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Tottenham Heading League Table

12:30 pm
The fourth in the series of Tottenham League Tables that will be updated throughout the season is the heading table.

Tottenham Heading League Table

So far we have looked at Passing Forward, then Crossing Accuracy, the third in the series looked at Tackling Success and now this one will look at the percentage of headers a player wins as opposed to the number of headers they win.

We will see how this evolves over the season so that we can add weight to or dispel a myth or two. To be consistent with the other league tables produced we will only look at Premier League games, but after we are a bit deeper into the season, I'll look at adding league tables for all matches to add to the four produced so far. This will then allow us to also compare those mainly playing in the UEFA Europa League or cup competitions.

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Over 70% forward passes, just the player Spurs need

Tottenham Hotspur Headers Won League Table 

  1. Harry Kane 1 header 100%
  2. Mousa Dembele 1 header 100%
  3. Christian Eriksen 1 header 100%
  4. Jan Vertonghen 4 headers 75.00%
  5. Eric Dier 9 headers 66.67%
  6. Etienne Capoue 3 headers 66.67%
  7. Nabil Bentaleb 3 headers 66.67%
  8. Danny Rose 8 headers 62.50%
  9. Younes Kaboul 6 headers 50.00%
  10. Nacer Chadli 4 headers 50.00%
  11. Ben Davies 2 headers 50.00%
  12. Emmanuel Adebayor 11 headers 27.27%
  13. Erik Lamela 4 headers 25.00%
  14. Kyle Naughton 1 header 00.00%

Very early days and not many headers for some to distort the figures, which will settle down over the course of the season. Eric Dier makes a positive showing, of his 9 headers he has won 6 whereas Younes Kaboul has only won 3 of his 6. 

Danny Rose has surprisingly won 5 out of 8 which mirrors his decent start to the season. The surprise for me is Emmanuel Adebayor, our target man when we play a longer ball. He has won only 3 of his 11 headers which one would hope he increases as the season goes on.

To catch up with any of the other league tables just click the links above, they will be easily accessible from each post.

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Tottenham Tackling League Table

8:30 am
Yesterday I produced the league tables for forward passing and crossing accuracy, today I'll bring you the tackles won and headers won league tables.

Tottenham Tackling League Table

To start we'll take a look at the Tottenham Hotspur Tackles Won League Table for Premier League games. I'll use a percentage figure to make it fair on everyone. I would hate to think if these statistics were available 30 years ago what they would have looked like, it's virtually a non tackling game these days.

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I found the recent comment of former Tottenham managerial target Louis Van Gaal amusing. His Manchester United side had rightly been denied a penalty and when questioned afterwards he thought it was a penalty because, referring to the opposing player on his, he said the he had 'touched him'.

Now as far as I am aware touching someone does not constitute a penalty, fouling someone does but then again there are few actual fouls in the penalty area, just plenty of players unable to stand on their own two feet deliberately falling over. It's about time referees learnt the difference.

This is what Michel Platini wanted so this is what he has got, a virtual non contact sport. Rant over so let's look at the Tottenham Hotspur Tackles Won League Table. It will list the player, how many tackles he has made and the percentage of tackles he has won.

Tottenham Hotspur Tackles Won League Table 

  1. Kyle Naughton 2 tackles 100%
  2. Andros Townsend 2 tackles 100%
  3. Erik Lamela 6 tackles 83.33%
  4. Eric Dier 13 tackles 76.92%
  5. Christian Eriksen 10 tackles 70.00%
  6. Mousa Dembele 6 tackles 66.67%
  7. Aaron Lennon 3 tackles 66.67%
  8. Younes Kaboul 6 tackles 50.00%
  9. Nacer Chadli 2 tackles 50.00%
  10. Harry Kane 2 tackles 50.00%
  11. Jan Vertonghen 7 tackles 42.86%
  12. Nabil Bentaleb 7 tackles 42.86%
  13. Danny Rose 6 tackles 33.33%
  14. Etienne Capoue 10 tackles 30.00%
  15. Emmanuel Adebayor 1 tackle 00.00%

Erik Lamela has made 6 tackles and won 5 of them suggesting he has toughened up from last year and certainly in that department will not be found wanting in the Premier League. Eric Dier, only 20, is inexperienced but has started brightly winning 10 of his 13 tackles.

Perhaps a surprise on the list is Christian Eriksen in 5th with 7 winning tackles from 10 attempts, not perhaps what you'd expect from him. Perhaps he too is adjusting to the demands of the Premier League this season.

The main surprise is Etienne Capoue with only 3 tackles won from 10 languishing in 14th place. You would have thought your defensive midfield players would win a higher percentage of tackles than they actually do. Something to watch and then compare against other teams to see if it is a weakness or general of the position.

For that we had better wait until there have been a few more games played.

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Tottenham Crossing Accuracy League Table

12:30 pm
Tottenham fans love to claim there is no end product fro our wide men when it is considered among those in the Premier League that 1 in 4 is average, 25% accuracy.

Tottenham Crossing Accuracy League Table

With an average 25% to work from we can look at the crosses we put in and the accuracy of them. Of course the stats are not definitive of a good cross. Gareth Bale used to play balls across the six yard box that nobody got on the end of, they wouldn't go down as accurate crosses but they were still excellent.

Eric Dier has already played one of those against QPR but fans using statistics usually only consult goals and assists and quote these when determining if a winger has an output. No regard is ever taken that they have put something on a plate for a striker but he has fluffed the chance and deprived the winger of an assist.

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They will give us a guide as to who is the most accurate crosser of the ball for us in the Premier League though.

The table below shows the player, how many crosses he has made and his percentage accuracy figure derived from official Opta statistics. I'll bring the tables regularly so we can see the season unfold.

Once again, at this early stage, the right side is out performing the left side, just as they were in the passing forwards table I produced earlier. Top of the table, Nabil Bentaleb.

Tottenham Hotspur Crossong League Table

  1. Nabil Bentaleb 3 crosses 33.33%
  2. Eric Dier 10 crosses 30.00%
  3. Erik Lamela 13 crosses 23.08%
  4. Andros Townsend 5 crosses 20.00%
  5. Christian Eriksen 11 crosses 9.09%
  6. Younes Kaboul 1 cross 0.00%
  7. Emmanuel Adebayor 1 cross 0.00%
  8. Harry Kane 2 crosses 0.00%
  9. Ben Davies 2 crosses 0.00%
  10. Nacer Chadli 3 crosses 0.00%
  11. Danny Rose 7 crosses 0.00%

I would point out that under Opta stats the Adebaypr pass to Chadli for his first goal against QPR was not deemed a cross nor was the Erik Lamela pass for Chadli to score the second I believe.

Tomorrow I'll bring you the Tottenham Hotspur Tackles Won League Table and the Tottenham Hotspur Headers Won League Table, both of which will be determined by percentage success.

I'll then update them throughout the season so we can see how everyone progresses.

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Tottenham Passing Forward League Table

8:30 am
Having taken a look at the defence and defensive midfielders and forward passing, our new method of football under Mauricio Pochettino, slight tongue in cheek for all you unaware serious types, I have produced the Tottenham Hotspur Passing Forward League Table.

The Passing Forwards Table

The player is listed first, the number of forward passes he has made in the Premier League and the percentage of his overall passes that are forwards.

I have them all in a database so we can see if anyone gets near Sandro's 70.13% from last season. The central defenders will, but will anyone else get anywhere near the 70% barrier?

Early indications are that we pass forward more on the right side of the field than we do on the left side.

As you would expect the central defenders pass forward the most, again more so on the right side than the left.

Bottom of the early league table and also on the left is Nacer Chadli, it will be interesting to see if the right-sided forward passing trend continues at Tottenham as the season progresses.

Tottenham Hotspur Passing Forwards League Table

  1. Younes Kaboul 127 passes 80.38%
  2. Jan Vertonghen 61 passes 75.31%
  3. Etienne Capoue 187 passes 63.61%
  4. Kyle Naughton 9 passes 60.00%
  5. Eric Dier 86 passes 59.72%
  6. Nabil Bentaleb 111 passes 59.36%
  7. Christian Eriksen 92 passes 58.60%
  8. Danny Rose 68 passes 56.67%
  9. Harry Kane 11 passes 55.00%
  10. Mousa Dembele 29 passes 49.15%
  11. Ben Davies 8 passes 44.44%
  12. Aaron Lennon 7 passes 43.75%
  13. Erik Lamela 37 passes 38.84%
  14. Emmanuel Adebayor 29 passes 34.52%
  15. Andros Townsend 11 passes 34.38%
  16. Roberto Soldado 1 pass 33.33%
  17. Nacer Chadli 20 passes 32.79%

Next up I'll bring you the Tottenham Hotspur Crossing Accuracy League Table and tomorrow I'll bring you the Tottenham Hotspur Tackles Won League Table and the Tottenham Hotspur Headers Won League Table, both of which will be determined by percentage success.

I'll then update them throughout the season so we can see how everyone progresses.

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Statistically Danny Rose was Spurs best defender

8:30 am
Some like them and some don't, but some statistics can be quite revealing so I've produced a few for you to muse over and draw your own opinions.

Spurs injuries
  • Tottenham have had more injuries than any other side in the Premier League last season with 45 main injuries according to physio room.

That statistic is hardly a surprise to Spurs fans, but with the muscle injury prevention training that Mauricio Pochettino does before every session, hopefully we will reduce the number of pulled hamstrings we get, especially that Aaron Lennon gets!

  •  411 fouls against us, committed 403

Statistics to show where Spurs goals came from in the Premier League

  • Spurs scored 45 goals from inside the area
  • Spurs scored 10 goals from outside the area
  • Spurs scored 6 goals crossed from free-kicks
  • Spurs scored 2 goals direct from free-kicks
  • Spurs scored 2 goals from corners
  • Spurs scored 55 goals from 587 shots - a goal every 10.67 shots (Southampton 54 goals from 534 shots)
  • Spurs scored 17 left footed goals
  • Spurs scored 30 right footed goals
  • Spurs scored 6 headed goals

Statistics to show Spurs main goalscorers - total goals scored 91 in 54 matches in all competitions
  • Jermain Defoe (10) scored a goal every 117 minutes
  • Emmanuel Adebayor (14) scored a goal every 154 minutes
  • Harry Kane (4) scored a goal every 200 minutes
  • Roberto Solado (11) scored a goal every 227 minutes
  • Christian Eriksen (10) scored a goal every 260 minutes
  • Gylfi Sigurdsson (6) scored a goal every 346 minutes
  • Paulinho (8) scored a goal every 359 minutes
  • Nacer Chadli (5) scored a goal every 385 minutes

Statistics that show Spurs shot performance in the Premier League

  • Spurs had 46% shot accuracy
  • Spurs had 289 shots from inside the area (45 goals) = 1 goal every 6.62 shots
  • Spurs had 298 shots from outside the area (10 goals) = 1 goal every 29.8 shots

Statistics that show Spurs defensively in the Premier League

  • 559 interceptions
  • 81 blocks
  • 1045 clearances
  • 33 defensive errors
  • 21 errors led to a goal (Southampton 11, Arsenal 10, Chelsea 4, Everton 6)
Hardly any surprise that we had so many more defensive errors than other sides with a weak midfield most of the season.

When the midfield doesn't perform the pressure is on the defence more than it should be and when some of the defence are just going through the motions it exacerbates the problem.

The final set of statistics are quite revealing here though.

A look at the defenders and how many minutes they played divided by the number on goals conceded while they were on the pitch produces these results.

Statistics that show how our keeper performed in the Premier League

  • 14 clean sheets
  • 88 saves
  • 1.83 saves per goal
  • 53% keeper distribution accuracy
  • 38m keeper distribution length
  • 38 punches
  • 103 catches
  • Spurs conceded a goal every 58 minutes

Statistics to show players minutes played and number of starts

Hugo Lloris 4,050 - 45
Michael Dawson 3,464 - 37
Kyle Walker 2,990 - 34
Paulinho 2,868 - 33
Mousa Dembele 2,827 - 33
Jan Vertonghen 2.826 - 31
Kyle Naughton 2,801 - 31
Aaron Lennon 2,641 - 31
Christian Eriksen 2,596 - 29
Roberto Soldado 2,494 - 29
Danny Rose 2,420 - 29
Emmanuel Adebayor 2.156 - 24
Gylfi Sigurdsson 2,074 - 24
Vlad Chiriches 2,004 - 22
Nacer Chadli 1,924 - 19
Andros Townsend 1,838 - 20
Younes Kaboul 1,584 - 18
Sandro 1.511 - 18
Nabil Bentaleb 1.361 - 14
Etiene Capoue 1,194 - 14
Jermain Defoe 1,173 - 11
Lewis Holtby 1,024 - 11
Zeki Fryers 1,015 - 10
Erik Lamela - 941 - 10
Brad Friedel 840 - 9
Harry Kane 798 - 8
Tom Carroll 109 - 1
Ryan Fredericks 45 - 0
Shaquile Coulthirst 12 - 0
Milos Veljkovic 30 - 0
Alex Pritchard 7 - 0

Danny Rose Statistically Best
Right now we come to some statistics to measure our defenders in a basic way.

I’ve taken their time on the pitch and divided it by the goals conceded while they were playing to get an average time it took us to concede a goal (Includes penalties given away for which the player was sent off).

Top Defenders - Premier League Only
  1. Danny Rose 28 goals in 2661 mins = goal every 95.03 mins
  2. Jan Vertonghen 24 goals in 2094 mins = goal every 87.25 mins
  3. Zeki Fryers 6 goals in 488 mins = goal every 81.33mins
  4. Michael Dawson 40 goals in 2928 mins = goal every 73.20 mins
  5. Vlad Chiriches 26 goals in 1864 mins = goal every 71.69 mins
  6. Kyle Naughton 29 goal every 1929 mins = goal every 66.51 mins
  7. Kyle Walker 39 goals in 2568 mins = goal every 65.85 mins
  8. Younes Kaboul 25 goals in 1308 mins = goal every 52.32 mins

Defensive Midfield - Premier League Only

1. Etiene Capoue 12 goal in 1135 mins = goal every 94.58 mins
2. Sandro 16 goals in 1439 mins = goal every 89.94 mins
3. Nabil Bentaleb 20 goals in 1157 mins = goal every 41.32 mins

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Hugo Lloris fighting for top goalkeeper title

9:30 am
News, views, lively debate, stats and irrelevance, you get everything on Tottenham Hotspur Blog News, but you also get something different, something other than the humdrum auto-posted auto advert sites that are so annoying.

To that end I though I'd take a look at goalkeepers and see how the 'clean sheet' race is going and delved into some further stats.

The 'Golden Glove' race for the number of clean sheets kept is very tight at the top. Petr Cech (Chelsea) and Hugo Lloris (Spurs) go head to head at Stamford Bridge on Saturday.

Premier League Golden Glove Race Season 2013/14
Player, Club, Played, Starts, Mins, W, D, L, Clean Sheet, Shots, Conceded, Pens Faced, Pens Saved

Wojciech Szczesny Arsenal  28 28 2520 18 5 5 12 319 28 5 0
Petr Cech            Chelsea 28 28 2520 19 6 3 12 286 22 0 0
Hugo Lloris          SPURS  27 27 2430 16 5 6 12 298 32 3 0
Tim Howard          Everton  26 26 2273 12 9 4 10 295 25 5 2
John Ruddy           Norwich 28 28 2520 7 7 14 10 431 43 2 0
Artur Boruc           Saints    21 21 1858 9 7 5 9 189 20 2 0
David De Gea        Man U    27 27 2430 13 6 8 9 318 31 0 0

As you can see, three goalkeepers are tied at the top with 12 clean sheets each but Hugo Lloris has played less minutes. Joe Hart (Man City) has won this race for the last 3 seasons but it looks to be going elsewhere this season. Could it be coming to White Hart Lane, we'll see.

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That prompted me to look at goalkeepers who have kept clean sheets in the Premier League over time.
position, Player, Appearances, Clean Sheets, Average, Clubs with games played

1.  David James          572 170 0.29 Liverpool (72), A Villa (21), West Ham (18), Man City (20), Portsmouth (39)
2.  Petr Čech              320 157 0.49 Chelsea (157)
3.  Mark Schwarzer 504 149 0.41 Middlesbrough (93), Fulham (56), Chelsea
4.  David Seaman 344 142 0.41 Arsenal (138)
5.  Nigel Martyn          372 138 0.37 Crystal Palace (25), Leeds United (82), Everton (31)
6.  Jose Reina             285 134 0.47 Liverpool (134)
=   Edwin Van der Sar 314 134 0.32 Fulham (42), Man Utd (92)
8.  Brad Friedel         450 132 0.29 Liverpool (6), Blackburn (77), Aston Villa (35), SPURS (14)
9.  Peter Schmeichel 310 129 0.41 Man Utd (113), A Villa (7), Man City (9)
10. Shay Given            440 115 0.26 Blackburn (1), Newcastle (91), Man City (15), A Villa (8)
11. Tim Howard          331 113 0.34 Man Utd (16), Everton (97)
12. Thomas Sørensen 361 109 0.3 Sunderland (36), A Villa (46), Stoke City (27)
13. Jussi Jääskeläinen 435 108 0.32 Bolton (89), West Ham (19)

Edwin van der Sar holds the record for the most consecutive clean sheets 14 for Man United between 22 Nov 2008 and 18 Feb 2009.

Moving away from goalkeepers at the moment Cardiff City, Crystal Palace and Liverpool sit top of the Fair Play League with Spurs languishing in 14th spot.

The most booked player in the Premier League is Lonas Olsson (WBA) with 9 yellows, Marouane Chamakh (Crystal Palace) Wayne Rooney (Man U), Gareth Barry (Everton) and Jonathon Walters (Stoke City) have all been booked 8 times.

The most booked Spurs player is Michael Dawson with 6 to his name.

Top assists so far this season goes to Luis Suárez (Liverpool) 10 with  both Steven Gerrard (Liverpool) and Wayne Rooney (Man U) having 9 each. Spurs don't even have anyone in the top 25.

There you have it, a few stats to get your teeth into. Ten games to go and Hugo Lloris is still fighting it out for top spot.

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AVB, Holloway, Souness views, player success stats

9:00 am
Andre Villas-Boas was happy with Spurs opening performance against Crystal Palace on Sunday. The Palace defender shouldn't have had his arms in the air outstretched covering an area so there can be no complaints, not that that stopped Ian Holloway complaining of course.

"(It was) a good performance," Villas-Boas said. "There's always a surprise factor to Palace because of the amount of signings that they have brought (in) and the fact that we don't know them as well as the other teams so I'm extremely happy with the performance.

"We had good chances during the whole of the 90 minutes, chances to put the game to bed when we were 1-0 up, so I can only be pleased with the performance. We had to hang strong in the last minutes of the game to take it to the final whistle, but I think overall we were the deserved winners.”

He was asked if he though Soldado would score 20 goals this season - “Of course, I think so. His career speaks for [itself],” he said.

“You know, to see him so confidently step up and put it to the same side as he scored against Espanyol was important for us. So, good to see him out there, created some chances, good to see the forward coming in with that hungriness for goals that he has. So extremely pleased for the work that he did.”

"Most of these players arrived at a later stage – particularly Paulinho and Soldado, who had only two or three weeks with us.

"We can only see them and develop towards the future. Bearing in mind that for all them the Premier League is a different proposition to the leagues that they have played in terms of intensity and passion for the game, I think they did extremely well.”

He was asked about the central defence and would there by another signing there - “At the moment we don’t have lots of options in defence. We might still but we haven’t decided yet.”

One reporter tried his best to get news on Bale when asking is was the first match of the post Gareth Bale era and how did AVB see the team performing without him anyway? Andre spun him the agreed party line.

“The (way the) team performed, I just answered your question. The other question that you want to know and everybody else wants to know I’m not going to comment about. The player is injured and he’s not available for selection, and he’s not likely to start in neither the Tsblisi nor the Swansea game.”

Ian Holloway had his own views of course: "I'm a bit disappointed if I'm honest. We normally play a bit better and quicker and sharper than that with the ball.

"Did we get to grips with it quick enough first half? I expected us to do what we did, blocking up their spaces and I don't think their full-backs got forward as much as they normally do because we blocked a few things up. But I was disappointed with our lack of belief in our movement and our passing really.

"It was a completely unbelievably dubious handball. Was it deliberate? I didn't think he had chance to get out the way. Yes his arms came up, but he was diving on the floor." No he wasn't he was blocking standing tall with his arms up where they shouldn't be and in the rules if the ball hits them when they are in an unnatural position it is a penalty.

"You ask anyone, if you're falling, what happens to your arms? I've never seen anyone fall with their arms by the sides. I don't think he had a chance in hell of getting out the way of it." He wasn't falling he was stretching standing up, only falling after the ball had been stopped by his arm deliberately there for that.

Spurs: Lloris; Walker, Dawson, Vertonghen, Rose (Kaboul, 86); Dembele (Capoue, 57), Paulinho, Sigurdsson; Lennon, Soldado (Defoe, 83), Chadli. Unused subs: Friedel, Naughton, Carroll, Townsend.
Goals: Spurs - Soldado (penalty, 50).

Kaboul was given a few minutes on his comeback, Capoue was arguable the most impressive debutant when he came on after 57 minutes.

The team average pass success rate was 85%.
Jan Vertonghen had a pass success rate of 97% touching the ball 47 times.
Kyle Walker had a pass success rate of 86% touching the ball 114 times.
Michael Dawson had a pass success rate of 84% touching the ball 75 times.
Danny Rose had a pass success rate of 76% touching the ball 76 times.

He gave the same impression than Sandro gave in his debut, one of being a high quality player. The 'formidable four' of Capoue, Paulinho, Sandro and Dembele gives our squad a very strong look in midfield.

In 33 minutes, Capoue's made more interceptions (6) than West Brom (5), West Ham (5) & Sunderland (4) all managed across the whole 90 minutes of their games. He had a pass success rate of 90%.

Paulinho had a pass success rate of 91% touching the ball 68 times.
Mousa Dembele had a pass success rate of 97% touching the ball 36 times.
Gylfi Sigurdsson had a pass success rate of 84% touching the ball 68 times.
Aaron Lennon had a pass success rate of 88% touching the ball 53 times.
Nacer Chadli had a pass success rate of 87% touching the ball 70 times.

Sigurdsson was slightly disappointing, he should certainly have scored, but it's only one game and after being stuck out wide last season he has to take his chance now moved to the middle or the club will buy to replace him. Harsh I know but that's life at the top for you, you get a chance you have to take it, not moan that you need a run of games. He did OK, but OK is not good enough if you are the creative heart of the side behind Soldado.

Roberto Soldado had a pass success rate of 83% touching the ball 41 times.

Holtby is injured and will need to develop quickly this season to force his way into the starting line up. What it does do is give us the chance to rotate the squad and keep players fresher than they have been in previous years for the latter part of the season.

We attacked 48% down the right hand side, 31% down the left hand side and 21% through the middle. Walker touched the ball the most followed by Rose which indicates our desire to have them overlap down the flanks. Dawson was just behind with the option of bringing the ball out of defence, passing short into midfield or switching play to Chadli on the left wing. Some supporters complain about his long passes but it is what he is asked to do. If the ball is on we are immediately on the attack with space to exploit while the opposition have to all shuffle across the pitch.

Our shots came 67% from central, 22% from the left and 11% from the right. 50% of our shots were from outside the box, 39% from inside the 18 yard box and 11% from inside the 6 yard box.

We made 544 passes, 456 were short passes, had 24 crosses and played 64 long balls.

The game was played 32% in the final third, 43% centrally and 26% in our defensive third. Walker made 32 passes in the final third, 12 more than anyone else. At half time Graeme Souness said, "That's been the biggest threat for Tottenham, down this (right) side. They are there in numbers Palace and sooner or later someone is going to go to sleep."

The result a Lennon cross from the right is handled, penalty. Whilst Holloway didn't like it AVB thought it a wise decision. "I have been told it was clear cut, although I haven't seen it again. People tell me that just before that shout there was one on Paulinho as well so that's the information I have - that his arm was stuck out. Although it doesn't look deliberate his arm is quite some distance from the ball. The referee decided wisely."

AVB's view was interesting, "We spoke before the game how difficult it would be because of the surprise factor. Ian put his team together very well because he had three players very narrow just behind the striker, which we weren't expecting. That caused a bit of unpredictability and it was a tough game. We had some good chances to put the game to bed but, bearing in mind 90 minutes, I think we deserved to win."

So the first half of the game the players were having to think for themselves and work out how to play against a system they weren't expecting, which I have to say they did very well.

The game, being the first and away from home against a promoted side up for it, was all about getting a result while the players gel. The performance was efficient, nobody had a bad game, mistakes were made of course and Lloris saved us. He had as good a game as anyone although the Lennon/Walker partnership produced plenty of opportunity down the right flank.

Graeme Souness summed the game up for Sky viewers. "Today was exactly what you'd expect from Palace. They were spirited and they never gave up. But they were against a team that individually were better than them.

"I know they had three shots on target but I never really felt they were a threat until they made a few substitutions midway through the second-half. I think that's where they're going to fail or survive. Scoring goals is paramount in this league. You've got to be scoring goals at home to win games."

Three points, move on. Fly out to Georgia on Tuesday, game Thursday against Dinamo Tbilisi, fly back for a game on Sunday at home against Swansea.

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