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Deserved call up for Defoe after Kane blunder

5:17 pm

With Harry Kane out injured, England manager Gareth Southgate has called upon the experience of former Tottenham Hotspur striker Jermain Defoe to help England through a bit of an injury crisis.

he has netted 14 Premier League goals this season and the only English player to score more is Harry Kane himself with 19, so purely on goalscoring form he is worth his place, especially when you consider he is doing it in a team desperately fighting relegation.

Kane is out for between four to six weeks we hear as a result of his unnecessary selection against Millwall in the FA Cup quarter-final at White Hart Lane at the weekend. The international break comes to our rescue a little bit as that takes up 10 days.

He will still miss Southampton (h), Burnley (a), Swansea City (a), Watford (h), Bournemouth (h), probably the FA Cup semi-final against Chelsea and possibly the league game against a revitalised Leicester City at Filbert Street. We hope he is back for the North London Derby against Arsenal at White Hart Lane on Sunday April 30th but there are no guarantees.

It is time Christian Eriksen scored from a free-kick, if he could do that we would add a weapon to our bow that we are missing at the moment. More training ground practice required, that's how it will be rectified, determined practice.

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Spurs Lodge, Capoue, Defoe

12:30 pm

Enfield Council decision on planing permission for Tottenham Lodge given tonight 

Tottenhan Hotspur will find out today from Enfield council whether they will be able to build the planned Players Ledge on ground the club own adjacent to the training complex.

Spurs plan to build a two-storey 45-room complex on Myddelton Farm, adjacent to Hotspur Way, in Bulls Cross. The council will make a final decision tonight but the application has been recommended for approval.

David Moyes has been trying to get Etienne Capoue to join him at Real Sociedad and wanted a loan move but as I've been pointing out all along, loan deals are of no use to Tottenham, all they do is delay a wages problem and put the club at a disadvantage when it comes to selling the same player in the summer.

Yes his value may increase but every club would also know we have to sell players so would hold us to ransom with low bids. In the end we would have no choice but to sell at a low price so unless a loan deal has a guaranteed buy at the end of the season clause then nobody will go out on loan.

Spurs will only let Aaron Lennon and Etienne Capoue go on loan if the guarantee buy clause, at a set price, is inserted, otherwise no dice. Capoue moves the ball too slow from defence to attack, has an ego and had a falling out with the younger players, for which he apologised but he has been on the fringes ever since.

Former Spurs favourite Jermain Defoe has picked his ultimate five-a-side team from players he has played with at club and international level. He spoke to the Sunderland TV channel explaining his selections.

Hugo Lloris
Ledley King
Steven Gerrard
Luka Modric
Jermain Defoe

"Hugo, for me, is unbelievable.  
'I'd have Ledley King (in defence). In fact Ledley King could play at the back on his own because he can do everything. He doesn't even tackle because his positioning is unbelievable, he just reads the game. 
"Steven Gerrard because it is Steven Gerrard, basically. Good finisher, just hits shots. 
"In my time at Tottenham with Luka, he was just unbelievable. Small, a low centre of gravity, sharp and never gave the ball away. 
"I'm just going to stand up front, not really move and just finish it!"

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Defoe & Adebayor swap deal

8:30 am
All Spurs fans know Emmanuel Adebayor seems to try when he wants, or as he puts it when the manager has confidence in him, meaning when he is picked every week regardless, and doesn't when he decides not to.

Defoe & Adebayor swap deal

He is famed for only trying when a new contract is due and shows the wrong mentality for a club trying to break into the UEFA Champions League regularly. The club needs players who want to constantly improve, Adebayor doesn't fit that bill. When Spurs are winning he can be found in midfield passing the ball around when he should be up front trying to score more and learning to be clinical for the crucial moments in other games.

Trying to offload him is difficult, he won't take a pay cut, money clearly the motivation, not football. there are few clubs who can afford his wages and fewer still who would want to pay them. Italian side Torino were limed suggesting if he took a pay cut he could join them, that talk swiftly died a death. Two Qatari clubs were mooted, reigning champions and leaders Lekhwiya Sports Club plus last seasons runners-up El Jaish Sports Club. Neither were a likely destination, they could afford his wages but why would he go there.

Now Major League Soccer side Toronto FC are being mooted and this could be an interesting deal because Jermain Defoe wants out of Toronto FC and Spurs need a back-up striker to Harry Kane. As a stop gap for a couple of season Jermain Defoe would be welcomed back at The Lane. His style would suit Mauricio Pochettino who wants mobile attackers who interchange positions.

Defoe is paid £90,000 a week by Toronto but would surely drop back to around £65,000 to come back to the Premier League. The financial package to release him from his Toronto contract is beyond most clubs but with Emmanuel Adebayor going the other way would be easier and the wage bill that needs reducing, would be reduced by around £55,000 a week, for no loss of goals.

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Defoe is back training with Spurs, he is with the Development Squad and would surely jump at the chance of returning to a place he knows well. Tottenham have discussed a return with him so know his situation and what it would take.

The Adebayor suggestion will not have been something out of the blue, Franco Baldini will have suggested they could sign him as he looks to find an exit route for the unwanted Togo international. If a deal could be worked our Spurs would get a proven scorer at Premier League level which means any further signings could wait until the summer. Toronto FC are not the only MLS side interested in Adebayor though so a deal is far from certain at this stage.

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Should Spurs re-sign Defoe in January?

12:30 pm
Should Tottenham re-sign Jermain Defoe in January? He is expected to return to the Premier League so why not with us.

Should Spurs re-sign Defoe in January?

We have at the moment Emmanuel Adebayor, Roberto Soldado and Harry Kane. We only play with one striker so only need three, gone are the days of playing two up front and needing four. The doom and gloom Levy out mob cite Adebayor going to the African Cup of Nations in January as a reason why we should have paid over the odds in wages and transfer fee for a striker of the same standard as we already have.

I didn't assume Adebayor was going to the African Cup of Nations, Togo still had to qualify and how is that qualification going? Played 2 lost 2, bottom of a 4 team group. Togo lost 2-1 to Guinea and 2-3 to Ghana. The next 2 games against Guinea and Uganda are rather crucial.

But what if Togo turn things around and do qualify, would Jermain Defoe make a good signing until the end of the season, if not longer.

Former striker Martin Chivers revealed why Defoe left when he said he was offered a deal at his age that he simply couldn't turn down. He was offered a wage of £90,000 a week ($146,093 - €112,916).

He knows the club, the fans love him and would welcome him back. He isn't wanted in Canada and he doesn't want to be in Canada by all accounts, not at all keen to go back once his groin injury heals.

FC Toronto president Tim Lieweke speaking at Ryerson University made it clear if Defoe didn't want to be there he could leave.

“We will have some new DP’s (Designated Players) next year. I personally don’t think Defoe will come back. I think if he doesn’t want to be here, you get rid of him. 
“My attitude is, if you want to be here and buy into what we’ve been doing, let’s go roll up our sleeves and we’ll fight together. And I will be with you every day. 
“If you don’t want to be here, get the hell out of our way. 
“Has Jermain Defoe ultimately adapted as well as David Beckham did? 
“David Beckham had more character, more grit, more determination than any player I’ve ever been around. Never once did David Beckham run, hide or fade away.”

He is not going to pick up the same wages in the Premier League as he is on at FC Toronto and he'll be free in January. Should we buy him back, he'll be 32, and take a hit on Soldado. It's not good business sense but it may be the footballing thing to do.

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Spurs players hugely impressed with Pochettino

2:33 pm
Tottenham Hotspur are in Toronto on leg two of their 2014 US & Canada Pre-season Tour with a game tonight being played as part of the deal which took Jermain Defoe to Toronto FC.

Spurs players hugely impressed with Pochettino

The former Tottenham striker has met up with his friends and former teammates, especially Ledley King, and naturally the subject of new head coach Mauricio Pochettino came up. Dofoe has revealed that the Tottenham players have been hugely impressed with the Argentinian and a friendship has already blossomed with his new charges.

“Speaking to the lads, they love him already. They say training is really sharp, with a lot of pressing. With the players they have got at Tottenham, and with that manager, I think they will do well. There have been a lot of managers come and go but I think this one is there to stay."

The Spurs players have taken to and are enjoying the high-intensity training sessions. The object is to make Tottenham one of the fittest sides in the league to be able to play in the manner Chile did in the World Cup recently. Commentators said they simply wouldn't be able to keep up the pace of the game they were playing for 90 minutes, they did.

"If you look at Southampton last season, they were the fittest team in the Premier League and were very organised. Spurs are a massive club, one that want to be in the top four and bring Champions League football back to the club. I am sure he will do well.”

With players like Erik Lamela recently saying he felt like he had a new lease of life, he was no longer lonely but happy and Lewis Holtby seemingly having a permanent schoolboy grin on his face, it looks like a happy camp once more.

Gone are last seasons unhappy dressing room and sub standard performances, in its place are a happy squad, excited and keen to get stuck into the season once again.

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King & Defoe careers intertwined

6:30 am
Ledley King and Jermain Defoe have seen their paths cross since they were youngsters with Senrab FC in East London.

Ledley King & Jermain Defoe

That continued with England Under 21'a, the England senior squad and Tottenham. Now with Tottenham visiting Toronto they were able to catch up again and recall the early days.

“I was two years older than Jermain, but I was well aware of him even when I was 10 or so and he was eight. I’d come off the pitch after my game and watch a little bit of his game. Sometimes he’d score six, seven, eight goals in a game. You could see he had a big career ahead of him. 
“The funny thing is, he played with another striker who was the same size as him. They were really small guys, but they were deadly at the time.”

King made 323 appearances for Spurs, Defoe made 362. One was a master at stopping goals, one was a master at scoring them. In fact Defoe holds the record for scoring more goal at home (White Hart Lane) for Spurs than any other player and his 142 goals put him fifth on Spurs all time scoring charts.

Amazingly after scoring 11 goals in 14 games he already sits fifth on his new clubs MLS all time scoring charts, mind you Toronto FC has only been in the MLS since 2007. Those above him have 27, 17, 16 and 14 so he will no doubt be overtaking them soon.

In all games the all time leading goalscorer has 32, then two on 21, 19 and two more on 14 before Defoe. Most goals in a season 17, most goals in a league season 15. All records Jermain Defoe can expect to break.

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He scored on his debut for Tottenham, West Ham, Portsmouth, England and Toronto which King acknowledges helps him win over supporters.

“He gets off to a great start with fans. Throughout the years, he’s given his all. It’s not always been easy for him. Sometimes he’s had to wait on the bench and wait for his chance. But he’s always scored goals when given the opportunity. 
“And on a personal level, he’s always someone that comes in every day to train, work hard and give his all.”

Ledley King still has to manages his knee problem but having stopped playing it doesn't cause all the problems it did and now he relishes being involved as an Ambassador together with doing all the community work with the Tottenham Hotspur Foundation. It takes him all over the world and he has a busy schedule of events on this pre-season tour.

“On a day-to-day basis, I feel pretty good. I just try to keep the muscles strong around the knee, every now and then in the gym. A couple of times a week or so, and try not to overdo it. 
“We have an amazing number of fans around North America. For me, it’s great to be able to come out and speak to them.”

Ledley has commitments to a local soccer club, Special Olympics athletes and the Official Supporters Club after a bust series of events in Seattle.

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Defoe delighted to see Spurs in Toronto

10:30 am
Tottenham line up against former favourite Jermain Defoe tomorrow on the second leg of their 2014 USA & Canada Pre-season Tour.

Defoe delighted to see Spurs in Toronto

Torontp FC, managed by former centre-back Ryan Nelsen, made Defoe an offer he simply couldn't refuse, £90,000 a week, to come and play Major League Soccer. thus the 31-year-old, he'll be 32 in October, moved to Canada at the end of February where he has been an instant hit.

The England forward has scored 11 goals in 13 starts (14 games) in 1,169 minutes, that's a goal every 106.27 minutes. You can add 2 assists to that tally meaning he makes a game impact every 88.92 minutes. He has made 45 shots of which 22 have been on target.

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Suffice to say Toronto have been pleased with their purchase but this game comes an an awkward time for them, they have one-fifth of their MLS schedule in play in 28 days.

“Obviously you could say it’s a game that we don’t need, “but at the end of the day what can you do as players? We just get on with it. It’s important to, I suppose, stay professional. You’ve got to do your job. And if we’ve got to play, we’ve got to play. It’s not going to be as serious. I can’t imagine the tempo’s going to be too high. But we’ll still try to win the game. You still want to have that winning mentality, that every game you play, you try and win. 
“There’s no points to gain, but it’s going to be nice seeing my old teammates and the staff. Beforehand we’ll have a laugh and a joke, but I suppose when the whistle goes then you do your job and try and win the game.”

This friendly, and friendlies like it, are important for the growth of Major League Soccer and is part of the deal that brought Defoe to North America. Tottenham and Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment (MLSE) agreed to a four-year deal that will see Toronto FC and MLSE “provide promotional and branding opportunities, experiential activities and advertising, broadcasting, social media and digital rights across all of MLSE’s properties and media platforms.”

MLSE also agreed to sell Spurs official merchandise at its retail outlets and help the THFC Official Canadian Supporter’s Club.

Arsenal, Aston Villa, Crystal Palace, Liverpool, Manchester City, Manchester United, Swansea City and West Bromwich Albion are the other Premier League teams making pre-season tours to play MLS teams.

Toronto's home, BMO Field, is a soccer specific venue that was converted to grass in 2010. Yesterday saw Italy Legends play Portugal Legends there, tomorrow is Toronto FC vs Tottenham Hotspur, Thursday it's AC Milan (Italy) vs Olympiacos (Greece) and then on Saturday an MLS encounter as Toronto host defending champions Sporting Kansas City.

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Incredibly some fans moan about players performance

2:30 pm
Incredible some fans are complaining about certain players, who of course are not fit, leaning a new system are playing in alien conditions (artificial surface) and take no account of the players around them.

Final result:- Seattle vs Tottenham 3-3 (Pineda pen, Alonso, Bowen  v Holtby, Soldado pen, Falque pen)

As ever fans set in their ways with set views see what they want to see to reinforce a biased view. What I saw was every player without exception make mistakes, I saw a midfield who hadn't yet got to grips with what they are to do after only a few weeks.

If a midfield struggle then the whole side struggles, attackers don't get service and defenders have to try and sort out the mess, mistakes will inevitably occur. The game was a training game nothing more and certainly on an artificial surface, nothing can be read into it at all.

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The next game against Toronto FC is on grass, not an artificial surface as I have seen suggested, BMO field took up it's artificial surface and replaced it with grass in 2010. It is a soccer-specific stadium now and they wanted a surface they felt was more appropriate for football.

Spurs of course will be reunited with former striker Jermain Defoe, who has scored more goals at White Hart Lane itself than any other player, and former centre-back Ryan Nelsen, albeit briefly for the New Zealander.

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VIDEO: Defoe sets up goal for 10 man Toronto

12:30 pm
Jermain Defoe was the poacher turned provider as Totonto FC overcame the loss of a man to grab a 1-1 draw with Chicage Fire.

Defoe was bereft of service but still managed to muster something from meagre rations. He now has 8 goals from 30 shots, 14 of which have been on target. He has also contributed 2 assists in just 10 games.

Toronto FC forward Luke Moore was sent off in the 29th minute after leading with an elbow in a challenge with Chris Ritter.

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In the 42nd minute Defoe chased a long ball and floated a cross to the back post for Brazilian Jackson to head home. Chicago drew level after 56 minutes with a deflected shot but couldn't stop the Canadians extending their streak to six games without a defeat.

VIDEO: Defoe sets up goal for 10 man Toronto VIDEO: Defoe sets up goal for 10 man Toronto Reviewed by THBlogNews on 12:30 pm Rating: 5

VIDEO - Defoe does it again, goal No. 8

10:30 am
Jermain Defoe once again showed Roy Hodgson it was a mistake not to take him to the World Cup where England missed most of their chances and had their worst World Cup in history.

Defoe does it again, goal No. 8

After Harry Redknapp's publicity seeking comments Defoe came out to clear the slur his former manager had put against his name.

"I’ve always been available for England and not once pulled out of a squad when I’m not injured.

"Playing for my country has been the pinnacle of my career.

"When Roy Hodgson rang me to say I was not in the squad this summer, it was the most devastating news I’d ever received.

"I still want to play for my country because all I have ever done is score goals and, if called upon, I will be on a plane to play for England."

Jermain Defoe has a hunger for scoring goals so mush so that he nearly came to blows with his teammate Gilberto over who should take a free-kick. The Brazilian won the argument and promptly put the ball in the top of the net leaving Defoe to laugh embarrassingly.

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But Defoe wasn't outdone, he had already notched his 8th goal in 9 games to equalizer in the 55th minute. He hit a beautiful one-touch finish past the New York Red Bulls goalkeeper Luis Robles before Gilberto scored his first goal in 9 games from the free-kick.

Those two strikes weren't enough to secure Toronto FC victory however as Bradley Wright-Phillips netted a 93rd minute equalizer.

Defoe's 8 strikes have come in 782 minutes of football and from just 29 shots. He also has an assist to his name. An amazing 14 of his 29 shots have been on target.

If only the inadequate Roy Hodgson had taken him to the World Cup England might still be in the tournament instead of wasting a selection on Ricky Lambert and leaving him sitting on the bench for all but 5 minutes!

VIDEO - Defoe does it again, goal No. 8 VIDEO - Defoe does it again, goal No. 8 Reviewed by THBlogNews on 10:30 am Rating: 5

Ángel di María, Jackson Martínez, Memphis Depay, Jermain Defoe, Harry Redknapp

2:30 pm
Hello readers and welcome back to Tottenham News Shorts, quick bits of bite-size news surrounding Tottenham and the glorious game of football, soccer to some.

Ángel di María, Jackson Martínez, Memphis Depay, Jermain Defoe, Harry Redknapp

Before we get into today's Tottenham News Shorts - Issue 6 here is a quick reminder of some articles you may have missed. Click on a link to find out more and share on your favourite social media.

Mauricio Pochettino Wants Two New Centre-Backs looks at the defensive combinations we may have next season. Who is right-sided, who is left-sided.

Want to know what fixtures might be on a Sunday next season then take a read of Europa League affect on 2014/15 Fixture List. You grammar buffs can tell me whether that should be affect or effect.

Gylfi Sigurdsson's recent interview shows mental weaknesses all to often seen at Tottenham. A look at what he said an why it doesn't shout I'm a winner.

The title of this article speaks for itself, Should Redknapp Face an FA Disrepute Charge and recall Chris Sutton who refused Glenn Hoddle's England. It's disgusting that Ben Foster is playing today.

Right let's get into the Tottenham News Shorts - Issue 6 recent news which concerns Ángel di María, Jackson Martínez, Memphis Depay, Jermain Defoe, Harry Redknapp.

It is claimed Argentinian wide man Ángel di María has alerted Manchester United, Arsenal, Tottenham and a host of European clubs to his potential availability after revealing he is unsure of his Real Madrid future.

Before anyone gets too excited though he may have started the season slowly but he finished it in superb form and Real Madrid and Carlo Ancelloti doesn't want to sell the player. The suggestions are that the management are happy to let him go with Monaco and Juventus heading the queue.

Because of the fee and status, the two marketing tools, Cristiano Ronaldo and Gareth Bale, have to play so di María will always be the back-up option at Real, which could well force him to leave.

Porto are holding out for a better offer for star striker Jackson Martínez who joined them in 2012 from Mexican side Chaipas. Atlético Madrid have an offer on the table for Martínez, who hasn't yet played a game for Colombia at the World Cup, £19.96 million + £3.99 million in add-ons (€25M +€5M) variables), total £23.95 million (€30m).

Porto are resigned to losing the man who bagged 20 goals in 30 league games last season, in all competitions he scored 29 in 51 games. He has a £31.94 million (€40M) release clause in his contract and Porto are willing to wait to see if anyone will get nearer to it.

He has been linked with Tottenham in the past but this time around I haven't heard of any Spurs interest in the everlasting, it seems, search for a prolific striker.

I haven't bothered reporting anything on supposed interest Dutch 20 year-old Memphis Depay at £16.77 million (€21M) as the Real Madrid hierarchy want him to replace Angel di Maria.

Jermain Defoe has come out to clear his name after the smear placed upon him and other Spurs players by irresponsible comments from Harry Redknapp. Defoe has insisted he has never tried to drop out of any England squad.

Harry Redknapp has unsurprisingly refused to name the players. The FA should really be speaking to him and charging him with bringing the game into disrepute. You can not slur players, especially the innocent ones but the weak FA will no doubt ignore it. If he did name players he would face libel charges.

As you'll all get withdrawal symptoms with a look at a potential shirt I'd post the pictures everyone else has! I have found it funny how everyone has tried to describe them as if they are some kind of fashion expert.

The training tops above and below the shirt that was previously modelled by a woman I seem to recall and rubbished at the time.

No guarantees this is the shirt of course but all you clothing experts can at least start planning your new wardrobe if it is.

Ángel di María, Jackson Martínez, Memphis Depay, Jermain Defoe, Harry Redknapp Ángel di María, Jackson Martínez, Memphis Depay, Jermain Defoe, Harry Redknapp Reviewed by THBlogNews on 2:30 pm Rating: 5

Defoe to QPR just an idea

8:30 am
I see Jermain Defoe is being linked with a loan move to Queens Park Rangers under Harry Redknapp during the MLS close season.

Defoe to QPR just an idea

Quite frankly the story is unlikely to be more than a hopeful dream from Harry. Yes it would be nice for QPR but look at it from Toronto's point of view, they afterall his employers.

Defoe is currently 31 and is being paid £90,000 a week to turn out for Toronto FC in Major League Soccer. He has scored 7 goals in 8 games so far with Toronto sitting 4th in the 10 team Eastern Division with several games in hand just 4 points behind the leaders with 2 games in hand.

They are 3 points behind the teams in 2nd and 3rd and have 4 and 3 games in hand respectively. Toronto have scored 15 goals, Defoe has 7 of them.

I mention all those statistics just to demonstrate how important Jermain Defoe is to Toronto FC, if £90,000 a week didn't tell you already. Now ask yourself if you have someone that important, are you going to let them go and possibly get injured playing for someone else?

I know David Beckham did it but with all due respect to Defoe he is not the icon and publicity machine that Posh and Becks are.

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I'm sure Harry would love the guy playing for QPR but would Ryan Nelsen and what would his employers say if he got injured? The story has been written by the Sunday People as if it has already been signed, he may not even be fit next January.

It's an idea being mooted to bring a then 32 year-old over on loan for 2 months, noting signed, nothing sealed, nothing delivered.

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VIDEO - Jermain Defoe scores yet again

6:30 pm
Yet again as England struggle to find the net, Daniel Sturridge missing a succession of glorious chances this time, Jermain Defoe bags another for Toronto FC.

He has now scored 7 goals in his first 8 Major League Soccer games helping Toronto FC bag another victory. Ryan Nelsen knew all about him having spent time at Tottenham under Harry Redknapp and took Defoe to the MLS with the lure of £90,000 a week.

He has rewarded them with goals and they have now won just as many games as they did in the whole of last season, sitting fourth in the Eastern Conference with games in hand.

"Another box ticked. And we moved on.

"We're winning games now, we won that game 1-nil and we're a wee bit disappointed to tell you truth with how we played.

"That's where I hoped we'd get to was to start to get the wins and the crowd would be going, 'We won but we didn't play very well.' I was praying for that time to happen. Most of the time in the past it was just praying for wins."

They now enter a World Cup break period so Defoe's strike against San Jose Earthquakes from the penalty spot takes them into in with spirits high. This was Toronto's first victory over the San Jose Earthquakes at their soccer specific stadium, BMO Field.

MLS Eastern Conference
                                      P W D L F   A GD Pts
NE Revolution
Sporting KC
DC United
Toronto FC
Columbus Crew
Houston Dynamo
NY Red Bulls
Philadelphia Union
Chicago Fire
Montreal Impact

Once again there was a capacity 22,591 crowd enjoying the new found success of their team. His 27th minute penalty was his fourth game winning goal, the record for the franchise is only five to two more and Defoe will have a place in their record books in his first season.

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Commenting on his relatively short time in Major League Soccer so far he said:

"I've enjoyed it. As a forward, I try to get off to a good start and hopefully relax and enjoy my football, and then I know the goals will come. Luckily the goals have come.

"Before you come you can never imagine what it's going to be like. But it's just been amazing, lucky to be at such a good club, where the players get treated right, playing with good players, a lot of young players, there's a good team chemistry, team spirit which is always important. And I believe that we can do something special this year."

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[VIDEO] Jermain Defoe scores again, twice

2:30 pm
Jermain Defoe just can't stop scoring in his North American adventure to remind Roy Hodgson what he is missing.

Jermain Defoe scores again, twice

In just 7 Major League Soccer games he has now scored 6 goals and has 1 assist to his name from only 19 shots.

He moved at the age of 31 because he was offered £90,000 a week, a wage he simply couldn't turn down but the Canadians are certainly getting their money's worth.

He also tucked away a penalty as Toronto FC beat Columbus Crew 3-2 with a last gasp winner.

Toronto went behind twice but each time Defoe brought Toronto level with goals in the 21st and 81st minutes.

Defoe picks up his first piece of silverware with this victory, the Trillium Cup, named because it's the official flower of Ontario and the official wildflower of Ohio. Initiated by the two clubs in 2008 this is only the second time Toronto have won it.

Jermain Defoe was asked for his views after the game and was delighted to have secured his first trophy with the club despite the side not being at it's best.
"That's just football where some games you play in and there are times when you play well and don't win the game. You just try to manage it with a grin, there are often games where we haven't been at our best and we are still getting results, still scoring and again great character. 

"To come back and to win the game and its not an easy thing to do, it was difficult conditions because it was hot and at times the game was a little bit slow. But you know its all about character again. Yeah we won the game and i felt that we deserved to win it."
"Yeah it was great [to win first trophy] and that's why i came here, to help the younger players, to help the team, the club and the city and achieve great things. It's the first of many."

Ryan Nelsen agreed it was some ending to the game, a winner in the 92nd minute but also admitted his side hadn't played well.

"Yes. To be brutally honest, we didn't play well today. We didn't play well at all. Obviously losing Bradley Orr early to a hamstring hurt us because then we had a pretty young back four and a pretty young midfield. That didn't help us. 

" Going a goal down. But even though we didn't play that well we stayed in the game we keep trying, sometimes painful to watch. We kept trying, the boys kept going, they never back out. It's a funny game; even the best teams in the world have really bad days in the office. 

"But if you still try and do the good things, if you still try and win the fifty fifty balls, be positionally sound, stay with the organisation, stay with the structure and try and keep doing what's right, you get generally rewarded."

He was asked if that the beauty of having Jermain Defoe in the side, even if you are not playing well he is still capable of scoring two goals.

"Yes, 100%. You give the man a chance and he'll take it. That's priceless in any team and in any league and that's why we brought him in."

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Marek Hamšík
Spurs still chasing PSG winger Javier Pastore

Dan Paladini, a forward for Columbus Crew admitted they knew how Toronto were going to play and trained for it but still couldn't stop Defoe.

"We are very disappointed to not come out with any points. I thought at times we had control of the game and we talked about it, the last 10 or 15 minutes we kind of dropped down and let them get the momentum and (Jermain) Defoe scored a good goal off of nothing. 

"They did exactly what we went over for the week, they played long balls, looked for Defoe off the flicks and we knew exactly what they were going to do and they did it.

"It's the cruel part of our sport. You can control all the possession, a couple of freak plays, a guy that can finish like that, it can cost you."

[VIDEO] Jermain Defoe scores again, twice [VIDEO] Jermain Defoe scores again, twice Reviewed by THBlogNews on 2:30 pm Rating: 5

VIDEO: Defoe bags belter 5th goal in 7 games

8:30 am
Jermain Defoe is back from injury and has reminded Roy Hodgson that he was wrong to leave him out of the squad for Brazil.

Defoe was absolutely gutted by that decision and is not happy that he was picked for every squad leading up to the tournament but not the tournament itself. All he can do is continue to score goals and he did that again last night as Toronto FC beat New York Red Bulls 2-0.

Speaking to reporters after the game he said:

"I don't think I'll ever be at peace (with the decision).

"When you've been involved in every squad and the World Cup comes around and you're not in the 23, it's hard to understand.

"It's only normal when you get a disappointment to try to prove people wrong, and just to remind people, at the end of the day, this is what I'm doing. I think I did that today."
Defoe opened the scoring for Toronto smashing the ball into the top corner of the net from the right hand side.

VIDEO: Defoe bags belter 5th goal in 7 games VIDEO: Defoe bags belter 5th goal in 7 games Reviewed by THBlogNews on 8:30 am Rating: 5

VIDEO - Defoe scores again

11:11 am
Well it's all quiet leading up to today's game

We are looking to sign Michy Batshuayi from Standard Liege, we are not looking to sign Michy Batshuayi from Standard Liege depending upon which article you read.

Roland Duchatelet the owner of Standard Liege, whom Spurs have a link with confirms we have no interest.
"There's no interest from Tottenham as far as I know.

"I've talked to the strong man of Spurs [Daniel Levy] on Thursday and he has confirmed to me that they don't want to sign Batshuayi."

I think that puts that story in perspective.

We are looking to sign Loic Reny from Newcastle and Loic Remy would rather go to Arsenal according to further reports. No quotes so anything could happen and he'll tell us it was what he wanted all along!

Glenn Hoddle nearly returned to Tottenham, Glenn Hoddle was nowhere near returning to Tottenham if you read the articles correctly.

Jermain Defoe nets another goal in his second Toronto FC game to make it 3 goals from 3 starts and hero status already. Having beaten Clint Dempsey's Seattle Sounders in their first game they have now edged past DC United 1-0 in their second game.

Defoe had to wait until the 60th minute this time before scoring what turned out to be another winner. This time he latched on to a poor clearance

"It's a day I'll never forget," Defoe told reporters after the game. "I was so much looking forward to the game at home, to see the fans and before the game you just hope you can give something back.

"It was unbelievable. From minute one the stadium was rocking and that definitely helps the team. It lifted all the players. We owed it to the fans to get a victory today and we did that."

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I can still score goals Roy

3:28 pm
As everyone knows by now Jermain Defoe scored two goals on his MLS debut as Toronto beat Seattle Sounders 2-1. Clint Dempsey of course plays for Seattle Sounders so we had an ex Spurs player on either side.

Unfortunately for Dempsey it was his mistake that gave Defoe his second goal, a bad back pass that the England international latched on to to put Toronto 2-0 up after it had taken Defoe just 16 minutes to score his first goal.

Clint Dempsey pulled one back for Seattle in the second half so a scoring day for ex Spurs players in the MLS. Others players on show included Obafema Martins, the Nigeria formerly at Newcastle, Steve Caldwell, the Scottosh centre-half formerly at Newcastle, Sunderland, Burnley and Birmingham among others, and Julio Ceasar, the Brazilian only until recently playing for QPR.

Toronto FC's Kiwi coach Ryan Nelsen, a former Spurs centre-half for a time under Harry Redknapp was delighted with Jermain Defoe's start.

"That was Jermain Defoe. Let's just say I'm not surprised. When the ball falls in those situations, he puts them away. That's why we brought him in. I was hoping he'd get in those scenarios and he got in them."

Defoe latched onto a poor pass for his first strike after pre-game stating he hoped Roy Hodgson was watching. He certainly gave him something to watch. Nelsen had also predicted that it wouldn’t take long for Toronto supporters to fall in love with the multi-million dollar player.

Two goals went a long way to satisfying everyone.

“The most important thing is winning the game, but to score two goals in your debut is a dream,” Defoe said afterwards.

"I just need to play and score goals. To get on a World Cup squad you have to be playing. Throughout my career people know I've scored a lot of goals. I think the most important thing for me is to play and score goals. That's all I can do."

Jermain Defoe is now 31 and he was not getting any games with Spurs. Playing with a lone striker he has to hold the ball up and link play and that is not his forte. If you want someone to shoot and score goals he'll do that for you but when he is not scoring he offers nothing else.

Defoe suffered from being to good to let go but not enough to his game to play. He still managed to bang in the goals for Spurs and was at home at the club, just as the supporters identified with him.

Roy Hodgson picks him for England but rarely does he play, he gets games against minnows and the occasional subs appearance when we need a goal. Will he go to the World Cup? I hope so for his sake, he deserves to go for the way he always makes himself available and never complains if he doesn't get any game time unlike others who refuse to play for their national side.

For me anyone who does that, like Ben Foster, should never get near an England squad again at any level. If you have turned down your country, that's it, end of any international career. I'm sorry but 'Ok I'll deign to play for you now' is not an attitude of anyone I want representing me. Give me the Jermain Defoe's of the world any day.

"I think England have a great chance because I think there's a great mix between the experienced players and the younger players," Defoe continued, which is obviously just PR.

"It's important to get off to a good start. There's a hard first game against Italy, but I think if we get off to a good start then you just never know. We need to stick together and take each game as it comes. It's the pinnacle of football and that's why you play the game – to go there and see how it goes."

Exactly the pinnacle of football is the World Cup, not the Champions League Final. To try and get their Defoe moved to Toronto to play football, obviously that was not the only reason, a pay day of £90,000 a week had something to do with it. As former Spurs striker Martin Chivers said, he received an offer that at this stage of his career he simply couldn't turn down.

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Farewell Jermain Defoe

9:30 am
So it's farewell to Jermain Defoe, off to FC Toronto on a nice little earner and why not.

When he was on song he would go on a run of goals, when they were not going in he added little, but every side needs a Defoe, every side needs a guy who can find the net. Goalscorers are priceless, without them you win nothing, without them you get relegated.

Jermain Defoe celebrates another goal
Jermain Defoe celebrates another goal
A Charlton Athletic youth player at 14, he scored in 10 consecutive games when on loan at Bournemouth. Former Spurs manager Harry Redknapp has had a career linked with Defoe.

Redknapp was the then West Ham manager who sent him to out on loan afterwards saying, "He's done great. I sent him out to Bournemouth to get some experience playing league football and he's coped marvellously. To score 10 goals in 10 games is a terrific achievement. He's a bright lad who's full of confidence. Nothing knocks him, he's a typical goal-scorer. If he misses, he'll be there the next time looking for a goal. He's a kid with a big future."

David Pleat brought him to Spurs in 2004 saying: "I can't think of a British striker at his age who has achieved as much in such a short space of time. His goal record for a 21-year-old is quite exceptional. I hope he will have a fine career at Tottenham."

Redknapp then took him to Portsmouth and when Spurs appointed Harry as manager he brought Defoe back to Spurs. His tally of 64 goals in 177 games in his first spell and 79 goals in 186 games in his second spell, 143 in 361 games in total, means he will be fondly remembered by the Spurs faithful. I have no doubt there will be a standing ovation for him.

There is no denying he loved being at Spurs and we are delighted he was here. He was simply too good to sell but not quite good enough to play every week, if he could have learned the art of attacking the six yard box then what a striker he would have been but it's too late to teach an old dog new tricks now.

Jermain Defoe saying farewell to Spurs fans
Jermain Defoe saying farewell to Spurs
Tim Sherwood has been singing his praises:

"Obviously you would argue that there's Jimmy Greaves, but Jermain Defoe is possibly one of the best goalscorers the club's ever seen.

"Unfortunately he's not fit. He'll be at the game to say his goodbyes, hopefully. Let's hope we can find another like Jermain Defoe because he's all about goals.

"Whenever he pulled on the Tottenham shirt he always played with his heart and spirit for the club and gave everything, and everyone appreciates his efforts here.

"He certainly will be a legend at the club."

Kyle Naughton also said, "He's been great for us and he's scored loads of goals. He's great to play with, giving it to him and letting him do his business.

"He was a fans' favourite and one of the best finishers I've come across. He will be missed."

No doubt he will be there tonight to take his applause and applaud the fans. I, as I'm sure most of us do, wish him well and to enjoy his time in Canada. Let's hope Roy Hodgson has assured him that he is going to the World Cup even if he has played very little football this season.

Farewell Jermain Defoe Farewell Jermain Defoe Reviewed by THBlogNews on 9:30 am Rating: 5

Sherwood, Naughton, Kaboul, Lloris, Defoe, Lacazette, Nagatomo

10:05 am
Good morning everyone. This morning I have put together some of the quotes our boys have made with news of a couple of players we are scouting, news on Defoe and Athletico Madrid interest in one of our players.

Tim Sherwood
"We all know what Nacer can do. It's all about a settling-in period. I played myself, so I know what it's like to settle at a new club, let alone in a new country.

"We know that he possesses that ability, he wouldn't play for the Belgian national team if he didn't. We see him do it every day in training. Hopefully that will give him a massive lift."

Kyle Naughton
"[Wednesday's win] was a good team performance and it was great to get a clean sheet, that's the most important thing for the defence. You just feel more comfortable [with Hugo Lloris in goal]. You know if the opposition get past us, they then have to get past Hugo.

"He's so quick off his line and some of the shots he's saved from close range, he's like a cat across his goal. It's great to score four goals and keep a clean sheet."

Younes Kaboul
“He (Sherwood) deserves it. He knows the club very well, he’s been here for a long time and knows exactly what he’s doing.

“He learned a lot in the past and the best fact is that he played football at the highest level. He won the title with Blackburn in 1995, so he has plenty of experience. His playing career is important because he knows what it’s like for us.

“We don’t waste time on other stuff because he went through everything and understands. He knows the game perfectly.

“I remember when Harry Redknapp was manager, Tim, Les Ferdinand and Chris Ramsey would come to nearly every game.

“Wherever we were playing, it didn’t matter, they would be there. They would talk to us about how to deal better with certain situations on the pitch and even then i could see Tim becoming a manager.

“He just had to be patient and wait for his chance.”

Atletico Madrid are watching the situation at Spurs with a view to a summer move for Hugo Lloris. The keeper has made noises that he will consider his future if Spurs do not qualify for the Champions League. Athletico Madrid currently have Chelsea loanee Thibaut Courtois so would like to replace him with the French captain.

The agent of 27 year-old Inter Milan defender Yuto Nagatomo has revealed Spurs have been watching the Japan international's progress this season.

"Tottenham have been following him for a while but there is nothing more than that. He still has more than two years left on his contract with Inter and we want to renew. I think we will talk during the summer. The player is happy at Inter and there is no reason to think he will change teams."

Another player Spurs have sent scouts to watch is Alexandre Lacazette, the Lyon forward who Arsenal bid for in January. The 22 year-old has scored 13 goals in 22 Ligue 1 games but is under contract until 2016.

Tim Sherwood
"We're delighted. From the first whistle to the last, we were very very good and because of our start we set the tone. This is a difficult place to come as our record here suggests, but we silenced the crowd.

"We're not nervous. I'm certainly not, and the players don't seem to be. When you get a few goals up you're allowed to play with freedom but I want them to play with that sort of freedom in every game.
'It is very tight up there. I see it going down to the last month of the season, that's for sure. It's going to be tough for everyone to maintain the run that we're all having. We seem to be not climbing above anyone at the moment."

Jermain Defoe has taken the chance to fly to Florida where he has met up with his future teammates and taken in a Justin Timberlake concert. He officially moves to Toronto on February 28th. He will join Julio Cesar who is joining on loan and Gilberto.

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Sherwood, Naughton, Kaboul, Lloris, Defoe, Lacazette, Nagatomo Sherwood, Naughton, Kaboul, Lloris, Defoe, Lacazette, Nagatomo Reviewed by THBlogNews on 10:05 am Rating: 5

Unfulilled potential

3:02 pm
Whatever anybodies views on Jermain Defoe are there can be no doubt that he has given loyal service, which is rare in today's game.

He speaks of having blue in his blood, of loving Spurs and it's fans. For once I think we can take that as genuine and not the usual PR you get from players and managers these days.

For me he is a player who frustrated, who didn't attack the 6 yard box to score the tap-ins that Robbie Keane learnt to do while with us. Jermain was/is good but not quite good enough, yet too good to let anyone else have.

Sounds daft, but that's where he fits for me. He'll score goals, he'll have a spell of scoring goals, he'll score goals against lesser teams, but then he'll frustrate, he'll have a long barren spell.

Had he added 6 yard box poacher to his game then he would have been a 20 goal a year man every year. Unfulfilled potential.

I can't blame him for leaving for a nice pay day in Toronto and wish him every happiness there.

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Unfulilled potential Unfulilled potential Reviewed by THBlogNews on 3:02 pm Rating: 5
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