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The Big One - For West Ham

11:54 am
Even with the midweek debacle, the majority of our players have been well rested and let's face it, they deserve to give us something to cheer about. 

I can see us getting a win, purely because we are a lot better than West Ham at this point in the season. I know that football doesn't always work like that, but from seeing West Ham on one occasion live this season against Bolton (yes, I was asked to go, and thinking that I could possibly get lucky, went along), they were about as lucky as I was on the night. Terrible and dross are but two adjectives that spring to mind. I haven't watched a team so inept of confidence since the Ramos days.

Has Grant lost the dressing room? Maybe he has. I think a few West Ham fans will come on here and let us know the answer to that. 

With The Modfather back in action today and with Bale and Transit (VDV) on form, I can't see us getting anything but a win.

We may not be the most consistent side at the moment, but this is a London derby and surely that's got to count for something? Of course, we all know that this match means more to the Hammers than it does to us, but as things stand, anything they could get from the game would be a bonus.

As I said above, I can see our attacking play overwhelming them, especially in midfield. Unless Parker can pick up Transit, we may run riot. Our new Dutch maestro is beginning to show why many Real Madrid fans were left disgusted at losing him; and imagine, he's been carrying a niggling calf injury, but has still shown us why he truly can be placed in the "Worldclass" category.

Even if fellow Spurs lovechild Parker can chase him out of the game, who will mark Bale and Modric? I ate my words after the Arsenal match, but I can't see me having to eat humble pie after this game has run its course.

THBN Prediction: West Ham 0 - 2 Tottenham Hotspur
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