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Ossie Ardiles Tweets watching Colchester v Spurs

3:50 pm

Colchester United 1 Tottenham Hotspur 4

A comfortable victory says the scoreline but you could argue we made it harder than it needed to be. The job was done however and former Argentinian midfield maestro Ossie Ardiles was Tweeting during the game.

So far so good. If anything a touch too easy.Should be 2-0 or or two loose balls in midfield to correct.

Unfortunately, most of those problems were from Carroll aimlessly passing sideways to nobody in particular or playing Eriksen into trouble just outside our box. It is not down to skill but mental approach. Thinking it's too easy so not playing with 100% concentration and determination, switching on and off when the ball comes near, is a dangerous approach. His display wasn't good enough in the first half.

Colchester 0-1 Spurs HT: Shots: 3-15 On Target: 0-4 Fouls: 0-3 Possession: 33%-67% Corners: 2-3

Now 2nd half: Need the second goal and then relax. COYS

Colchester came into the game in the second half, they gave us less time on the ball and we kept giving it away. We won and scored four, which rather flattered our poor finishing. Far too many shots were blasted over the bar. Eriksen should never have missed the target after 25 minutes, we seemed to be having one of ou lazy days in front of goal.

They could easily have scored after a howler at the back and we could have been under real pressure, all brought on ourselves. A lucky second, although a defender should never turn his back, killed the game for us.

Carroll put in a far better second half display, Wimmer and Bentaleb got 90 minutes under their belt, Chadli scored and scored as a centre-forward amid news Moussa Dembele is to be having a medical.

Congrats to MP and the boys. Too easy. Priority today: To go through to next round with the less effort possible…

We have so many hard and difficult games to come. Premier L, Europa and FA Cup. COYS

Absolutely! COYS

It looks as if it may be a cup where the big teams go through this year so may be tougher to win than it was last year. One game at a time, back to Premier League action and Norwich City next.



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Ossie Ardiles Tweets watching Colchester v Spurs Ossie Ardiles Tweets watching Colchester v Spurs Reviewed by THBlogNews on 3:50 pm Rating: 5

Ardiles delighted

1:00 pm
Ossie Ardiles was delighted with what he saw at the weekend in the North London Derby at the Emirates. We didn't win, that is the bottom line, but we outplayed them on their own patch and when you think back to last season you get an idea of how far we have come.

Last season we went ahead and hung on for a draw. We had to withstand Arsenal pressure. We bossed the game and won at our place, but it is a long while since I can remember us going to a top teams stadium and bossing the game in front of their own fans.

Where are all those fans who say these tactics don't work now? They have suddenly gone quiet. If people can't see we are making progress then they must be blind or prejudice they can't let go of.

Augurs very well for the future. COYS!!! Man of the match: All the team but Delli Ali extra special. COYS

Superb performance from our boys. Very proud of Mauricio and all the team. Desire, commitment, quality and a very young team as well

Ossie sent messages of welcome when Pochettino arrived, he'll be sending messages of delight now. It should be easy to get ourselves up for a game against Arsenal, what we now need to see is that level of performance on a weekly basis. Do that and we can do better than most people expect. 

Reproducing it and adding a clinical finishing touch comes next. With every young improving team though there will be ups and downs. They will be more motivated for some games more than others, genuine competition for places helps to keep the bar high though. 

It is an overused phrase competition for places, often there isn't any a team picks itself. Look at Spurs and there are areas where the competition could be greater and others, like central midfield, where all have been regulars at one stage or another. Injury forced Mason out after a Man of the Match performance against Sunderland, Dele Alli steps up and grabs the spot for his own, Mason now has to fight to get it back.

Eric Dier has produced so when fit again Nabil Bentaleb has to up his game, Mousa Dembele is now the elder statesman in midfield, he has had to give more and he is producing motivated performances. Each player coming in is stating his claim to a starting berth, that is the level you have to produce when given an opportunity.

Tom Carroll, Andros Townsend can see what they need to do, can they do it?

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Ardiles delighted Ardiles delighted Reviewed by THBlogNews on 1:00 pm Rating: 5

Ardiles discusses football development

12:30 pm
Tottenham Hotspur continue to promote the brand abroad in emerging markets which can only help give us more exposure and grow the Spurs fanbase.

Ledley King, Thomas Wong, Chief Marketing Officer AIA Malaysia Berhad and Ossie Ardiles
Ledley King, Thomas Wong, Chief Marketing Officer AIA Malaysia Berhad and Ossie Ardiles

This time it was back to Asia, an important area also for our shirt sponsors AIA, with a Tottenham Legends' tour with 1978 World Cup winner Ossie Ardiles and former Spurs captain Ledley King. To kick things off they attended a Tottenham Legends' Malaysia Tour 2014 press conference in Kuala Lumpur

The brilliant little Argentinian midfield star who graced White Hart Lane spoke about how Asia can develop it's football to the next level. He felt that one way for them to improve was to emulate Japan’s J-League.

He has first hand knowledge of football in Japan having managed Shimizu S-Pulse, with whom he won the J League Cup. Another former player and definitely a legend at The Lane, Steve Perryman, also had a stint managing them.

His experience extends beyond that though, Ardiles also managed Yokohama F. Marinos, Machida Zelvia and Tokyo Verdy, with whom he won the 2004 Emperor's Cup, a tournament to find the best team in the whole of Japan.

In addition he has also worked in Mexico, Croatia, Syria, Argentina, Israel, Paraguay and of course England. His knowledge of football and football cultures in different parts of the world is therefore a valuable asset to anyone looking to develop the game.

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The J-League began in 1993 and has seen Japan rise to become the dominant force in Asian football. They have become regulars at the World Cup Finals since 1998 which the 62-year-old spoke during the conference.

“Japan were nobody in world football but, after the J-League started, they developed fast into a world-class team. 
“The J-League was set up professionally and the Japanese players started to improve because of the quality of the competition. Asian teams should follow how and what Japan has done to be at this place now.  
"They improved a lot, not only by winning the Asian Cup but after a long journey, in 1998 Japan for the first time qualified for the World Cup. Now, you can see Japanese players plying their trade in Europe and Japan are in the World Cup regularly. 
“This J-League model is something that other Asian countries should follow in a bid to improve the standard of their football. I was there (in Japan) and saw it for myself, how it transformed their football. 
“Japan are successful because they have a proper culture instilled. They take their sports seriously and this what the other nations in the region should try to do."

He and former Spurs captain Ledley King, now a fellow ambassador and part-time coach himself, will be mentoring children from the Brickfields Community Football Programme (BCFP) at the Persada Plus mini stadium.

With this in mind he went on to suggest youth development was another vital component that should not be overlooked either. He said he tried to instill a love of football when he takes part in these coaching sessions.

Ardiles discusses football development

Ardiles discusses football development Ardiles discusses football development Reviewed by THBlogNews on 12:30 pm Rating: 5

History maker Burkinshaw appointed manager

8:30 pm
On this day in 1976 Keith Burkinshaw was appointed Tottenham Hotspur manager to replace Terry Neill who had recently resigned.

Two years later on 10th July 1978 Burkinshaw shocked the football world, made front page headlines and the lead story on the 6 o'clock news when he signed 2 World Cup winners.

Ardiles Villa Lamela

One little guy had played in the Final as Argentina beat Holland in extra-time on home soil, Osvaldo Ardiles (Huracán) and his squad member friend Ricardo Villa (Racing Club). Burkinshaw signed Ardiles in a 20 minute meeting and Ossie said he had a mate, could he come too.

We all know what happened after that, both became firm crowd favourites, both helped us lift trophies. It's not a day any Spurs fan around at the time will forget.

It wasn't like today, there was no Internet giving minute by minute updates, there was no press speculation, there were no stories of Spurs chasing any signings, it was simply a bolt from the blue and a rather pleasant one. True sensational news not the sensational rubbish that everyone already knows about today.

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Erik Lamela is trying to follow some illustrious footsteps, he has the talent and a fellow Argentinian as manager. He has trained with River Plate as impressed Spurs who sent a medic and kept an eye on him. Now he is into pre-season and will be fit enough to show what he can do.

Everything is in place for him, it's up to him now, all the noises are positive, all we need is the product and a new Argentinian hero will be born.

ardiles pochettino lamela

History maker Burkinshaw appointed manager History maker Burkinshaw appointed manager Reviewed by THBlogNews on 8:30 pm Rating: 5

Ardiles - Centre-back Ezequiel Garay one to watch

4:30 pm
Tottenham legend Ossie Ardiles was signed in 1978, along with Ricky Villa, just after they had won the World Cup in their home country.

Ardiles - Centre-back Ezequiel Garay one to watch

He knows all about expectation, the passion of South American crowds and the feeling of lifting the trophy.

“It was pure happiness. It was pure ecstasy. It’s not only when it actually happens, but of course it’s something that stays with you for all the rest of your life. I would recommend it!”

Roy Hodgson has picked a squad that is being prepared for the European Championships in 2016 and the next World Cup in 2018. Most experience has been thrown out the window and a host of youngsters picked to gain some tournament experience. As a result little is expected of them. Ardiles sees it that way too.

"I think Roy is looking to the future, which is why the England team right now is a combination of very experienced players like Lampard, Gerrard and so on, and some very, very new players, some having played only one or two games for the national team.

“So to go to a World Cup with this kind of situation is quite something, because the World Cup, it hits you completely differently. You think you are used to big games and then you arrive and you realise how much bigger it really is.

“England will have to go in completely carefree. The first game is crucial in Manaus against Italy. Whoever loses this game is going to be out of the World Cup. So this game is absolutely crucial.

"If England do well in that game then they could do well. I think England are very dangerous when they are called the underdog.

"Ross Barkley is a very good player. I love him. He has to probably refine his game though. He does things that are absolutely brilliant and that is why people are so enchanted with him. In a lot of ways he reminds me of Paul Gascoigne.

“But on the other hand sometimes he loses the ball in very compromising situations. That is something he has to work on in his game. He is certainly one to watch for the future though.”

Despite no European team ever having won a World Cup in South America Ardiles does not write off European teams and plays down the weather being a crucial factor.

“Some people say a European team cannot win in South America and that South American teams cannot win in Europe. This is complete nonsense.

“The heat will play a role, but it all depends who and where you are talking about. Italy, for example, when they play in the summer it is very, very hot, but the countries more up north like England, Germany and so on maybe it will play a part, but it depends where you play.

“For England they will play one game in what is an inferno really. It will be very, very hot, but not only that, but incredibly humid. They are going to feel it.

“The second game is in Sao Paolo. It’s winter over there right now, so in the evening when the games are going to be, it’ll be quite nice.

“The other one is in the south. In the south it’s going to be winter weather, you’re talking about three or four degrees.

“Brazil is a big, big country. You’re talking about Manaus in the north to down in the south with somewhere like Porto Alegre, it's a six or seven hour flight. That’s how big it is. So you have all the different weather that comes with that.

"I don’t think there’s going to be a lot of difference with a South American World Cup. We live in a very globalised world so it will be the same if it is played in South Africa or Europe or South America.

"Before I’d say it was possibly an advantage for a South American team to be playing in South America because of all the travelling involved and you take ages to go from one place to another.

“But that is not the case now. Everyone will have private jets and so on. So it used to be important [where it takes place], but with each World Cup it gets less important."

Ardiles is expecting the big two to have a major tournament and picks out a central defender for Argentina who will have to perform if his country are to lift the trophy again.

"I would say it’s a particularly important World Cup for Lionel Messi and for Cristiano Ronaldo as well. These two are going to be something.

“From Argentina, one player who could stand out is Ezequiel Garay, who is a central defender. He is playing for Benfica and has had a very good season. He will probably have a good World Cup and I am pretty sure he will end up in England. I know Manchester United were interested in him before.

“He will be crucial for Argentina this World Cup. Going forward we are superb, but defensively we are not as good, so a lot will rest on his shoulders.”

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Ardiles - Centre-back Ezequiel Garay one to watch Ardiles - Centre-back Ezequiel Garay one to watch Reviewed by THBlogNews on 4:30 pm Rating: 5

Mabbutt & Ardiles echo Spurs fans thoughts

8:32 pm
Mauricio Pochettino comes with a solid reputation, in Spain he is very highly thought of, which when you dig into his time at Espanyol and understand the constraints he was working under, is not surprising.

Mabbutt & Ardiles echo Spurs fans thoughts

Tottenham have been seeking a long-term Head Coach and at 42 the Argentinian has plenty of years ahead of him. Get the squad performing at it should be and staying for long enough to build something won't be the problem everyone seems to think it is.

Our other former Argentinian player and manager, Ossie Ardiles, feels the same way as most fans, that we have an under preforming squad that could and should do better.

“Spurs fans will have to be patient. He has a big reputation for building squads. This is what he did at Espanyol and of course at Southampton, where he developed young players and made players play to the maximum of their possibilities.

“For one reason or another, the players [bought into Tottenham last summer] did not perform. It will be a big, big job for Mauricio to make them perform. If he can do that, we can have a very, very good team indeed.

"He needs time. He will be very successful if he can put Tottenham into a Champions League place. That will be the aim, certainly.

"There are going to be a lot of very, very strong terms next season but realistically that has to be the aim for Tottenham.

"We do have a lot of players. The players we bought last season came with incredibly big reputations but didn't perform the way were expecting them to. If he can make them perform, we don’t need a lot [of new additions]."

Former Tottenham captain and centre-back Gary Mabbutt echoed those thoughts when speaking to Sky Sports.

“The two most successful teams are, in my opinion, based around consistency and continuity and they are Arsenal and Manchester United.

“They had Arsene Wenger and Sir Alex Ferguson for a long period of time and that is what every club wants to emulate.”

Mabbutt & Ardiles echo Spurs fans thoughts Mabbutt & Ardiles echo Spurs fans thoughts Reviewed by THBlogNews on 8:32 pm Rating: 5

Ardiles confirms the players are to blame

8:22 pm
Former Tottenham favourite Ossie Ardiles, a guy who won a World Cup and then moved with Ricky Villa to Spurs at a time when this sort of transfer simply didn't happen. The story was front page news and the leading bulletin on the 6 o'clock news.

Ardiles confirms the players are to blame

At Spurs he went on to lift the FA Cup and the UEFA Cup so it's fair to say the little Argentinian knows far more about football players and what it takes to be a winner than our fans in the stands. He confirms that it's the players who are the ones to blame for a disappointing season.

“I believe that the players we have bought in this season have been the problem. They are not performing the way we expected.

“At the end of the day, whoever the manager is, AVB earlier on in the season and later on Tim, there is not a lot you can do with the kind of players we have right now. Whoever comes in, or if Tim stays, he has to make a big rebuilding of the team.”

For players not to perform to their capabilities under two managers in one season clearly demonstrates where the buck stops. They simply aren't winners, they are not prepared to do what it takes, to make the sacrifices you have to make to get to the top.

Every day a player should be coming into training asking himself how can he be better than he was yesterday. Only Christian Eriksen, Hugo Lloris and Nabil Bentaleb have shown that attitude this season.

Other have shown it to a degree and that is simply not good enough. That is the attitude of a loser, someone who always has a hard luck story to fall back on. The brutal truth is they have let the club and their managers down. Some supporters will want an individual scapegoat and pick on a manager but the truth is deeper than that, they players have not wanted it and if they don't want something badly enough they will never get it.

It's hard to explain to someone who doesn't have a winning mentality themselves because there are always more important things to them, but for a winner the only thing that matters is winning. Winning creates enjoyment, enjoyment does not create winning.

Until we have players to whom winning is everything, then we will always be a bridesmaid, always be a club with a hard luck story, simply because the players won't push themselves to improve every day unless they have that special ingredient that Frank de Boer and Tim Sherwood have, a winning mentality.

Every player makes an individual choice, nobody makes it for them, some of them need to take a long hard look in the mirror.

Ardiles confirms the players are to blame Ardiles confirms the players are to blame Reviewed by THBlogNews on 8:22 pm Rating: 5
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