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Gareth Bale, Diving Stats, Alderweireld and the Spurs Besiktas comparison

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Gareth Bale, Diving Stats, Toby Alderweireld, plus the Spurs Besiktas comparison from a Turkish journalists perspective


His days at Real Madrid look numbered and his demeanour against PSG was not good, as AS explained in their piece on him. Spurs have first refusal of his services, meaning we get told of any offer and are given the opportunity to match it.Wages are a different world altogether though, but would a sponsor want to be involved with a marquee signing in the season we move back into our own stadium?

Gareth Bale


Liverpool fans are all complaining about diving on Twitter. It was a clear penalty on Sunday so perhaps Liverpool fans should look at the statistics produced by Squawka.

Most Yellow Cards For Diving Since 2011/12

  • Chelsea 24
  • Liverpool 22
  • Sunderland 21
  • Manchester City 17
  • Tottenham Hotspur 17
  • Manchester United 15


Roberto Martínez Montoliu is a Spanish football coach and former professional player. Martínez is the manager of the Belgium national team and was previously at Everton, Wigan Athletic and Swansea City.

He spoke tn HLN Sport and revealed he had spoken to Spurs centre-back Toby Alderweireld over his fitness.
“I have recently had a good conversation with Toby Alderweireld. I’m happy that Spurs take their time and don’t rush him back. But of course Toby would have liked to have played against Juventus. (Smiles) His situation will need time.”


An interesting article from BirGün, an Istanbul-based Turkish left-wing daily newspaper, in which the columnist takes a look at the how Spurs are run with growth in mind and how Besiktas is run with the same aim, but he suggests, not as successfully.

He makes the comparison because both are playing Grade A sides in Europe, Besiktas play Bayern Munich today and we drew with Juventus in Turin 2-2 last week..

The reporter suggests Harry Kane is valued at €120 (£105.82 million at today's rate).

Christian Eriksen is valued at €70m (£61.72 million at today's rate).

Dele Alli is valued at €80m (£70.53 million at today's rate).

Eric Dier is valued at €40m (£35.27 million at today's rate).

Purchase cost of the four players: €29.63 million (£26.12 million at today's rate).
Current value of the four players: €310 million (£273.30 million at today's rate).

You'll need to Google translate the article but it's a worthwhile read. It is always good to read views from other countries who have a different perspective on things and not just blindly follow what our press write. I have grown very tired of our press.

Besiktas and Tottenham Comparison

Gareth Bale, Diving Stats, Alderweireld and the Spurs Besiktas comparison Gareth Bale, Diving Stats, Alderweireld and the Spurs Besiktas comparison Reviewed by THBlogNews on 8:00 pm Rating: 5

Tortoise Tottenham Toppled

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Tottenham yet again played the game at a snails pace with players walking around and strolling passes to each other than barely make it to the intended recipient.

That sums up how Tottenham play games as if they either think they are superior and can win a game whenever they feel like it or they couldn't care less. Certainly when Besiktas scored there was not reaction from the defenders to signify that it mattered or that they cared, simply a shrug and oh well. Younes Kaboul is the captain, watch his reaction to the goal, do you see him driving the team on at all after that? No. Is that the attitude of a winner? No.

After that we continued to stroll. There was an incident where the ball rebounded out of defence to the half-way line by the left touchline. A Spurs player collected it and walked with it sideways turning forward and back, before gently rolling the ball sideways, again at a snails pace. There was no opposition player anywhere near, no within 15 to 20 yards.

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If you watched the game closely you would then see when a Tottenham player has the ball, nobody is making runs. Everyone is just walking round in their zone, all marked. There are no holes being created by off the ball runners and no players running into the box from midfield.

They are all outside the box trying to be available for a sideways pass with the only option a shot from outside the box. It was the same as watching an Andre Villas-Boas side. We rely on converting one of a couple of chances we create and if we don't then are vulnerable to losing 1-0, which is of course exactly what happened.

There goalkeeper didn't have to make a save, apart from trickles along the floor and as the game wore on it was a question of wait for the mistake and sure enough we started making them when we became lazy and sloppy at the back.

Tortoise Tottenham Toppled Tortoise Tottenham Toppled Reviewed by THBlogNews on 8:33 pm Rating: 5
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