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Spurs still want Van Gaal

8:03 pm
The future of Louis Van Gaal is overtaking the preparations of the Holland squad for the World Cup, just the scenario the Dutch wanted to avoid.

Spurs still want Van Gaal

At a press conference it was where The Holland boss would he be next rather than how are Holland going to do in Brazil.

"I'm here as Dutch national team coach, not the future Manchester United coach.

"You must wait until the process is complete. If you want to know more, then you must put questions to Manchester United, or perhaps to another club.
"I cannot say anything further about it."

Why mention another club which can only be Tottenham given his stated desire to come to the Premier League. Has Daniel Levy contacted him or is he trying to throw reporters off the trail.

"I said a few words last week about Manchester United because there were uninvited English journalists here and I thought it would be a little mean spirited if I did not answer a few of their questions.

"I mumbled a few words to them and, from that, they write 60 full pages. But you can't do anything about it."

The Dutchman was asked if he would be flying into Manchester tomorrow to sign a deal with Manchester United.

"Ask Manchester, I don't know. Now there will be press sitting outside my house tomorrow to see what I'm doing."

It had been thought that he had already agreed a deal with Manchester United, is that now in doubt?

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Disaster for Tottenham

5:31 pm
The disaster for Tottenham looks like it is edging closer. Manchester United lost 2-0 at Everton and the club refuse to comment on David Moyes long term future, all they will confirm is that he has not been sacked.

If Moyes goes Louis Van Gaal will want the job and it's highly likely he'd get it. Once again it would be a case of Spurs lining up a player or a manager who then waits for a possible better offer and along ones comes.

Disaster for Tottenham

Often that is because we don't achieve Champions League football, this time it is simply a case of Van Gaal wanting to go to the biggest club. He believes he is the best so wants the best club naturally and Manchester United have a vastly superior budget to ours.

If the disaster happens we are then left scratching around for at best a third choice manager after number two choice Cesare Prandelli signed a new contract to stay with the Italian national team for another two years.

For many Southampton boss Maurico Pottichini will be the favourite but Southampton are poor defensively and have shipped goals in the second half of the season, is that what we want? We have scored 6 against them ourselves with a manager who is making it up as he goes along. Is that the quality we want?

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You have to love Sherwood's honesty

Tottenham need a big manager, a major manager, we need to be hiring the best we can not gambling that unproven manager will come good.

There has been speculation that Tottenham were putting pressure on Van Gaal to make a decision this week so that may well have set wheels in motion. The Dutchman would not commit to Spurs if he knew Man United was going to become available and had a balancing act to decide whether to wait.

Of course he will have discussed the situation with someone at United, he will have tried to find out if the job may become available, it's the natural thing to do.

We will know soon if we have lost the man we want to take us forward.

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Is it Klopp trap?

10:53 am

The press are having a whale of a time with another manager saga at our expense.

Is it Klopp trap?

It's the season at Spurs once again to dream up names and add them to a press linked list. This list can then be wheeled out when they need a story and we'll see the usual rubbish 'Spurs have been linked with' stories. A press linking is not an actual link of course merely supposition.Let's have a look at the supposition list.

Before we do remember the identik of the type of manager Levy wants. Proven top quality to minimise risk, to play Spurs football attaining Champions League qualification as initial criteria and building future long term success through a production line of young talent.

All indications from Old Trafford are that David Moyes is staying. Fake stories of a meeting between Joel Glazer and Louis Van Gaal have been shown to be just that with Manchester United making strenuously denials to the Press Association and the like of Sir Bobby Charlton indicating Moyes will be the manager next season.

With that story dead, the press have had to conjure up another fake story to continue to be able to have drama and intrigue over a Tottenham appointment. Step forward the next fake story, this time involving Arsenal. The FA Cup finalists have no intention of parting company with Arsene Wenger, why would they, he has proven himself to be the third best manager in the Premier League over time behind Sir Alex Ferguson and Jose Mourinho.

When you have such quality you do not part company for a guy 2 years younger. Arsenal are showing every sign of being prepared to buy big and obtain a proven top class striker, who unlike us they will pass to. The Louis Van Gaal to Arsenal talk lacks any sort of credibility. The only link is that both managers like to play football, that's it.

Van Gaal is happy to work with youngsters and build success that can be passed to a younger man long term. That younger man was to be Tim Sherwood but he ruled himself out by saying he will not be a number 2. Thus I believe we have already pencilled in a second choice for a couple of years time, Frank de Boer at Ajax. The 43 year-old is under contract until 2017 but I have no doubt long term plans will have been discussed briefly when we initially approached him.

Louis Van Gaal to pave the way for Frank de Boer, both Dutch, both Ajax, both successful, both work with youth, both play the same system. That would make a logical long term plan. We all know Louis Van Gaal is the man Daniel Levy wants.

Second on our list was Cesare Prandelli the Italian manger. He had been sounded out about taking over if Van Gaal wasn't coming but he has now signed a 2 year extension to his Italian contract so can be crossed off.

And so to the press linking list. We have a group of under preforming foreign players who have struggled because they can't speak English. Answer bring in a foreign manager who can't speak English. Daniel Levy is no idiot, there is absolutely no way he is going to appoint a manager who can't speak the language.

For a start he and the board will want to be able to communicate with him directly and not through an interpreter to make sure any message is understood. Can you see Daniel Levy allowing the slightest possibility of his messages not being fully understood by a manager because I can't.

Mauricio Pochettino is on a media list, he will not be on Daniel Levy's list I am sure. The Argentines criteria is turning Southampton into a reasonable mid table team that have defensive problems is admirable. They play football and we want to play football so it's an obvious link to suggest. He has only been managing since 2009 and has never won anything, he doesn't have the proven ability to create a Champions League side, he would be another gamble.

Levy has met Louis Van Gaal and spoke to Cesare Prandelli, who will now be managing Italy for the next 2 years. Suffice to say he has courted and is looking for a top class manager with proven ability to put a lasting structure in place not a manager with potential. Mauricio Pochettino does not fit that identikit.

Michael Laudrup has been mentioned. Why? Has he been a rip roaring success at Swansea? No he had them playing the attractive passing football the Brendan Rogers put in place and shipped goals.

He won the League Cup and has won Danish trophies since he took up management in 2000. Laudrup started building at Getafe but left after a year for Spartak Moscow who sacked him 7 months later. He went to Mallorca in July 2010 and resigned in September 2011. Then Swansea.

Laudrup has no record of creating anything lasting, no record of creating Champions League sides and no record of any achievement in major leagues. The only thing he has going for him is tha
t he creates a side who plays attractive football. Sorry but our criteria is way bigger than that.

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Next we have Rafa Benetez who has only recently joined Napoli and whilst he would like to return to the Premier League one day that day is not now. He is first building Napoli to challenge for the Italian title and has made no indication at all that he is going to drop them in it and is willing to jump ship. There has been no indication from Napoli they are unhappy with him or that they are not prepared to buy players. The only tenuous link is that i'd like to return to the Premier League one day quote.

He would probably be a very fine manager for us having managed both Liverpool and Chelsea but the timing is wrong. Hi fits our identikit and has Premier League football.

Tottenham are keeping a close eye on the situation of Laurent Blanc at PSG claim the Evening Standard as they try to piece together their own imaginary list. Again there is no indication from anywhere at all that that is the case. It is merely an assumption that that is what we would do so I expect we'll see more stories to give that one a run.

He doesn't fit the identik manager we are after either, he is very inexperienced in club management terms having only managed Bordeaux from 2007 until 2010 and PSG this season. He finished second and then won the French league before moving onto manage France. Now he has all the money he wants at PSG. Despite being a name, he has only managed at club level in France for less than 3 seasons so would be a gamble.

Daniel Levy is trying to minimise the size of gamble we take on the next manager by employing the very best possible. Whilst undoubtedly very good he does not have a long enough track record. He has only won one French title and one French cup. He is currently living off that success.

Next up is Jurgen Klopp who has transformed Dortmund. He has been managing since 2001 after retiring. He played for Mainz and took over as boss until he resigned in 2007-08 being unable to secure them promotion. Klopp took over Borussia Dortmund in May 2008 winning the German Cup in his first season, defeating Bayern Munich. He finished 6th in the League, then 5th then won 2 titles. He has also taken them to a Champions League final.

Is it Klopp trap?

Clearly he has something as a manager but is under contract until 2018. He certainly looks a stronger candidate than Laurent Blanc having produced the goods as it were in a stronger league and more frequently. He has the added ingredient of taking his club to the Champions League final and getting them out of very tough groups. We know ourselves that he can motivate sides having played them ourselves.

On a potential list of candidates he is an obvious choice, whether he wants to manage in England or even outside Germany is unanswered. He is good with the press and always been accessible to the English media when teams have met, yet there is no indication of interest. He would be a gamble but perhaps less of a gamble than other suggestions.

Roberto Mancini is at Galatasaray and wants to leave by all accounts to return to Italy and Inter Milan. The Galatasaray fans want him sacked. He did win the Premier League title with Manchester City in 2012 with all the money he could want. Prior to that he had turned Inter into the dominant force in Italian football.

He took over for the 2004/05 season and won the first domestic trophy for the club since 1989. After winning the Cup he then won 3 league titles on the trot and retained the Italian cup for a second year. That success was not replicated in the Champions League however and he was sacked in 2008.

His sides are all about not conceding, winning 1-0 you could say is his ideal so whilst a successful manager he playing style does not fit the Tottenham style, a stated aim of Daniel Levy. A potential candidate but he would be sitting on the subs bench as it were, one of a potential number who can't make the first team.

Luciano Spalletti has won a couple of Italian cups as well as 2 titles and a Cup in Russia with Zenit St Petersburg. He would be the size of gamble Levy is not willing to take. One for a press linking list only.

We had better mention Jurgen Klinsmann the USA boss. You would have thought being a Tottenham boy the press would have more of this but he signed a new contract in December taking him until 1918 with the US. These days contracts mean very little but the compensation figure would not be one Daniel Levy would entertain and he does not have the track record we are looking for.

Louis Van Gaal to take over with Ronald de Boer as his long term successor would be the ideal scenario. First step the Dutch national boss so hopefully we will hear he sis signed, sealed and delivered next week. If not then before the end of the first week in May when his players arrive and he will have to concentrate on the World Cup.

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Did Van Gaal met United or didn't he?

8:45 pm
Tottenham Hotspur target Louis Van Gaal has met with Manchester United co-chairman Joel Glazer last week it is claimed.

Did Van Gaal met United or didn't he?
It is common knowledge in the Dutch camp that he has agreed in principle to join Spurs if the Manchester United job does not become available. His desire is to manage a the club most likely to win the league and with greater resources at their disposal that in United. He believes he is the best manager so the biggest clubs hold no fears for him.

Robert Pirez said back in February that the Dutch players knew he would join United if they parted company with David Moyes. Failing that he would be Tottenham bound with no other position available or likely to become available.

Ruud Gullit said recently that he believed Van Gaal to Tottenham was a done deal after the December meeting between Daniel Levy and the 62 year-old former Ajax, Barcelona, Bayern Munich and AZ Alkmaar boss. That has been leapt upon as fact when in fact it is merely an opinion, an opinion many of us share.

Dutch newspaper De Telegraaf claim the secret meeting took place somewhere in Europe, which is all rather vague. There is no confirmation of this and the latest noises emanating from Old Trafford is that Moyes will be given the chance to rebuild.

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Spurs await the next messiah

Manchester United have denied the meeting ever took place and are adamant it has not. That coupled with no real facts suggests a newspaper story to sell copies and that Tottenham remain firm favourites to get their man.

Perhaps it would be good for Spurs if United did pip us to the last Europa League place which may encourage them to keep Moyes a little longer.

The Dutch national coach has made no secret of the fact his next stop is the Premier League so speculation on other jobs such as PSG are just newspapers putting two and two together to make five.

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Spurs await the next messiah

8:30 am
Regular readers will know all about Louis Van Gaal, the meeting in December with Daniel Levy when agreement was reached in principle for the Dutch national coach to tale over after the World Cup.

Spurs await the next messiah

The fly in the ointment was David Moyes at Manchester United, if he had gone then Van Gaal would have gone to Old Trafford. Robert Pirez revealed that the players knew and it was common knowledge within Dutch football circles.

I suggested a while back that Spurs fans should be cheering on United for the remainder of the season, that hopefully results would improve and they would keep him. That is expected to be the case now which leaves Van Gaal free to join Spurs.

The deal in principle will have to be turned into a contract by May 7th if his appointment is to be confirmed before the World Cup begins.That day signals the start of tournament preparations and he will need to remain focused on his players from then. He has already indicated and arrangements have been made for him to leave his post as national team manager after Brazil.

He has avoided media speculation as much as he could up until now until his employers gave him permission to seek to prepare alternative employment. That alternative employment he wants to be in the Premier League and his two options Spurs and Man United. There is not expected to be any complications but if any do arise and Van Gaal not appointed then Daniel Levy will turn to Cesare Prandelli the Italian national coach.

There have been many false dawns at White Hart Lane, Andre Villas-Boas being just the latest one. he was seen almost as the messiah when he took over, now it's time for the new messiah to finally take us to the promised land.

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No doubt there will be plenty of speculation about who Spurs will let go and who they will buy but Louis Van Gaal does not want star signings, just players who will listen and play the system he uses his way. That system is always 4-3-3 which is what we bought all the players in the summer to play.

One other aspect not picked up upon yet is the fact that he always retains one coach from the club he goes to. Tim Sherwood has indicated he will not take the number two role, Les Ferdinand is expected to depart in Sherwood does which leaves only Chris Ramsey and Steffen Freund.

Chris Ramsey has been coaching the youth until January and Steffen Freund has had a back seat since he fell out with Andre Villas-Boas after the Arsenal game in the league at the Emirates early in the season.

When Louis Van Gaal arrives it is likely to be Steffen Freund who is the beneficiary stepping back into his number 2 role again. Will that pairing be enough to keep Lewis Holtby at The Lane after his loan spell, I hope so.

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Van Gaal is a done deal

8:30 am
I have run several article on Louis Van Gaal as he has been lined up as our next manager since Daniel Levy met him at his house when we played Southampton away on 22nd December. That game was Tim Sherwood's first game in charge and that was the day his future was decided.

Van Gaal is a done deal

Regardless of what happened for the rest of the season Sherwood was going to be replaced by Louis Van Gaal unless one scenario happened, that Manchester United sacked David Moyes.

Daniel Levy travelled by private aircraft to Holland where he met Louis Van Gaal at his house in Noordwijk and spent the afternoon with him. The deal to bring Van Gaal to Tottenham after the World Cup was agreed in principle subject to that one fly in the ointment.

Van Gaal has won titles in Holland, Spain and Germany and has made no secret of the fact he wants to do so in England. He said in January when he was over in England for a Jose Mourinho tribute evening, "I've always said that I want to work in the Premier League."

He does not need superstars and is prepared to do it with youth, just as he did with AZ Alkmaar in Holland.

He took an unfashionable club, molded the youth, who demanded he stay when he offered to leave because they were not getting the results, and won the title in his second season. It was an astonishing feat and one Daniel Levy wants him to replicate at Tottenham.

The model at Spurs is youth orientated and Van Gaal operates a system, he doesn't care how old a player is, if he feels he can fit into his system that's it, he plays. Levy outlined the Spurs model to him and how the club wishes to build a legacy, a production line of talent.

With an income some £100 million or more less than their rivals for a top four berth it is the only option. Carried out correctly then it is sustainable and the knock-on effects are a new stadium and increased revenue to compete more on equal terms. Regular Champions League football brings new partners, new sponsorship and higher off-field income.

Van Gaal will have targets. the Champions League and then the Premier League title. He feels he can win it if players buy into his system, his way of doing things. Don't and they won't be at Spurs, it's his way or no way.

The Van Gaal 4-3-3 system will be deployed throughout the club at all levels so anyone stepping up a side knows their role. Youngsters stepping up to the Under 21 Development Squad will know exactly what is expected of them and the same applies to anyone stepping up into the first XI.

Former top Dutch player Ruud Gullit has confirmed that Levy and Van Gaal have met. The story was covered by the Dutch media at the time and people close to the Dutch national team have also confirmed it. They have also confirmed that if the Manchester United job becomes available Van Gaal will go there, otherwise it's Spurs.
Van Gaal is a done deal
Done deal believes Ruud Gullit

Gullit told BBC 5 Live, "I know for sure he was at Van Gaal's house, the [Spurs] chairman. I think it's a done deal, but you never know."

There was always a chance of course that Tim Sherwood's audition would go spectacularly well and cause a re-think, highly unlikely of course but still a possibility.

In Holland it is considered a done deal which endorses my own view. I look forward to seeing a top coach, a proven winner over time in different countries come to Spurs.

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The fly in the Louis Van Gaal ointment

9:27 pm
Louis Van Gaal won the Champions League with Ajax, won two Spanish titles with Barcelona and the double in his first season with Bayern Munich in Germany while also reaching the 2010 Champions League final. In between he took a Dutch club who had never won a thing and turned them into Champions.

Louis Van Gaal Spurs next manager?
Louis Van Gaal Spurs next manager?
His record speaks for itself and he leaves healthier than when he arrives. They all go on to have success after he has left because of the foundations that he has built. That is exactly what Daniel Levy is after, it fits his vision for Spurs and the fact he can develop youth as well as work with stars is an added bonus.

His track record and Daniel Levy's project go hand in hand, they fit like a glove. What doesn't fit is his abrasive 'I am always right' manner. Who knows Levy may just have found a kindred spirit, two people who respect each other can go a long way together. The odd couple might just be the ideal couple.

Former Dutch star Ronald De Boer has no doubts he would be great for the Premier League.

“He’s one of the best coaches in the world. Everywhere he’s gone, he's had success.”

“He’s influential at a club even when he’s left. He sets up really good structures, so you have a great foundation for years,” Ronaldo de Boer added.

“Van Gaal is like Jose Mourinho, there’s always something going on. It’s great for the press because there’s always a lot of talk about."

“It would be exciting to have a coach like Van Gaal in the Premier League.”

His abrasive way with the media would ensure a Tottenham name in the media which is great for sponsors and for worldwide exposure. He might just be the man for developing the club off the field as well as on. The benefits seem to far outweigh any negatives in all departments.

However there is a fly in the ointment that may prevent Levy from securing his man.

Former Barcelona and Chelsea player Boudewijn Zenden has spoken to the Dutch media and told them that if Manchester United becomes available and he is asked he'll go there.

“He said he would take a break after the World Cup. But we've heard behind the scenes that maybe he could take the job of Moyes at Manchester United. If it occurs, he will take this opportunity.”

With the potential of Manchester United in the offering it is unlikely he will commit himself to Spurs without knowing that David Moyes will not be sacked. In a recent interview with Spanish newspaper Marca he again talks about wanting to come to the Premier League.

He mentions Spurs but does seem to indicate that he thinks the must be other offers as well. You can rule out Arsenal, Man City, Chelsea and Liverpool which only leaves Spurs and Manchester United as viable options.

"I'll keep working, I will not be a retiree. I'd like to train in England, since I've worked in Spain, Germany and Holland. The Premier League may be my next stop, it's what I would like to complete my career.

"There has been talk of Tottenham, but surely there are more scenarios. Depends on many things when I decide to say goodbye to the Dutch Federation. First is the World Cup. Working daily alongside footballers is something I miss."

Strange as it may seem Spurs need Manchester United to pick up form or the loyalty that Moyes now speaks of the club understanding coming into play.

Daniel Levy has prepared for the eventuality he doesn't get his man by lining up a potential replacement in the shape of the Italian national manager Cesare Prandelli.

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Louis Van Gaal to take on the Levy Project

6:47 pm
Daniel Levy met Louis Van Gaal on Sunday 22nd January at his home in Noordwijk. The meeting lasted all afternoon and the pair agreed to talk again. Tottenham want Van Gaal and Van Gaal wants Tottenham.

Van Gaal Spurs new Head Coach
Van Gaal Spurs new Head Coach?
The project Daniel Levy has been embarking on is one that fits our financial model, this is buy young and improve players so they have a sell on value. The benefits of that are that wages are lower and a team can grow together to form an effective unit. Having all teams within the club adopt the same approach, by that I mean the same tactics, the same system, a player emerging from the Development squad already knows how the first team play. That should mean they can slot in easier and if a player leaves the club have a replacement who knows the role while they decide whether to use a Development player, a squad player or buy a new player.

The Spurs chairman brought in Andre Villas-Boas to take this project forward but when push came to shove was found wanting. A quality businessman does not wait for everything to go wrong before they take decisive action and Levy didn't wait either. AVB was removed and a new man to take the project forward was sought.

That man in Daniel Levy's eyes after his discussion with him was Louis Van Gaal. However with a World Cup coming up in the summer the Dutchman was never going to leave his national side during the middle of a domestic season. The solution was to appoint an interim manager and thus Tim Sherwood was appointed to the role in all but name. Sherwood will be fully aware of the situation and if Levy sees him as the long term manager, or Head Coach as we have at Spurs these days, the making him the number two under Van Gaal will have been discussed. In those circumstances one can see the reason Sherwood was given the role. The 18 month contract will have been a smoke screen so the media didn't latch on to him being an interim manager and he having then to go through what Rafa Benitez had to endure at Chelsea.

The discussion between the two men will have been about the project Spurs have and whether Van Gaal can work within the confines of the project and bring success or at least Champions League football.

When you understand that Van Gaal likes to work with young players and took a youthful AZ Alkmaar side, a club who had never won a thing, to the Dutch title and the Champions League you start to see the attraction. The Dutchman has worked at some of the top clubs expected to win titles, Ajax in Holland, Barcelona in Spain and Bayern Munich in Germany showing he can produce winning sides with or without money.

The one ingredient he requires in for a player to listen and take on board his methods. If he does that it doesn't matter how old they are, but they must do as they are told. Daniel Levy will not have to go out to buy superstars, which will appeal, as the team ethic is everything in all Van Gaal sides and he achieves success with it. Each cog has a job to do and if all cogs are doing their job they don't have to be big names on big wages.

Sir Alf Ramsey, the story goes, picked Jack Charlton for England and Jack didn't believe it. He is said to have told Sir Alf that there are better centre-halves than me but Sir Alf told him he was what he needed for the role he wanted him to play. As we know Jack Charlton won a World Cup winners medal as a result. That is the same methodology Louis Van Gaal uses today, he wants a player to fit a role, not a role to fit a player.

Van Gaal is always right, even when he is wrong is his mindset. You do it my way or you leave, simple as that. If a player wants to stand up to him then there is only one result, the player won't play very often.

That is the one stumbling block on the horizon. Daniel Levy won't have 'a star' on wages being frozen out, it's a waste of money. AVB and Levy clashed over Emmanuel Adebayor and Benoit Assou-Ekotto was frozen out as well. Whilst Van Gaal is not worried about having stars there are some names on wages, Adebayor being one, who may throw a strop if he is not in the Head Coaches plans.

Football, indeed society is impatient. Football fans call for give a manager time, yet don't want to stand in a queue at their local supermarket. The class society has made way for the money society and materialism. People must have goods now and not wait, results in football mirror society. You don't get them quickly, you go and we'll get someone who can. It hasn't taken Brendon Rogers that long at Liverpool to transform the club and overtake us again.

Van Gaal will get 18 months to show progress, 2 years probably to bring Champions League football before Daniel starts getting itchy feet. However if, as seems likely, Tim Sherwood is being groomed then the Dutchman may have a little more breathing space and we may see a longer reign.

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What is going to be really enjoyable is his battle with the media, Spurs will have their own massive ego to rival Mourinho and Van Gaal bristles at any complaint. The Dutch media say he is looking forward to working with, if with is the right word, the media over here.

Nothing has been decided thus far. There are two candidates both managers of their national side, Louis Van Gaal and the Italian Cesare Prandelli.

If agreement can be reached with the Dutchman then I suspect he is first choice for the role, if for any reason that deal does not come off then Prandelli is waiting in the wings. All the signs are positive though that Louis Van Gaal is coming to White Hart Lane and he might just be the 'fit' we have been looking for.

It is an exciting prospect, but then we have been there before!

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What can Spurs expect from Louis Van Gaal?

9:30 pm
Louis Van Gaal has clearly thrown his hat into the ring to become the next Spurs Head Coach in the summer. Tim Sherwood was appointed on an 18 month contract but all Spurs fans knew in their heads if not their hearts that he was an interim appointment in all but name.

You simply can't have a total novice trying to manage a potential top four teams whatever he thinks of his own ability. It was a wrong move for many at the time, but if you believe that Levy has him in mind as the future long term manager, then giving him a small taste was perhaps not such a bad idea.

It is expected that he will step aside and become the new number two learning his trade from an experienced older coach. There appear to be only two names in the frame, Cesare Prandelli the Italian national coach or Louis Van Gaal the Dutch national coach.

We looked at the type of character 56 year-old Cesare Prandelli is and what Spurs can expect in a recent article so in this one we will take a closer look at 62 year-old Louis Van Gaal.

Candidate 1: Cesare Prandelli a coach with morals, respect and standards

Van Gaal was asked recently by reporters where his next challenge was coming from after the World Cup, to which he replied:

"Maybe Tottenham are coming.

"I will definitely not be in charge for the Euro 2016 qualification campaign. I don't know where I will go next.

"Normally I go with my pension and go to live in Portugal, but maybe there will come a new challenge.

"I have said before that a challenge should be a club in the Premier League. That's a challenge."

That of course could be taken two ways depending upon his tone and humour when he said it, neither of which are reported. It could mean an agreement is already in place in principle with Daniel Levy or it could be a come and get me plea.

So what sort of guy is he?

He has an ego, he likes discipline, he is a strong character and not afraid to tell it like it is to players. He is more of an authoritarian than a Harry Redknapp type man manager. Read on and you'll see what I mean.

Luca Toni told the story of how Van Gaal dropped his trousers to show the Bayern Munich superstars that had the balls to drop any of them.

Toni was Bayern's top scorer in his first season, 2007/08 with them scoring 24 goals in 31 league games helping Bayern win the Bundesliga title. Overall he scored 39 goals and 12 assists in 46 matches. In2009 he left the stadium after being substituted, had a blazing row with Van Gaal and left the club the following January having only played 4 games for the club that season under new boss Van Gaal.

"Van Gaal simply didn't want to work with me, he treats players like interchangeable objects," Toni said.

"The coach wanted to make clear to us that he can drop any player, it was all the same to him because, as he said, he had the balls.

"He demonstrated this literally [by dropping his trousers]. I have never experienced anything like it, it was totally crazy. Luckily I didn't see a lot, because I wasn't in the front row."

Another ex-Bayern player criticised van Gaal's style, the Brazilian defender and former captain Lucio, who said the coach was part of the reason he left Munich in July 2009.

"Van Gaal hurt me more than anyone else in football."

Bayern president Uli Hoeness crtiticised him for being hard to work with and ex-captain Mark van Bommel quit the club suddenly to join AC Milan when he felt the same problem.

He had a massive row with Johan Cruyff at Ajax and when Ajax wanted him to become a Director, he was briefly in 2004 Technical Director, Cruyff put an end to that appointment with a legal challenge.

He clashed with the media in Spain and complained some of the players wouldn't do as he asked. He has rows with Rivaldo who wanted to play central whereas Van Gaal insisted he play on the left. His second brief spell at the Spanish giants saw him leave the club when they were only 3 points above the relegation zone.

He is demanding on himself and demanding on others so he will expect high standards from the players but for all the turmoil that surrounds him you can not deny his footballing record. As one Liverpool fan put it 'he is to football what Dumbledore is to Harry Potter.'

Louis van Gaal has won league titles in Germany (Bayern Munich), Spain (Barcelona) and Holland (Ajax & AZ Alkmaar) plus the Champions League with Ajax in 1995 and runner-up spot with Bayern Munich in 2010.

His list of honours makes impressive reading:

Eredivisie (3): 1993–94, 1994–95, 1995–96
Johan Cruijff Shield (3): 1993, 1994, 1995
KNVB Cup: 1992–93
UEFA Cup: 1991–92
UEFA Champions League: 1994–95
Runner-up: 1996
UEFA Super Cup: 1995
Intercontinental Cup: 1995


La Liga (2): 1997–98, 1998–99
Copa del Rey: 1997–98
UEFA Super Cup: 1997

AZ Alkmaar

Eredivisie: 2008–09

Bayern Munich

Bundesliga: 2009–10
DFB-Pokal: 2009–10
DFB-Supercup: 2010
UEFA Champions League: Runner-up 2010

When in 2007/08 he told AZ Alkmaar he was leaving because of poor results, the players told the club they didn't want him to leave, so he stayed to give them a chance to prove their worth, they went on to win the title. Clearly some players get on with him.

At Bayern he reinvented the winger Bastian Schweinsteiger into a defensive midfielder, he developed youth players like Thomas Muller who became first team fixtures. He certainly has an eye for young talent so fits in with Levy's plan to develop a youthful side.

He believes in footballing centre-backs who must be comfortable on the ball which will be music to all you Vlad Chiriches fans out there. He believes a side must continually play together to create cohesion so his brand of total football can be played and that age is not a barrier if the player has experience.

His Holland side play 4-3-3 with the midfield consisting of a playmaker, a link player and a holding midfielder, as we had under Andre Villas Boas. He plays attacking football with a lot of passing to tire the opponents. It is a similar style to AVB but with an end product.

He is said to have integrity and honesty, that he treats footballers like children in a dictatorial fashion. He believes in collective responsibility and does not take kindly to any criticism at all.

His coaching philosophy is the right approach, as far as he's concerned. As Frank de Boer put it, "He's open to other ideas, but they must understand he won't budge."

"I am who I am; confident, arrogant, dominant, honest, hard-working and innovative," Van Gaal once declared. I think you could say it might be an interesting time if he was appointed, there is no doubt he is a winner, he upsets people, he puts noses out of joint.

As far as Van Gaal is concerned most, if not all, football journalists are incapable of understanding tactics to sufficiently analyse them. He thinks their opinions are meaningless and any criticism is seen as a personal attack on him. He once said to a journalist, "Am I so clever or are you so stupid?"

On another occasion he said, "Journalists think they know as much about football as I do, but they don't."

That should make for an interesting time with our media!

Clearly Daniel Levy in considering these two wants some discipline at the Lane, he doesn't necessarily want the manager to be the players best friend but to get results and turn them into winners. The nearly boys of White Hart Lane may be about to toughen up.

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Will Sherwood be asked take on Levy's Project?

10:35 am
Does Tim Sherwood have a future at White Hart Lane afterall?

That intriguing question still remains after the Everton game yesterday. It had been initially assumed that his appointment as Head Coach would mean an eventual sacking and the parting of the ways for him and Spurs but he may have a future after all.

With Sherwood previously saying he wouldn't want to step down now to a Number Two role, by which he meant back to his role of player development, reports now suggest he would be willing to work and learn from Louis Van Gaal if the right role could be found.

That basically means Assistant Head Coach, a role that was filled by Steffen Freund who seems in a bit of limbo at the moment. Is Les Ferdinand Assistant Head Coach at the moment or is Steffen Freund? Ferdinand is the one Sherwood talks to so Freund seems to be in rather a strange position at the moment. His future must be in doubt.

Daniel Levy met the curent Holland coach Louis Van Gaal when Andre Villas-Boas was sacked but like other national coaches sounded out he wanted to wait until after the World Cup in Brazil this summer.

That meant an interim appointment, thus the totally inexperienced Sherwood being handed a no-win situation. If he secured Champions League football it is highly likely that Levy would bring in an experienced manager, one of the national coaches that become available after the World Cup.

Sherwood is not a daft man, he knows that and having a very good working relationship with Levy he no doubt knows the score. The assumption was that if he failed to get Champions League football that would be a parting of the ways for him and Spurs. His short term 18 month contract ensured a small pay-off. However that may not be the case.

The Spurs Project
Daniel Levy's Spurs Project

It is hard to imagine that Daniel Levy and Tim Sherwood have not discussed the future. AVB was brought in to oversee a project, that project still exists it just needs new leaders. It is logical that Levy and Sherwood have discussed the summer and next season.

They will have discussed whether Tim had a role to play if a new manager came in. I would suspect Daniel Levy has told Tim that if he shows potential then there is a role learning from someone like Louis Van Gaal, perhaps Sherwood feels he is showing that potential, perhaps he feels his 'trial' is going OK.

For some reason many fans don't like Sherwood but he has produced a crop of exciting youngsters so his ability in his former role can't be denied, he has been beneficial to Spurs.

It may just be that he has a future, that he is going to be groomed as a future manager, if he sees eye to eye with Daniel Levy, as he seems to do, then he may well in the long term turn out to be the man who heads the project Andre Villas-Boas was brought in to do.

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Will Sherwood be asked take on Levy's Project? Will Sherwood be asked take on Levy's Project? Reviewed by THBlogNews on 10:35 am Rating: 5
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