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THST September News

5:00 pm
The Tottenham Hotspur Supporters Trust (THST) has issued an update on many issues, including:
THST / THFC Board to Board Meeting – 19 Sept
THST Members’ Meeting – 15 November
Stadium Community Liaison Group Meeting – 26 Sept
Flags at White Hart Lane and Wembley
Shuttle buses at Stoke City – 10 Sept
Gillingham EFL Cup Pricing
CSKA Moscow away – 27 Sept

3. Stadium Construction Liaison Meeting – 26 September
During this month’s Business, Stadium and Community Liaison Group meeting, the Club used the opportunity to give an overall update on the jobs delivered since the creation of the partnership with the local authority at the start of the new stadium project. A total of 623 local jobs have been created and 208 apprenticeships have been taken up so far.

Details were also given regarding the Club's plans to engage with teenagers in order to get them involved in job opportunities moving forward.

A general update on the stadium site from developers, Mace, was also given and this featured the Club's ‘Considerate Constructors’ evaluation, which took place a fortnight ago with results due shortly. The Considerate Constructors Scheme in a non profit making organisation that seeks to improve the image of the construction industry by promoting, and asking developers to adhere to, its Code. The Code is in five parts and applies to all registered sites, companies and suppliers regardless of size, type or location. This features areas like enhancing the environment, safety, respecting the surrounding community and valuing the workforce.
To read the full September news go to the THST website.

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THST respond to 'Landmark Day'

10:14 am
Our landmark day has naturally been recognised by Daniel Levy, who took to Twitter, and by the THST (Tottenham Hotspur Supporters Trust), an organisation that receives a lot of criticism from fans who want something done but can't be bothered to do anything themselves.

I'm not a member of the THST myself so I don't speak with a conflict of interest, but bemoaning an organisation because you believe they don't have any power, and why should they, they are not part of Tottenham Hotspur itself, is crazy when they have inertia themselves.

Complaining does not work as a strategy. We all have finite time and energy. Any time we spend whining is unlikely to help us achieve our goals. And it won't make us happier.” 
― Randy PauschThe Last Lecture

The THST is not an organisation I have ever looked into, I understand the concept behind it and any dialogue is better than no dialogue at all. The club doesn't have to do as the THST say, they are not answerable to them or to the fan in fact. A fan is merely a purchaser of a product, the fact that a fan wishes to 'follow' a side is a personal choice. It gives them no rights over the club at all. If you buy a loaf of bread in a supermarket you don't suddenly become an owner of that supermarket. Are you 'paying their wages' which is the argument you so often hear. 

Football is in the entertainment industry, it is a product you choose to follow and 'buy' you have no ownership and no say in how it should be run. Yes you can lobby and have a dialogue which for me is what I believe the THST do, they lobby and have a dialogue. If you really want to complain about the club then shouldn't you be a member to add weight to their lobbying? If you aren't then you are merely complaining for complaining's sake, you have an inertia that prevents you doing something yourself, you just want to whine and find a fellow group for whom life is one long complaint.

Is this a complaint? Well if that is the way you choose to interpret it that is up to you, only you can choose how you react to something. The important thing is an author knows what they mean when they write something and that is the only meaning it piece actually has. If a reader chooses an alternative meaning that is up to them, but it doesn't change the true meaning of any piece. You see it so often on forums with a reader is insisting to the author his post doesn't mean what he thinks it does and an argument ensues.

You can't force someone to change their opinion, you can only provide alternative facts in a manner that the other party can digest. You can use different approaches until you find the key to unlocking a spark and setting them on a train of thought that may lead them down your path or another, as yet, unexplored path.

I don't know, but I'm sure that those who complain about the THST are the same people who complain about Daniel Levy, who has just delivered two deals that change this club and give us the opportunity to compete as equals with the rich clubs, exactly what those who complain want.

Whether you are pro or anti person I'd suggest you find out from THST exactly what they do, as opposed to assuming, and determine whether that is an organisation for you or not, after all if you want to change it you need to be in it. I don't know their membership, but an organisation that carries the weight of 30,000 has more weight than an organisation that carries the weight of only 3,000 who can be arsed to do anything. 

For me, every fan should do their research on the organisation and make an informed decision, whatever stance you then choose gives you more credibility. As I said before I am neither pro nor anti the THST, I haven't yet delved into the organisation to see whether it is for me or not. I already have a mouthpiece that is read across the world, over 11.5 million page views in less than two years. I know the club read my views and I'm happy to receive the coherent views of others who wish to get a point across. If there is a genuine point to be made I'm happy to give it an airing.

The THST response to the fantastic news our stadium is on the way, subject to Boris Johnson signing it off is below.

"We’re really pleased planning permission for the new Tottenham Hotspur stadium has been granted by Haringey’s planning committee. It’s great news for the Club, the fans and the local community.

"There is, of course, still much work to be done, but Haringey’s decision underlines the strength of the case for building the new stadium and we hope the Mayor of London will take this into account when the scheme comes before him for approval.

"THST remains focused on two tasks. One is to make every effort to ensure the Club continues to play in London, as it has done throughout its history, during the year we must spend away from White Hart Lane. We call on Wembley and the FA to acknowledge the strength of fan feeling and to accommodate a member club at Wembley Stadium during this period.

"We will also continue to work closely with the Club to ensure fair pricing, the proper handling of fan migration into the new stadium and every aspect of the fan experience is as good as it can possibly be.

"This is a landmark day for our Club, and we look forward to continuing to work together with them on this exciting project."

THST Board
17 Dec 2015

The stories behind the story:
Spurs financial muscle will overtake Arsenal and Chelsea - a look at the potential for future income
Club figures show expected revenue increases - gap to close significantly on Liverpool even under conservative estimates.
Ground question as construction date is extended - construction now extends into a second season so how does that affect us?
£750-million New Stadium: The Game Changer - this is much bigger than just the number of fans we can sit inside the new stadium, way, way bigger.
Next Hurdle Mayor of London, Boris Johnson, has to give formal approval

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