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Winning at Old Trafford

2:27 pm
Well, it's been a while, so what makes this time round any different? Well to start with, the Manchester United side we will face today is not the one of yesteryear. Gone are all the world class players and more importantly, their world class mentality.

United used to win even when they weren't winning. They had the "look at us, we're winners" mentality. In my opinion, that's gone to.

Sir Alex Ferguson isn't the same. I've definitely seen a change in him. He's not as hustle and bustle as he once was. His demeanor has slacked and that may be rubbing off on his squad.

What about us? Have we changed? You wouldn't think so after watching last seasons game against them at Old Trafford. We bottled it, or should I say Harry did. All water under the bridge in my book.

This is a new Tottenham Hotspur. We have Gareth Bale, Luka Modric, Rafael van der Vaart and Kevin Bond.

If only we could start to believe in ourselves when we face teams away like Manchester United, maybe we could go the distance. Maybe not.

At the moment, our only weakness is our centre-back pairing. Oh how we miss King and Dawson. Sandro may start in place of Huddlestone. Hasn't the young lad impressed you? I know he has come on farther than I anticipated at this stage in the season.

Jaymes was interviewed on the RedCafe podcast and he gave us the thumbs down, saying that we would lose 2-1.

I disagree. I can see us maybe nicking a result, although a 0-0 wouldn't go down to badly in my book.

For those that haven't seen the below video, I implore you to do so. I personally found it hilarious.

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Winning at Old Trafford Winning at Old Trafford Reviewed by Jaymes on 2:27 pm Rating: 5
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