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Man City & Chelsea is the level to judge against

8:56 am
Well there are plenty of Spurs fans burying their heads in the sand and making excuses. The fact is Manchester City were ripping us apart the whole game and had countless chances. They were in a different league to us.

Yes we created chances, yes we had opportunities but we were always second best

Fortunately I watched the game with no commentary and with neutrals so there was no watching the game with rose tinted specs, but honesty. I watched it taking notes and constantly looking around at player positions, movement, rather than just the ball all the time.

You pick up a far greater awareness of what is happening and what was happening was that Spurs were hanging on for most of the game, despite looking as though we were in it. I suppose it helps being a coach as I can watch a game through different eyes and I can assure you a coach watches a game in a totally different way to the way a fan does.

We were in the game because Man City wasted their chances, nobody at the time complained about Lampard being off side, only after it was analysed so complaining at the ref for that is petty. The goal was down to Lamela losing the ball in an area he shouldn't have done and far too easily. He doesn't look like he is going to make it at this level yet to be brutally frank, that may change and we all hope it does but in a game with space to work he should be offering more.

City should have scored again after 16 minutes, a free header from a corner in the centre of the goal 8 yards out. Fortunately the City player fluffed his lines and headed wide. A simple push on Kaboul and we had no defence. That weakness has cropped up again and again this season, Caulker should have scored for QPR for instance. At the moment we can't defend corners and are simply getting away with it.

Kaboul does not look to be the long-term answer at centre-back, fine against perceived lesser teams, even though he will make his mistake a game like the old Kaboul, but against quality sides he is constantly a level below what we need. He has had 2 good games and Pochettino is improving him, the question is how much improvement does he have. I don't know but as a centre-back if you were grading him as a player you would class him as satisfactory for now, upgrade required.

We started off well and Mason should have scored but wasn't good enough in front of goal, harsh but that's the bottom line. Against the likes of City you have to take a one-on-one chance against the keeper from 8 yards with the whole goal to aim at. Movement brilliant, the play to get there excellent, Soldado's ball superb, we did do some good things but too many of our players are not up to the level we require, which is top 4 standard. Anything else simply isn't good enough and all performances should be measured against that.

That doesn't mean we have to suddenly be top 4 standard but you have to watch every player and say can he be top 4 standard. What can he do better and you have to do that constantly. As a coach you always want more, boost the player but then do what Pochettino has done with Rose, set a target. Work with me and I'll improve you, I'll get you in the England squad, you can play for England.

Some will respond more than others, some players reach a level and can't go to another level, at the end of the day that's down to their mental make-up. Some will improve with a different approach, some won't. Morten Olsen the Danish coach of 14 years knows Eriksen better than we do and he can see he has plateaued. His closing down is improving, his defensive work is improving but his attacking play isn't, even though he had a good game in the wide open spaces City gave us.

We won't be laying on such a large pitch each week and won't have that same amount of space to work in. I have long felt we need a larger pitch to improve our attacking, it'll be back to crushed defences now and they are the games we have to open teams, thus you look at a performance like this and look at what can be replicated in a smaller area. Two moments raised concerns.

Aguero cut inside from the left and buried the ball. Eriksen's cut inside from the left and didn't shoot, he passed the ball to someone in a worse position and the chance was gone but for long range efforts. At that level that is the difference, it is in those crucial moments you have to make the right decisions and we don't make enough of them. Sometimes you can try and play too many passes.

The second incident was after the Fazio sending off penalty, he moved to Mason's role. The ball was played to him in the centre-circle, he had time to look for a forward pass, he turned and lazily knocked in backwards to a centre-half, that shouted I've given up. I'm not saying he did give up, I'm saying his body language and action were shouting I've given up. It's something a coach looks for in players and the body language wasn't great, Chadli started walking around, heads in general were looking at the floor, a sure sign the head is in the wrong place.

Eriksen didn't put in a bad performance, in fact he put in a good one but with a player like him you have to continually ask for more and push him for more. The arm round the shoulder works for some, the kick up the backside works for others, but for some nothing works, they are in their comfort zone and mentally happy where they are.

It is early days, but Marseilles playing the same system we play picked it up in 2 games with a new coach and have won the next 7, scoring 23 goals. At Tottenham we continue to make excuses, well fans do, which is the method you employ if you don't want to get better, it's not the method of a winner. It won't be the method Pochettino is using out of our sight.

Going forward Mason was good, although his touch is far too heavy at times, but defensively he and Capoue were poor. Neither could handle the midfield runners and they couldn't read what City were going to do. Our defenders were simply fire fighting, they weren't in control, they weren't controlling City but hanging on. Kaboul's tackle for the penalty summed it up, second best and therefore having to make a desperate lunge.

Chelsea and Man City are the sides we must measure ourselves against because that's where we want to be, we then have to decide how to get there. That will have already have been done and there will, be plenty of pain along the way. Both Liverpool and City have pulled us apart now, the question is why? Answer that and you can do something about it, pretend it doesn't exist and you can't.

You can have all the skill in the world but if you don't have the belief you won't be the player you should be and too many of ours don't look as though they have what it takes between the ears to get to the next level. It takes more than one window to reshape the squad of course, to get rid of those that don't follow instructions on the pitch or don't have the mental attitude to be a winner so we were never going to have a finished article now.

As a coach when making your private assessments of a player you have to be brutally frank. You don't communicate your assessment to the player but you have to look at his game, assess his standard, assess whether he can improve, not hope, hope has little place in assessment.

You have to look for what a player can do, Soldado for instance is the most creative player we have outside the box. He can see the passes others don't and play them, his pass for Mason is not one Adebayor would have played. Today, despite not scoring and missing a penalty he had one of his better days in the Premier League.

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Man City Men & Ref thrash Tottenham Boys

5:20 pm
We half expected a men against boys game at that's what we had in the end, the ref didn't help but to be fair he didn't make any difference to the result. His performance should be questioned though and he should have to explain himself. This cloak of silence means they can get away with making whatever decision they like and stay in a cocoon where they receive no criticism.

There was a lot to worry Spurs fans, it could have been eight or nine and every time Man City attacked they looked like scoring. In the second half after their third penalty, you were expecting another every time they entered the area. Manchester City simply played the ball between our defenders for players to run on to and we couldn't deal with it. Our players were like rabbits caught in car headlights.

City had a free header from a corner which didn't even require any movement, the ref donned a blue shirt to give Lampard a penalty for falling over, which means he should have given one in the last minute against Vincent Kompany against Danny Rose if he was going to be fair.

Fair was not in this refs vocabulary though, his dismissal of Fazio was a complete joke with Kaboul there. he made a rash decision and wasn't man enough to admit he had made a mistake. Did he consult his linesman or decide to City another helping hand on his own?

When are the Premier League going to do something about this? Last season against man City Dzeko fell over without being touched and Rose was sent off again handing the game to Man City on a plate. Coincidence?

Kaboul gave a stone wall penalty, he mistake, the mistake you expect, cost a goal, Soldado blew his chance with a weak effort. You have to feel sorry for Hugo Lloris, who was left shaking his head at one point, he is head and shoulders above the mediocrity in the rest of the side.

Capoue and Mason were chasing shadows, Dembele should have replaced Mason at half-time, Lamela looks like a flat track bully, Eriksen wouldn't get anywhere near a Man City or Chelsea side.

When I can bear to go through the calamity and highlight some of the problems I will but at the moment the weekend is ruined. Tottenham are looking like a mid table side, there was so much wrong it was untrue.

It will be a challenge to make the UEFA Europa League next season.

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Man C vs Spurs half-time draw on the cards

9:19 am

  Manchester City vs Tottenham Hotspur

Saturday 18 October - 12:45 GMT
English Premier League (EPL)
Etihad Stadium, Ashton New Road, Manchester M11 3FF
Capacity: 60,000

After an international break with upset after upset it's time to return to domestic action and we begin the Premier League action this weekend with a lunchtime fixture away to Manchester City.

The match previews thus far, based around statistics rather than anything else, have generally been fairy accurate, roughly what should happen in games has been happening. Spurs have been struggling to score, we have been scoring in the second half, opposition have been scoring when statistics say they should and the half-time scores are as have been expected.

Indeed I'm beginning to think I should start keeping a note of all the games and the expected half-time scores as there may be an opportunity there to make a profit. However let's get back to this week's preview.

Manchester City have only suffered 1 defeat in their 7 games and have won their last 2, yet have only won 1 of their 3 home games. Tottenham have only won 1 of the last 5 games and only won 1 of our 3 away games, but we are also unbeaten away and have scored first in each of these games while Manchester City have conceded a goal in all 3 home games.

A ray of hope.


  • Manchester City could rest Yaya Toure as the Ivory Coast midfielder is not due back from international duty until Friday.
  • On-loan Frank Lampard could start in midfield.
  • Tottenham have doubts over Hugo Lloris and Nacer Chadli, both picked up injuries on international duty.
  • Kyle Naughton is out with an ankle problem.
  • Kyle Walker remains sidelined with a long-term injury
  • Emmanuel Adebayor and Nabil Bentaleb return late from international duty in Africa and will need to be assessed.

Current Form

Green = Win, Yellow = Draw, Pink = Lost

Manchester City

Sat. 18 Oct 2014


Last 7 matches
4 OctAston Villa - MAN C0-21-0SPURS - Southampton5 Oct
27 SepHull City - MAN C2-41-1Arsenal - SPURS27 Sep
21 SepMAN C - Chelsea1-10-1SPURS - WBA21 Sep
13 SepArsenal - MAN C2-22-2Sunderland - SPURS13 Sep
30 AugMAN C - Stoke City0-10-3SPURS - Liverpool31 Aug
25 AugMAN C - Liverpool3-14-0SPURS - QPR24 Aug
17 AugNewcastle U - MAN C0-20-1West Ham U - SPURS16 Aug

Home vs Away Form

Last 3 matches (Home)Last 3 matches (Away)
21 SepMAN C - Chelsea 1-1 1-1Arsenal - SPURS27 Sep
30 AugMAN C - Stoke City 0-1 2-2Sunderland - SPURS13 Sep
25 AugMAN C- Liverpool 3-1 0-1West Ham U - SPURS16 Aug

Home Table Away Table

Previous Encounters

Manchester City were purchased in August 2008, therefore form prior to this is not really relevant given the difference in financial status. In financial trouble before, they now had money pumped in and have breached Financial Fair Play rules with their spending. They negotiated a penalty that frankly has little effect and have now complained about even receiving that.

Manchester City - W6 D1 L5 F25 A16 PTS 19
Tottenham Hotspur - W5 D1 L6 F16 A25 PTS 16

That does rather give a misleading impression though as Manchester City have been dominant recently with 1-5, 6-0, 2-1, 3-2, 1-5, 1-0 victories compared with our solitary 3-2 win in 2012.


29 Jan 14Tottenham - Manchester C.1-5
24 Nov 13Manchester C. - Tottenham6-0
21 Apr 13Tottenham - Manchester C.3-1
11 Nov 12Manchester C. - Tottenham2-1
22 Jan 12Manchester C. - Tottenham3-2
28 Aug 11Tottenham - Manchester C.1-5
10 May 11Manchester C. - Tottenham1-0
14 Aug 10Tottenham - Manchester C.0-0
5 May 10Manchester C. - Tottenham0-1
16 Dec 09Tottenham - Manchester C.3-0
16 May 09Tottenham - Manchester C.2-1
9 Nov 08Manchester C. - Tottenham1-2

The Attack vs Defence Tables

Manchester City sit only below Chelsea in the attacking table while Tottenham sit second in the defensive table but the only top four contender we have player we could easily have been hammered again so while the table looks good I wouldn't be placing much store by it at the moment.

Attacking Table

2Manchester City714
4Manchester U713
5West Ham U712
7Hull City711
8Leicester City711
10Crystal Palace710
12Swansea City710
16Newcastle U77
17Stoke City76
18Aston Villa74

Defence Table

4Manchester City77
6Swansea City78
7Stoke City78
9Aston Villa79
11West Ham U710
12Manchester U710
15Hull City711
16Leicester City712
17Crystal Palace712
18Newcastle U714

THBN Verdict

The Premier League is a two tier league, the top teams the rest, mind you the rest you can split into top 7 and the rest. Tottenham hover in the top 7 team bracket at the moment and thus are expected to beat the rest, things never turn out that way though.

The manner in which Liverpool ripped us apart again gives us no hope, the manner in which we defended against Arsenal gives us hope. It's really a question of which you latch on to.

The statistics tell us that Manchester City concede at home and their opponents score first 66.67% of the time while Tottenham score first away from home 100%. Certainly a bit of hope there to suggest we can score.

Manchester City have had a lead at half-time once (33.33%) at home and Tottenham haven't had a lead away so a draw at half-time the statistics say is a strong possibility. 75% of their home goals have been scored in the second half and they have conceded 100% of the goals in the second-half.

Tottenham also score 75% of goals away from home in the second-half and concede 67% so a 0-0 scoreline at half-time with goals in the second period is a distinct possibility.

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Come On You Spurs

6:50 pm
Right then, this is it, the most important game in the Premier League that Tottenham Hotspur have been a part of.

Make no mistake, tonight's humdinger IS a Champion's League Play-off match. A match, some have said, that could be worth near on £30 million. This is our six-pointer.

But, we all knew all of that in the first place. Thing is, do the players know it? You would think they do.

Having a chat with a few fellow Yids today, churned out the following responses;

"We'll freeze, just like we did against Manchester United and end up losing".

"City? Who are they? We'll win 1-3 mate".

"It's billed as the game of all games, yet I have the feeling it will be a bore draw".

I have to agree with the last comment, although, I do have a feeling that we'll come out of the traps all guns blazing and score the early goal.

If anything, this may be one of the longest 90 minute football matches you're likely to see in a long time.

Manchester City 0-1 Tottenham Hotspur

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