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Parker didn't refuse Hopeless Hogdson

7:30 am

Scott Parker is the second ex Spurs player who has had to come out and try to clear his name after Harry Redknapp's crazy outburst.

Parker didn't refuse Hopeless Hogdsom

 He has been in the game long enough and worked with the media long enough to know how they would deal with his remarks to create sensationalist journalism.

It's a sorry state of affairs when former Spurs players now have to defend themselves and show how important playing for their country is.

"I probably speak for every boy and everyone out there: playing for your country, replicating the players in the World Cup is something you dream of.

"I remember Italia '90, being 10 and playing outside in the garden, thinking I was Gazza (Paul Gascoigne) and my friends thinking the same.

"I can only speak from a personal level - obviously you get some people in life who'll be different - but I think the majority of players who put on an England shirt are very proud.

"I hear people say that other countries are more passionate and have more desire but whenever I've been involved in the England set-up, the players have been committed.

"It's a boy's dream; I can't contemplate not wanting to play for England. It's something I will always remember, the pinnacle of my career."

What is far more out of order than Harry Redknapp though, is Roy Hodgson picking Ben Foster and playing him at the World Cup when he has previously refused his country.

Handing out caps as a thank you for turning makes a mockery of international football, especially when you pick someone like Chris Smalling, who promptly showed England fans how inept he has been for Manchester United.

For them, when he can get a game it's usually at right-back but the right-sided centre-half is played on the left side by Hodgson. His passing was inept. Phil Jones another centre-half who can't get into the Manchester United team and plays in midfield when he can is shunted out to right-back. Crazy.

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As for taking Ricky Lambert, having a policy of trying to give everyone game time and only giving him 5 minutes you have to ask why was he there?

He was Plan B, so if you are not going to use Plan B why have you got it?

The worst England World Cup ever thanks to the hopeless Hodgson. Wrong squad, wrong preparation, wrong tactics, wrong substitutions, wrong game management planning, wrong appointment.

Still the FA are happy, they are saving £4 million a year with him there so naturally after two hopeless major championship performances naturally they will want to keep him.

His after game interview showed he was clearly watching a different game to the rest of us, perhaps he had a TV with him and was watching Italy Uruguay. Football is about winning, not looking nice in defeat or being so inept you can't score against a team not even trying.

He has had 2 years of qualifying to determine a style and pattern of play. In 2 years he has figured out nothing and taken the country backwards. There were 2 games before the next qualification starts and international managers don't get many games with their players so instead of building you simply hand caps out to the boys.

That is the action of a loser, not a winner.

Well done Roy, some achievement. You were the wrong choice when selected and you remain the wrong choice.

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Parker leaves, AVB and Jan Vertonghen

7:30 pm
Scott Parker has signed a 3 year deal for Fulham. QPR were going to pay £2 million and we wanted Fulham to pay £4 million so the final fee, which is undisclosed will probably be £3 - 3.5 million. Thanks Scotty.

Q - AVB, have Spurs bid for Willian? 
A - "No, no."

Q - Do you admire the player?
A - "Yes. This is a player who I have spoken about in the past, not very long ago. He is a player who I appreciate. He belongs to them and I respect them so I wouldn't like to extend myself too much."

Q - Will there be new signings?
A - "We haven't finished. We have a very, very good squad. We have done most of our activity in the market, but we are looking further on that. There is a possibility (of new signings), yes."

Q - Has Gareth Bale played his last game for Spurs?
A - "He is a player who has had a clearing session [a light training session] today. Hopefully if everything goes well, the player will be involved and I can give you further news about the player in the future."

Q - Is he travelling to Georgia?
A - "He is in our Europa League squad, but he is not available [for Thursday's game] because he is injured."

Q - Jan Vertonghen, what did you think of the performance against Crystal Palace on Sunday. 

A - "We were very dominant, but we kept them alive and they had a big opportunity in the 89th minute.

"We should have more of a killer instinct. If we did we could have scored two or three more, then we would have been able to relax a bit and make more substitutes."

Not having that killer instinct was something I wrote about on Facebook last season which drew complaints that I should be satisfied. Like Jan I know without a killer instinct a side wins nothing. It has to learn it, develop it and implement it. Both Sigurdsson and Defoe should have scored, not doing so was not good enough and is why the club are continually looking for upgrades. Good is not good enough anymore. Three points, first game of the season, congratulations, learn the lessons and move on.

"We were happy with the win. It would have been a better result if we had got two or three goals more.

"We had quite a good season last year but at the end we didn't make what we aimed for.

"But this year we have learned from this and we can't make the same mistakes again.

"We have the quality (to make the top four). It's going to be very difficult because everyone has spent money, but we have bought some good players too.

"We have also been playing a year longer together. Everyone believes that we can do something this year.

"We have bought some good players. I can see already that we are playing well, but we can still play much better."

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Atsu, Parker, Huddlestone, Livermore, Carroll, Townsend, Damiao, Rami, Defoe, Sigurdsson

10:16 am
Christian Atsu the Porto winger who played under Andre Villas-Boas is once again being mentioned as a target. That lovely journalistic phrase that has no source and with information the journalist wouldn't know anyway is used, "Spurs are weighing up a move." So some journalist knows what is being discussed behind closed doors at White Hart Lane does he? Sounds like pure guesswork, make enough guesses and some must be right.

Hull City are in advanced talks with Tom Huddlestone over a £5 million move. Don't get your hopes up folks, Huddlestone has had advanced talks for over a year with half a dozen clubs and never puts pen to paper. He is not on big wages but lacks any ambition. He is the anonymous employee who never misses a day, does a dead end job and never complains, he just does it and thinks the company thinks the world of him for doing it. Hull are trying to tempt him though by taking Jake Livermore on loan so he'll have a buddy alongside him!

Championship side Watford who narrowly missed promotion last year and have started well this year, want highly-rated midfielder Tom Carroll on loan. I would have thought a Premier League loan would get him the game time he needs to develop.

Once again QPR want Scott Parker but wages remain the issue. Parker doesn't really want to leave but he would be so far down the pecking order he'd never play in a World Cup year. Their have been reports that he would be speaking with Roy Hodgson to see if playing in the Championship would damage his chances of going to the World Cup so only if he gets the right answers would he go. If negotiations are heavily underway perhaps he has received those assurances. However there are reports that Fulham have now entered the fray which would be a more sensible move for him.

QPR also want Andros Townsend back but surely he also would want to play in the Premier League. He is unlikely to get much game time at Tottenham being behind Bale, Lennon, Chadli and Sigurdsson, with possibly another to come. His future at Spurs depends upon the system AVB wants to play when Sandro is fit or Capoue is confirmed, will it still be 4-2-3-1 or 4-3-3? If it's the later we are likely to sign another striker and his days are numbered. Clearly the spell at QPR last season brought him along and he would surely do a job for a Premier League team, having shown up well in pre-season cameos.

According to French sports daily L'Equipe, Zenit St. Petersburg have offered Internacional £21.47 million (€25m) for Leandro Damiao which meets club president Giovanni Luigi's inflated valuation.

Andre Villas Boas has declared that Jermain Defoe and Gylfi Sigurdsson will not be sold this summer, according to SkySports. Adebayor is the striker the club are desperate to shift, universally disliked it seems the club want shot of him.

Tottenham Hotspur have reportedly turned to Valencia's £9.5 million (€11.06m) rated defender Adil Rami in our search for a new centre-half. Toby Alderweireld is also continually talked about but ITK suggests we rejected him early in the window as having a major weakness in his game.

Atsu, Parker, Huddlestone, Livermore, Carroll, Townsend, Damiao, Rami, Defoe, Sigurdsson Atsu, Parker, Huddlestone, Livermore, Carroll, Townsend, Damiao, Rami, Defoe, Sigurdsson Reviewed by THBlogNews on 10:16 am Rating: 5

Parker, Defoe, Vertonghen, Cabaye, Dembele, Bernard, oh and Bale!

8:00 pm
A quick round up of the afternoon Spurs news.

We have turned down a QPR bid for Scott Parker it would seem, there may be an improved offer on it's way. It would be a surprise if Parker went down a division with the World Cup coming up next summer. They also asked about Jermain Defoe Harry told the London Evening Standard, "I'd love to have Jermain. We made an enquiry but at the moment he's not available."

Jan Vertonghen feels it's touch and go whether he can make the season opener on August 18.

"I'm making a lot of progress. I'm starting to run. The next game is nine, 10 days from now, so I will be quite close. You never know what can happen and I always aim for the best and hope next week I'll be very close."

Spurs desire to land Newcastle ace Yohan Cabaye had been confirmed by PSG manager Laurent Blanc.

"He is a very good player, I have not changed my mind. I read that Tottenham are also interested. Newcastle, Tottenham or Paris, I hope he will be at a big club in September."

Mousa Dembele wants a better Tottenham performance on Saturday and shows a great attitude, we weren't good enough last time, let's improve.

“It’s a very important game for us because there will be a lot of players back and we would like to begin our season with a good feeling at White Hart Lane,” said Mousa.

“It’s going to be important for us, to show the fans as well that we are ready to do big things this season, so they have confidence in us.

“You never want to lose 5-2, but sometimes that can act as a bit of a shock, a wake-up call, and we see we still have work to do.

“It’s a blessing as well that the game was in pre-season and we can get together and say ‘okay, we need to do more, so let’s do it’.”

And finally Florentino Perez is making noises about not talking about Gareth Bale again and whilst not talking about him says  €100 million is to much for him, good, you won't want him then will you.

"We talk with lots of people and we will see what happens in all our negotiations with this player [Bale] and others," Perez has said.

"We do not usually talk about other players out of respect to the player, the club and the president with whom I have made a good friendship.

"If I do not talk about names, I do not talk about money, [but] €100m seems a lot to me, a lot for everything."

Finally one we can cross off the list Bernard, he has joined Shakhtar Donetsk. The Ukranian Champions were the only club to meet Athletico Mineiro's valuation of the 20 year-old.

Last night's article: What does Soldado offer?

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Scott Parker; The Leader We Require

11:59 am
Harry Redknapp spoke with Colin Mafham of the Express in a frank interview and laid out the facts about our intended title challenge.

"If we could find someone who would make a big difference to us then I know the chairman would go for him.

"But it's hard to find somebody like Terry or Carragher who can change the place and be a bit of a leader.

"It's just someone who can give you a lift. You're always looking for that sort of player."

Harry knows all to well that there is one player he would be able to sign; Scott Parker. Only this time, Harry's kept quiet. We all remember the tirade of verbals that went on during the summer window when the two David's accused Harry of "unresting their players".

If we are to make a real push for the title, we need a solid spine and it's my opinion that Spurs fan Parker can provide the steel we so desperately need. I also think Jamie O'Hara should be given a chance as it looks like he could well develop into a solid central midfielder, able to dictate and break up play. Unfortunately, if we are to believe the rumours, West Ham would require O'Hara in a player exchange deal as part of the Parker transfer. The lad also spoke to Paul Hawksbee on talkSPORT and explained that he wants first-team football and may have to leave The Lane in order to play regularly. If he does leave, I would miss his tenacity and give-all character.

It's in games like the one today against Villa away, where they deploy Ashley Young in the hole, that the presence of Scott Parker would have been admired.

It's obvious that we need a leader in the middle of the park as well as a striker that can score more than one Premier League goal (Crouch). The truth of the matter is that at present, we have the best squad of players that I have seen in the 30 years I have supported the club. A couple of "special" additions could really push us on.

THBN Prediction: Aston Villa 0-2 Tottenham Hotspur

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Parker Spotted at Spurs Lodge

11:02 am
Now then, the ITK's on all the Spurs Forums have gone into overdrive today!  Two different self-titled ITK's have said that Scott Parker is at this very minute, at Spurs Lodge.

If we are going to sign anyone today, I expect it to be Scotty Parker to be honest.  West Ham is a club in complete disarray at the moment.  Things must be bad, for if we are to believe the reports coming from the Hammers forums, the club has asked Tottenham to continue to pay at least 40% of Robbie Keane's wage for the first year.

After all that David Sullivan has said, if he allows the club captain to join us, he may as well resign.  If I were a Hammer, I couldn't ever bring myself to forgive the man.

If Parker is really taking his medical at Spurs Lodge, and we do end up signing him, I'll be a happy bunny.  Thing is, with Sandro finally making an appearance, Huddlestone, Jenas, O'Hara, and Palacios, we're a bit top heavy in midfield, aren't we?  If you throw Parker into the mix, something has got to give.

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The Scott Parker Theory

2:53 pm
Scott Parker removed from the West Ham club shop, THBN
We've just finished the debate on us tearing apart Young Boys. I believe everyone in the office thinks that Spurs should get through these two legs. Towards the end of the conversation, the topic changed to Harry's pursuit of Scott Parker.

Mario, a massive Hammer, told us that Scott Parker's posters which depict him modelling the new kits, have recently been pulled from the club shop and replaced with other players.

Talk around Upton Park is that Parker wants to definitely come to Spurs and doesn't want to join Villa. However, the money that both Spurs and Villa have offered is nowhere near the amount the board are willing to sell at.

Apparently, Scott Parker has told the two Dave's that he wants to leave Upton Park and join Spurs and they have agreed to let him go, but as long as Tottenham pay up.

It looks as though a deal to get him out of West Ham is on the cards. The Hammers marketing guy's are using the same tactic we used when shipping out Robbie Keane last season. Just like Robbie, Parker was pictured everywhere, but since Wednesday, his major posters have been replaced.

Read into it what you will. All I know is that this transfer window better get moving.

A lot of Spurs fans dislike Parker and think that he isn't the sort of player that can push us on to the next level. Thing is, exactly what level do you want us to get to? Harry is building a squad and sees Scott Parker as an ideal part of that squad. Let's not jump too far ahead of ourselves. We may make the Champion's League proper and Scott Parker would be a decent enough acquisition, as would Craig Bellamy.

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Harry Redknapp is Angry

2:58 pm
I was at The Lane last night and watched us play some good football at times, but saw us ripped apart by a team that knows how to keep the ball and counter-attack. There, I said it. Now, let's move onto Harry being angry.

Today I read that Harry Redknapp is just a tad bit angry with Tweedledum and Tweedledee over at West Ham. He was obviously upset at the way we lost to the Yellow Submarines last night and so let fly on the situation relating to Spurs fan, Scott Parker.

In Harry's words: "Who made it public that we've made an offer?"

I don't think Harry could have put it any better. The first I heard of us being strongly interested in Parker was when the David Gold was interviewed on talkSPORT. Something about us trying to unsettle their player and that £7 million wasn't enough.

Now, let me give you my take on this. West Ham are in real financial trouble. They need to sell players, but unfortunately, they don't have too many that can be sold for a decent amount.

I can picture the two David's discussing how they can sell on their best player, but keep the fans happy.

David: "Spurs were interested in Parker, weren't they?"

David: "I think so."

David: "Great. Have you got Danny's number or does Kazza have it?"

David: "No, no, here it is. Now, listen up Dave, I've got an idea. What we can do, is offer Scott Parker to Spurs. We won't give them a price; we'll just wait till they offer us something. Danny's so tight with his money, so I'm sure he'll offer us nowhere near what Parker's is worth."

David: "What is Parker worth?"

David: "No more than £6 or 7 mill mate. Anyway, once we get the offer, I'll call up my mates in the media and tell them just how unhappy we are with Tottenham. We'll tell all my mates down at talkSPORT that Parker is not for sale at any price and that it's obvious that Harry and Danny are trying to unrest him."

David: "What you want to do that for?"

David: "Look mate, we need to sell him, but after you opened your mouth and told everyone that he ain't going anywhere, you sort of put us in a tricky position. So we'll act as though there's no way Parker will be going anywhere. But we both know he wants to join them, after all, he is a Spurs fan, isn't he?"

David: "So they tell me."

David: "Well, Scotty will want to have a word with us about the Tottenham bid. When he does, we'll tell him he can go, but he mustn't say a thing. In the meantime, we'll look like this entire situation has been taken out of our hands and that we're not to blame at all."

David: "Quality mate. Nearly as good as Debbie Does Essex XVII".

A bit far fetched? I don't think so. Speak to any Birmingham fan and they'll tell you exactly how these two act. We saw/read their superb inspirational displays toward Zola. I can see them acting as though Tottenham and Parker are useless. Anything to get the high ground.

Expect us to now sign Parker, although I can see this one being somewhat protracted.

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Harry Redknapp interview on his transfer targets

6:42 pm
scott parker to tottenham, thbn
Harry Redknapp was interviewed on talkSPORT earlier today and said that we are no closer to signing Joe Cole as the lad wants to review all his options.

Being totally against us signing Cole when all this fuss first kicked off, I have to say that I have started to take a liking to the idea. If it comes off and he doesn't mind being part of a squad, then great. If not, he can join another side. No one should be guaranteed a starting position and thank God, in Harry, we have a manager that isn't scared to shuffle the pack.

When asked about any other players that he may be interested in, Harry said: "Scotty Parker is a player that I've always admired. He is a massive Tottenham fan and could do a decent job for any club in the Premiership."

I have to agree with him. Parker was West Ham's best player last season. If Harry is to implement a new system, Parker could fit in nicely alongside Palacios or Huddlestone.

I suppose a deal hinges on the price West Ham place on his head. Either way, he's got my vote!

Craig Bellamy to Tottenham Hotspur, THBNHarry also commented on Craig Bellamy by adding "Craig is a fantastic professional. He's the type of player that is needed when things aren't going your way.

"I do like the lad, but he's a City player. If he [Bellamy] was to become available, I would definitely be interested."

Would you mind Parker and Bellamy signing up? I wouldn't. They would add a great deal of steel and depth to our squad in my opinion.

John Carew joining Tottenham Hotspur, THBNAlso, as per the article yesterday, a lot of you said that Defoe isn't the sort of player that can play up top on his own. I have to agree with you. I hate to say it, but Darren Bent is the sort of player that could be deployed in a 4-2-3-1 or 4-5-1 come 4-3-3 formation. He's proved that at Sunderland. Anyway, there's no point crying over spilt milk.

Maybe this is a long shot, but I wouldn't mind seeing big old John Carew at the Lane. Surely Harry could work his magic and do a deal which involved Robbie Keane going in the opposite direction?

We've finally reached that time of year me ole chums.....

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Harry Redknapp interview on his transfer targets Harry Redknapp interview on his transfer targets Reviewed by PoshSpur on 6:42 pm Rating: 5
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