that will provide the cherry on top of the Palacios Troupe.
The Imaginarium of Doctor Palacios The Imaginarium of Doctor Palacios Reviewed by Frank Spencer on 12:30 pm Rating: 5

Redknapp: "I like Brown"

8:26 am
So then, Harry likes Celtic's combative midfielder, Scott Brown.

Has anyone seen this guy in action? I've been told that he's a Sgt. Wilson type player; the type that wears his heart on his sleeve and takes no prisoners.

I thought Tom Huddlestone had a great game and with a few more games under his belt, could build a great understanding with Wilson Palacios.

If Jenas is to be sold to Villa and by the looks of things, they need him, then bringing in a midfielder in the Palacios mold wouldn't be a bad bit of business.

Brown's definitely on Harry's radar. Could be one to watch?

On another note, wasn't it a shock to see both Keano and Defoe starting the match yesterday?
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6:17 pm
Our condolences go out to the Palacios family.

Harry Redknapp confirmed that Wilson flew out from the UK this morning to be with his family after the remains of his brother, Edwin, were found.
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Fill in the blanks

7:33 pm

Honestly, I am lost for words. What are we trying to achieve here? I am actually not too bothered about Robbie Keane coming back, after all, he was the main driving force in the changing room and was known to rally the players together prior to kick-off and at half-time.

I am though, troubled at the "mish-mash" transfer policy that has been installed after the dreadful tenure of Comolli ended.

It looks as though Redknapp had taken a look at Defoe and knew that we needed a goal scorer and so signed him. Then Robbie Keane's agent called Redknapp, informing him that the former Spurs vice-captain had become available and would welcome a move back to Spurs. We know how that turned out.

The problem I have foreseen is that it's clear Harry doesn't know what his best 11 is. How do you play Pavlyuchenko, Defoe and Keane in the same side; a side that will also accommodate the lightweight Modric, Bentley and Lennon?

Please don't use the Palacios card here. He's clearly a good player, but he can't anchor our midfield alone. If we were playing in a fantasy league, then the line-up of;

would look like a tasty one, especially with Cudicini, Bale, Dawson, Jenas, Modric, Dos Santos, & Bent warming the bench. The reality is that the above line-up does not have the steel and grit needed in it to force us out of our current predicament.

Why didn't we sign Reading's, Stephen Hunt? He may not have the flair and pace of Lennon, but he's a fighter.

I really do worry about the lack of determination and drive that is sadly lacking in our current squad.
Fill in the blanks Fill in the blanks Reviewed by PoshSpur on 7:33 pm Rating: 5
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