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No Daniel Levy blunder

9:00 pm

HITC are running a story about a Daniel Levy blunder by the board selling Gylfi Sigurdsson not Pochettino and paid far too much attention to Pochettino's subsequent PR remarks. Every manager bigs up old players, it is something for the press to talk about. They like to highlight a danger.

The fact of the matter is Gylfi Sigurdsson wanted to leave, he asked to leave and Swansea City would only do a deal for Ben Davies if Sigurdsson rejoined them, as he wanted to do. There were no blunders involved, you don't keep players who don't want to be at your club. Pochettino sold Bentaleb (loan with a purchase option) because the Algerian didn't want to be at Spurs warming the bench, he asked to leave.

Sigurdsson didn't like playing on the left and wanted to play central, where Dele Alli now plays. He was ineffectual as an inverted winger and there is no reason to suggest it would have been any different under Pochettino.

Tottenham Hotspur News has plenty more Spurs articles to read.

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VIDEO: Sigurdsson (Iceland) 2 Holland 0

10:41 pm
Gylfi Sigurdsson scored twice as his Iceland beat Holland 2-0 in a match that saw the Dutch have possession and Iceland defend.

A clumsy foul by Stefan de Vrij gave Iceland a penalty which was converted by Sigurdsson in the 10th minute of the game. Then after 42 minutes Kolbeinn Sigthorsson tried a long shot following a corner but it was blocked.

From another corner the ball rebounds to Sigurdsson who smashes a superb shot into the roof of the net from 10 yards putting Iceland 2-0 up and on their way to a fabulous victory.

Jan Vertonghen was the only Tottenham player to play for Belgium with Nacer Chadli and Mousa Dembele sitting on the bench all night against Bosnia & Herzegovina. The score ended 1-1.

Ben Davies also sat on the bench for Wales in their 2-1 win with 10 men against Cyprus.

Italy scored after 24 minutes and after 28 minutes Malta had a player sent off. Italy couldn't core another and had a player of their own sent off after 73 minutes. It's not only England struggling against teams people expect them to thump.

I did warn all my mates that England will struggle in Estonia but I couldn't foresee Italy or Holland struggling so much.

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Davies, Sigurdsson, Vorm announced

8:33 pm
At last the deals have been announced, Ben Davies was completed and signed a couple of days ago and started training with his new teammates while the other two deals were completed so both clubs could announce new signings.

Davies, Sigurdsson, Vorm announced

Swansea wouldn't wanted to have just announced departures so all three deals separate were completed before being announced together.

Ben Davies, who has been the Swansea Young Player of the Year for the past two seasons, has signed a Spurs on s 5-year-contract in preference to going to Liverpool we tried to sign him.

Dutch international goalkeeper Michel Vorm, who went to the World Cup with Holland, has signed a 4-year-contract to become the new number 2 and put pressure on Hugo Lloris for a starting berth. There are plenty of Europa League and domestic Cup games to play so he can look forward to some European nights and some arduous treks abroad no doubt.

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Icelandic midfielder Gylfi Sigurdsson goes back to Swansea where he spent a spell on loan before joining Tottenham so its familiar territory for him. He has signed a 4-year-deal with Swansea and Spurs fans will no doubt wish him the best of luck.

The fees are undisclosed but Sigurdsson and Davies were valued the same and we were willing to pay £3.5 million (€4.43m) for Vorm so that's a good piece of business completed and one that helps to slightly reshape the squad from the top heavy midfield we had before.

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A Swansea summer

6:30 pm
Tottenham are the only Premier League club not to have signed a player, at least we were at the time of writing, and for some fans that's a worry.

Wilfried Bony

Everyone else is buying so we must buy, why? We bought seven players last summer who need improving, couldn't we just improve those seven instead? The other option of course is to have a conveyor belt installed at the clubs entrance, one for incoming, one for outgoing. That would really provide the stability we need.

How can fans call for stability on one hand and then should for signings on the other?

This summer is about evolution, not revolution. The squad needs rebalancing, reshaping and that will take place over several windows. Right now it's improve two key areas, left-back and centre-back and then if the right deals come along at the right price then strengthen other areas. If not then its wait for the next window and see if the right deals at the right price are available again.

Ben Davies is signed, it just hasn't been announced yet as a triumvirate of deals are being concluded before we do. He has however passed a medical and if the pictures are correct started training with Spurs.

Swansea fans were up in arms when I suggested a job lot was being organised, quoting daft sums of money for the players we were interested in. The reality is far nearer my assessment that three players would cost around £18 million (€22.79m).

Michel Vorm has agreed personal terms and is to undergo a medical which gives us a reliable number 2 for the next eight years. There will be plenty of games for him with a Europa League campaign, with no doubt long arduous trips and Cup games so I'd expect to see him playing quite regularly. The £3.5 million (€4.43m) fee is as expected and not the crazy £6 million (€7.6m) upwards some were quoting.

Gylfi Sigurdsson was pulled out of the 2014 Pre-season US & Canada Tour game against Seattle Sounders just 20 minutes before kick-off, so clearly agreement with Swansea had been reached and all possibility of injury had to be avoided. He is set to undergo a medical with the Welsh club and while its a separate deal will cost the same as Den Davies is costing us.

We have thus signed 2 players for a cost of £3.5 million (€4.43m) so far.

The other deal on the table is for Wilfried Bony. Spurs are looking for a player who cam play left sided and cut in with a goal threat. That player has to be comfortable in front of goal and able to interchange with the other three main attackers, he therefore needs to be able to play centre-forward.

We can either sign a goalscoring winger in the Erik Lamela mould or a central striker who can adapt his game. I have not done enough research on Wilfried Bony to ascertain if he can play that role or whether he is merely to add to the central striker bank, perhaps allowing the departure at a loss of Roberto Soldado.

I simply can't see Levy taking a hit on the Spaniard so I'd expect him to stay and if he does i'd expect him to regain confidence and show us all what he can really do regularly, instead of in flashes.

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Tottenham put in an unofficial offer for Wilfried Bony, who is known to want to leave and join a top 6 club as the next step in his career. Daniel Levy has since just sat back and let everyone else do the rushing around. With several offers for several strikers it has been a question of seeing what everyone else does  and how each situation pans out.

As it was the hoped for bidding war is not panning out, these things never do. Bidding wars are actually a myth, teams evaluate a player and set their fee, the amount they are willing to pay, then then try and acquire the player for less, while the selling club try to sell for more than a true valuation.

Sometimes it works, such as Southampton managing to get an inflated £30 million (€37.98m) out of Manchester United for Like Shaw or Everton, again from Manchester United, getting £27.5 million (€34.82m) for Marouane Fellaini.

Liverpool offered Swansea £12.5 million (€15.82m) which was rejected, Everton cast glances, Arsenal were interested but all of them have fallen away and dropped interest. Remy to Liverpool, Lukaku to Everton and Arsenal not interested in Swansea's valuation just leaves Spurs playing the waiting game with their bid on the table.

No guarantee they will get their man or that we won't sign someone else instead but paying above the odds for him, not a chance.

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Davies, Sigurdsson, Bony, Remy, Lukaku

8:30 am
All reports, both private and through the media, suggest that Ben Davies would rather join Tottenham than Liverpool as he believes he is more likely to be playing first team football rather than being a back-up option.

Ben Davies

Stories thus abound that a deal is close or getting closer for the 21 year-old. His agent it appears would prefer he went to Liverpool so while Tottenham have agreed a fee, no doubt his agent is trying to convince Liverpool to match it.

Late News: Ben Davies is believed to be with Spurs in Seattle and was to have his medical before the game with Seattle Sounders last night.

Gylfi Sigurdsson is unsure of where he'll be, Crystal Palace or Swansea. A fee for either is not a problem, Palace have agreed one and it's believed Swansea have also. However wages are a problem and for the Icelandic international to move Tottenham will have to make a payment that will compensate for a loss in wages, in much the same way Manchester City had to do when they sold us Emmanuel Adebayor.

An offer is on the table for Wilfried Bony who wants to leave Swansea and step up to the next level. Swansea are willing to let him go at the right price, however their right price is not the price anyone else values him at.

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It's a waiting game to see what develops. Loïc Rémy wants his £75,000 a week QPR wages matched but Arsenal are not willing to match them, Liverpool have the Champions League he wants but whether they are willing to pay his wages only time will tell.

Latest reports suggest Romelu Lukaku is nearing a permanent move to Everton with Chelsea rather reluctant to do business with a club they have a terrible relationship with, ourselves.

We reached agreement with him a while ago so again it's a question of wait and see if he signs for someone else. While a striker is not a priority we have put several irons in the fire and wait to see whether we add to our ranks.

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No £8m bid accepted for Sigurdsson

8:30 am
The internet is full of it, Crystal Palace have had an £8 million bid for Gylfi Sigurdsson accepted. No they haven't.

Gylfi Sigurdsson

Let's add some sanity to this. Crystal Palace have had a bid accepted for the 24 year-old Icelander, that's all, not an £8 million bid for a player we know Daniel Levy quotes clubs £10 million for.

The internet are regurgitating a piece of guesswork from a Palace site where the writer believed Sigurdsson was valued an £8 million, he or she said nothing about an actual £8 million bid.

Now Chinese whispers have firmed it up to an actual price, personally I doubt very much Levy would accept £8 million, he likes to make a profit. Gylfi Sigurdsson would like to stay at Spurs and prove himself to the new manager so a move doesn't appear to be imminent.

If Crystal Palace have bid £10 million and it's been accepted then I could understand it and should it take place it seems he might be joined by Steven Caulker.

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Palace head the queue to acquire the centre-backs services which will smash their wage bill considering he is demanding £80,000 a week from clubs, which has put off Liverpool, Arsenal and a host of other suitors.

With Hull having a clutch of Spurs players if Dawson joins them, as is imminent by all accounts if a suitible pay-off from Spurs can  be negotiated, Sunderland who used the same policy and now Palace, it seems our players are valued at Premier League level.

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Spurs have tough striker problems ahead

6:30 pm
The transfer window could go pear shaped for Tottenham in the never ending quest to solve the striker department problems.

Spurs have tough striker problems ahead

The Evening Standard report that Arsenal have dropped their interest in Italian forward Mario Balotelli after below par displays at the World Cup. He scored against England I hear you all cry, but that was against Phil Jegielka and Gary Cahill so it hardly counts, especially when you add Leighton Baines and Glen Jonhson, neither of whom can defend.

That means Arsenal will move on to another target which could well be QPR striker Loïc Remy. The 27 year-old has agreed a deal with Tottenham in principle but will not sign in case Arsenal come calling and offer him Champions League football.

Arsenal are known to be interested and have Remy as one of the back-up options behind Balotelli. The Frenchman scored 14 goals on loan at Newcastle United in 24 games last season and has an £8 million release clause in his QPR contract.

That looks to take Remy out of the picture for Spurs. Chelsea have scuppered any chances of Tottenham signing Romelu Lukaku as they appear to have insisted he spend a season on loan at Atlético Madrid as pasrt of the deal to take Diego Costa to Stamford Bridge.

Lukaku was Spurs' first choice, with Remy and Wilfried Bony as back-ups. Swansea are already going to lose Ben Davies to us although they already have their replacement signed and could lose Vorm. Łukasz Fabiański has arrived to become number one and so the signing of 30 year-old Vorm is a possibility even though Friedel has signed a one-year deal.

Wilfried Bony has scored 17 goals in 34 Premier League games and his agent, Dalibor Lacina, is looking to move his client to a bigger club.

"I spoke to Newcastle about Bony last summer. Newcastle should have bought Bony a year ago but they didn't believe in him.

"They could have signed him for £10 million, but they said they weren't sure if he was good enough, that he was only playing in Holland [with Vitesse]. Now he is worth £20m.

"The next step for Bony is a top-six team in England or a top team in Germany, Spain or France, or he will stay with Swansea.

"We have a certain strategy. Bony is in a totally different place to Newcastle and wants to move to a club with ambition."

Agents know their players and as he says Bony is now worth £20 million, Swansea however want £25 million. It's clear from what his remarks to the press that Bony wants to move, but if a transfer couldn't be arranged with a top-six club then he'd stay with Swansea.

Not exactly the 'he wants to stay at Swansea' mantra that their fans would have you believe. Huw Jenkins we hear is a tough negotiator but the fact that he is talking indicates there is a deal to be done.

That of course is no guarantee that a deal with be done, if it doesn't then we would have to move down our list to other options and that is where the problem lies.

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Goalscorers are not ten a penny, we bought one, he flopped. Finding another and minimising the risk, as well as getting a deal at the right price, isn't going to be easy.

Do we go all out for Bony or do we move on to alternatives? We are not in a great bargaining position if the alternatives are deemed lesser. We have Gylfi Sigurdsson as a bargaining chip of course and so the negotiations would be including all the possible targets.

It would be daft to negotiate a Ben Davies deal involving Sigurdsson and then negotiate over other players and Daniel Levy is not daft.

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Sigurdsson, Davies, Vorm, Linetty, Eriksen, Vertonghen

10:30 am
Good morning and welcome back to Tottenham News Shorts, quick bits of bitesize news surrounding Tottenham and the glorious game of football, soccer to some.

Sigurdsson, Vorm, Linetty, Eriksen, Vertonghen

Before we get into today's Tottenham News Shorts - Issue 10 here is a quick reminder of some recent articles you may have missed. Click on the links to find out more and share on your favourite social media sites.

Tottenham News Shorts - Issue 8 had bitesize news concerning Lewis Holtby, Damien Dussaut, Valter Birsa, Marcelo Brozović, Miguel Lopes and Nabil Bentaleb.

Harry Redkapp gave Emmanuel Adebayor his confidence back once and now he'd like to take him to his new club QPR as he prepares the newly promoted Londoners for life in the Premier League.

Javier Hernández is one of four potential strikers Spurs are considering, given his potential price would he be the right option.

Plenty of reports suggesting up to 10 players leaving Tottenham. Is that realistic? No Tottenham Clearance Sale looks at what a more accurate figure may be and who might leave.

Right let's get into the Tottenham News Shorts - Issue 10 recent news which concerns Gylfi Sigurdsson, Michel Vorm, Karol Linetty, Christian Eriksen, Jan Vertonghen

Swansea City are after £10 million rated midfielder Gylfi Sigurdsson who spent time on loan at the Welsh side. With Mauricio Pochettino having agreed to the possible purchase of Swansea left-back Ben Davies to two clubs are locked in complex negotiations.

Swansea naturally value Davies higher than ourselves so we wait to see whether a figure somewhere in the middle can be agreed. Since writing this piece the Daily Mirror are claiming an £8 million fee has been agreed between the two clubs with other papers revealing that terms have already been agreed in principle with the player.

The People report that we are after Michel Vorm as well but that looks unlikely with Hugo Lloris not looking to leave. However Vorm is now the number 2 at Swansea and Daniel Levy might be figuring he can get the keeper included in any deal as back-up to Lloris.

It's a game of poker with his Swansea counterpart Huw Jenkins. Crystal Palace have also expressed an interest in 24 year-old Sigurdsson who has never really found a role at Tottenham.

Tottenham are still considering making a move for Lech Poznań teenager Karol Linetty. The 19 year-old Polish international midfielder, he has 2 caps, would cost around £2.5 million.

Emmanuel Adebayor has had a first hand view of summer signing Christian Eriksen and has been suitable impressed.

“He’s a great talent and a great professional. He has great vision too. He trains hard every day, early in the morning does his gym work ready to train and before the game you can see how he prepares.

“His contribution this season has been unbelievable. It’s his first season in the Premier League and he will only get better next season.”

Jan Vertonghen was delighted to have captained his country at the World Cup and to score the winning goal made it a very special day for him.

“It was even bigger than I could ever dream of. My team-mates were obviously all very happy for me and it was special for Mousa as well because I’ve spent most of my time with him here. He was very happy.

“It was a very special moment to lead out my country at a World Cup game. I felt very honoured.

“I always try to get on the scoresheet and I was happy I managed to do it.”

The game saw a penalty claim against Mousa Dembélé after 7 minutes, Vertonghen blast a free-kick wide after 18 minutes, Dembélé lose the ball resulting in the Belgian keeper having to make a save after 30 minutes, another Vertonghen free-kick straight into the wall after 37 minutes, Dembélé booked for kicking the ball away after 50 minutes, Nacer Chadli so Chadli have a deflected shot after 73 minutes, me on after 60 minutes, a brilliant covering tackle by Vertonghen after 64 minutes and Vertonghen score from a tap-in after following up a shot after 77 minutes.

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Have Spurs done to Sigurðsson what United did to Rooney?

8:38 pm
Darren Anderton views of Wayne Rooney that rather echoed my own lead me to ask are we not guilt of the same.

Have Spurs done to Sigurðsson what United did to Rooney?

After another below average Rooney performance against Uruguay, former Spurs wide man Darren Anderton felt Rooney has been too weak with Manchester United.

“He’s too much of a team player for his own good.

“A few years ago Sir Alex Ferguson swapped him and Cristiano Ronaldo around at Manchester United because Ronaldo wasn’t prepared to do the tracking back and the helping your defenders you have to do when you play wide.

“That’s why he plays there now. Every player would rather play centrally because you’re going to get the best out of yourself as an individual."

That is exactly an article I wrote recently about Manchester United ruining him and suggesting a player like Ross Barkley should not make the same mistake Rooney did by going to Old Trafford.

Manchester United ruined Rooney

“For me, he’s our star man and you need him involved as much as possible and in the right areas, which is behind the front two.

“He could have had a hat-trick. He was very unlucky with the header against the crossbar and he’ll be disappointed with the left-footed one in the second half.

“He’s getting into the right areas and hopefully the goal will give him some confidence going into the Costa Rica game.

“We had more possession and that’s what we wanted, but we didn’t create enough and then went to sleep against a world-class player.

“In both of the games we haven’t stopped the crosses and the ball coming into the box. Also, your centre-backs have to play as a pair and that didn’t happen.

“World Cups only come around every four years and you need to make sure you take your chances when they come.”

Now leaving the fact England didn't take any international class defenders to the World Cup and the many other short comings, it's the question of the individual that springs to mind.

For Rooney at Manchester United substitute Gylfi Sigurðsson at Tottenham. Now I'm not comparing the two players merely what each club has dome with them and how they have stunted their growth as individual players. Wayne Rooney is a very good player but he isn't the player he could have been, he's been prevented from becoming that.

Like Ronaldo, Gareth Bale was feed from tracking back duties which meant someone central had to try and cover. That is not Sigurðsson's forte, he is weak defensively, so he found it difficult to get a starting berth with Spurs at the time preferring Dempsey to track back.

Since then Sigurðsson has been shunted wide and forced to play a position he isn't great at. Yes he has tried his best, yes there are moments when it all works for him but overall he has been a disappointment.

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Sigurðsson is a number 10, that's where he played for Swansea, that's where he scored his goals, that why we signed him. By allowing us to shunt him around and play him out of position his game has gone backwards. To reignite his career he needs to leave, to find a club where he can play where he can influence the game and start to become the big fish again.

It's the only way he'll be the best player he can be. Sometimes being a team man isn't good for you, unless you stand up for yourself in this world you get used and we haven't been good for him at all.

We seem to have bought players without knowing what we want.

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Sigurdsson reveals mental weakness

4:30 pm
I have spoken many times of the mental attitude being wrong at Tottenham and that it's not just a case of the wrong manager or upset players.

Sigurdsson reveals mental weakness

A winning mentality is a positive, I think, I might, perhaps etc have no place in it, I will, we will does. That will to win, the will to make yourself the best player you can be and to be the best for the team you can be is natural but it can be developed over time with the help of a sports psychologist.

Gylfi Sigurdsson recently gave an interview to the official website that on the surface says all the right things for the fans but actually highlights the wrong mental approach.

“If you look at the final points total, we’re only three off our record haul and yet we only got one point against the top four teams, so if we can change that, we can push on again next season.

“The results against Liverpool, City and Chelsea away make it look a lot worse, even though we admit it wasn’t the best of seasons.

“The new lads have all had a full season, they are settled in now and that’s good for the club. Let’s hope we can kick-on.”

Gylfi starts off with a positive about the points total, then a negative about points against the top teams but then reveals a lack of toughness when he says 'if we can change that'.

Effectively he is saying I don't expect to, I hope to but I can't tell you I'm going to. While on the surface it looks positive, it isn't, it's a negative statement that shows a mental weakness.

We have heard time and time again at this World Cup about mental toughness, mental approach, the will to win and no excuses when defeated. Spaniard Sergio Ramos for instance when Spain were knocked out simply said, no excuses going on to say winners don't make excuses, losers do.

Joe Hart for England has been much the same when interviewed, no excuses, we are out, we weren't good enough. He is being touted as the next England captain and on that attitude I'd have to give him 100% support.

Others and the especially the media want to know why, who can we blame, who is to blame, who is our scapegoat. Rooney for me has lost his desire. When Cristiano Ronaldo wouldn't track back and do the defensive work Sir Alex Ferguson switched he and Rooney around.

Ronaldo went on to become one of the two best players in the world and Rooney stagnated, happy to do other jobs for the team he has failed to make the most of his potential. badly advised he has stayed at Man United and started going backwards as a player recently.

We saw it when Roy Hodgson put him out wide against Italy even though we have Adam Lallana who can play that role. That should never have happened because Wayne Rooney should have told Man United years ago I'm playing central nowhere else and left it that was not the case.

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We have to hope Ross Barkley doesn't go to Man United and ruin himself in the same way. But back to Sigurdsson, he continued backing up the mental weakness shown earlier.

“I was happy with parts of the season, probably until around November time. I’d scored four or five goals by then.

“It would have been nice to have scored 10 goals, that’s what I look for every season. Next season, I’d like to play more regularly and help the team with a few more goals and assists.”

Now if he had said 'I'm disappointed not to have achieved my targets' (10 goals) then that is far stronger than a rather weak 'It would have been nice' statement.

What sort of mental approach is that, it would have been nice, it doesn't shout I'm a winner to me, it says you all go and win and I'll hide in the middle and get carried along, share in your success if you have any.

'Next season I'd like to play more regularly', no next season I'm determined or I'm going to improve my game to force the boss to pick me.

The mental difference between the two approaches is massive and it's players with the winning attitude we need. That attitude is the different between quality and mediocrity, Sigurdsson words shout I'll only ever be mediocrity.

He has the ability, as many players do, to be better than he is but he is holding himself back mentally. He needs to seek assistance to become the influential player he could be with the right approach otherwise he'll only ever be a squad man.

Stoke City have made enquiries for him but Daniel levy will want £10 million and that may be a bit rich for Crystal Palace after it looks like they have lost out on Jake Livermore, however Tony Pulis does have money to spend, reportedly £35 million, to cement Crystal Palace as a Premier League side.

New boss Mauricio Pochettino will have to quickly decide if Gylfi Sigurdsson figures in his plans or whether to let him go, although it seems since I originally wrote this article, that that is exactly what Pochettino has decided to do, assuming the media reports are correct.

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Sigurdsson - Big month for Spurs

2:00 pm
Gylfi Sigurdsson is once again available after playing 45 minutes for Iceland against a Gareth Bale inspired Wales. Having been out for a while though he will probably be on the bench.

"That was good for Gylfi. He needed the match time and he's in the squad for Chelsea" said Tim Sherwood at his press conference on Friday.

Gylfi Sigurdson Spurs can beat Chelsea
Gylfi Sigurdson is back in contention for  Spurs 

The 34 year-old Icelandic international has figured centrally and on the left so gives Sherwood options from the bench. There is a suspicion that under the Tim Sherwood style of play he might be able to blossom centrally where he was so good for Swansea.

He met up with his former teammates and had some words of encouragement for boss Gary Monk.

"Probably half of the Swansea team was there on Wednesday. I saw a few of them after the game and it was good to catch up.

"I'm sure Swansea will be fine. The way they play football is going to get them out of there.

"As long as they score a few goals they'll be fine. Garry was one of the leaders in the squad when I was there.

"I didn't think he'd be first-team head coach so soon, but he's got the chance so hopefully he can make sure they stay in the league and then build on that next season.

"And if they get results why should they change the manager?"

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Andre Villas-Boas and Tim Sherwood have both played him on the left which does him no favours really, it's a square pegs in a round hole situation. With Andros Townsend and Nacer Chadli vying for the berth reverting Gylfi back to the centre may not be such a bad move.

I'm sure the system AVB played didn't suit him being central as their was nobody stretching the width to create the gaps for him to play the ball through.Gylfi of course will do a job wherever he is picked and he is hoping he does get some game time against Chelsea.

"Last season it was a good pass from Ade and I just managed to finish it, and this season it was Christian with the cross and Robbie (Soldado) with the lay-off.

“It wasn’t just me on target at Stamford Bridge though. I remember that goal from Ade. It was an unbelievable goal, the way he ran up and just casually finished it into the top corner.”

“Of course I want to score again tomorrow – that’s the aim! It’s a very important game for us. We know it’s a big month coming up for us, we’ve got loads of important games and hopefully we can get three points tomorrow. It will be a good start to the period of tough fixtures we have.”

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Lamela, Eriksen, Sigurdsson, Kaboul, AVB, Defoe quotes

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Argentinian youngster Erik Lamela produced a performance which drew praise last night and tonight's article focuses on what Andros Townsend can learn from that performance to benefit his own game. It will be released at 8pm and follows on from the Lennon article against Everton where we talked about width and creating holes so look out for it.

Reaction from last nights victory over FC Sherrif.

Erik Lamela spoke after the game. "It was very emotional evening because I scored my first goal. I'm very happy about that and very happy that we won as well. We have a very strong squad and it is very competitive. We always want to do well in all the tournaments we play in. All of our players are strong, whatever their position and in that position [right wing] there are two or three players who know the position well. That means that there is a lot of competition and we have to keep on improving. I heard all about what those two [Ricky Villa and Ossie Ardilles] did and it is really inspirational for me. Everyone knows what they did here."

Christian Eriksen said: "Erik [Lamela] is seeing his confidence come back, he was impressive and he's great to play with. Our performance as a team could have been much better. We played against a very defensive side but we tried [to break them down]. We wanted to go through soon as possible and we've achieved that but of course we still want to win our remaining games. It's a competition we want to win. I'm still trying to get used to everyone and everything [at Tottenham]. I think I started really well at the club but after that it went a little bit down now I'm just trying to find space and develop more."

Gylfi Sigurdsson said: "It was just about getting the job done. They had a lot of people behind the ball and sat just outside their box but as soon as we got the goal we felt comfortable and they lost their way. I think their goal towards the end was very unnecessary on our part. Lamela was fantastic today, he looked really good. I'm for him that he got his goal and obviously he won the penalty as well. It was one of those days where it just worked out for him. Hopefully he can continue doing that."

Younès Kaboul said: "At White Hart Lane we've got an amazing atmosphere at each game, especially in Europe because there is a different motivation. I'm happy for each game to have a crowd like we do in Europe. The crowd are the 12th man. It's important for the players to be pushed by the fans all game.
That win puts us in a very comfortable position. I'm very happy with the performance, it was not easy but we did the job. [Lamela] did very well. He is fighting every day in training to get into the team and tonight he was incredible he showed his class like he does every day in training."

Andre Villas-Boas said of Lamela: "We had been waiting for Lamela to have a game like this. We have been patient with him and he has delivered. We saw some signs for what he can do for us and hopefully he can now progress. He is very creative and has no fear to take on his man and beat him. [Scoring] can only help in his confidence."

Andre Villas-Boas said of Defoe: "We are all particularly happy for him. It is a great honour and will stay in time like Martin's and will be very difficult to break. I hope it means this club will continue on this competition in to the later stages to make it even more prestigious for him. We were expectant and glad that it happened today. We were trying to put him through on goal, Erik did very well to create the chance through the penalty and he slotted it home."

Jermain Defoe said: “I saw Martin at half-time and he said ‘keep going, you can do it, you can break the record’ and that calmed me down a bit. It’s crazy how it all happened. I came down the tunnel and he was there, smiling. He wanted me to do it and it’s fantastic. It really means a lot. He’s a legend at this club and to be at the top now, I’m delighted. It’s an amazing feeling. It’s not really sunk in yet. When we got the penalty, I was confident I was going to score. I waited for the goalkeeper to move and I thought ‘I’ll just whip this’ and yes, like I said before, some things are just meant to be.

“I thought Erik was fantastic. It’s not easy for a youngster to come into this country and settle straight away. It takes time. It was a great performance from the first whistle and when he scored his goal, that was brilliant for him.”

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Important role for Sigurdsson

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Gylfi Sigurdsson is getting a bit vocal these day, he was interviewed before the Tromso game after his double against Norwich on Saturday and he spoke after the game as well.

"Three points already – that's a positive thing. I think the other team never really got going in the game, and that's maybe a good thing, because there's a lot of games coming up.

"We managed to get those two goals in the first half so that really killed their chances in the game, and it was easier in the second half. When [Defoe] plays and gets his chance he's always fantastic and he scores goals, and that's what he's been doing throughout his whole career."

Andre Villas-Boas clearly like Gylfi as a player but by all accounts he likes him as a person too. He seems to have that nice quality about him that someone like John Terry or Joey Barton can only dream of. It says a lot that he wanted to stay and fight for a place among quality players rather than take the easy option and leave.

Against Norwich from his wide position he cut inside to score two goals and have a third beaten away by the keeper. In that respect he gave a lesson to Andros Townsend who has yet to learn when to pass and when to shoot. As a wide man Gylfi didn't put in any crosses but Danny Rose overlapping put in six.

Against Tromso again he came inside and linked with play well, however once Rose went off it was noticeable that Jan Vertonghen didn't overlap very much, something to bear in mind when making team selections perhaps.

He seems to have spells where he performs and spells where he doesn't. I suppose we must give credit to the opposition for that but it what makes him a squad player rather than a name on the team sheet. It depends what you look for, flash eye catching performances or a team player who goes about his work in an unassuming and effective way.

With Aaron Lennon out with a foot injury and Nacer Chadli out with an abductor muscle strain Sigurdsson he has an important role to play at the moment. It's his opportunity to force others to wait for their chance.

Erik Lamela has only just arrived in a new country, a new city, a new culture and he doesn't speak a word of the language. Just image if that was you in a foreign country, how would you get on? We can expect Lamela to take a little bit of time adapting so Sigurdsson can enjoy some more game time, starting on Sunday against Cardiff City I would expect.

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Gylfi Sigurdsson

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Last season Glyfi Sigurdsson was like a fish out of water. He was stuck out on the left and struggled but did score some important goals for us towards the end of the season. He could have left in January when Reading bid £10 million for him but the word is AVB likes him and Spurs decided not to let him go.

In the latter pre-season games and against Crystal Palace we have seen him in the number 10 role, playing in the hole between the midfield and the lone striker. It is a position he enjoys and which would seem to suit his game. At only 23 he has time on his side to develop the creative aspect of his game.

He had 4 attempts at goal in the game and arguably should have converted one of them. Clinical finishing can separate sides at the end of the season and Sigurdsson showed for Swansea he knows where the net is. If he is to stay in the side he'll need to find his shooting boots.

An assessment of Gylfi Sigurdsson
An assessment of Gylfi Sigurdsson
Statistics can tell you what you want, Siggurdsson completed 36 of his 43 passes (83.7%) for instance, average, but throw into that he is trying to make defence splitting passes and the stats start to take on a different look, you expect passes to be cut out. Watching the game you would say, well I would, could do better. He gives me the impression of being nearly there, the talent seems to be there and only a run at number 10 will show if that talent will come to fruition. He doesn't want Spurs fans to start seeing him as the next Tom Huddlestone.

One stat that surprised me though was the tackles, he made 4, joint top with Walker, Paulinho and Rose, Chadli had 3. That indicates to me that Sigurdsson was effective in the high pressing game we employ, hunting for the ball in a pack with the midfield or wide men. Having played for Iceland in a deeper play making role he has everything to be a success at Spurs, his desire and mental ability will determine whether he gets overshadowed or not.

If I had to mark Spurs against Palace I'd give then a 6.75 or 7 score, adequate. Gylfi I'd also give the same score, an adequate performance, something to build upon. Not a performance to complain about or rave about and that kind of sums up his time at Spurs so far. This season he has to start to blossom.

"It was nice to play there again," Sigurdsson said after the 1-0 win.

"I enjoy playing there. Hopefully I'll stay there behind the striker because (Roberto) Soldado and Jermain (Defoe) are top strikers and it's good to play behind them.

"I'll play anywhere the gaffer wants me to, but that's one of my better positions, playing behind the striker. That's what I prefer."

Inevitably in any interview with a Spurs player the interviewer will ask about Gareth Bale, which once again just shows the massive interest the player attracts and why his non promotion of Spurs in the Far East was hugely significant.

"I think we've dealt with (the Bale situation) quite well. The club has dealt with it really well as well. Us as players, we can't really do anything. We just keep training. We don't really think about who is coming in or who is leaving.

"When they come in hopefully they'll fit in. But when you're at a big club like Tottenham, there is always going to be a few players coming in and a few players coming out. That's just how it is.

"We've brought in a few good players. Hopefully there'll be one or two more to strengthen our squad because it's a long season, many competitions, we need a lot of good players.

"We've had a good pre-season. It's been difficult for them to come in, they need to know how we play and we need to know how they play. A few more games and everyone will know each other a lot better."

Tottenham are now putting a squad together that has real depth, a squad that can be rotated rather than having to rely on too few players. You are after all only as good as your back up and our squad is looking like it may have the WOW factor.

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The Daily Bale, Sigurdsson & a transfer system change

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And what is the daily Gareth Bale story, well it's a daft one. The papers desperate to keep a saga going, with Real Madrid having no cash, have suggested Man United are in the race. They have never been in the race, they ran a mile when they were quoted £75 million and he is at least £25 million more than that now.

Levy would not want to sell to a rival so he certainly wouldn't reduce the price. The stories don't mention figures they would bid which have previously been suggested at £60 million except to say it is believed Levy wants £110 million. A bit of a difference there then. I simply can't see Man U paying £100 million for a player. can you?

The stories suggest they would offer Javier Hernandez as part of the deal but having bought Soldado Spurs would surely want a forward more in the Adebayor mold.

Players need to start learning when they are under contract they are under contract and should get on with it unless the club wish to sell them. All players who want to leave should have to hand in transfer requests and not try to force moves instead so the club have to negotiate a golden handshake or pay the remaining wages in their contracts.

Imagine three years left on a contract for a player on £10 million a year and that is £30 million the club has to fork out or negotiate a golden handshake. If a transfer request is handed in then it's a sale against the clubs wishes so they don't have to pay the remaining wages in the contract. Players rarely hand in transfer requests for that very reason, they, or at least their agents, want it every way.

I appreciate that agents negotiate both sides, they talk to clubs and negotiate potential transfers while simultaneously negotiating better contracts for their player with the club he is currently with. Having to put in a transfer request before being allowed to talk to another club would give some power back to clubs and make contracts worth something rather than the player holding all the power as they do now. If a player can just up and leave forcing a move at any time during his contract whilst still getting the full benefits of it, then the contract from the clubs point of view is pointless, all it does is ensure a transfer fee.

How can a business, for that is what clubs are, plan a strategy without knowing what resources it will have at it's disposal? It wouldn't happen in the business world and a football team is no different. You can plan a style, a system and buy players to fit a system, but if a player ups and goes just like that then you have to find a replacement who is available or change the system. If nobody is available of sufficient quality you are a weaker side through no fault of your own.

If a club sign a player and realise they have made a mistake, as we have in Adebayor, then fair enough, the club want to sell against the players will in theory so you pay up the agreed contract or negotiate a golden handshake.

A temporary way out is a loan move. Take the situation of Gylfi Sigurdsson, talented but it hasn't worked thus far at Spurs, We are playing him out of position, generally wide, the only reason that I can see is if we were planning a 4-3-3 and wanted someone cutting in to have shots. With Chadli now to do that he has been given a central chance. He has to either take it or you start to wonder how he'll get game time.

Gylfi earlier this summer requested a loan move which is a world away from trying to force a transfer. The loan system is a whole new subject, should you be allowed to loan a player to the league you are playing in for instance, would that stop the rich clubs buying all the kids and loaning them out to see which ones make it?

With the Gylfi situation, at least all parties were able to sit down and discuss the way forward without the wages noose looming it's ugly head.

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