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The Big One

12:15 pm
Make no bones about it, tonight is the biggest match we have played in a long time. We are on the brink of the Champion's League proper, with only eleven Young Boys standing in our way.

When I saw our line-up last week, I practically hit the roof. Instead of packing our midfield, Harry chose the 4-4-2 option. Yeah, you know the one I'm talking about; the one that Harry Redknapp himself slated while he was a pundit for the BBC at the World Cup.

"Against English sides, you can get away with playing 4-4-2, but on the continent, you just can't play that system". Those were Harry's words in June.

To cut a long story short, we were found out. Young Boys came out the traps faster than we could cope. No matter what you think, their pitch did have a part to play. Our lads couldn't get a hold on the game and we lost 3-2.

After that rant, you would expect me to say that we should play a 4-5-1 formation, control the game at our pace and attempt to hit them on the break. Well, you'd be wrong. This time round, they're coming to our place, our stomping ground. I do hope Harry gets the lads playing the 4-4-2 formation and drives them on to attack. We need to go for the Young Boys jugular. I have a feeling that they will be expecting us to do this. Let's not disappoint.

Spurs are at home, in North London, at White Hart Lane with 30,000 plus supporters surrounding the pitch, baring those silly advertising boards that will probably restrict the view of some punters. If we can emulate the same form that we showed when we needed to beat City up at Eastlands last season, we can beat this team and make the group stages.

Tottenham Hotspur line up against Young Boys in the Champion's League Qualifier at White Hart Lane, THBN

Against City last season, we played some impressive stuff. Some said that we really only needed a draw. Our lads obviously were not privy to that train of thought, but instead, went out and took the game to City; making sure that they were always on the front foot, setting the tone and tempo of the match, whilst never allowing City to settle or react while Spurs dictated play. Can we do that tonight? Of course we can.

I've chosen Kranjčar over Palacios as I am not a fan of the Honduran. In my opinion, he's an accident waiting to happen. Young Boys will most likely play the same way they did against Fenerbahçe; counter-attacking and playing deep. That's why I would not put Wilson Palacios in the starting eleven as he gives the ball away far to often for my liking. I also think Niko Kranjčar is class and deserves a place in our midfield. I am interested to see what players Harry starts with.

THBN Match Prediction: Tottenham Hotspur 3-0 Young Boys

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